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  3. Wearing an old project watch today (pic heavy).
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  10. Expressions of Interest - Sydney, Australia GetToGether 2014
  11. Simple clean Design- reccomendations?
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  16. Incoming: Ebel 1911 Senior NOS blue dial with Lemania 8810
  17. Can someone tell me about this Waltham watch i just won on ebay?
  18. Watches and our women (Lighthearted discussion)
  19. New watch roll + My top 3
  20. Question about my invicta pro diver 8926
  21. Nurse's watch? Can't find again ...
  22. Problem with ADs (small rant)
  23. Incoming Zenith 410
  24. Watches on Sister Wives?
  25. Down to 1...oops.
  26. Services brand crystals
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  28. Color change, help needed
  29. battle of the longines watches
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  32. Well it Took a Whopping 6 Days for My Resolution Bust
  33. Which Watch for a Dress Watch?
  34. Looking for rectangular watch ideas...
  35. Trying to find this watch
  36. Why are there never any negative watch reviews?
  37. Looking for a Rose Gold Royal Oak Lookalike! Suggestions, please!!
  38. A tale of 2 40mm watches
  39. Can anyone ID this watch?
  40. Introduction and Question
  41. New member here, just wanted to say hi
  42. Guess the price.
  43. Seiko 55 Fathoms (FFF) and VDB 2011 latest acquisitions pictorial
  44. Cool beans!
  45. A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar.
  46. Finally see what I dislike about certain watches I otherwise like...
  47. >>>> WRUW Sunday 12 January 2014 <<<<
  48. For Watch-Video Fans - Watchtimes Top 10 Videos
  49. ?How many members have Timex
  50. About time on eBay
  51. What size diameter watch?
  52. Advice:SBBN017 Tuna or Ruger Alaskan
  53. Jack does a wrist shot!
  54. G shock gwa1000 and gwa1100 water resistance question?
  55. Need assistance identifying a watch worn in a movie (screencap included)
  56. Aristo 3H58A review
  57. One thats been hanging around in its box >>>
  58. Top 5 Lists: What are your top five watches?
  59. Breitling 1884 serial AB0110
  60. Whats Your Watch Story ?
  61. Seiko-5 How the hell does it stay wound
  62. My latest Seiko SNDD85P2 Chrono with pic
  63. taxman bought me a rolex ! but he doesn't know it
  64. Rado buyers remorse: An eBay impulse buy story
  65. Automatic movements that don't like hand winding?
  66. Need Advice: AP ROO or IWC Portuguese
  67. I have apparantly caught something...?!
  68. Casual, 'outdoors' watch.
  69. An interview with Martin Pauli of Angular Momentum and Manu Propria
  70. Longines Legend Diver
  71. Question About Dubois Dépraz caliber 9000
  72. Online vs brick & mortar
  73. Suggestion Ideas Anything
  74. Hand-wound watches WITH date, whatcha got?
  75. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Complete Calendar Flyback
  76. Casio MDV106 actual case width
  77. Opinion on trading Sub 16610 & Omega SMP for 116610 SubC.
  78. attached image
  79. >>>> WRUW Saturday 11 January 2014 <<<<
  80. Does titanium always scratch easily compared to steel - talk me out of PAM351
  81. Omega Watch
  82. Swatch Sistem 51 factory burned down, erm what?
  83. Theorema Toronto.
  84. Another Dress Watch Advice Thread--lots of pictures to help
  85. Opinions on Orient Mako Pepsi and Seiko SKX009k2 Pepsi
  86. When you've noticed the first scratch on your new watch
  87. Vintage Omega
  88. Evolution of your watch collection - from wearer to collector
  89. Time for stainless steel
  90. 22mm Raven Riveted bracelet fit a steinhart?
  91. Is anybody aware of an AD that has the JLC Master Calendar 'power reserve' in stock?
  92. signature photo
  93. Two watches with ETA 2836-2, two watches with crown issues. Any advice?
  94. Date won't change at midnight?
  95. Please Help Identify This Watch!
  96. Trench watch serial numbers on case and mechanism
  97. Harvard Business article: re-emergence of mechanical watches
  98. If they could, what watch would they wear?
  99. Which watch and why?
  100. Please recommend watches similar to these!
  101. Replacing A ETA Valjoux 7750 Movement With a Quartz One?
  102. Gold tone/plating for Citizen
  103. Struggling to Decide - Life & choice!
  104. The Bulova 'Royal Oak' has a cousin
  105. Anyone used Longio as manufacturer? - Tips for starting brand
  106. Watch similar to Ralph Lauren RL67 Chronometer?
  107. What constitutes a high-end watch in your mind?
  108. Asking price versus selling price?
  109. HELP!! Anybody know anything about these watches??
  110. What % of your salary do you spend on watches?
  111. Can anyone verify this?
  112. Wrist watches you wish you would have purchased
  113. Show your favourite blue dial...
  114. ETA 2824-2: what does 5. N mean?
  115. An interview with Ilan Srulovicz, Founder and Owner of Égard Watches
  116. Favre Leuba Moonphase-is it original?
  117. It's worth it or not? AVIATOR 2824-2/2915488
  118. Hmm, I'm not convinced of the legitimacy of this auction...
  119. Q&A Seiko Marinemaster (Ask questions about mm300)
  120. Valjoux/ETA 7750 problem... such a noisy movement in the case... Loose rotor? Not wobble...
  121. gentility doesn't always equal genuine
  122. Devon Tread 2 Murder, do you like these.
  123. Loyal Conqueror Automatic Dive Watch Review
  124. Trying to make a decision between these two watches
  125. How many times a year would/do you need a Formal "dress watch"
  126. ««««««« WRUW - FRIDAY - 10 January 2014 »»»»»»
  127. hmm... which one which one...
  128. Always forgetting the before shot.
  129. Please help identify this watch
  130. How do I find a grey market distributor for Fossil brands, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein etc?
  131. Incoming!!
  132. Perrelet: What's the Story on This Brand
  133. Tissot PRC 200- is it real?
  134. Panerai Luminor Marina: real or fake?
  135. Waltham has been RESURRECTED!
  136. Does anyone know anything about this watch?
  137. Can I trust this seller?
  138. Is there anything that you don't like about your favorite watch?
  139. Thoughts upon passing 1000 posts
  140. Enicar, time for service or leave alone?
  141. Baume mercier
  142. Pequignet Moorea Elegance
  143. Forget at your peril: Pinky, a Valentine's watch by Tissot
  144. Watch companies and their obscure charities
  145. Familiar with Cutter & Buck Watches?
  146. Help with a dive watch selection needed please!
  147. Longines driver project switched to standard watch mode.
  148. Looking for everyday wear chronograph
  149. One Watch for Everything. What's yours?
  150. What watch is this? Please help!
  151. Looking to ADD a couple Watches. One Race Inspired on Square Casual Budget SUB $200
  152. Does Casio measure their Watches width by case or case and crown together?
  153. New to the fold; old to the love of timepieces.
  154. Slight lug edge nick
  155. Looking for a new watch - Day Date 7750 - Need suggestions
  156. Young collector brand new to Watchuseek!
  157. Phillipes watches Beverly Hills
  158. New Montblanc Twin MoonPhase - Really Nice!
  159. can someone tell me about this cheap analog watch it got on ebay ?
  160. \o/\o/\o/ --- WRUW Thurs 09/01/2014 --- \o/\o/\o/
  161. Your Recommendation for Casual Beater ? Specific Criteria
  162. How many mm is this Seiko?
  163. what would you do with these Seikos?
  164. New member and have a few questions
  165. Wanting to get a cheaper quality diver.
  166. Watch Newbie - Help me find something similar to this...
  167. Is this watch real
  168. First-World Problems** - RLX v PNR v JLC v CTR
  169. price of papers
  170. The Watch Ad Thread
  171. Suggestions for 6.5 inch wrist $1000 to $2000 range
  172. How much these watches worth ?
  173. Thanks Again
  174. Magrette Bronze Recall > Has anyone opted for swapping the case??
  175. Need help finding a sporty chronograph
  176. Looking for this watch
  177. Did Luftwaffe pilots wear "flieger" type watches back in the day?
  178. Milgauss on Nato!
  179. German VS Swiss
  180. Help Identifying a Tissot
  181. Is anyone aware of a 'modern'-sized tri-color El Primero with minimally overlapping subdials?
  182. Couple questions regarding my Breitling Seawolf & Baume and Mercier Classima
  183. Help me decide what to do with this one - New Strap or Sell
  184. ***WRUW Weds 8th Jan 2014?***
  185. Bentima ladies' watch
  186. Help with Invicta.....
  187. Is the crown of Hamilton Khaki Field Mens Watch H69419363 push/pull or screw in?
  188. Which To Get This Year?
  189. Info about my watch
  190. Used Rolex GMT Master II with Black and Blue Bezel 116710BLNR
  191. Busted: Groupon watches
  192. Hello, my friend gave me this watch
  193. Need help with Movado bracelet clasp
  194. Seiko or Fossil chronograph?
  195. Watch Dealer: 'If your budget is ?1K only buy quartz.'
  196. Non-negotiable Deal Breakers
  197. What is proper etiquette when buying a used Rolex?
  198. WUS limited edition Vostok Europe Worldtimer 'Kosmos'!!
  199. Purchase Suggestions
  200. Turning off subscription emails?
  201. Rolex- Date or no date
  202. Hello all, buying my first watch, wondering whether to choose leather or steel band.
  203. Using the 'Reset' (2nd) Chronograph Pusher without the Chronograph being active
  204. Inexpensive, long power reserve watches
  205. Omega Eschews Window Dressing for 2014
  206. Is 'Homage' just a polite way of ripping off another brand?
  207. How long can I expect my watch to sit in UK customs for?
  208. Hello WUS, may I ask for some guidance please?
  209. Bracelet alteration omega
  210. Welder K23
  211. Help Identify This Watch
  212. Epos Contact Information
  213. need help with casio mrw-200h
  214. Gift Ideas
  215. How common are spring bar failures?
  217. Split the sales forum?
  218. Okay, so Im in love...(Zenith)
  219. Are quartz watches not considered classy? Would you buy one?
  220. How come Swiss Watch Industry does not innovate?
  221. **WRUW Tuesday 07-JAN-2014**
  222. Can anyone tell the model # of this SPEEDMASTER eBay auction
  223. Cavalry trench watch with silver hallmarks
  224. Any way of dating a recent Bulova precisionist?
  225. Anyone know which model this is?
  226. Would you buy this Girard Perregaux ?
  227. G'Day WUS! - Another Newbie!
  228. The use of plastic 3D printers in the watch world?
  229. Trying on family members' watches.....
  230. Marathon TSAR Military Divers Watch Giveaway!
  231. Certina DS diver pics
  232. I have been looking at a site for replica watch enthusiasts (!), and I don't understand . . .
  233. Graham Chronofighter Oversize
  234. A brief moment of.. nothing
  235. Help with 3 year old Casio-AQ-S800W
  236. Pebble Metal
  237. What watch to buy for 10K
  238. New Seiko owner with a question
  239. Pulled an old digital out of the drawer after 7 years...
  240. Martin Braun EOS Royal -to buy or not to buy
  241. First time, budget watches
  242. Candino watches
  243. Does any got one of these Daytonas?
  244. Hello WUS - Introduction and some pics.
  245. Hello WUS! New Member Introduction!
  246. Just picked up one of my grails!
  247. Your top 10 factors which influence your watch purchase
  248. advice on easy to read annual calendar or perpetual calendar men's watch
  249. Steinahrt Pilot 44 total size
  250. Her Watches