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  1. ~ O> O> O> WRUW Thursday February 20, 2014 <O <O <O ~
  2. Ordered a watch from AD, then changed my mind
  3. IT"S ABOUT TIME !! Chopard arived.
  5. Fear of winding
  6. Suggestions please: 38mm or under, smart/dress watch, £3000 limit
  7. Chronograph Suggestions .
  8. Incoming!
  9. Help with choosing a new watch
  10. Help with buying new watch/Transparent back/Breitling/TagHeuer
  11. First watch/ first post
  12. Affordable diver turned Explorer II purchase
  13. What's the right watch for an old fart?
  14. Is this a rare Corum watch?
  15. About to pull the trigger.
  16. Watch repair - Fredericksburg, VA
  17. Help finding a battery for Movado series 800
  18. New family member,, and last child
  19. Stolen Raymond Weil... Thief located in Jacksonville, NC
  20. What is this? : A Lange and Söhne Zeitwerk
  21. Addictied to Omega Blue......(2 new purchases)
  22. Alsta Chronometer
  23. I really want to get the Movado Bold watch with the blue hands. Where can I find a cheaper one?
  24. Take it as red (or green): Christopher Ward C60 Trident
  25. any way to fix?
  26. Onegin Aquapearl Divers Watch
  27. Need advice on new watch
  28. High End sports watch; many pics
  29. 1st time buyer issue
  30. Federal Refund is $4,600 and State Refund is $1,500.....Let's fantasize.
  31. are my quartz watches causing irritation on my wrist?
  32. Just bought a Citizen Chrono AT 4008-51E - Question
  33. Boston Area GTG *updated location*
  34. Watch Recommendations - $600-$700 USD
  35. The Vintage Bandit Strikes Again
  36. \o/\o/\o/ WRUW on 190214 \o/\o/\o/
  37. Beyond Switzerland: April Issue of Cigar Aficionado Feature Article on International Watchmakers
  38. Scratches on your Watch: Badge of Honour or Mark of Shame
  39. Heuer/Spirotechnique Repair
  40. Ulysse nardin help needed...
  41. Battery change
  42. Need help identifying a vintage Abercrombie watch
  43. ETA 2732R What dial & hands?
  44. Military Watches Magazine - 'free' watches
  45. Scuderia Ferrari Watchs what do you think?
  46. Thinking of "re-re-dialing" my Datejust
  47. Aus Watches, has anyone used them?
  48. So, You've Been Selected for Mars One - What Watch Do You Bring?
  49. Why am I getting disconnected from WUS?
  50. Need some watch help!
  51. Stowa Marine Automatic arrived today...
  52. The new Cobra de Calibre: 42mm PAMmy diver with 9015
  53. My new Seiko Brightz SDGA-009.>>
  54. Do you ever get grumpy and take out on the forums?
  55. ««««««« WRUW - TUESDAY - 18 February 2014 »»»»»»»
  56. Everyday watch for small wrist, $5k-$10k
  57. I may be wrong but i THINK I found an affordable, quartz Royal Oak named Edox Delfin.
  58. seiko 5 vs skx009/07
  59. Good Deal on AP?
  60. Your vote counts - Help me spend on a watch!
  61. Big regret eBay miss - where can I look for similar?
  62. HODINKEE: Watches worn by US Presidents
  63. Any ideas on what watch Harry Styles is wearing here?
  64. WISdom of the Crowd - Top 50 Amazon Bestsellers and our wise critique about them.
  65. New collector, need help choosing between Invicta 9937, and Orient FDB05001B?
  66. Positional variance of Miyota 9015?
  67. Newbie says hello
  68. Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch Query
  69. Anyone have any experience with this dealer in MD/VA/DC area?
  70. Cross Addictions? Anybody?
  71. Cape code causing dots on my rolex case edge.
  72. Best supporting timepiece: 88 Rue du Rhone BAFTA watch
  73. Watch for my next hiking trip: I had the right one and was unconsciousness
  74. Microbrand reseller and professionalism...could use a bit of polish.
  75. Tissot Le Locle vs CW C5 Malvern
  76. Looking for watch w. counter-rotating bezels
  77. Name and origin of this bracelet style?
  78. Low-Ball offers 101
  79. I love my new watch! Alot
  80. How many watches did you end up getting in 2013 and how many do you plan to get in 2014
  81. What's next?
  82. Decision Time: Date or No Date
  83. State of the Collection and seeking direction...LOTS of pics
  84. Will you buy a Vintage Ulysse Nardin?
  85. Best looking cheap watch
  86. >>>>>WRUW MONDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2014<<<<<
  87. ««««««« WRUW - MONDAY - 17 February 2014 »»»»»»»
  88. Goldlion watch? Help me identfiy
  89. I need help identifying this vintage movado museum watch
  90. Just a few photos
  91. New pieces
  92. So I was at work yesterday...
  93. How many ETA movements do you own?
  94. Help Identifying This Gold Chronograph watch from the Film " Escape Plan"
  95. Which watch for a multi-sport adventure
  96. New additions to the TRIWA watch collection
  97. How to confuse the staff in a Nomos AD
  98. Newbie - Looking for some thoughts/advice on first purchases
  99. 1 hand watches. Wadduthink?
  100. New w/ hesilite crystal
  101. Enicar jet graph Service
  102. Help finding more about my Bucherer watch
  103. Dream Vacation: Watch Tour
  104. How to choose your first watch?
  105. Favourite Watch of 2013
  106. Help me identify a watch
  107. Vintage watch deviation increases?
  108. Watch identification - Any Ideas?
  109. Help!!
  110. There goes my plan for a Rolex….. (pic heavy)
  111. The ETA 7750...
  112. Getting Ready for Skiing - Need Some Watch Advice
  113. what if casio made an automatic
  114. Dressiest dive watch in your opinion?
  115. What a month (and what a day!)
  116. Alternative choices for metals
  117. Chronograph Modules On Japanese Movements - Is It Possible?
  118. Watches in Vegas?
  119. vintage 'lark' diver?
  120. WRUW ****Sunday 2/16/14*****
  121. G-Shock GW7900 auto EL issue!!!
  122. Very New Interest In Watches/Advice needed
  123. Question about Edox Classe Royale strap
  124. Alexander Shorokhoff Chrono Stop Second Unboxing..Pic Heavy
  125. S/He said S/He said: Deals gone bad, and dishing in Public
  126. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms: how tough is it?
  127. Raymond Weil Maestro 2859-STC-0659.....advice
  128. The TimelesSwiss dot com
  129. How do they do it?!
  130. Look at this: A watch with moving planets!
  131. 21 Jewel Movements on Winders?
  132. Anyone heard of Seven Friday watches?
  133. The history of watch luminant materials
  134. What's Your Most Comfortable Watch?
  135. FEEDBACK NEEDED !!!!! Recent purchase.....
  136. Pinion announce debut watch for 'REVIVAL' collection
  137. Dressy Watch for Sweaty Commuter
  138. first post - introduction
  139. Watches with "metal obstacles" in the case
  140. Movado SE Extreme 44mm
  141. Need Suggestions - $10K Watch Fund.
  142. A local watch guy said... What do YOU think?
  143. My new toy - 1963 Longines
  144. This caught my eye
  145. ***Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014 Watch Showoff Thread***
  147. New member and first watch buy...
  148. Irrational Avoidance
  149. Feel Good Watches
  150. Helson Shark Diver 40 question
  152. AR Coatings - Help / Suggestion
  153. What is Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wearing in these new pics?
  154. Purchase input -- Three watches for $1,000
  155. Should I service the watches I don't really wear anymore?
  156. Identification Help: Emma Watson / Hermione Granger Watch From Harry Potter
  157. Slight dial movement
  158. Don Cheadle - WIS, House of Lies
  159. Timeless Luxury Watches now carries Galante!
  160. House of Cards Season II- wrist watches
  161. Why is it so difficult for quartz watches to hit the mark spot on?
  162. What's the point of overhauling a watch when a new movement could cost $200 or less?
  163. Watch for wedding day
  164. I'm a lucky man: what's watch for me?
  165. MKII Tsunami
  166. A question about RGM
  167. MASTER LIST: Private Label Producers for Aspiring Microbrands
  168. Japanese or Swiss or both
  169. Was I Magnetized?
  170. Just purchased my first vintage watch - Have questions.
  171. 12 years on WUS (8 years since 11th february 2006+ 4 additional years with the older wus since 2002)
  172. Top Gear watch ID - Tom Hiddlestone?
  173. Looking for someone to fix a vintage watch
  174. My friend Linda's grandfather's Bulova
  175. seiko snzh57 vs srp203
  176. Hello and watch pics
  177. Are Invicta Good, Quality Watches?
  178. At what point did you settle -- or AVOID settling -- on a particular brand?
  179. What do you do at Get Together Meetings.
  180. Hello all. New guy here. Not sure where to post introduction threads, please forgive in wrong area.
  181. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ WRUW - 14th Feb 2014 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  182. Watch search, water resistant automatic <$600
  183. American Beauty: Arrival of my RGM 801A
  184. First time seeing a nice watch in the wild
  185. Maurice Lacroix Pontos Diver has landed & it's BA! Pic Heavy
  186. Military style watches
  187. Advice needed.
  188. Ebay Pet Peeves?
  189. Why is Sunday Red?
  190. Anyone has trouble fitting your watch under the cuff?
  191. VERY interesting Quartz watch.
  192. "Anybody got the time?" (Volunteering your watch in the wild)
  193. And the same goes for CITIZEN
  194. Apologies to All
  195. Watch; the art of distraction
  196. Best way to clean metal bracelets: WD-40 or toothbrush?
  197. DuBois et fils presents the first in-house mechanism - DBF-CAL-100
  198. Melbourne Watch Company - Flinders Release WUS Discount & Limited Marine Leather edition!
  199. Hands on with the Fromanteel Globetrotter GMT-01
  200. Jean Richard Terrascope & 1681 Overview by Timeless Luxury Watches
  201. Why dive watches
  202. oops, how did this happen?
  203. who made this and help me pick a band
  204. Just cracked my sapphire crystal trying to remove the cyclops!
  205. Regulation "technique"
  206. Custom fun watch project revisited.
  207. How many of us have collection where the entire collection is made up of watches that you neither pa
  208. +++WRUW Thursday 13th Feb 2014???+++
  209. So I bought a watch from MrWatch
  210. Feedback on a watch selection - Locked Up
  211. Omega: Planet Ocean Blue Titanium
  212. My 1908 Waltham Royal has arrived!
  213. Choices, choices... Seiko v. Seiko
  214. Thinking about upgrading my SMP...
  215. Feedback on Ermitage Jewelers
  216. This one's pretty straight forward.
  217. Pocket Watch - Wrist Feels Naked
  218. Watch production figures
  219. Trying to find the parents of a certain watch brand
  220. Most Likely to Start Their Own Manufacture?
  221. why do they make fake g shocks and other affordable brands?
  222. What's the focus of your collection?
  223. Vulcain vs. Breitling?
  224. TAG Space-X with Blue Hands - does it exist???
  225. The more things change the more they stay the same
  226. Victorinox - Checking it's not fake
  227. Job Decision
  228. Keep the sarb or go for the Sumo - need advice!
  229. Recommend an "interesting" watch for less than $2,000 (previously owned price)
  230. Your (watch related) avatar?
  231. Vintage watch dealers at Cannes/France
  232. You know what's frusrtating?
  233. Need help identifying this quartz watch for a gift
  234. Watches all come from the same source?
  235. Identify this Longines
  236. Curious About Opinion On Modded Seikos
  237. WATCH UNO - The Game
  238. RANT: Watch companies are SO stupid!
  239. Manipulating Perceptions with Watches
  240. Quickie fun targeted watch project
  241. Help advice needed for next addition
  242. ##### WRUW 11-02-2014 #####
  243. **************WRUW Wednesday Feb 12th**************
  244. Omega's Olympic Timing Technology
  245. Relatively new watches that quickly became "Dated"?
  246. For OLD timers: How do you remember WUS?
  247. Help identifying watch
  248. If you had to pick ONE…
  249. Bad dealer experience turned good with my Tag Heuer
  250. Need help figuring out my new watch