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  1. CWC vs Precista Quartz Diver
  2. Demasko ,Sinn or Stowa
  3. Hands position
  4. Anyone in the NYC area who watches The Sports Pope on YES network?
  5. Does anyone know much about Cimier?
  6. Montblanc?
  7. Kobold has me thinking....
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  9. Milestone: 3,000 posts
  10. Identifying a Citizen Eco-Drive
  11. A planetarium in a watch?
  12. My true story about AD's and the Net
  13. Baltimore Washington GTG- Dates and locations? Thinking March
  14. How much will you pay for an invicta watch?
  15. Baume & Mercier 8669 Men's Riviera or BALL ENGINEER II ARABICL BRACELET ??????
  16. A watch with similar color design
  17. How does the balance wheel oscillation period depend on amplitude and power reserve?
  18. New watch day! (When in Rome...)
  19. Which GMT?????
  20. Jean-Claude Biver to head LVMH watchmaking division
  21. New watch just came in (Pics)
  22. Incoming : Oris Arteliers
  23. Next watch purchase help!
  24. PAM 384 Radiomir Cermamic vs. Omega Speedy Dark Side of the Moon - your choice?
  25. Help!
  26. Black Tie Wedding... What watch to wear?
  27. Need to select ONE watch out of these 3 options - Omega Seamaster AT, Tag Carerra or Grand Seiko Q
  28. New To Watchuseek
  29. New Criteria: looking for Rose Gold dress watch.
  30. What are you WUSers doing for in home watch security?
  31. Things I find annoying as a watch enthusiast
  32. Military watches no enlisted man could ever afford
  33. ««««««« WRUW - WEDNESDAY - 22 January 2014 »»»»»»
  34. From Butt ugly to possibly wearable
  35. Which 1 of the 3 should I get?
  36. Dilemma ..... trade Portuguese Chronograph for either of these two (Blancpain...
  37. When buying a new watch what do you look for.
  38. Opinions on what watch to get
  39. Which one for Work Watch? Stuck between TWO!
  40. Jean-Claude Biver Taking Over Watches at LVMH
  41. *Official 2014 Ideal Watch Size Poll*
  42. Sad Thief of Two Omega Watches In Ireland- Please Read.
  43. Glycine Combat Sub or Airnautic Early Bird
  44. Help ID this SETTER
  45. Snail mail - does this really instill confidence in this business . . .
  46. Travel to Iran, buying watch?
  47. Help ID this Movado
  48. Gotta get me one o these :)
  49. Interesting Vacheron Constantin "wristwatch"
  50. Sinn 556A or Muhle Glashutte Trail III?
  51. watch servicing question
  52. BASELWORLD: Should I go?
  53. Show us your biggest and smallest watch
  54. Orologi & Dintorni - legit?
  55. Zixen Trimix Butterfly Clasp Issue?
  56. Next pick up?
  57. Howto: Reset the Chronograph on a Marc O'Polo (4202502)
  58. New Addition, IWC Big Pilot
  59. Questions on buying used watches in Los Angeles and horology clubs in LA.
  60. Justifications for yet another watch
  61. Rsw watch
  62. Need help on new purchase - pics included
  63. Help A Newbie
  64. Looking for a similar watch to this Movado for a friend!
  65. Thinking of modding my Rolex Milgauss GV. Thoughts?
  66. Important Question!!!
  67. My personal lume comparison
  68. Thumbs Up For Discount Watch Store
  69. Breitling Navitimer LE vs. IWC Portofino Eight Days
  70. i need a watch i can see
  71. ---------------------------WRUW Tuesday 21 January 2014 ---------------------
  72. De Bethune DB 28 Digitale
  73. My newest addition, Perrelet Jump Hour
  74. Claudio's Watch Repair - Charlotte, NC
  75. Like "Crack" For WIS.......Day One From SIHH
  76. 2014 Ideal Watch Size Poll
  77. At a crossroad regarding next purchase. What to add?
  78. Question for those with multiple straps
  79. Rotary: Automatic Skeletonized 610C Review
  80. Victorinox Chrono Classic vs. Maverick Chronograph?
  81. Invicta Venom Reserve 0360
  82. Zixen Trimix 44MM "Butterfly Clasp".
  83. Strap for Seiko sarb033 - Need opinions
  84. Help identifying some watches
  85. Confused on purchasing a good "durable" watch
  86. New Arrival: Nomos Zürich Blaugold
  87. Whats your most expensive Tissot?
  88. Is this a good deal?
  89. Best watch comparisons
  90. Need help from the experts
  91. Hamilton or Steinhart?
  92. I try to like steel, I really do... but I LOVE leather.
  93. Help! Need A strap For a SANDOZ Fernando Alonso Watch
  94. Olivier Roll Call
  95. Sindaco LTD Tachymeter - information desired!
  96. Hodinkee, Schmodinkee.
  97. Found an advertisement in my house cleaning spree.
  98. Hatin' on "manufactured patinas"
  99. What shape are these cases
  100. Freelancer Day/Date function problem?
  101. scam?
  102. Just got my first Glashutte Original!
  103. Help - watch for wedding present for fiance!
  104. What?s the deal with some members taking the term ?Dive Watch? so literally?
  105. Post your favorite watches with no screw down crown, no lume!
  106. The thinnest automatic movement with central seconds and date?
  107. WUS Benefits
  108. Need Help In deciding my first dress watch!
  110. INCOMING! First purchase of 2014: Tourneau 18k Jump Hour!
  111. <^><^><^> WRUW? MONDAY - JANUARY 20, 2014 <^><^><^>
  112. Hamilton Khaki pilot 46mm not meeting advertised power reserve
  113. Movado Kingmatic 7750 chronograph opinions
  114. Strap discussion perhaps?
  115. Expensive Watches & Why Costs Are Going Rising - The Gentleman's Gazette
  116. 25+ Years and still shining bright >>>>
  117. First automatic- question on operation
  118. Re: ««««««« WRUW - SUNDAY - 19 January 2014 »»»»»»»
  119. Who wears a watch on each wrist?
  120. Dufonte Lucien Piccard
  121. Hello. I'm new, Seiko Rhythm?
  122. Please give me some thoughts on this Lum Tec m66
  123. SNZG15K1 Internal Condensation?
  124. Frank Mueller Transamerica- fake or real?
  125. Does this ever happened to you?
  126. ALS "custom" pieces on eBay
  127. Big watch trend...the HUGE 250mm Mondaine watch
  128. Mixed feelings on new Panerai models. Your opinion?
  129. ..and I raise you...
  130. Lionseek?
  131. WR30m in a shower -- how safe? (practice-based opinions only, please)
  132. Things that may damage a mechanical....
  133. nice articles on gearpatrol on bronze & japanese watches
  134. Rado Centrix Jubile R30932103
  135. Box & Papers
  136. I hate it when they turn on you.
  137. Does water temperature have any effect on water resistance?
  138. help me identify this rolex
  139. Who are Versace watches made by? I need a part.
  140. WUS pet peeves
  141. Any info about the CH 824T automatic movement?
  142. A week in Sydney
  143. Mechanical w/power reserve indicator under $1000?
  144. Question about Raymond Weil maestro and winding
  145. Weekday watches - do you let it wind down?
  146. Favorite non-Rolex diver to wear with a suit?
  147. Help decide on pilot style watch to purchase!
  148. Birth Year Watch - 1981 (Need suggestions)
  149. New to WUS and looking for a new watch.
  151. What watch can withstand magnetism
  152. Watches used for steampunk jewelry
  153. ««««««« WRUW - SUNDAY - 19 January 2014 »»»»»»»
  154. Raymond Weil - REAL OR FAKE?
  155. Howdy, new member checking in
  156. Negatives of wearing a watch?
  157. Post your favourite watch sub $2000
  158. Convincing the other half.
  159. Invicta 8926 on a relatively small wrist?
  160. Help me choose: Citizen Primo chrono or Seiko Sportura chrono
  161. Watch shopping experiences in Hong Kong and Mainland China
  162. Russian ''souvenir'' 24 hour watches
  163. No dissent allowed
  165. Is My Watch Too Loose?
  166. The Joy of a Vintage Watch Part III (Waltham Content)
  167. I lied, I picked up one more.......
  168. Newbie looking for selling advice
  169. Well here it is, my Tissot Seastar 1000.
  170. Hand engraved Alexander Shorokhoff dial
  171. Looking for a Fossil FS4387
  172. Help deciding a minimal watch!
  173. IWC Ingenieur AMG
  174. Advice requested: how to sell?
  175. Watches on Wallstreet?
  176. Are returns easy at Ashford? I want to return but read online that they will try to give no refund
  177. Baselworld 2014 - anyone going?
  178. The equation that will put Panerai and Hublot out of business
  179. Marathon GSAR accuracy compared to other Marques?
  180. Best movement decoration for the money
  181. Electric vs Mechanical and Quartz
  182. Real or fake submariner?
  183. Need Watch with Daytona Cosmography Light Blue
  184. New Purchase - First Of 2014! Pic Heavy
  185. Shall we play a game ?
  186. Gold in vintage
  187. JSAR strap help
  188. **************WRUW Saturday 18 January 2014****************
  189. GNOMON "Leather" NATO Strap....
  190. GMT World Time question
  191. And me without a camera!
  192. Looking for a "Sherlock" watch - similar ones with roman numerals and small seconds?
  193. Ian Fleming Watch
  194. Watches for all sorts of things...what about the urban adventure?
  195. How long before large watches will go out of style?
  196. It's time for me to ask... "WIS" ???
  197. Vintage Elgin Watch- Is it original?
  198. Tracking the accuracy of automatic watches
  199. Bunz Moontime-I: Seeking Information
  200. The Ultimate Addition to an Otherwise Complete Luxury Watch Collection
  201. Looking for rugged/semi rugged luminescent military style watch
  202. UK Paypal seller fees ?
  203. Help Me Find My First REAL Watch- 3000-7500euro
  204. Wedding watch... $7k max
  205. Seeking opinions: Every day watch for ~$1000 or under
  206. What was the most iconic watch of 1960?
  207. 75th birthday present for my father in law
  208. What does 'Inactive' mean?
  209. Seiko Refuse To Service: Better with Bigger Guys?
  210. Sellita SW500 (7750 substitute)
  211. New Arrival.. My 1st purchase of 2014
  212. Two for one or one for two? How to spend 10 grand
  213. New to My Wrist: Omega Seamaster
  214. Antique Store Find: Vintage Heuer Trackmate 1/5 Flyback Stopwatch
  215. Orient QC or Grey Dealer?
  216. First 2kish purchase. Looking for advice
  217. Hamilton Khaki King vs Mondaine
  218. Wear it well: We Are The Rhoads forge new image for Timex
  219. Daily wear Men's watch for about $500 - Stainless Steel
  220. Interested in a gold case/leather strap watch
  221. Article with video on amount of photoshopping that happens to Rolex watches for advertisements
  222. First real watch, price and help!
  223. Junghans Max Bill Handaufzug
  224. Need help in buying my first high-end watch
  225. Watch Identification
  226. Gizmodo - Retouched Rolex photo
  227. can some one please help identify this tourneau watch
  228. Some Beautiful Watch Wallpaper From A Lange and Sohne
  229. Wedding watch - color and band
  230. Finally got my new Watch Box
  231. <<<<<<<<<WRUW Friday 17th January 2013>>>>>>>>
  232. Wrist Time
  233. New mechanical complication: the pedometer
  234. Aftersales Service ?
  235. Can anyone provide me with some info on Xetum?
  236. Question re SpeedMaster Pro 3570.50.00
  237. Can anyone identify this Rotary automatic model please
  238. Has anyone bought watches from
  239. Is there a dictionary of Casio / Citizen watch numbers and terms?
  240. Can anyone help me date this watch?
  241. New year, new watch: Calibre de cartier diver
  242. Baltimore Washington WIS- What are you doing Saturday January 18th????
  243. ETA 2836
  244. Hamilton 4992b
  245. Wow!NAWCC forum WatchuSeek really means serious business!!!
  246. Nomos Ludwig 38 vs Rodina Small Seconds Comparison
  247. My New Patek..Thoughts 5960r
  248. Victorinox vs. Luminox vs. Seiko vs. Citizen
  249. The go-to
  250. Problem w/ Seiko 7T92 movement after battery change