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  1. What watch company would be the next step above Hamilton?
  2. Give me your top 3 Flieger manufacturers
  3. <----- WRUW — Thursday November 28, 2013 ----->
  4. As a semi-watch geek, am I more wishy washy than being a shaving nut???
  5. Inexpensive large date mechanical?
  6. What are your opinions on this watch?
  7. A Weird Problem with My Post....
  8. any recent Pansar experience?
  9. Watch dealer reputation
  10. Womens Sports Watch Size?
  11. Rubber Strap for Seiko SRP307 - 2nd Gen Monster
  12. Boy did it stick in my craw!!!
  13. Small / Ladies Automatic Divers Watch - Suggestions?
  14. Watchbuys NY Road Show
  15. Every Day Carry
  16. Jenny Jenny Jenny
  17. help in deciding new watch for £ 500
  18. New find!
  19. help
  20. I need a watch. My budget is $200-$400
  21. Trying to decide on a watch.
  22. Are these Swiss army watches real or fake?
  23. How to tell if my omega seamaster is real????
  24. I feel so dirty, have you ever been caught.....?
  25. In house movement
  26. Invictia 8926ob Modification Query...
  27. A week with my JDD
  28. thin profile watch suggestions
  29. Your Watch Fund Was Wiped Out By .........
  30. Help with deciding on a new daily wearer! 2g budget
  31. Best Omega AD in Melbourne, Australia
  32. New Member, back into watches.
  33. Gift Suggestions
  34. any info appreciated please
  35. Hello all, I'd like to share my watch project
  36. Someone to repair a Tag in Glasgow?
  37. Newbie questions
  38. current IWC Aquatimer too big?
  39. --- WRUW Wednesday the 27th, November 2013 ---
  40. Watch Collection Database Software
  41. List Price vs. expected amount to be paid - Ulysse Nardin
  42. A decent GMT for a 15-year-old girl?
  43. Longines Conquest Classic Released in USA yet?
  44. Please HELP! What watch is this?
  45. Nice couples watch set
  46. Newb question about my new Victorinox Alpnach
  47. looking to buy a watch with brown leather band: Hamilton vs Oris
  48. London/Edinburgh/Paris watch shopping?
  49. Noisy Baume & Mercier Classima XL
  50. I'm going to Basel and Lucerne. Where should I go for watch-gazing?
  51. What do you guys think of this watch?
  52. Vintage Audemars Piguet
  53. Poll New or pre owned for personal memorial? Your vote ... .
  54. Acronyms , Abbreviations and Nicknames (Horological and WUS only)
  55. An incredible watch to fight an eradicable disease: Polio Watch One
  56. Looking for a tough but nice watch for Christmas
  57. Hi ! New member from Australia looking for a "unique watch"
  58. Two Alternative GO Models
  59. New watch!!! Raymond Weil Maestro Brown Rose Gold
  60. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall....
  61. Christopher Ward Voucher
  62. ~~~WRUW NOV 26 2013~~~
  63. I'm really torn. Can anyone help?
  64. Timex Weekender Sport Tachymeter and Crown & Buckle Harbor Leather Band
  65. Watch stolen by the police
  66. My Maratac Pilot Automatic Watch is Here (Big Smile)
  67. Recomendation needed £100 - £230
  68. Rotary watches?
  69. NOMOS Tangente 38 vs Omega SMP - which to buy first
  70. It is time for SOTC posting...
  71. Reasonably priced (~250?) watch with underwater operable buttons?
  72. History of workhorse movements
  73. How important is the original buckle?
  74. How long before WR fails?
  75. RED Charity JLC Tribute to Deep Sea goes for 365k
  76. Phoenix Scottsdale Dealers?
  77. Help needed with master thesis survey! (takes 5 minutes of your time)
  78. Speedmaster bracelet question
  79. Seiko Explorer III
  80. Give away; +3000 posts and +7 years a member
  81. Blog Posting re Nick Saban's $95 Fossil Watch
  82. Watch for seven year old son
  83. Raymond Weil Parsifal Two tone automatic day/date
  84. In a world where the bigger is better...
  85. Who's going to make an Advent Calendar thread out of their collection?
  86. What is your reaction to someone who grabs your wrist to look at your watch?
  87. Did you guys notice?
  88. Help finding watch of this style with certain specs?
  89. Scaling the summit: JeanRichard appointed Patrouille des Glacier official timekeeper
  90. Wasn't Revue Thommen a sort of desirable watch at one time?
  91. Can't decide. Need some help from the experienced
  92. Looking for an 'all-around' watch under $2k...suggestions please!
  93. Next watch (brown strap dressy to casual) JLC Master or Zenitch Elite Captain?
  94. >>>>>>>>> WRUW Monday 11/25/2013 <<<<<<<<<
  95. Waltham Watch from Garage Sale
  96. Watches in Commercials
  97. New guy!.. Intro and small project..
  98. Prometheus Sailfish - Now Available at our Store
  99. newbe collector !! hi all....advice with new watch
  100. Cheapest High End Watch
  101. My 2 for a Jean Richard Terrascope?
  102. Luminox vs Traser
  103. Old brands vs new brands
  104. Rxw Expievo ( Gyoshe )
  105. Certina DS Multi-8 - ana/digi goodness
  106. 3K Diver Competition Poll: Omega SM 300m Chronometer, Tudor Black Bay & Breitling SOH 42
  107. More from the £10 Tissot >>>
  108. 10 Things To Know About How Rolex Makes Watches Article
  109. ETA 7750... Settling-in period?
  110. Jaques lemans F1 F5015
  111. A 'beauty shot'
  112. Astron Hattori Special Edition Overview by Timeless Luxury Watches
  113. New watch company with a beautiful set of watches
  114. Help me find my wife her first watch - under $2000
  115. Replacement crystal on an O&W.
  116. MomoDesign Race Master
  117. ++++++++WRUW SUNDAY 24 NOVEMBER 2013+++++++++
  118. Tried a few cool pieces today...
  119. New Guy - Steagan
  120. New IWC Chrono or used Chrono TOP GUN
  121. Swap 16610 for a PAM298?
  122. Moving to Venice Florida - Any good AD/Shop recommendations ?
  123. Top Gear takes a Breitling shopping for cars
  124. Quality of Grand Seiko compared to JLC, GP, and the 'Big Three' ....
  125. Non-black dial alternative to automatic chrono
  126. Hello - New Member here
  127. Black Friday?
  128. why are chronographs usually quartz instead of automatic?
  129. Lucky...Lucky Me
  130. Is this watch for men or for women ??
  131. GTG in Kuala Lumpur
  132. Where can I buy a kit that is just movement?
  133. Holiday WOTD contest
  134. Show us your white dial on brown leather.
  135. Longines Admiral vs Ball Engineer II Aviator vs Maurice Lacroix Pontos
  136. TW Steel Automatics
  137. First time buyer seeking a bit of knowledge....
  138. Sold but not forgotten?
  139. Need help, second's hand not working.
  140. <<<<<<< ** WRUW Saturday 11/23/2013 ** >>>>>>>>
  141. Finally figured out that I'm a "NIB" kind of guy.
  142. Help me I.D. This watch please
  143. Cleaned house...Down to two...No regrets....and feeling liberated....
  144. Need some retro '70s style' chronograph suggestions please
  145. Is this Glashutte Original a perpetual calendar watch? Does anyone have any info on it?
  146. Topper Jewelers Friday Deal
  147. Dat Dome - Share Some Pictures/Info!
  148. Are the quality of quartz watches & autos the same within the same brands?
  149. "M Etoile" quartz watch?!?
  150. Keeping multiple hand wound watches running
  151. Questions about movement adjustment positions
  152. New Find!
  153. Looking for a really sexy mechanical dress watch.
  154. Your boss's watches
  155. Grand Seiko Roadshow back at AZ Fine Time Dec 13th!
  156. Early 20's watch
  157. Water Resistance in the Rain
  158. Is there a name for this style of hands, and do any current watches have them?
  159. Well, another LVMH F&F sale - Only Tag Heuer though
  160. Funniest Video Watch Reviews You Can Find On the Web
  161. Pls help hamilton flight timer
  162. Polishing scratches on satin finish case
  163. Patek Philippe watch used to declare JFK?s death is up for auction
  164. Can a 52mm watch be made subtle, or at least not completely absurd?
  165. New & unboxing the great Outdoors.
  166. Experience with purchasing watches online? help~~
  167. Watch identification help
  168. Carved from the heavens: Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Meteorite Dual Time
  169. VIDEO: Talking Watches With John Goldberger
  170. Identifying Hamilton GMT
  171. I am being scammed on Craigs List
  172. Looking for automatic skeleton watches
  173. So WRUW Friday 11/22/13 - Showcase that watch !
  174. Tritium watches. What are my options?
  175. Interesting Read About Chopard.........Who Knew?
  176. Any advice for a first time buyer?
  177. Price does not guarantee accuracy!
  178. So how do you remove smooth spring bars?
  179. Your Hand Mod / Modification Watches Show US
  180. My oris TT1 chrono titanium changes date faster…
  181. Once in a lifetime exhibit of 17th century timepieces at NAWCC right now for 2 months only!
  182. Watches and Accessories - Sunglassess, etc.
  183. Can you help me identify this movement?
  184. Less expensive watches like xetum?
  185. Small 7750 Chronographs
  186. This might be worth a look / like
  187. Michel Herberlin 16862.AB (possibly an Escapade) - Help required!
  188. Grey straps on black dials, thoughts and pictures?
  189. Watches with screw bars instead of spring bars
  190. Advice needed. Leather strap > 45 mm , black dial, 1.000 USD budget
  191. Baume et Mercier - Clifton chronograph (new model 2014)
  192. HELP! Automatic watch not working even after winding??!
  193. What watch does Holmes in CBS "Elementary" wear?
  194. Marathon automatic accuracy???
  195. Who else gets this >>>
  196. What Maurice Lacroix model is this?
  197. What makes some watches more accurate than others?
  198. Chronographs - What Am I Missing?
  199. 1970's Zenith? and Eterna
  200. Horology and Hippos. A Thread Inspired by Faiz
  201. Citizen or Kenneth Cole!!!?
  202. For the Price of Two, I Might Wear One of These, But Probably Not...LOL
  203. Re-casing a Valjoux 7730
  204. Hello new and from spain
  205. Zenith elite captain or heritage lines worth considering?
  206. Semi-dressy stainless and leather watch options
  207. Frank Lampard appointed Rotary Brand Ambassador
  208. Trying to buy a vintage and WAY over my head!
  209. Fit this under my sleeve? Not!
  210. Got to hold and inspect my "Grail" today
  211. Help With a New Purchase Dilemma!!
  212. new watch advice
  213. christopher ward free shipping?
  214. Bill Cosby's watch on Daily Show
  215. Tic Tac's Movement in Motion Watch
  216. Thoughts on a Jaeger Le Coultre Memovox
  217. Movements in Bulova
  218. Small Town Counterfeit Ring Busted!!
  219. !! WRUW Thursday the 21st, November 2013 !!
  220. Breitling, Sinn, Omega, which one to sell??
  221. Gilded or steely movement
  222. Hamilton Khaki King or Squale Root Beer as a gift?
  223. Choosing a watch to wear group pics needed
  224. Which Tissot Quartz Chrono?
  225. New member and new collector saying hello
  226. Package undeliverable - how to proceed?
  227. Maybe not quite your cup of tea but had it awhile now and never took a picture >>
  228. Baume and Mercier Classima 8833 movement - can I hand wind?
  229. Recommendations for servicing a valjoux 7750?
  230. What are the "major" watch makers in the USA?
  231. What's wrong with those watch brand names
  232. Which road are you taking to your grail?
  233. Chronograph decision woes
  234. Let's see those Bulovas
  235. Chronoswiss Opus Skeleton
  236. So we've had Oris love how about Kinetic Love >>>
  237. Can you help me identify what type watches these are? [Images in Thread]
  238. Why do watch companies feel the need to write the specs of a watch on the dial?
  239. Would you wear a dark faced watch as your daily wear?
  240. An interview with Walter Schofield of The Boston Watch Company
  241. It Finally Happened!
  242. New member from Italy
  243. My dwindling budget will require a new grail.
  244. Looking For A Nice Watch
  245. Is good site to buy authentic watches? Urgent
  246. Wristwatch tongue twisters
  247. Ok, curiosity got the best of me - what's up with the constant lug damage/scr...
  248. Hamilton Ventura Help.
  249. I'm in love with a watch nearly twice my (price) range...