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  1. Scratches on Brushed Titanium
  2. absence of computer clock
  3. To drill or not to diving lugs....please do chime in....anybody done it?
  4. Grand Seiko, would this be me?
  5. Can anyone identify this watch?
  6. Is this dealer safe?
  7. advice on christopher Ward c60
  8. Ever sold a watch specifically to fund some other hobby?
  9. New Forum member here - my history with watches
  10. (beach watch) White watch Lotus 15800/5 vs Swatch SURW100
  11. Buying a watch in Switzerland - JLC
  12. what is my dive master 500 worth?
  13. NYC's MOTION IN TIME - NY Post article floored me - Some shifty ripoff artists
  14. What a Difference a Dial Makes
  15. My ever evolving small collection
  16. Ugh! SO frustrated!
  17. Babies and Bath Water
  18. What watch is this??
  19. Looking For A Light Dial Watch
  20. Watches and TSA
  21. Go back to a NON date watch?
  22. Looking for a blue skeleton watch like this one, can't justify the 400-500 for a "Dreyfuss",
  23. Rod Got A Grand Seiko (SBGR083)! WARNING: REALLY LONG but there are Pictures!
  24. --------=====WRUW 18th April 2014=====--------
  25. New collector! Advices?
  26. A confession and apologies to Damasko
  28. ▓█▄▀▄▀ San Francisco GTG @ Topper in Burlingame June 14th, 2014 ▀▄▀▄█▓
  29. Jerry Seinfeld in Comedians in Cars with Tina Fey
  30. No more black/white faced watches - could you handle it?
  31. Vintage Girard Perregaux chronograph ID
  32. Arrival of my first vintage watch: 1972 Heuer Autavia 1163V
  33. Want to get JLC Master Control: Any other similar watches I'm missing?
  34. Vintage Certina Waterking
  35. Need help with authenticating this maurice lacroix
  36. Junkers Bauhaus 6060-5 or Seiko Sarb017 Alpinist??
  37. Is FC the next Nomos or the next Minerva?
  38. What else could I get for my 150 (about 250 dollars) - Orient Vintage Automatic Watch w/ power res?
  39. Movado Balance Staff Help
  40. How Old and How Long
  41. best vintage military watches from the west
  42. Opinions and explanation and advice
  43. Lack of complications is the best complicaton: Show me no date watches!
  44. New codes for WORLDCODE: Saint Honore WORLDCODE GMT
  45. Unofficial WUS Awards Results! Best Brands and Watches at Basel 2014
  46. New watch collector
  47. Where to get crystal replaced?
  48. Who uses or what is the porpuse of the hard to read watches?
  49. Ebay's Global Shipping Programme? Fergedaboudit!
  50. Beginner
  51. One Bad Apple
  52. Over a year now...almost done
  53. What a bummer
  54. EDC Watch
  55. <--------- WRUW Thursday 17 April 2014 --------->
  56. It may be better, but nobody wants one...
  57. Boschett Non-warranty Repair Question
  58. To franken or not to franken
  59. Opinions Welcomed...Trying to Decide...Hamilton or Junkers?
  60. I took a Zenith to be engraved... and now it doesn't work!?!
  61. Omega Seamaster f300hz
  62. Miyota OS60 Recalibration advice !!
  63. Would this case be a costly fixer-upper?
  64. Microrotor + 5 Day Power Reserve + Free Sprung Balance
  65. Panda Chronograph options
  66. Post your G-shocks!
  67. At under 200 is the M182SK ($239) the best skeleton mechanical for my money?
  68. Tools to adjusting bracelet (and remove link)
  69. New buy! What do you guys think?
  70. Citizen Nighthawk / question on the crown at the 8 o'clock position. Is it tightly fixed?
  71. Trimex!
  72. Interesting Solutions to First World Problems and Other Interesting Things About Watches and Whatnot
  73. I want a new DAILY auto to hold me over for the next several months... Help me fellow WUS
  74. Just recevied my new Momentum M30. Not sure if I should return it.
  75. Silly question about moon phase complications
  76. New Owner Break In Period
  77. **** WRUW Wednesday 16th April ****
  78. Where did this trend come from?
  79. Did y'all know about the secret in the Grand Seiko logo?
  80. Whats up with this thing Pulsar LED.
  81. WatchBuys Philadelphia Road Show - Last Chance to Register
  83. I have watches worth more than my Daily driver.
  84. Chopard reference number
  85. What's going on?
  86. The ticking sound: alluring or annoying?
  87. Ask Bremont Anything
  88. Help...Casio Tough Solar AQ-S800W
  89. Seeking advice on building a watch
  90. Left or right?
  91. Getting dressed: watch on first?
  92. Perhaps a daft question, but how come deviation of manual wind watch differs when worn ?
  93. New Arrival.. Breguet La Tradition 7037
  94. Going Shopping -- Watches and whatnot
  95. Automatic watch not accurate while wearing?
  96. This, That or Any other - JLC, GO, Blancpain
  97. Lume actually has a REAL PURPOSE
  98. Are these Movados Fake?
  99. Quickly Becoming Obsessed
  100. Omega owes me a new watch!
  101. Thoughts: Longines GMT worldtimer
  102. Automatic Watches w/ multiple day/date windows
  103. INTENTIONALLY buying ugly watches.
  104. I feel horrible.
  105. Nashville and Myrtle beach watch shops?
  106. Do you keep track of how much you've gained / lost on flipping watches
  107. -----+++++ WRUW 15th April 2014 +++++-----
  108. stolen photos in ebay listings
  109. Is the IWC midsize a women's only watch?
  110. 500 of Goldsmiths vouchers, what to buy?
  111. ***......Put that camera away...!!!!!!!!! Taking pictures at an AD...!?
  112. Was there ever a "time" when NOT wearing a watch was frowned upon?
  113. Is there a watch with both arabic and roman numbers?
  114. Help in identyfing a watch.
  115. Ever heard of this retailer?
  116. From Zenith to Rolex...
  117. Baume Mercier Capeland 10062 Advice
  118. Brathwait???
  119. Pam 104 for iwc Aquatimer Vintage Collection
  120. My last trip to the Jewelry... (PICS)
  121. Guilty pleasure in the watch deals feedback corner
  122. Jumped In! Got a Diver and Some Great Praise for a Vendor
  123. "The Hulk" - why can't I take it off?
  124. Starting a boutique watch company....
  125. Universal Geneve Compax
  126. Hyperconsumers and Luxury Watches (UK article)
  127. Vintage design automatic under 1k$... Your advice?
  128. Which chronograph watch?
  129. How old is this (new) Speedmaster and....
  130. Archie Luxury is Dead... In a Manner of Speaking
  131. Raymond Weil Maestro Phase De Lune
  132. Visconti W102 25th Anniversary GMT Elegance - some pics
  133. Breitling - The Brand
  134. Surprised by lume
  135. Sinn 556(a/i) vs Longines Legend Diver?
  136. I've been wearing this project watch a lot lately:
  137. What would be your choice..
  138. *******WRUW 14/04/14?********
  139. Surprised by lume
  140. Nomos or Stowa?
  141. First Everyday Watch Under $200 - Jorg Gray 6500 Alternative?
  142. Bubba Watson's Golf Watch - Ouch!
  143. Quick question: how often, and where, do you wear your precious metal (YG/RG/WG/PLAT) watches ?
  144. I thought they looked good together..
  145. Pushing the boat out - please help me find a small automatic.
  146. Most uncommon watch you've seen in the wild?
  147. Looking for a small diameter automatic watch with a screw down crown
  148. Watch Pricing Bubble
  149. Invicta Corduba (Bell and Ross Homage)
  150. Ulysse Nardin Titanium clasp scratch removing
  151. New arrival....
  152. What does your collection need?
  153. Please HELP my Bulova 96B182 watch
  154. just put off a purchase of a used Valjoux ETA 7750 automatic chronograph
  155. Spanking new Nomos!
  156. Requesting Citizen Citizen NH8050-01E Dolphin 200m Divers (Wanted)
  157. Valanvron Movements: Anyone got any direct experience with them?
  158. Timelab offers Chronometric+ Observatory Certification: A new rival to the COSC certification
  159. quick question: what are these?
  160. New addition
  161. - WRUW 4/13/14 -
  162. Introduction
  163. Do we need a watch related abbreviation dictionary?
  164. Panerai watch
  165. Help me pick a new (or used) watch
  166. Anyone else grin when they see a 5 or 6 figure watch be dubbed a "novelty"
  167. Unexpected New Shoes & Service......WOW !!!
  168. Antique Doxa Year? Red Gold
  169. broekn spring bar end stuck in case
  170. Dear _________
  171. Need information on a pair of Angelus watches
  172. Seiko SSC231 or Tissot or Citizen?
  173. How many times should you wind an automatic watch if not worn and not on winder?
  174. Local jewelers. Sigh.
  175. Rubber strap for an eterna super kontiki
  176. Bentley's take on dual time
  177. Bemt;eu
  178. POLL QUESTION: Sell my Audemars Piguet ROO to buy a Submariner w/ Tiffany & co. Dial?
  179. In the fight against polio: Polio One Watch
  180. First watch military style under $150
  181. Are there any companies that will decorate a movement?
  182. Looking for classic rectangular/tonneau chronograph
  183. History and details of Omax Watches.
  184. Watch band
  185. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe/IWC Aquatimer Automatic/Hublot Classic Fusion
  186. Questions on discounts for Nomos
  187. chronograph,dive bezel or both?
  188. Rigidity of the rings on straps
  189. Multy Problems
  190. Watch Movement and Battery Advice Request
  191. Sapphire crystal against a knife, drill and fire.
  192. Unofficial WUS Awards: Resolve a Tie for Best Watch
  193. IWC 323110 - does this watch ref# exist?
  194. Witch watch is this (Casio)
  195. Indulge? Or save and sell later ...
  196. Does anyone want "AUTOMATIC" written on their watch dial?
  197. Interesting automatic globe type thing, and I need info on this Rolex if possible
  198. - WRUW 4/12/14 -
  199. Watches with Farsi Numerals
  200. Watch tools. Help.
  201. Why is somebody like this allowed to trade and have so many good feedbacks?
  202. Choices
  204. Is this watch authentic, First/pre edition of Zenith S58 ???
  205. Omega's Moon Watch
  206. Help me to find/choose DLC watch
  208. What's your take on watch strap colors.
  209. RGM Model 455 Chronograph: A Quick Review!
  210. Thinking about thinning of the you miss them?
  211. Retrograde Watch Help
  212. Look what I got courtesy of Breitling and my local Jeweler!
  213. Help me find the Grail!
  214. Anyone with an omega seamaster chrono titanium (10yrs old+)? Need help
  215. My next watch: A chronograph, but need help
  216. Rant About Rants
  217. Underappreciated Hardcore Chronograph Comparisons: IWC and GP
  218. Tattoos AND watches pics
  219. Tourbillon - Best bang for the buck?
  220. Why are delivery truck drivers SO DANG SLOW?
  221. Can this pass as a dress watch?
  222. R. O. Schmitt Auction, April 26 & 27: Important American Pocket Chronometers
  223. 40 year old automatic watch not holding power reserve
  224. Sistem51 being released outside Switzerland
  225. Dual Time Chornogrhs w/ rotating bezel with UTC
  226. What's my collection missing?
  227. Newbie - Wife wants to buy me a higher end watch for our 10 yr anniversary. Advice needed.
  228. Vintage 60's Heuer Carrera VS TAG Heuer 90's 1964 Carrera Re-edition vs new Carrera CH80
  229. WRUW April 11, 2014
  230. Time to rant about the so call "holy trinity" of WIS...
  231. Best "under the radar" diver under 5k?
  232. JLC geophysics
  233. How does one quench the thirst.. or impulse?
  234. Helgray - The thinking man Shinola?
  235. Zenith
  236. Any experiences with Time of Switzerland?
  237. Younger Watch Enthusists
  238. Nomos Zurich Weltzeit (GMT) Overview! Tons of photos!
  239. SCOOP: Blancier Lottermann & Sohne: One Glance
  240. Suggestion for ladies watch
  241. Help me complete my watch line up / collection!!
  242. My Lovely Collections
  243. Would you like to see bohemian, up-town or more expressive Grand Seikos?
  244. Damasko, Sinn, Bremont etc--what's your favorite tough watch brand?
  245. Zodiac Astrographic
  246. Birthday watch...?
  247. Need recommendation for an affordable/good/nice women watch
  248. Maintaining 'Quality of feel' - replacing Omega SMP Bond with a cheaper diver, is it possible?
  249. A more... rugged movement (need suggestions)...
  250. Latest--and last--addition to the collection