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  1. Mido "Worldtimer" setting instructions.... anyone know how?
  2. Suggestions for a sub 100 small automatic please
  3. The cushion case is me yours!
  4. Best AD in Sydney for discounts on Omega?
  5. Recomendation for mechanical minimalist style watch?
  6. Aquascoop: Oxford awarded JEANRICHARD Aquascopes following race victory on Sunday
  7. Identify this watch Pt. 4
  8. Mondaine Stop2Go?
  9. Costco. attention, we need a clean up on aisle three by Luxury watches!
  10. Quick poll for a daily sports watch
  11. My nomination for best coordinated watch & car interior
  12. ***** WRUW 10 Apr *****
  13. Bad Watch Company Customer Service and Customer Contact Policies - Ressence and Others
  14. Does anyone know anything about this watch?
  15. Nomos service
  16. What do think of this?
  17. New to forum. Hello. NYC.
  18. Where to buy Elgin A11
  19. Radiation Therapy/CT/MRI/Xray-does it affect your watch?
  20. Today's score! Citizen 6800
  21. Leaving feedback for banned member?
  22. Best affordable racer chronograph
  23. Swatch Group/Morningstar article
  24. Opinion on Pinion Watches in UK London a Startup Co
  25. Steinhart or Certina?
  26. Watch for the blind
  27. Can a watch repair shop replace the bezel??
  28. New shoes on the Jazzmaster!
  29. I love watches... a short rant
  30. pls give your opinion and help me decide...
  31. Replacement/Mod movement for Rolex
  32. What to do! What to do!
  33. Need purchase advise
  34. What's the deal with this Zenith?
  35. Baselworld's Best
  36. Lost my Seagull ST5 19J
  37. The divers: Itallian vs Russian, the ugly and the uglier.
  38. Lack of civility in the sales forum
  39. I think I might be a watch snob....
  40. Zenith VS Omega
  41. Saw an Omega Chrono Tourbillon... What was that?
  42. Stowa out for lunch in Oz...
  43. Saying Hello! :-)
  44. New to the Board
  45. Looking at these three, pros and cons of each.
  46. The state of the collection
  47. Looking for 44-45 mm diameter Swiss made entry level watch
  48. How long should it take to get a watch from Europe?
  49. The return of the saint..................
  50. Striated dial
  51. The Best Moonphase You've Never Seen
  52. Rant about non-perpetual date wheels and why I hate them
  53. New additions
  54. ***** WRUW Wednesday 9th April *****
  55. Watch warranties
  56. If you buy a watch on the gray market can you still send it into the official service center?
  57. f72 project watch
  58. Like seiko sarb033 but a lil bigger?
  59. Nomos - gold case Orion/Tangente?! Where can I get one!
  60. There's always one little thing that makes you crazy...
  61. Rolex Daytona Homage
  62. The wait is agonizing. (Should I be concerned?)
  63. Introduction
  64. I'm between the two .... what do you think?
  65. Coming home!
  66. for preston perhaps?
  67. I know we all loves watches, and are enablers.
  68. New member needing opinion on watch size
  69. Is it rude to correct others?
  70. How soon do you decide to sell?
  71. Should a 'WIS' ever sell a watch?
  72. Looking for cheap watch with wall clock like design
  73. Feeling bummed out, new watch broke
  74. Reviving a legend: Alpina re-launches Alpiner 4 Collection
  75. I'm starting to hate the USPS
  76. I am a saint..............
  77. Question for Canadians
  78. Scratches on a Stainless Steel Watch
  79. ********** WRUW Tuesday Apr 8th 2014 **********
  80. Tissot skeleton vs Stowa chronograph 1938
  81. What's your best price?
  82. The watch that got away
  83. Show us your ZULU/NATO/G10 straps!
  84. Is it me or...
  85. Just back from service, already scratched again...
  86. Watch Consolidation
  87. Philly GTG, lots more shots ..........
  88. Need help! Tudor or Longines...
  89. Pie Pan Timex
  90. Looking for this watch.
  91. DROPPED ETA 7750!!!!!!!!
  92. Need help authenticating this watch!!!!
  93. Boston GTG 4/5/14 Photos
  94. Bracelet sag....
  95. Unofficial WUS Awards: Vote for your favorite watch at Basel 2014
  96. Unofficial WUS Awards: Vote for your favorite brand at Basel 2014
  97. Shinola employees...why don't they just sell their own watches
  98. Hermes Clipper or Rolex Submariner?
  99. Another "What's He Wearing" thread (The Coffee Dude)....
  100. Hi! I'm a newbie looking for a watch
  101. Krieger Watches???
  102. New to the Forum
  103. Your advice on dress automatic...
  104. The holy trinity of WUS ... Rolex, Omega and Grand Seiko.
  105. Help me find a watch
  106. An elegant tool watch: Sinn 556i vs Oris Aquis Date 40mm vs Something else?
  107. BIRTHDAY. Review of Louis Errard Moonphase. Need opinion on SEIKO Premier OR other suggestions!
  108. *****Monday WRUW****
  109. Yet Another Help Me Decide Thread...
  110. Houston Area GTG
  111. Hi guys. Need help!
  112. Bracelet for my Airman.
  113. Help identify Luke Bryan's watch
  114. Philly WUS GTG pictorial roundup
  115. Slim/low weight watches, my rolex sub C is too heavy!!!!
  116. Getting ready for a Deployment need to get a new watch.
  117. Baume and Mercier gift from Dad
  118. A WIS In Need
  119. Low balling on EBAY.. Anyone ever offer a really low buy it now price and actually get it?
  120. Need a source for Invicta hands
  121. Why do people buy "Luxury watches"?
  122. WIS dad and non WIS son !!
  123. WILL.I.AM phone watch venture
  124. breitling superocean 42 vs colt 44
  125. Is there a reason most 'white' dials aren't white?
  126. NEW CHRONO - your input
  127. New Watch Choice - Blancpain, Ulysse Nardin, JLC, IWC
  128. Awesome Nomos Factory video
  129. vintage or trash?
  130. Need a new watch, no idea
  131. If Mikey Lacroix were to buy a Rado what kind should he buy?
  132. Casio Protrek PRW-3000 vs Suunto Core Alu Deep Black
  133. The most 'Masculine' Watch
  134. WatchUSeek and WUS Mod make NYTimes article on why we pick our watches!
  135. Does constant strap changing wreck your watch?
  136. DaLuca + Panerai Central Big Giveaway Promotion (Instagram)
  137. Why are there almost no date windows at 2 o'clock (or 5, or 7)?
  138. Recent graduate looking for first watch
  139. Is it a watch? ... or an Electronic . . .
  140. What watch is this please?
  141. where to buy NEW Speedy Pro?
  142. My Big 3
  143. Louis Vuitton - model / movement list
  144. Can you please identify this Stainless steel case ?
  145. Mil Style Score of the week
  146. @@@@ WRUW Sunday 6th April 2014 @@@@
  147. Advice required - which moon-phase to buy
  148. Favorite Lume
  149. Hypothetical
  150. 3 x 3 or 1 x 9?
  151. Could someone Help
  152. Hot/humid weather steel vs titanium
  153. Going to Las Vegas
  154. Hamilton Khaki Shark Mesh Combo
  155. New arrival and wife's comment
  156. Confusion
  157. Watchbuys San Francisco Show (UHR Bay Area Session) June 7th @5pm
  158. Evolving my collection to more classic pieces
  160. Please to help
  161. Rolex Hulk Bezel Change??
  162. Accessories to your accessory
  163. Orient M-Force SEL06001D0
  164. The wife wants a new watch!
  165. Help me find a watch...
  166. Grand Seiko Quartz Diver is Coming!
  167. Funniest watches
  168. which watch?
  169. Watches with blue canvas strap!!!
  170. NEED to Find 2 Watches - HELP!
  171. The WatchUSeek conduct. Please help!
  172. Seeking advice on a first "luxury" watch for a College graduate, price range $2000-3500
  173. After extensive searching and many trips to the AD I am down to three.....
  174. Storm "Microcamera" watch
  175. Birth Year Watch - 1962
  176. Watch for my other half
  177. Corum Golden Bridge
  178. Some tips on new watch?
  180. vintage novus LED
  181. dress / classic watch (up to 3k USD)
  182. Patek Philippe similar-cheaper watch
  183. Watch Dimensions - what do you look for?
  184. Almost Perfect? Great watches that just need a "tweak".
  185. Original Girard-Perregaux watch.
  186. Original vintage Swatch watches
  187. I bought a SevenFriday and I love it - post yours here
  188. Nardin Dual Time GMT 42 mm Sapphire Crystal replacement
  189. What to visit in Zurich & Geneva
  190. Gray dial options
  191. Show us your current collection
  192. Help with this Waltham
  193. What's your least favorite watch feature?
  194. Where are we on black bezel/ blue dials
  195. Good quarz watch?
  196. What's your preferred type of watch complication (or lack thereof) do you gravitate toward most?
  197. First watch
  198. ******WRUW Saturday 5th April 2014?******
  199. Forgotten Watch Brands -- Good brands that you know about but that aren't at the top of your mind
  200. Hej Swedes, recommend a watch maker in Stockholm?
  201. I'm trying to find that perfect watch
  202. My new favorite! (shhh! don't let the others know, they get jealous!)
  203. Baselworld 2014 Highlights and Overview!
  204. Noob looking for advice - Goldsmiths / Sterling Cover
  205. Bought an Omega Seamaster- Not sure if fake or not? :/
  206. New Seiko Prospex Watches from Basel 2014!
  207. BlancpaiN 6654 vs IWC Portuguese 7day?
  208. Sinn 556i or Tag Carrera 39mm?
  209. Watch Deals
  210. this "hublot" on ebay makes me laugh
  211. Breitling Superocean Heritage vs IWC Portofino
  212. what other weird materials are some unique watches made of besides wood?
  213. White Face watch; Subdial color option.
  214. New arrival - Longines Heritage Flagship Column Wheel Chronograph
  215. Norman De Luxe Company History
  216. Made a mistake! ... 42mm intra-matic??
  217. Is there such a watch?
  218. New arrival: Tag Heuer Formula 1 Automatic Chronograph (Calibre 16)
  220. My Zenith Red El Primero saga (with happy ending and pics)
  221. Grand Seiko logo - I wish I hadn't noticed...
  222. How to measure if it's running too fast or too slow?
  223. What do you think of this?
  224. Help Identify this movement?
  225. Do you know this new Longines?
  226. New vintage quartz acquisition.
  227. What watch is Douglas Adams wearing here? (Hint: it's not digital)
  228. Can rose gold plating color change?
  229. Man cave
  230. Has there ever been a *wooden* watch that you've liked the look of?
  231. They're sneaking up on it.
  232. I find this incredible....
  233. In Search of a TOUGH, AFFORDABLE, and FASHIONABLE Watch
  234. Falling in love with a SQ
  235. WRUW - FRIDAY - 4 April 2014
  236. I am Looking for this Watch ...Where Can I find this? It was at Costco but then out of stock!
  237. Novak Djokovic's watch: Need Help!
  238. Hands on with the new Gravity and more!
  239. The Big Flake! How far is too far????
  240. After SIHH and Baselworld 2014, what is your current holy grail?
  241. seiko actura watch strap links
  242. 36mm oyster perpetual
  243. Bill Clinton's Watch on Jimmy Kimmel
  244. Crazy Crowns and Bezels!!!! Show em off
  245. Baselworld day four video. Incredible...
  246. Need a littel opinion here - Santos 100 vs rolex explorer
  247. OysterQUARTZ is soooo mesmerizing...tick tick tick
  248. Gifting a GMT watch--suggestions?
  249. WUS Basel Awards (unofficial): Please contribute
  250. Bvlgari B77 movement?