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  1. "It's a Zenith dive watch from 1968" he said
  2. Timex T2M9316K
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  11. Watch Brands you Never Heard of Before Here but are KNOWN
  12. Tailored advertising
  13. Digital the end of luxury brands?
  14. ««««««« WRUW - FRIDAY - 25 April 2014 »»»»»»
  15. Another "Help me direct my habit" thread
  16. article in the Globe and Mail
  17. Matching the watch
  18. Are you ever afraid you're going to get a lemon?
  19. looking for affordable general purpose watch
  20. Outrageous!!!!
  21. Damasko: In House Movements and More at Timeless Luxury Watches
  22. Switching out metal band on skagen for leather band?
  23. Watch logos/scripts ruining your (WUS) day.
  24. Purchase opinion between Omega Speedmaster (Speediorite) Soyuz or Speedmaster Schumacher?
  25. Breytenbach
  26. Consolidation Trilemma (Baume, Nomos or JLC)
  27. MeisterSinger Incoming!
  28. Help Me Avoid Spending Too Much Money on a Black Bay (A "Help Me Pick a Watch" Thread)
  29. FC-303MC3P6, FC-303B5B6, and T41.1.423.33
  30. If your addicted to watches -take up golf :)
  31. Citizen AR3015-53E Opinions!
  32. Battery query
  33. Buying a watch with airline miles?
  34. Which is the finest Quartz Movement in your opinion?
  35. Bell & Ross Regulateur = design perfection
  36. Kobold makes the news with the heralding of their new location
  37. IW388001 Vs IW377801
  38. Need help on when this Rado was made
  39. How to set this watch >>>>>
  40. Drifting away.....A dark confession...
  41. Hand winding ... How many turns?
  42. For Hank: Rado Dual Time
  43. Angular Momentum & Manu Propria Negoro Lacquer LE timepiece
  44. Cobra de Calibre Review
  45. That single minded obsession...
  46. Can't decide on my first "real" watch. Any help would be amazing!
  47. New member from CA
  48. I absolutely love the look of this watch
  49. Under $6k with power reserve?
  50. Rise of the fashion watches
  51. Oldest watch you own that you purchased new?
  52. Newbie Question about buying a watch on the grey market (jomashop)
  53. Are there any watches that come with both steel and leather bands in a kit?
  54. \o/\o/\o/WRUW on Thursday 240414 \o/\o/\o/
  55. anyone here have scratches on their fav watch
  56. Bulova Accutron
  57. The Watch Shop/Watch Hut discount/sale sections (more noob questions. Sorry)
  58. Rolled gold. the same as gold plating?
  59. Do WUS Members Exaggerate Wrist Size?
  60. Which watch is this? Seeking advice
  61. Wenger Dual Time 7471X/T Battery Clip (Ronda 4220.D movement)
  62. Under $500 vintage dress no-date: Should I go Omega or Longines?
  63. The 13 In House Movements of Maurice Lacroix
  64. Have you reached a "sweet spot" for number of watches?
  65. Panerai: any people here get one and then regret it?
  66. Changing the Bling factor on my Breitling
  67. New Arrival! Poor Pic Heavy!!
  68. Re: Seiko snk809k2; how good a watch are they, REALLY?
  69. Two more......
  70. Any <40mm, <$1500 dressy auto chronos out there?
  71. New here! Has anyone heard of Elwood Watches? Is it just junk?
  72. Official 'hello'
  73. Mad Men Series 7 premiere: Bulova steals the show
  74. Royal Oak Offshore - Limited Edition
  75. Marathon TSAR issue - advice request
  76. A rant ( maybe)
  77. Baume and Mercier M0A08755 - Thoughts
  78. Photos: Managed to remove scratches from a sapphire crystal using diamond paste
  79. Is this look too big?
  80. Festina F16678/3 any good?
  81. Advice please: New York City
  82. Will the German atomic signal reach this watch in London, UK?
  83. Watch accuracy app for android (free) and Ios
  84. Could someone recommend me watches that have these features?
  85. advice needed, Bremont or Ball
  86. Getting a kick out of...
  87. Advice required - Which Graham Watch
  88. Watch-like object of desire
  89. Similar Watches
  90. What is the cost of buying used
  91. Furide Wrist Watch
  92. You just can't make stuff like this up
  93. Best full mechanical watch rated accuracy?
  94. Itay Noy
  95. Help pricing a watch part!!
  96. WTF is with me and the Omega Seamaster?
  97. Watch ID wanted, Jon Hamm
  98. How big does yours get?
  99. --------=====WRUW 23th April 2014=====--------
  100. Help: Nice Watch to Give to Groom on Wedding Day
  101. Hamilton Intramatic Review, six months later, band changing?
  102. Calling all t.a.c.t.i.c.o. TC2 owners!
  103. Introducing An Automatic That?s More Accurate Than A Grand Seiko
  104. Has anyone considered trading a watch for something else?
  106. NOS watches and vintage watches
  107. Forgotten Watches
  108. Pretty Impressed with Christopher Ward Service
  109. New toy and mini review
  110. Expensive dive watches
  111. Advice Needed on a Watch Trade Gone Bad
  112. New little find in a 2nd hand
  113. Prince William
  114. What do watch workers do when they service a watch?
  115. Questions About ETA 2836-2 Movement
  116. minute hand alignment
  117. I flipped 35 watches in two years. Daaaaaamn.
  118. Looking for the perfect groomsmen watches
  119. Dress watch advice
  120. Say What? I hear you but I still don't understand...or...agreeing to disagree..
  121. Anyone pre-ordered the new Ancon x-35 concept?
  122. No more watches for me!
  123. [Info-sites Suggestion]- Comparison of the budget friendlies Moonphase Chronos?
  124. My New Watch - Citizen Model: AT9010-52E
  125. YouTube blowhards like Archie Luxury and Andy Hunter actually help our cause and raise awareness
  126. seeking information on Elgin ladies pocket watch and ladies Bulova wrist watch
  127. Advice choosing next (more complicated) watch
  128. Hands-On With The Longines Conquest Heritage
  129. question about buying a nomos watch
  130. Legacy Brands
  131. Snob Weighs In On The Seiko 5 SNZH61, Orient Defender and Nomos Tangomat
  132. Refinishing a case, what's your thought process?
  133. Most appropriate way to set down your watch?
  134. Ga100 help
  135. Newer watch brands. In your opinion, which ones will stay and which ones will fade away?
  136. «««««««« WRUW - TUESDAY - 22 April 2014 »»»»»»
  137. Strap options for Portuguese Chrono, Black Dial
  138. WUS friends help me decide!
  139. Jorg Gray Watch. JG1040-18 What do you think?
  140. Omega De Ville Prestige Co-Axial - Thoughts on comparable models???
  141. The ultimate WRUW--your watch at its birthplace...
  142. TAG heuer carrera CAR2012 (1887) vs IWC PILOT 3717
  143. Edox WRC Chronorally Automatic - I want to pull the trigger, but...
  144. Introduction and a question!
  145. is the longines hydroconquest worth the extra money compared with the Steinhart
  146. Why timing your watch is illusion…
  147. I Destroy Them - Who Can Fix Them? San Fernando Valley - Los Angeles
  148. This week's Photo contest: what watch matches your bicycle?
  149. New classic automatic timepeice from turbine watches, launched on watchuseek!
  150. Bulova Marine Star 98C62 Movement
  151. Coming soon. . . . . the TWCO Air Controller, sneak preview!
  152. Automatic without Winder
  153. Good watch brands?
  154. Strange Watch Catalogue Fact
  155. Longines "swiss" = "swiss made" ?
  156. WatchBuys Dallas Road Show Registration Now Open
  157. Nomos Ahoi or not to Ahoi?
  158. Your favorite chrono?
  159. Possessiveness
  160. Bronze watches, wich brands have them?
  161. Sleeping with a watch on.
  162. Must See Monday: Longines Conquest Heritage Collection
  163. Dobrodňšli
  164. Question for Rolex Submariner Experts
  165. Chronograph: Stowa vs Damasko
  166. New to collecting. Ball or Sinn
  167. How to start a new Watch Brands forum.
  168. Trying to find a Automatic Gold watch
  169. Visiting Europe! Could do with some recommendations on watches
  170. If you are to choose just one Grand Seiko, which.......
  171. First time for me, blue or black?
  172. What is it and Which is Older?
  173. Krieger B929.1386 -- Anyone know anything?
  174. ETA Hong Kong
  175. OPINIONS! H2O vs Crepas vs Oris?
  176. Do any of the major watch companies give good after sales service?
  177. Newbie
  178. Disadvantages of free-sprung balances?
  179. More anecdotal proof that non-WIS people don't see your watch...
  180. Omega PO Liquidmetal LE, fake or real?
  181. ------------- WRUW Easter 21th April 2014 ---------------
  182. Apps
  183. Thames & York
  184. Slogan 17 Jewel swiss made wrist watch extra flat
  185. New additions.
  186. omega seamaster deville-real or fake?
  187. Need help deciding between Frederique Constant FC335V6B6 or Campanola CTR57-1102
  188. Digital auto. time zone adjusting options
  189. To excited, it's on the way!!!
  190. What strap is this???
  191. So it's time for a new watch(s?) (daft newbie questions within)
  192. ~$3000 Watch
  193. Do you buy watches from the display case?
  194. Spotted, a gathering of expensive watches!
  195. Similar to GO Senator Chronograph XL
  196. Happy Easter (check out these "Easter" eggs by Ulysse Nardin.)
  197. Assistance identifying several leather cuff watches
  198. Certina DS First Automatic a Day-Date. A lume and lug-to-lug question
  199. Confusing subdials
  200. Tritium
  201. Whats next?
  202. Help please - Grand Seiko Dial Colour??? - Update
  203. Looking to upgrade from my Citizen BM6060-57F
  204. Omega Seamaster Mark 111
  205. Does anyone have pics of the ruthenium dial GO PML on a black or brown gator strap?
  206. Beater watch experiment
  207. Question about noisy Miyota 9015 movement
  208. Replacement Bracelet for Mido Multifort 2 Crown Diver Watch
  209. ------------- WRUW Easter 20th April 2015 ---------------
  210. Please help!!! Fell and watch took a beating :-/
  211. Precista watches
  212. That feeling of being outside on a nice warm day...
  213. New watch... Maybe?
  214. Never go for the compromise
  215. Help!
  216. Atlantic Speedway
  217. Help me choose a watch for my boyfriend! (Desired features listed)
  218. Creation watches ebay?
  219. Is there such a thing as a "great" quartz watch or non-mechanical?
  220. Gold watches
  221. Probable repainted dial on a Rado - somewhat bothered
  222. I brought my dad a cushion.........
  223. HELP?
  224. Is it bad form...
  225. Buying a Watch Scotland or Ireland traveling from US
  226. Help identifying a watch
  227. Retrofitting Depolyant Clasps to Vintage Watches?
  228. Please welcome our latest sponsor: Timeless Luxury Watches
  229. Show me your Dive watches with Day-Date
  230. Help for graduation gift. Female, automatic, $1200
  231. Stuhrling watch?
  232. Where does she go now!
  233. What causes stainless steel yellowing?
  234. Is the Swatch Body & Soul with black leather strap still for sale anywhere (UK buyer)?
  235. New addition!
  236. Admin please delete, moving this topic to affordable section.
  237. Identification Help - Phasar Chronograph
  238. Renato T. Rex gen 2 - your views
  239. **** WRUW Saturday 19th April ****
  240. Need help choosing between Rolex, Zenith & Omega
  241. Thinned Out My Collection Today
  242. Tall and chunky mechanical watches
  243. HELP- Problem with my Hamilton chrono
  244. Bad polishing job?
  245. The future of watch fashion
  246. Need help deciding
  247. Don't see much about Armand Nicolet...
  248. Where to buy dials for mods?
  249. Which watch has the most nicely decorated ETA movement?
  250. 36K lust and can't afford it?