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  1. Watches on mesh bands - let's see yours
  2. Deleted
  3. Similar watches to Nixon Ticket
  4. --->->->->->>>>-| WRUW Thursday 27 March 2014 |-<<<<-<-<-<-<---
  5. Buying a used Omega 2254.50.
  6. Trying to find a watch....
  7. Nomos Tangomat Review by Timeless Luxury Watches
  8. Anyone else hate the Basel time of year?
  9. Advice
  10. Helping you find reasons to NOT buy a Watch
  12. Nomos: Big Announcement and New Models!
  13. time for a new watch; torn between two
  14. African Americans please help me on my B.S. thesis Survey please
  15. +10 a day on Bulova Precisionist
  16. New Bremont Models! By Timeless Luxury Watches
  17. Jewels, what they are, where they go, and how many do I need.
  18. Longines Master Collection or Raymond Weil Maestro. Help me decide
  19. Question for watchmakers
  20. Presentation, hello mates !
  21. Aquastar Bezel needed
  22. Crazy to bead blast a Nomos? Hear me out...
  23. What is the most satisfying approach to collecting?
  24. How to replace battery in a Casio Pathfinder 2632 PAS-400B ?
  25. If you compromise on price, do you still want the more expensive watch?
  26. Pepsi GMT...Blue Milgauss...(so much saddings though)
  27. Does anyone own these & if so are you happy with them?
  28. What do you guys think of this RW Maestro?
  29. well well, mew88...its here
  30. people born 1988 and after POST your Collections !
  31. Buying the new Seiko Black Monster
  32. Calling all the Ladies of WUS
  33. Yikes!
  34. Working at a watch repair shop? Looking for advice
  35. Do you set the date?
  36. Can anyone help me identify this watch ?
  37. Watch Shops in Dallas
  38. Having Trouble Creating New Posts .... Anyone Else?
  39. Mine is more accurate.....
  40. Choosing between two very similar BM Classima
  41. In which our hero discovers that...
  42. Tudor Black Bay Midnight Blue!
  43. What?s on your other wrist?
  44. What are the "types" of watches every collection should have?
  45. #beaterwatch... let's see em!
  46. Suggest me a watch- wedding gift from my mom
  47. Sweeping second hand, sub-dial or no second hand?
  48. Limited Edition Watches
  49. Follow AZ Fine Time Live from Basel World 2014!!
  50. Would 'Ya - Could 'Ya Drop A Million+ For One of These - If 'Ya Could??
  51. \o/\o/\o/ WRUW on 260314! Wednesday! \o/\o/\o/
  52. new watch day...
  53. Dynaflo Liquid Armor!
  54. Need a watch for the business world but not break the bank
  55. Bulova Accutron movement?
  56. Free 5 point check experience
  57. As Promised, My New Tissot!
  58. Hiding Watches in Plain Sight Saves my Friend's Collection
  59. New Accutron I practically stole
  60. Power watch for a young lawyer between $1-2,000
  61. When great brands make bad watches
  62. miyota 821 question
  63. i find this watch very interesting and think this is my grail!
  64. Constantin Vacheron Movement
  65. Winder full of AP's
  66. Can you name this maker
  67. Your all time top 12!
  68. A tale of no woe...yet...Managing expectations
  69. Which watches age the fastest
  70. Seiko Lassale 7750, worth anything?
  71. Favorite "ordinary" JLC?
  72. I'm considered a fringe watch rookie
  73. Should I buy a Nixon? (Another one)
  74. BM at ashford suspiciously cheap?
  75. New member. Did Rolex ever make this watch? :(
  76. Am I the only one who think that the Omega Aqua Terra is overly boring ?
  77. Just One Photo
  78. >>>>>>>> WRUW Tuesday 25 March 2014 <<<<<<<<
  79. seiko monster? love or hate? over rated? under rated?
  80. Kind of new user hello with pics
  81. Perrelet watches
  82. Anyone know what company this is?
  83. Recommendations for IWC AD in the UK
  84. Casio Edifice ERA-200B-1AVER / Casio EQW-A1000B-1AER
  85. Read at PMWF, what the heck is going on at Alpha watch HK?
  86. Opinion on nicest colour of Nato/Zulu for Seastar
  87. ETA vs Sellita - number of jewels question
  88. Romain Jerome Moon question
  89. Leveling Up: Features and Benefits or What $1000 buys
  90. Seeking advice
  91. Help Needed Identifying Longines Watch
  92. This or that: Hamilton Intra-Matic vs Oris Classic Date
  93. Rose gold, display back. What would be my best option if I were to buy?
  94. New to Forum... Why can't I post a reply on this guys thread?
  95. Rapper's watch falls apart on TV
  96. Wife's Cartier Tank turns her wrist black
  98. The Watch Collection I thought you would love (est $5 mln) from runaway Ukrainian Minister of Energy
  99. can you guess this moonphase?
  100. Kate Upton, Baseball, Arnold Palmer...and a watch thats needs to be IDed
  101. "Time Machines" a show about watch collecting!!!
  102. White/Silver or Black? Which Dial Color is "Dressier?"
  103. ANOTHER Shinola post! How well do you like yours? Pics Please!
  104. Ordering a new panerai today. Now the strap bug us setting in...
  105. Lume - Long term decay
  106. Any South Africans on here?
  107. Top 5 : The accuracy(+/- seconds) of your "non adjusted" watch(es).
  108. SOTC update and question
  109. Vintage Formula 1: Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique
  110. Best him and her pairing?
  111. Wearing more than one watch on the same wrist ?
  112. Identify these watches Pt 2
  113. If you could add one brand to your local dealer's inventory, what'd it be?
  114. Spending Habits: Target Prices and/or Budgets
  115. Omega bullheads
  116. Seeking new piece - quartz? with no date funciton
  117. Similar watch under $500?
  118. Help! Looking for an affordable, minimalist dress watch. Leather strapped, preferable.
  119. Automatic Rotor Clicking
  121. >->->->->->->->->-> What are you wearing Monday 24 March, 2014 <-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<
  122. Affordable "High Beat" Watches - Are there any?
  123. Show your FUN watches
  124. Your Favorite Chronograph Under $10k
  125. -$1000 for Mechanical Central Seconds Watch?
  126. Please help me compile a list of all watches powered by a Valjoux/ETA 7754 or equivalent mvmt
  127. Olivier Pascal men's watch help needed
  128. "Forever Watch": Buy brand new from AD, or preloved?
  129. A kooky This or That
  130. strap cuir for Alpina avalanche
  131. TGIF.. Dinner gathering with my WIS friends
  132. Movement/Calibre of Wenger Sea Force Chrono 0643.102 0643.101 0643.103 0643.104 ?
  133. Omega Aqua Terra 8500 On a leather strap
  134. Opinion on the Chronoswiss Quarter Repeater
  135. Strange sound from IWC Aquatimer
  136. Clock Restaurant in Europe from the Movie "Best Offer"?
  137. In HK for the weekend...
  138. London trip, help
  139. Watch Size Trend
  140. You'd have bought them, too.
  141. Where to buy Union Glashütte VARO CHRONOGRAPH
  142. Naval Observatory timekeeper - video by The Atlantic
  143. Not a Watch....
  144. Corporate logos on watches
  145. Quick question about taking the back off and water resistance?
  146. Holy Cow! Holy Trinity Part 2!
  147. ::-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ WRUW Sunday 23 March 2014 +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-::
  148. >*>*>*> What's on the wrist for Sunday 23 March 2014 <*<*<
  149. 1512888 hugo boss watch with silicone strap
  150. WUS inaugural Sydney GTG
  151. ********WRUW Sunday 3/22/14*********
  152. Australia in their "winter" and which watch to take out to the land of Auss!?!
  153. How exact does time have to be for you?
  154. Grand Seiko SBGX103 From Tophotdog
  155. The battle of the legends
  156. Is this too big for me?
  157. Camy watch. Looking for information
  158. My awesome beater
  159. Will the Pateks of the world still be around when the baby boomers die off/the millenials mature?
  160. Is there break in time after service?
  161. An improbable vision of the future
  162. Posting pics
  163. Treated an old friend to a spa…ML Pontos
  164. Patek Phillipe's new booth, impressive!
  165. I am content for now!!!
  166. Found a Seiko 6105-6119
  167. Battle of the sub $1k micro real life!
  168. a note on the word "investment"
  169. WTA - seiko cocktail or mido multifort
  170. VSA & ETA?
  171. Your watch with an action figure!!
  172. I made this!
  173. Where to source discontinued Watch stock?
  174. Incoming: Seiko Blue Monster Limited Edition - Gonna try it on this leather strap..
  175. Never Say Never
  176. Talking watches with Alan Maleh (Hodinkee)
  177. ++++++++++++++++WRUW Saturday 22 March 2014 ++++++++++++++
  178. Transitioning to the high end of watch collecting.
  179. Anybody know anything about a website called
  180. Agir Watch 25 Rubis
  181. Need some help/advice Re Seiko 6138
  182. Can't stop!!
  183. Had to let one go... Now I miss it.
  184. Anti-aging products
  185. can anyone identify this watch?
  186. If you saw this watch on a man's wrist...
  187. For all the interested WISs in NYC
  188. My very first vintage (Omega)
  189. Sub Dial Dual TimeZone Automatic Watch Suggestions
  190. NYC repair shop suing negative Yelp reviewer. What's wrong with people?
  191. New Certina DS-1, am I having problems with it?
  192. The wisdom of purchasing a $1500-$2000 Swiss watch.
  193. What is your most FUN watch?
  194. Baselworld Accommodation Anyone ??
  195. Would you trust a watchmaker who wears quartz?
  196. Halios Tropik SS vs Tudor Pelagos
  197. What are the 'Important' watches for a collection?
  198. Best yellow faced watches?
  199. Buying more than one watch of the same brand?
  200. Overhanging lugs photos
  201. Gigandet Digital Incabloc
  202. Help me pick a watch....
  203. Just can't wear it any more!
  204. Gift Help Bulova?
  205. Power reserve gauge on the back?
  206. The Crepas CTVS, bezel.
  207. Show your colours!
  208. Watch buying help
  209. Luminox P-38 Lightning 9400 and SXC GMT Space Series
  210. Planning to create my first sales ad on WUS. Any advice?
  211. Bentley does it: Bentley Denarium Power Reserve and Tourbillon 18k
  212. Template for selling watches?
  213. Changing time at midnight
  214. Watches on Wall Street
  215. Anywhere in Milwaukee that will work on antique watches?
  216. Thin Dress watch with best bracelet under $1k ?
  217. Gavox Legacy Navy 346.5...Old dog can learn new tricks. Go figure
  218. WTF, over???
  219. Incoming: Yup, the El Primero Ebel
  220. Bronze and Brass Divers - Patina
  221. >>>>>>>WRUW FRIDAY 21 MARCH 2014<<<<<<<
  222. Bell & Ross: Thoughts?
  223. Looking for another one
  224. Buying my first $1,000 watch.... Suggestions?
  225. Tavannes Ocean Edge - Which Swiss movement?
  226. John Mayer et al.
  227. Review: Grand Seiko Hi-Beat versus Snowflake
  228. ETA 7050 Chrono question
  229. Remy Watch. Help?
  230. Origo Watches
  231. ...and now for something completely different.
  232. Big Date - how it works (and what's the Big Deal)
  233. What's your favorite movements?
  234. chronographs with smooth pushers
  235. Warning: Horrific Images
  236. Don't know where to start....
  237. Show me something I haven't seen before!
  238. Coming soon to a device near you: COGITO POP
  239. Nightly Comedy Show
  240. Graduation Gift. Longines Oris or C.Ward?
  241. Decent online watch retailers?
  242. SKX173 vs 7900B-1
  244. Charlie Sheen just posted his entire Patek Collection
  245. What happened to member Lusitanv?
  247. Timefactors Smiths Military
  248. Early WISdom
  249. Is it bad too let an automatic watch stop running?
  250. Wooden Watches