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  1. Mido wins the war on value?
  2. Blackened aka Chronotechna "the blackest watch ever made"
  3. Birth year watches
  4. Friday Arrival...
  5. Is there a better $3,500 watch than a Tudor Black Bay 58?
  6. Can anyone beat Omega's new warranty offer?
  7. Military “Dirty Dozen” modern watch
  8. Just bought my first automatic watch
  9. Bozeman Watch Company
  10. Help with Sales Postings
  11. A Trio of HAQ watches for Small Wrists
  12. Suggest a new watch to match a strap
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  14. You WOULD have bought (X), HAD it NOT been for the PROPRIETARY strap
  15. Too good to be offer? Please give me tips on buy watches online
  16. Enamel/Lacquer Dress watch options (affordable)
  17. Watch id anyone?
  18. Seiko Sumo Watch repair needed
  19. Storage finds!
  20. USPS Blues...
  21. Best Dial Texture Backgrounds? (Ex: AP Tapisserie)
  22. Watch addiction
  23. Identify the watch
  24. Thursday Favorite ...
  25. What have I done? Sold my SNZG15J1 and ordered...
  26. My New Hydroconquest 41mm on a 6.25 Inch Wrist
  27. Ever heard of Aloha Watches ?
  28. The unnecessary need to impress.
  29. My first Audemars Piguet
  30. Scratch on dial repairable?
  31. Shopping aisle wrist shots!
  32. How much you willing to pay for this Chronograph?
  33. ***---Thursday 11-1-18 WRIST CHECKZ---***
  34. The Time Bandits of Southern California
  35. Me again, my final two options, give me some light please
  36. Help me decide...white watch face.
  37. Zenith El Primero Original 1969 38mm - which version?
  38. Smartwatch and Dexcom G6
  39. G.Gerlach news and novelties>>>>>>>
  40. Bored with my “collection”... Time for a “correction”
  41. Rate this deal!
  42. Spooktacular Lume Shots for Halloween
  43. Messed up one lug!!
  44. A Watch Collector's Halloween Story
  45. <<<<<<<<< WRUW Wednesday OCT 31 >>>>>>>>>>>
  46. Tissot vs Vincero materials
  47. White or Silver Dial on Junghans Meister Chronoscope
  48. What's the Point?
  49. iPhone stopwatch/chronograph
  50. Anybody buy from touch of modern?
  51. Bell and Ross v2-94 vs BR126 Sport Chronograph
  52. New here and very impressed with a Seiko SBDC029
  53. Let’s see those cool watch related items!
  54. Big & Bold...
  55. can someone identify this watch plz?
  56. Help Me Decide Between 2 Hammys
  57. Well That Escalated Quickly... GMT Edition
  58. Opinions on the Tissot ChronoXL Classic
  59. Any opinion on German Brand - Muhle Glashutte ?
  60. Citizen Promaster Fugu vs Seiko SKX007J1
  61. Using a bezel too often damage it
  62. Kolchak's watch (The Night Stalker)
  63. Unknown and Under Appreciated
  64. Watch hunting : Vietnam
  65. Tool watches that sync?
  66. <<<<<<<<< WRUW Tuesday OCT 30 >>>>>>>>>>>
  67. Help me pick out a good watch under $200??
  68. Modern Vintage Diver
  69. Could you survive without a seconds hand?
  70. TV Advertising for Watches
  71. Which one to buy? Help me choose
  72. Got my grail! (Zenith El Primero)
  73. Resale values
  74. Taking watches to thailand.
  75. Weird PM's (Scammers?)
  76. Watch. Why?
  77. Going Green
  78. Using 50m Hamilton Field Mechanical as a field watch?
  79. Choosing a small tool watch that one isn't afraid to damage...
  80. Thailand Import Fees
  81. Glycine Combat 6 - slightly smaller alternative?
  82. How do you choose your next watch, if you love the same watch again and again ?
  83. How much is a pepsi modded skx013 going for?
  84. Omega watches in movie
  85. Which one would you choose?
  86. @@@@@ WRUW Monday, October 29, 2018 @@@@@
  87. All you modders...
  88. About To Launch a New Product – Need Some Feedback Please!
  89. Thoughts in grand seiko 9f Quartz
  90. Advice needed on cleaning
  91. Seiko M796 help turning the watch back on
  92. Reluming
  93. Going to Vegas next month ... need watch shop suggestions!
  94. Under 1500$ Everyday watch: Sinn VS Grand Seiko 9F !
  95. Watches and High Frame Rate Cameras
  96. 100th Post
  97. Seiko M705 watch manual or help turning the watch on
  98. What is the status of my “new” Speedy?
  99. Max Bill hand-winding, couple of questions
  100. skx007k2 OUT OF STOCK!?
  101. @@@@@ WRUW Sunday, October 28, 2018 @@@@@
  102. Advice for a forum newbie please
  103. Blue watch for business casual
  104. Question re: costs of repair
  105. Our Guide to Every Montblanc Watch
  106. Which One would you Choose?
  107. Tool/function Vs. Desire
  108. New member introduction: AdaMoss and his watch addiction story
  109. The Ones to Watch - The Instagram Infographic Series
  110. Tag auto not holding charge - MA repair shop recommendation?
  111. Longines Heritage Military with New Patina?
  112. Durable but formally acceptable automatic watch recommendations?
  113. i consider buying C. Melchers
  114. New Arrival! Black Bay 58
  115. Reliable place to sell pre-owned watches online
  116. Buying my first luxury watch
  117. Can a magnet in a jacket affect my watch? How strong magnet does it take to affect a watch?
  118. Sexiest Seconds Hands?
  119. Need recommendations on new durable watch
  120. ****** WRUW ON Sat Oct 27th 2018 ******
  121. What to do
  122. World Series Watch
  123. What Are The Best-Selling / Top-Selling Colours For Watches?
  124. thoughts on montblanc
  125. Heuer Carrera Ref. 73453 Blue Dial Chronograph Issue
  126. What would make your ideal watch?
  127. Plastic gear train in cheap(er) ETA quartz movements
  128. Brands Similar To AP Royal Oak or Hublot?
  129. At watch price point A tool watch can be considered as a TOOL watch?
  130. My story
  131. If money was no object, what watch would you buy?
  132. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Friday October 26th 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>
  133. Spray painting watch buckle - skin implications?
  134. Seller privileges revoked
  135. Query: Valgine 17 Jewels Rolled Gold Incabloc Pocketwatch
  136. Ebay 10% Off Sitewide Alert!
  137. The missing watch complication
  138. Possible Scam
  139. Help me Chose!
  140. Orient trying to put sales ban on the Galaxy Watch.
  141. New arrival - first chopard
  142. Lets see if you can help????
  143. Removing discolouration of the watch case??
  144. Help in identifying a watch please
  145. Affordable Watches with Guilloche/Textured Dial?
  146. Help - rare Eterna Madison
  147. Old Tiffany pocket watch???
  148. Please look, buckeye pocket watch american waltham. What is it worth???
  149. The Watch scene in McAllen, TX
  150. Oris Propilot Big Date PVD (41mm)
  151. Discovering NOMOS and Club 703
  152. Help, Old Omaga pocket watch made into a wristwatch. IS IT REAL?
  153. ************Thursday-October-25th-2018-WRUW*************
  154. Calling Jaeger LeCoultre Moonphase Ultra Thin Owners
  155. Best Luxury Timepiece Servicer near (or in) Ventura County CA
  156. Zenith vs JLC
  157. Chopard Quattro caliber 1.98 vs 98.01L
  158. Should I fix this lug, or leave it alone?
  159. New to the wonder of watches
  160. Best bet for minor repair on a vintage ladies datejust?
  161. Help Selecting Moonphase Day/Date
  162. Unimatic U2 - any wearers?
  163. New Bremont Supersonic Revealed Today!
  164. New to WatchuSeek
  165. SEIKO SKX007 J1...YES or NO or ALTERNATIVES ???
  166. Etiquette question for a social situation w. poll
  167. Nick Hague's watch
  168. Help with stains on sapphire crystal ?
  169. Have you daily dose of comedy with this Bitcoin watch from Undone
  170. Unity watches
  171. Need to get a titanium Seiko Brightz serviced, recommendations?
  172. Significant Downsize in Collection. Lessons Learned
  173. @@@@@ WRUW Wednesday, October 24, 2018 @@@@@
  174. GMT 38mm or smaller
  175. Help: Planet Ocean 2201 vs Seamaster 2254
  176. Oris Big Crown Pointer - A Buyer’s Dilemma
  177. Find the Watch!
  178. Play the blurry watch pic ID Game?
  179. On the search for a Sub-$500 Black DLC or PVD coated automatic watch
  180. Misaligned Chronograph Seconds + Minute Hands... Acceptable?
  181. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Tuesday 23 October 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  182. Croton CR207109TTBK
  183. It may be a homage...
  184. 10,000 posts and a THANK YOU to all..
  185. *** The Black and White Watch Picture Thread ***
  186. Please help me identify these two watches
  187. Need help fixing finish
  188. Help Me Pick a Chronograph
  189. 1st Time I Wind My New Watch and the Rotor Is Spins...Great...
  190. Watch ID —.Can't make this out
  191. Can somebody tell me about this Pulsar watch?
  192. Ideas for a Ladies Rectangular Watch
  193. First watch for a Master Degree: Eberhard, Omega, Longines
  194. Question about a continuously running chronograph
  195. Is there something wrong with my Certina display caseback
  196. help with dress watch w/ a moonphase complication for 3k$
  197. Buying a Microbrand question
  198. Side-By-Side: Rolex Explorer I & Omega Railmaster
  199. Greetings (My Introduction)
  200. Help a newb (me) find a sub $2k starter watch
  201. @@@@@ WRUW Monday, October 22, 2018 @@@@@
  202. Advice on a black dial everyday watch in the mid-price range (basically a Sinn 104 alternative)
  203. New SW200 / ETA 2824-2 movement date not rolling over.
  204. Automatic watches: "1st World Problems"?
  205. Omega for wife, between Two
  206. Minute-second hands alignment: does it stay true "forever"?
  207. Big wrists with small watches. Let’s see em’!
  208. New Movement: Miyota 8315
  209. Incoming Ulysse Nardin Classico
  210. Posting some pics after a window-shopping trip to NYC!
  211. Balanced rotation - advice on where to go
  212. Value GMT Suggestions?
  213. Please help me identify this Ferrari watch!
  214. Felicia deluxe... Italian?
  215. Sellita Accuracy
  216. Good old fashioned watch maker repair service in Sydney Australia?
  217. What would you buy for $5k-$6k?
  218. ************Sunday-October-21st-2018-WRUW************
  219. I had a bit of an epiphany why I like this hobby. It's easy!
  220. Recommendations for a go anywhere do anything watch under 8000 USD
  221. Can a broke student try on watches at a boutique???
  222. Pre-Order watch to sell it with a profit afterwards?
  223. Would you send this watch back?
  224. Is not liking a Quartz watch movement ignorant?
  225. Would you spend 50% of your bank account for a watch?
  226. Finish question
  227. "Sphereulite" crystal. Fancy term for glass?
  228. How many watches in your current rotation?
  229. Will I ever get this package? (kind of a long story)
  230. Something Fishy
  231. Need Some Help
  232. Who is funding MVMT TV advertising?
  233. Current Collection... Feedback?
  234. ****** WRUW ON Sat Oct 20th 2018 ******
  235. Jack @ IWW
  236. Neil deGrasse Tyson's Custom Speedmaster
  237. Any good watch maker in Portland OR area?
  238. Iwc White dial vs omega aqua terra white dial
  239. How are more people not talking about
  240. Buy from Gnomon or Steinhart? I have a tough time trusting sites..
  241. Victorinox I.N.O.X. watches put to the test!!!
  242. How to sell watches using paypal and not get scammed.
  243. The Only Watch I Will Ever Own: One Year On...
  244. Final decision under 700$ watch
  245. Priorities
  246. Need advice on my next purchase
  247. Dia de los Muertos Gift
  248. Costs for Aussies buying online
  249. Need Help!
  250. >•<•>•<•>•<•>•< Friday October 19 2018 WRUW >•<•>•<•>•<•>•<