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  1. Audemars Piguet Compass. Original?
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  3. Watch Decision Advise - Tudor vs. FC
  4. Most Efficient Arm Motions for Winding Automatics?
  5. Need help identifying a watch
  6. Can anyone tell me about this watch?
  7. Help me choose a band for my odd color 70's-80's watch
  8. Underrated watches
  9. Patek philippe calatrava 5116R
  10. Love you both
  11. Help Me Decide the Contents of My Watch Box!
  12. Need help choosing a watch for my 17th birthday
  13. Ethics in watch buying
  14. All the new Panerais, IWCs, JLCs, and Langes are/will be Alibaba specials.
  15. What a lucky day in the pub
  16. Vintage Help - Rolex Datejust 1601/1603 vs. Universal Polerouter
  17. $1,000 USD to spend, help me
  18. Black & Creamy
  19. How I cured my watch OCD
  20. Are there any Eaglemoss military watch lovers out there?
  21. ETA 2824 sudden change in accuracy
  22. Paring down the collection - help me choose a good replacement
  23. affordable watches ultimate list DRAFT
  24. Different take on overall accuracy between lower & higher grade movements
  25. Some ideas I thought of for watches.
  26. @@@@@ WRUW Monday, November 12, 2018 @@@@@
  27. The best addition a man could ever hope for.
  28. Please help me identify this watch...
  29. Winding on the Elliptical Exercise Machine?
  30. Guilty pleasures
  31. Because you're OCD or in spite of it
  32. For those who wonder if you can wear two watches?
  33. Extreme bezel screw watch OCD
  34. Looking for some options to the Glycine Airman
  35. DEER HUNTERS. Whats on your wrist this deer season?
  36. ETA movements - remind me, what is their status going forward in terms of distribution?
  37. Recommendations for first luxury watch (or two)
  38. Advice- Sellection under 1000 (pre-owned included)
  39. Looking for information regarding Borel & Fils 24 world timer Masonic watch
  40. Solar PROSPEX
  41. Has anyone bought a watch from www.ndfc-seniors co uk ?
  42. @@@@@ WRUW Sunday, November 11, 2018 @@@@@
  43. Are you a vintage bracelet person???
  44. 2018 GPHG Winners Announced
  45. Parcel Pro
  46. 2016 watch debuts, a memento gift for a child
  47. Look for some gift suggestions
  48. RGM gettin' Artsy!
  49. Entry level pilot's watch (Hamilton Khaki Aviation vs. Stowa Flieger Klassik)
  50. Grand Seiko SBGM235 9S LE Review
  51. How many times a day do you switch out the watch you're wearing for another one ?
  52. Your opinion on this Longines, Please !
  53. Fellow Jarheads!
  54. Seiko SBDC063 vs Ginault Ocean-Rover, which one?
  55. With big brands trying to control distribution, raise prices...future of the 'hobby'?
  56. Objectivity in Reviews and promotion mild rant
  57. A collection with no applied indices?
  58. Bracelet - before and after
  59. Incoming...finally
  60. @@@@@ WRUW Saturday, November 10, 2018 @@@@@
  61. My toys arrived - kid in candy store
  62. Anyone like a Watch with Two Crowns?
  63. Unable to comfortably wear a watch with skinny + boney wrists.
  64. Recommendations for a Newbie-Analog Watch for a Tradesman
  65. Authenticity opinion on AP chrono
  66. Longines in London
  67. Terra Cielo Mare Black Friday 2018
  68. Long-time enthusiasts—what did you consider to be your very first "real" watch? Include a photo!
  69. New Omega Seamaster 300M
  70. JeanRichard 1665 Rattrapante Chronograph Palladium
  71. Buying watches from Russia - some thoughts
  72. ************Friday-November-9th-2018-WRUW************
  73. Would this have been a good deal?
  74. Titanium Quartz Diver
  75. Watch servicing
  76. The Other Silver Snoopy!
  77. Should I service my automatic chronograph?
  78. Black Friday deals on Elady watches?
  79. Duty Free transactions
  80. Damasko or Ball
  81. Quartz watch with a sweeping second hand?
  82. The Story so Far: A Look Back on All 'Topper Edition' Watches
  83. Timex
  84. Bronze watches that won’t patina
  85. Sub-40mm mechanical chronograph with hour counter and diver's bezel
  86. Second hand variable accuracy and even/uneven seconds indices query
  87. Recommendations for a Newbie - Business Casual Watch
  88. Watch ID. Michael Weatherly Bull
  89. ************Thursday-November-8th-2018-WRUW************
  90. Shopping list for Black Friday?
  91. Forming an opinion on a watch or brand
  92. White panda or grey Speedy Racing
  93. Why don't automatic watches with clear caseback have clear winding rotors?
  94. The Walter Mitty of watches became even more Crazy.
  95. For Dive Watch Fans...
  96. A 'New Moon' ...
  97. Need Help Deciding on my M-F Watch
  98. Anyone from Canada purchase over $1,500 recently on Jomashop?
  99. Just got one of my grails!
  100. Some question regarding the Casio CA-53W
  101. I just looked at all the watches I received in the last 12 months . . .
  102. Anybody ever have an Ebay seller use Pitney Bowes?
  103. US Army Promotion to Captain; watch recommendations?
  104. ************Wednesday-November-7th-2018-WRUW************
  105. Lost my watch in my underwear today
  106. Election Night (USA) 'Watching'
  107. I donated to Doctors Without Borders, and I got an SKX
  108. Feasting upon a long waited BURGER!
  109. Collection vs. Grail
  110. Phishing/Spam
  111. This Just In: Prospex SPB083
  112. Looking for White Dial Grail - please help!
  113. New WUS member
  114. Watch articles and resources.
  115. Seconds hand OCD
  116. Tudor style... isnt it underrated?
  117. How come a watch crystal doesn’t let water into a water resistant watch?
  118. Collector or Enthusist?
  119. Please Help, looking for a watch for my husband
  120. Watch Repair Services
  121. S.T. Dupont Watch
  122. <<<<<<<<<<<WRUW today , Tuesday Nov 6 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>
  123. Archimede Pilot 42 GMT - Yes or No.
  124. Relating Round, Square, & Rectangular Case Sizes (graph)
  125. Damasko da36 vs Ball engineer
  126. How does "wristwatch review business" work??? Would like to start one!
  127. Newly Acquired AP...What's Next?
  128. Why is there not a Timex section?
  130. Did C.W discontinue the Black bezel white face GMT?
  131. Crown at 4 o'clock...why do they do it?
  132. Vertical vs Horizontal Collecting
  133. Some questions about how tritium tubes are made.
  134. New member interested in vintage
  135. Jumping Hours project
  136. Finds at yardsales, thrift stores, auctions, etc.
  137. Cheap watches in solid gold.
  138. Did Everyone's Atomic Watches Sync?
  139. Is this place as snobby as other sites?
  140. Fake Vacheron?
  141. Is there a testing method for batteries before putting them into HAQ?
  142. @@@@@ WRUW Monday, November 5, 2018 @@@@@
  143. valid coupon code
  144. State of the collection
  145. Vintage Longines at Barney's?
  146. Me and my small collection
  147. Should I get a Bertucci watch with a titanium case or a stainless steel one?
  148. Lous Moinet watch
  149. my AP watch is fake??
  150. Which watch do you miss the most?
  151. New piece jump hour?
  152. Cannot find any info about my Chopard St.Moritz
  153. I just received this watch, I forgot that quartz watches can be cool especially when they are solar
  154. Next watch - some pictures of what I like for inspiration. What else should I consider?
  155. My 1st Post
  156. Turkey day deals
  157. Watch confessions
  158. Favourite panda watch &#x1f43c;
  159. MKII Key West vs Monta Triumph
  160. Dive Watch Under 1000 €
  161. First Watch Advice
  162. Humbert Droz - panda chronograph
  163. Luxury watches as heirlooms - literally a waste of...time
  164. Funny - if not a touch inaproperiate movements/case backs?
  165. ***---Sunday WATCH on your WRIST 11-4-18---***
  166. Any funny watch stories?
  167. STP automatic movements
  168. My first Rolex
  169. Recommendations for curved spring bars
  170. Angry Alec’s watch?
  171. New Arrival: Longines Heritage Diver 1967 Chrono
  172. Bravo, Patek, bravo!
  173. Windup NYC Show Experience: Great show Lots of photos, brand thoughts
  174. Watch for the wife?
  175. Need help picking a watch under €500 and suggestions of watches I might not have heard of
  176. my watch collection
  177. Very hot: new Dan Henry Alarm chrono but...
  178. What is the appeal of a distressed watch?
  179. Story in 11/3/18 New York Times on the city's clock master
  180. Two Watches Keeping Good Time Both Keeping Poor Time No Magnetism...What gives?
  181. New watch!! Nodus Contrail
  182. Glashutte Original Sixties Chronograph Anybody?
  183. Storing quartz and mechanical together?
  184. Mark-up on watches must be high ... price variability is considerable
  185. Oversized luxury watches
  186. First Useful Chrono for My Life
  187. "A WWII Vet and His Patek Philippe Watch from 1944"
  188. Citizen JP2000-08e - Display Problem
  189. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW today , Saturday Nov 3 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  190. Skeleton suggestions
  191. Classified's Question
  192. New quartz beater
  193. How to Measure a Screw (and find a replacement)
  194. New or used?
  195. Interesting Articles on Watches, etc. Finally... a Flow Chart
  196. Introduction
  197. Mido wins the war on value?
  198. Blackened aka Chronotechna "the blackest watch ever made"
  199. Birth year watches
  200. Friday Arrival...
  201. Is there a better $3,500 watch than a Tudor Black Bay 58?
  202. Can anyone beat Omega's new warranty offer?
  203. Military “Dirty Dozen” modern watch
  204. Just bought my first automatic watch
  205. Bozeman Watch Company
  206. Help with Sales Postings
  207. A Trio of HAQ watches for Small Wrists
  208. Suggest a new watch to match a strap
  209. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Friday November 2 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  210. You WOULD have bought (X), HAD it NOT been for the PROPRIETARY strap
  211. Too good to be offer? Please give me tips on buy watches online
  212. Enamel/Lacquer Dress watch options (affordable)
  213. Watch id anyone?
  214. Seiko Sumo Watch repair needed
  215. Storage finds!
  216. USPS Blues...
  217. Best Dial Texture Backgrounds? (Ex: AP Tapisserie)
  218. Watch addiction
  219. Identify the watch
  220. Thursday Favorite ...
  221. What have I done? Sold my SNZG15J1 and ordered...
  222. My New Hydroconquest 41mm on a 6.25 Inch Wrist
  223. Ever heard of Aloha Watches ?
  224. The unnecessary need to impress.
  225. My first Audemars Piguet
  226. Scratch on dial repairable?
  227. Shopping aisle wrist shots!
  228. How much you willing to pay for this Chronograph?
  229. ***---Thursday 11-1-18 WRIST CHECKZ---***
  230. The Time Bandits of Southern California
  231. Me again, my final two options, give me some light please
  232. Help me decide...white watch face.
  233. Zenith El Primero Original 1969 38mm - which version?
  234. Smartwatch and Dexcom G6
  235. G.Gerlach news and novelties>>>>>>>
  236. Bored with my “collection”... Time for a “correction”
  237. Rate this deal!
  238. Spooktacular Lume Shots for Halloween
  239. Messed up one lug!!
  240. A Watch Collector's Halloween Story
  241. <<<<<<<<< WRUW Wednesday OCT 31 >>>>>>>>>>>
  242. Tissot vs Vincero materials
  243. White or Silver Dial on Junghans Meister Chronoscope
  244. What's the Point?
  245. iPhone stopwatch/chronograph
  246. Anybody buy from touch of modern?
  247. Bell and Ross v2-94 vs BR126 Sport Chronograph
  248. New here and very impressed with a Seiko SBDC029
  249. Let’s see those cool watch related items!
  250. Big & Bold...