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  2. Has anyone lost their watch while swimming?
  3. Baume and Mercier or Ball
  4. What Presbyopia has taught me about watches
  5. Movements for EPSA Compressor Case
  6. Any Watch Collectors and/or Watch Lovers from Domimican Republic?
  7. Need help choosing a watch
  8. When will Daniel Wellington buy other brands?
  9. Omega Globemaster Review
  10. THE watch of each brand - some tricky ones
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  12. How hard is it to build an in-house movement?
  13. Help setting Dunhill watch
  14. Does Movement Dictate Date Location
  15. Opinions
  16. Swiss watch making buildings radium contamination
  17. VICTORINOX Novelties 2019 - exclusive info and pictures on
  18. Helping my buddy find a watch
  19. That'll be that then.
  20. Who has a Nato strap on all their watches, no matter what style of watch?
  21. Halios Puck 2 - a few questions
  22. chance for lugs to break?
  23. Interesting mini snapshot of watch hobbyist - from the Atlantic
  24. WRUW Wednesday 28 November 18* * * * *
  25. Microbrand Theme Forum?
  26. Timing Question
  27. Newbie: whether to buy 1 automatic watch or 3 quartz
  28. Advice please: Reputable Watch Repair Shop in Ottawa, Ontario (CANADA)
  29. One of a kind!
  30. My last two for the year....I think, unless you know, Santa!
  31. Help me find a watch.
  32. Horrible packing job on eBay purchase...should I worry?
  33. Replacing Watch Glass/Strap Recommendations
  34. How to open Halios pelican case?
  35. Newer Universal Geneve Watches
  36. Questions about an Agat stopwatch
  37. Help identify this watch!
  38. My Watch Budget is being Cut Down as I type
  39. Chrono24 Virtual Showroom
  40. Misconceptions about watches
  41. My first 1K watch !
  42. First Watch
  43. ************Tuesday-November-27th-2018-WRUW************
  44. Help me find the model for this Titus watch
  45. Recourse for Counterfeit Watch/Intersection between WUS and Law Stuff
  46. Experience with the new Squale 1545 20 atmos ceramic?
  47. Got my collection down to two watches. What goes well with a Blue Planet Ocean?
  48. Can't make a choice
  49. Total newbie here. Does Citizen sell watches outside the US that's not offered in US?
  50. I finally figured out why WIS people don't like Tag Heuer
  51. Horlogers Paysans LbF Le Breuil Fleurier - Did you know anything about it?
  52. Wyler Electronic/ help please
  53. News from the Roger W. Smith workshop - Roger's OBE investiture
  54. buying used automatic, what should the differential be? +5-+10 ok?
  55. Snoopy on a Watch Dial
  56. Grovana Automatic - A little help?
  57. Monday's Moon...
  58. Sweeping vs Ticking Second Hand
  59. What Seamaster 1000 is this??
  60. Just purchsed a Mr. Jones watch, was cheaper to buy from the UK site, instead of their US site.
  61. New Member Introduction
  62. Another Weird Torneau Experience
  63. WRUW today , Monday Nov 26 2018
  64. Afraid of not buying a frankenwatch
  65. Christmas Watch for Teenage Daughter
  66. A $2K Dilemma - Help Me Decide!
  67. After A Year...
  68. Look of a Rolex Datejust 41, but under $1K
  69. What was the very first Rolex Submariner homage?
  70. Cambio Jump hour watches.
  71. Howdy Long time no post on my part
  72. Is anyone embarrassed by wearing a Rolex Submariner homage?
  73. How long have date magnifiers been in existence?
  74. Automatic dropped, running slow now - question about regulating
  75. Help with the work watch please
  76. Looking to purchase first auto watch - advice appreciated!
  77. Just Spotted in the Wild!!
  78. Hermès Slim d'Hermès GMT
  79. Welp, it’s official. Just added the 4th Watch to my collection!
  80. AP and come not in the Brand sub forum
  81. You are an early explorer... and you can bring any 3 watches. What would you bring?
  82. Which Omega for my brother?
  83. @@@@@ WRUW Sunday, November 25, 2018 @@@@@
  84. How did people learn about watches to collect and buy before the internet?
  85. Let's see your collection.
  86. Watch Brand identification Game - Icons/Symbols - 10 Rounds
  87. Need a watch like that. Help!
  88. Has anyone ever used Affirm to finance a Watch?
  89. Mint Evolutive - some thoughts and some pics
  90. Show me a photo of your first watch
  91. JLC MUT Moonphase Lug to Lug length
  92. Do any of your high-end watches have slight dial flaws?
  93. A Little Alpina Love...
  94. Sporty Black PVD around $700ish
  95. Announcing the Timeless Lambda Limited Edition
  96. How did you get into watch collecting—and other questions
  97. Show your well-worn dress watches
  98. Gnomon watches
  99. Which watch did you regret buying?
  100. Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles for casual wear?
  101. ***************** WRUW SAT 24 Nov. 2018************************
  102. Grand Seiko ''Snowflake'' added to my collection
  103. watches from The Meg.
  104. Watch Search - Advice Please (First Post)
  105. What type of personality do you prefer - ECCENTRIC or SUAVE
  106. Pilot watches - yep, another this or that thread
  107. SHOW & TELL - What's that watch you can't go travel without?
  108. Young collector starting out, need some advise :)
  109. Anyone know this Hamilton?
  110. Hanhart vs Sinn- preferences?
  111. Is it possible to make a mechanical watch as tough as a G-Shock in every way?
  112. -Black Friday Results Poll-
  113. Crooked indices - how much is okay?
  114. Arguably The Greatest Watch Quote Ever
  115. Short end towards top of watch or?
  116. Well, well, I got a grail!
  117. Does anyone know where my watch is from? Who made it?
  118. Online European Pricing—VAT and ordering from the U.S.
  119. ***************** WRUW Friday 23 Nov. 2018************************
  120. Omega Deville vs Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic
  121. Best Bargain Hunting Wife Ever - New Samurai Blue Wave
  122. Cream dial sub 38mm alternatives to SARB035
  123. If You Could Only Own One Brand
  124. Milestone Post # 1000
  125. revelation! magnitized watch...
  126. A little repair to an acrylic watch face.
  127. Can anyone identify this watch?
  128. Tritium Patina - Green vs. Brown
  129. Seiko World Time 6117-6010 Value?
  130. Why does “wrist cheese” never appear on straps?
  131. What Watch Are You Wearing This Thanksgiving?
  132. Is Vostok Amphibia case width too thick?
  133. Does it all get boring in the end?...
  134. Hamilton khaki king vs Marathon TSAR
  135. Hello, New member intro
  136. Need an opinion
  137. Watch Size Suggestions - 38mm, 39.5, or 41
  138. Facebook Watch Party
  139. ************Thursday-November-22nd-2018-WRUW************
  140. ***New Watch Arrival***What Is Your UnBoxing Ritual???
  141. OCD Soother, show us your scratched, chipped, or otherwise BROKEN watches.
  142. Affordable, interesting, large, dressy watches?!
  143. Help identifying watch, no photos, description only.
  144. Sometimes They Just Make You Buy It
  145. Are there real "one watch" people?
  146. Best Watch for Strap Changes: $4k - $12k range
  147. What do you think of this?
  148. Requesting information on Citizen women's automatic watch PD7140-58A
  149. Any Vulcain homages of this watch out there?
  150. 40 minute interview with Jean-Claude Beaver
  151. At what age...
  152. Jack Mason JM-R102-125 Racing Chronograph - Autavia and Daytona substitute
  153. The more I wear it, the more I like it......
  154. Question for EU watch buyers: How best to buy second hand and international shipping?
  155. Any Watches You Really Don't Like, and Why ?
  156. Is this vacheron constantin can be genuine?
  157. Compass Watch for Xmas gift? Need opinions
  158. A Hedge Fund Manager Blows Up
  159. ************Wednesday-November-21st-2018-WRUW************
  160. Help Me Spend Money - Hamilton vs Oris
  161. Anyone cars to speculate what a stagnant, or down-trending economy could do to the watch market?
  162. Help Needed: Looking for Automatic slide rule bezel watch
  163. City
  164. Any electronics lover knowing how to connect a quartz movement ?
  165. Are there extremely famous and wealthy people with inexpensive watches?
  166. Sector Expander 210 - not working
  167. What is Rolex doing, with this shortage of steel sports models?
  168. Best Chronograph in the $1,000- $3,500 Range
  169. Azimuth Watches?
  170. Watch wearing rotation dilemma
  171. Late to the Bronze Age
  172. When is the right time for watch servicing?
  173. @@@@@ WRUW Today, Tuesday, November 20, 2018 @@@@@
  174. Tudor manufacturing date
  175. Tudor Pelagos/Black Bay homage
  176. HELBROS Vintage Day/Date...
  177. You say quartz doesn't have soul... But why does an ETA 2824 have soul? Or a Sellita clone?
  178. Experience with WatchBox
  179. Salmon dial watches? Pictures please!
  180. CWC G10. New or used?
  181. Which one is good for today ?
  182. Replace or service ETA movement?
  183. Sinn 144 - One Watch Guy?
  184. needing help please
  185. Need Watch Advice - Office to pub to light chores around the house
  186. About to go from >25 pieces to 5
  187. ETA 2824-2 stopped working!
  188. Possible Redundancy
  189. Black Week Sale at -40% on All Watch Straps & -20% on All Watches
  190. Need some guidance--SKX007, to buy or not?
  191. Horoswiss DCW 'Dry Compass Watch'
  192. Anyone know what this is?
  193. Rolex datejust/omega globemaster
  194. Just Spotted on Daymond John's (Shark Tank) Wrist
  195. How do you Warm Up to White?
  196. <<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW today , Monday Nov 19 2018 >>>>>>>>>>
  197. Citizen Satellite Wave F990 - a few close up pics
  198. Momentum Torpedo Heads Up - Customer Service Countdown
  199. Romantic Watch Shots
  200. Changing out a Tissot T-touch strap
  201. So, what's next?
  202. Interesting read on seiko glycine
  203. Watch geeks driving pre-owned boom
  204. OT but sort of watch related - another engraving project with Andrew Biggs
  205. Help me choose a strap for my Grandpa's Omega cal. 268 (1961)
  206. for reading time, which of your watches is the easiest? the most difficult?
  207. Let's See Some Aluminum
  208. Replace crystal to reduce thickness
  209. Anyone please help : looking for a MIDO watch catalog / book (60's/70's/80's)
  210. @@@@@ WRUW Sunday, November 18, 2018 @@@@@
  211. Ken Kotoski
  212. The WATCHES ON BRACELETS only thread
  213. Nominations for best bang for your buck brand?
  214. Watch weight on wrong wrist?
  215. What's the top brand watches in 50's, 60's, and 90's?
  216. Are there any brand names or logos that turn you off to their watches?
  217. Dress Watch Suggestions
  218. Winding Longines Conquest Heritage
  219. I think I'm set for a while ...
  220. Reactor quartz diver started running fast?
  221. Pretty Sharp new Nomos out for the Holidays!
  222. Please Help
  223. Citizen Satellite Wave F990 vs. Seiko Astron Stratosphere SBXA033
  224. New member
  225. My New Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver's Watch Just Arrived!
  226. Best swiss field watch around $300?
  227. Neat find
  228. Identify Watch Game... 10 Rounds
  229. Manifesto of a watch flipper
  230. <<<<<<<<< WRUW today , Saturday Nov 17 2018
  231. Just Starting Out and Interested in Quality Budget Watches
  232. New watch box...
  233. How do you justify a new watch purchase?
  234. Virtually identical watches from different manufacturers.
  235. Monthly North Texas GTG Planning - Please Comment
  236. A good place for repairs?
  237. Aus buyer buying watch from overseas >$1000 AUD
  238. How long out of the rotation before selling?
  239. Filming Omega Bond ad with Daniel Craig at Rutgers
  240. My Vacheron Constantin- authentic?
  241. Issues with seeing pictures using Tapatalk?
  242. Watches With Screws On Bezels?
  243. LCD display broken
  244. What watches today will increase in value?
  245. What are your views on jump hour watches (either powered by quartz or mechanical)?
  246. Helvetia Watches Site
  247. A Curiosity - ETA Training Watch
  248. The Ones to Watch - The Instagram Infographic Series by @WatchaddictWT
  249. Breitling colt 41 or longines moonphase?
  250. Favorite White Dialed Watches?