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  12. How come Swiss Watch Industry does not innovate?
  13. **WRUW Tuesday 07-JAN-2014**
  14. Can anyone tell the model # of this SPEEDMASTER eBay auction
  15. Cavalry trench watch with silver hallmarks
  16. Any way of dating a recent Bulova precisionist?
  17. Anyone know which model this is?
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  19. G'Day WUS! - Another Newbie!
  20. The use of plastic 3D printers in the watch world?
  21. Trying on family members' watches.....
  22. Marathon TSAR Military Divers Watch Giveaway!
  23. Certina DS diver pics
  24. I have been looking at a site for replica watch enthusiasts (!), and I don't understand . . .
  25. Graham Chronofighter Oversize
  26. A brief moment of.. nothing
  27. Help with 3 year old Casio-AQ-S800W
  28. Pebble Metal
  29. What watch to buy for 10K
  30. New Seiko owner with a question
  31. Pulled an old digital out of the drawer after 7 years...
  32. Martin Braun EOS Royal -to buy or not to buy
  33. First time, budget watches
  34. Candino watches
  35. Does any got one of these Daytonas?
  36. Hello WUS - Introduction and some pics.
  37. Hello WUS! New Member Introduction!
  38. Just picked up one of my grails!
  39. Your top 10 factors which influence your watch purchase
  40. advice on easy to read annual calendar or perpetual calendar men's watch
  41. Steinahrt Pilot 44 total size
  42. Her Watches
  43. Skeleton Watch Favorites
  44. Is there a chart of features for different movements?
  45. The end? Or the beginning?
  46. no offence to Jeannie or Sherry -
  47. "Hey look what I'm wearing" Have you ever?
  48. Hello Everyone, New to the Forum and Hobby
  49. <<<<<WRUW Monday 6th January 2013>>>>>>>>
  50. New member very excited
  51. Help with Breitling Aerospace error
  52. Mido vs hamilton
  53. Is this is a fake / pshing attempt?
  54. Do people think you're crazy for being a WIS?
  55. Ed Heuer & Cie Moonphase Chronograph or Longines Master Collection Moonphase? Opinions?
  56. Best friend for all extremes...
  57. New here, need watch advice
  58. 1st watch of 2014
  59. Breitling shot (picture) after cleaning and putting away
  60. HELP: Van der Bauwede Magnum XS quarterback - real?
  61. Which watch for achieving a goal?
  62. New here, fellow watch lust-er
  63. Ladies' watches - recommendations
  64. First dress watch advice
  65. Watch Similar to Gucci Timeless YA126511
  66. 'OLD' Friends ...
  67. Modding/switching LC displays to reverse mode
  68. Trouble Uploading Photos
  69. Photos of my 3 and plans for 4th
  70. Does anyone else find Bremont a bit "naff"?
  71. Greetings From New Member! Advice Wanted
  72. Can I swim with my Hublot?
  73. Hey need some advice!
  74. A tool watch is to be worn, I get it now.. from OCD to OK
  75. soldiers watch - indecisive! prg 240 vs. prg 250
  76. Need Help Identifying a watch
  77. Ladies affordable water-resistant skeleton watch
  78. Intro & SOTC
  79. Sometimes You Just Gotta G.O. For It (New Arrival)
  80. Need help choosing a NATO strap!
  81. Box or winder?
  82. Franklin from Grand Theft Auto 5 wears a Lum-Tec!
  83. <<<<<WRUW Sunday 5th January 2013>>>>>>>>
  84. SCARED OF BUYING/SELLING - Share your good experiences
  85. I have a watch, I would like to know the price and some details about it...if anyone knows, thanks!
  86. Worst thing just happened
  87. One Vacant Cushion .......
  88. Initial Spring Drive accuracy report
  89. Heuer 7 Jewel Model 7710 Stopwatch reset problem
  90. "" is this an authentic website to buy vintage watch?
  91. an impulse purchase...
  92. Torgoen crystal any good?
  93. The best way to charge lume!
  94. I'm new to Oris, can sb help me what's the dif between 2 Oris ProDivers?
  95. Halios Laguna Blue Dial
  96. Are there events, occasions that require that you not wear a watch?
  97. How many days in a year did you not wear a watch
  98. What is the one watch you just can't seem to part with right now????
  99. a vintage gold pendant ladies watch value
  100. Help with new watch purchase
  101. Replaced the bracelet of my Vostok Amphibia aka "Black Scuba Dude" with a Zulu strap
  102. No chronometer certificate provided
  103. Seriously considering buying a smartwatch - details of my research
  104. An interview with Chip Yuen of Aevig Watches
  105. Is it worth chasing this watch?
  106. My conclusion is: You only need 4-5 watches.
  107. A One Brand Collection
  108. COSC Chronometer standardization
  109. White or Black Face - Birks Airmaster Chronograph
  110. Hello from Western NY!!
  111. Looking for a specific type of band. Need help!
  112. Bad for a watch??
  113. New arrival Omega Geneve. ? Seamaster?
  114. Howdy
  115. WRUW - SATURDAY - 4 January 2014
  116. Timex/Casio or any other workout Watch?
  117. Shock! They hit my watch with a hammer....
  118. What did the Beatles wear?
  119. Vulcain
  120. Couldn't Resist. Something Different...
  121. My grandfather and fathers first watches. Need some help here....
  122. Seiko 5 case, changed from polished to brushed
  123. El primero tricolor or which other comparable chrono?
  124. What to wear for work
  125. Thoughts/Experiences with Baume & Mercier 8590 (Classima) Automatic
  126. Questions on Orient watches out of stock
  127. New Addition
  128. How does Zenith compare to Rolex as a brand?
  129. Hand clapping at sports events and concerts--any danger?
  130. Official Watch Partner: Oris and Audi Sport team up
  131. Developing Watch Fetish
  132. Watches you like / dislike bcz of associations: people, values, etc
  133. To people with multiple watches.. how can you stand wearing the cheaper ones?
  134. Crystal for Longines
  135. Christmas Gift
  136. Best Watch for the Job?
  137. Is it only Breguet use this style of watch case?
  138. Your thoughts on Alexander Shorokhoff
  139. What watches have you specifically had tangible problems with?
  140. Winds in one direction?
  141. Racing certainty: Swatch Year of the Horse
  142. Vintage Watch Servicing: What Should Be Done?
  143. The Death of a Watch: a Horo-story
  144. Oris Col Moschin - Input Please
  145. photo of my collection
  146. Incoming: Paul Picot Atelier 1100
  147. Getting used to less than 44mm watch
  148. Just a little collection shot
  149. Need help with Aureole watch
  150. Bought two Rolexs and a Reverso today!!
  151. Guilty pleasure? Watches you're NOT supposed to like, but do?
  152. Unexpected, Humbling Gift
  153. Help me decide on a new watch
  154. Which dress watch to get
  155. Opinions on Dealer
  156. Older Lucien Piccard - Any info appreciated
  157. WRUW - FRIDAY - 3 January 2014
  158. What do you think of this Hamilton Sub?
  159. Atlanta Watch Hunting
  160. Watches you're supposed to hate but secretly like
  161. The 'dude arrives!
  162. What Watch Did You Wear Most in 2013?
  163. How to make a fantastic collection of mech chronos even better (Hayday, this is for you)
  164. Considering 1st major purchase (for me at least) do I go retail or online/gray market?
  165. Grand Seiko Manufacturing Defect
  166. Junkers authenticity in question, please help
  167. Vacationing in Suisse Romande in April
  168. Keeping the Tudor Aeronaut GMT or trading it for a Rolex Explorer II???
  169. Vivid GemZ
  170. It's January 2nd and I already blew my watch budget for 2014
  171. Reliable European online watch stores
  172. How much shock/abuse can an ETA/Valjoux 7750 take? Swiss auto care...
  173. Fueling my ETA obsession.... (ETA nay-sayers just move along... Nothing to see here for you)
  174. New to this forum
  175. What do they do when you take your watch to get serviced?
  176. Yes Man Watches: The prototype is ready
  177. My watch collection on my blog
  178. Watch service and repair in the US?
  179. what do you call these
  180. Seiko 5 w/ Zulu strap, steel wool or no?
  181. New to
  182. Models with Leather Straps (Omega/Rolex) Under 2K
  183. Watch for toddler?
  184. WRUW 1-2-14 or The Oh God, I Have to Go Back To Work Tomorrow WRUW Thread
  185. Does a watch company's "off-wrist" activities sway you?
  186. a watch like the uniform wares 351 design?
  187. Watch vs Jewelry Spend
  188. The one/two words for each Brand
  189. Brown Dials -- Pics to give you ideas
  190. Looking for my first auto
  191. What to buy thread #4364613316546
  192. Need Help Deciding on which watch to buy. Omega vs Hamilton
  193. [Pictures!!!] New arrival: EDOX WRC Chronorally automatic
  194. A wonderful way to start the year.
  195. WHAT IF? 50% Off - Famous brands WITHOUT LOGO or NAME on dial
  196. What do you do when you encounter others with nice watches?
  197. What watch is this in video?
  198. Buying without box-and-papers from bricks-and-mortar
  199. Is this rolex 6694 too small for me?
  200. Who will be first?
  201. Help me choose...
  202. Does the EDIT function expire after a period of time on a new post?
  203. Best Quality Rolex Style Watches/Homages 2014
  204. what watch is this?
  205. I looking for a new watch.
  206. The joy of having a quick set date fuction...
  207. Unexpected WIS encounter!
  208. Times Square ball about 15 sec behind my atomic Set Casio?
  209. Who didn't see the ball drop...
  210. New to this site :)
  211. New (old) Explorer. Thanks to the group!
  212. Seiko Gold Feather
  213. CYMA Watch Dial "Bubbling" Question
  214. Watch you suppose to admire but secretly dislike.
  215. Good Evening and Hello
  216. WRUW: First Day of 2014 01/01/14 Yeah!!!!
  217. Happy New Year!
  218. Buying via Amex vs Financing
  219. used watch dealers Mississauga, ontario.
  220. Scavenger Hunt: Creating The Frankenstein Watch
  221. Excellent watch terms glossary
  222. Newbie question: crown functions on Lum-Tec M51 / Miyota 9015
  223. A middle class youngster's debate....
  224. Service interval vs. time worn on mechanical watches
  225. Good place for watch repair in montreal?
  226. Lucky end of year acquisition!
  227. Fuegarri ??
  228. Military takeover: A watch fashion trend for 2014
  229. Unidentified watch ? Mercedes?? Help??
  230. First post - info on a Longines Sport Chief?
  231. Amazon Open Box Sale
  232. What was your favorite watch of 2013?
  233. Montreal GTG 2014
  234. Why no love for Cuervo y Sobrinos?
  235. Embarrasing Shinola quality moment
  236. Why do people refinish dials on vintage watches?
  237. Recommendation: Ladies Watches <$5000
  238. My first watch in years - Slightly uncomfortable?
  239. Android, Deep Blue, and Invicta all sold beside each other.
  240. New-ish member and my collection
  241. How often should I manually sync with WWVB?
  242. If You Like Cushion Cases This Longines Heritage 1973 is Cool.........
  243. \o/\o/ --- WRUW on New Year Eve?!?! 311213 --- \o/\o/
  244. Incoming: Glycine Airman GMT Chronograph
  245. Thinking of buying a.......
  246. My humble SOTC (foursome)...
  247. Fully winding an Automatic
  248. New to the forum/Introduction
  249. Omega test reports
  250. Caseback SCRATCHES- made by the Watchmaker: how do you feel about em?