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  1. Need Help!
  2. >•<•>•<•>•<•>•< Friday October 19 2018 WRUW >•<•>•<•>•<•>•<
  3. Watches that “grow” on you....
  4. Grönefeld – Stunning New Auto
  5. Sitting in a board meeting today.....
  6. Need help - white dial watch on strap!
  7. Aevig - Customer Service
  8. Mondaine clueless on own watches
  9. Any reports on the Ming 19.01? Winning more awards
  10. Monta Skyquest
  11. Never done a kickstarter - wish I could start with this
  12. You fantasy watch combination
  13. Too big? Flip it or keep it?
  14. Can somebody help me to identify this watch please.
  15. F-----g Magpie
  16. Changes to 6 watch collection coming- advice requested
  17. Vintage Patek Philippe Sochronism
  18. State of the Collection - October 2018
  19. Ok what movement is this?
  20. I want to love my Spinnaker
  21. ************Thursday-October-18th-2018-WRUW*************
  22. Vintage Watches Question
  23. Three guesses what this is
  24. Black face Quartz movement watch for under A$1,000
  25. Black faced diver - blue or black bezel poll
  26. Help in identifying 88 Rue Du Rhone movement
  27. casio gba 800 - no notifications - something app alternative?
  28. The Awful Watches of eBay
  29. 50 Posts!
  30. What is this watch?
  31. A question about DutyFreeIsland
  32. ETA Swiss Technology ?
  33. Help me to Decide between 2 Beautiful Seiko !
  34. Recommendations for first automatic watch
  35. Does 42mm look too big?
  36. ************Wednesday-October-17th-2018-WRUW************
  37. What Makes A New Brand Attractive?
  38. ***** WRUW Wednesday, October 17, 2108 *****
  39. Quick forum sale question
  40. Does anyone prefer to NOT have anti-reflective coating?
  41. Budget worldtimer recommendations
  42. How do you know someone ISN’T a WIS?
  43. Case size question
  44. Field Watch Help!
  45. Watch size check. Is this 42mm too big or is it ok?
  46. Adding to this duo?
  47. Hi, I’m new &#x1f44b;&#x1f3fb;
  48. What’s the “dirty secret” of your watch box?
  49. My perfect 3 watch rotation is complete (for now)
  50. Like A Kid
  51. A "Rolex" by any other name
  52. The alphabet watch manufacturer memory game
  53. Sears Tradition Seiko Pogue Based Uncle Seiko Bracelet
  54. another el primero arrives for my 40th birthday: the el primero defy a 782
  55. Is there a Certina stockist in Central London?
  56. Chronograph skipping
  57. Suggest a tough, affordable, tool watch with dive bezel - and no date?!
  58. [Need Help] Find a Dress that can DIVE or a Diver that can Dress !
  59. Tag resale - I feel this is an F2 topic too
  60. WRUW Tuesday 16 October 18* * * *
  61. Times when watch buying/selling/collecting got you in trouble with your partner
  62. Would love to hear opinions on the design of this GO with moonphase
  63. Shinola's Monster Divers
  64. New (to me) Tag Aquaracer WAF2010
  65. Look what was waiting for me after coming back from my first vacation . . .
  66. A genuine 'Made in .....' Watch?
  67. Possible scammer, just want mods to check
  68. Window Shopping in NYC
  69. Fliegers or pilot with racing strap
  70. Advice needed on 3 dress watches (regardless of the price comparison)
  71. Chaos by Stallone
  72. Latest Acquisition-Omega Seamaster 30
  73. Dressiest of the (sub-submariner) divers
  74. 1 Luxury watch or 2 more affordable ones
  75. Crack or Scratch on this NOS?
  76. --**--Monday Wrist CheckZ 10-15-18**--**--
  77. My first SOTC post
  78. Oooops Rescue Operation needed
  79. A Big Thank You
  80. Used $6-7K Diver: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms vs Grand Seiko Diver Titanium
  81. Petite gtg San Francisco bay area
  82. Seiko Astron SSE041 one year review
  83. 35-37mm watch suggestions, please.
  84. Miyota 9015 issue?
  85. Recommendations for a luxury dress watch 36-40mm with a 20mm lug width
  86. Raf ST1901 Homage Chronograph
  87. Swiss Auto $600-800
  88. looking for a mechanical/automatic watch with a curved back - any suggestion
  89. Reunited with 1988 Seiko 5
  90. will there be a watchuseek APP?
  91. Buying a Hamilton Khaki King online VS in a store
  92. ###### WRUW Thursday 9 August 2018 ######
  93. Blue ceramic day date or complete annual calendar
  94. Frederique Constant worldtimer design fault?
  95. Looking for a homage of Daytona Paul Newman 6263
  96. Do you have a watch you’d like to get rid of but can’t?
  97. ****** WRUW On Sunday October 14th 2018 ******
  98. ****Let's see your DLC*****
  99. Parnis new purchase GMT Batman
  100. Business/weekend watch
  101. Purchased a Tudor from an AD today and have questions about the process
  102. Justifying your first big money (to you) purchase
  103. Looking for omega info
  104. Three watches, one to stay two to go, which is which?
  105. Recommend me a watch similar to Seiko SKX007...
  106. New to the game....
  107. ************Saturday-October-13th-2018-WRUW************
  108. We can help Google become smarter at identifying watches
  109. Buying decision: IWC Portugieser Chronograph Classic vs GP Laureato Chronograph
  110. Reddit for watches stinks
  111. Finicky crowns?
  112. Intra-matic opinions wanted.
  113. Help me identify this watch
  114. Sellers - when is the best time during the year to sell a watch??
  115. Ready to take the next step
  117. First ‘luxury’ watch?
  118. Can Hardlex Crystal be polished by POLYWATCH
  119. David Attenborough's Watch?
  120. ************Friday-October-12th-2018-WRUW************
  121. Aviation Watches: The True Icons of the Industry
  122. My shopping experience with Elady
  123. Watch Warehouse ?'s
  124. Do you prefer wide/large or thin/small bezels in general
  125. FINALLY here! My first big boy watch!
  126. Show us your crown!!!
  127. Windup watch fair, NYC
  128. Rolex alternative. What did you buy?
  129. Hamilton Watches & Northern Lights Gala
  130. Full Lume or Tritium Dial (After-market)
  131. Opinions requested
  132. Chapter Ring Glued to Case?
  133. So who's been to Le Sentier?
  134. A Few Questions: Hand-wound watches
  135. I got the watch, not sure about the size; opinions (pics incl.)?
  136. <<<<<<<<< WRUW Thursday October 11, 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>
  137. Is This the Worst Decision Ever to Display a Date ??
  138. First post丨Need some serious suggestions.
  139. Help Me Calculate Seconds Lost x Temp for Quartz Watch
  140. Does anyone know what the difference is between the Casio DW290 and the Casio DW290-1V?
  141. Advice for a first time watch buyer of pre-owned automatic Junkers
  142. Aussies show is your WOTD
  143. Incoming - Moser
  144. small watch that has this type of case?
  146. Omega AT 150 White dial 41mm PROBLEM!
  147. I'm going to pick up a Black Bay 36 this week... BUT...
  148. Is this Jaeger LeCoutre a franken or is it legit?
  149. Happy International Watch Day! 10/10/2018
  150. Help to deicide! Oris F1 Day Date vs Tag Heuer Aquaracer Cal5 500m
  151. First post, new to watches, and possibly going in the wrong direction....
  152. Questions surrounding 70's Valjoux 7750 PVD Chronographs, and the brands that made them
  153. First decent watch you bought
  154. In Need of a Durable Beater Watch for DIY, Farming, Biking, Shooting, Fishing...
  155. How non-hacking watch works
  156. What's your favorite horology logo and why?
  157. Longines Legend Diver 36 Release Date
  158. Is the Bvlgari Octo a fad?
  159. Real gold 22k watch?
  160. Casio Oceanus OCW-S100-1AJF vs Citizen Attesa CB3010-57L
  161. Buy or skip: GO Senator stops running in shop
  162. Watch Industry News: Swatch Group develops a Nivachron balance spring
  163. What are nice Grey/Anthracite watches?
  164. SOTC
  165. Watch Identification
  166. Authentication Tips for Audemars Piguet?
  167. Formix kickstarter what do you think?
  168. <<<<<<<<< WRUW Wednesday October 10, 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>
  169. Which Micro Brand that is either defunct and/or long dormant do you miss the most?
  170. My restored HMT
  171. Help Identify Model of this Concord Watch
  172. ??? Thoughts on YouTube Watch Channels ???
  173. Adventures in Watch Collecting.... Three Months into the Hobby. Any tips or anecdotes of your own?
  174. Citizen AD8550-54A
  175. Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso - yes or no?
  176. What happened? Bell & Ross running 1 minute fast
  177. Belated birthday present by Ernie Romers>>>>
  178. How to preserve an unworn handwinder
  179. Need help choosing a watch: Omega, Breitling, IWC, Bell&Ross or other?
  180. Hello from Melbourne Australia
  181. ---***Tuesday 10-9-18 WRUW***---
  182. How do you Rotate your Watches?
  183. Should I trade Seiko Cocktail Time for Grand Seiko?
  184. Jomashop claims watch comes with original manufacturer's warranty
  185. Smallest/Largest - Post Pics!
  186. Crown Guards, why?
  187. Let me fix that for you...
  188. Any E.C.Andersson Owners Out There?
  189. Fix it or just put in the watchbox.
  190. Back to basics?
  191. Recommend a Hand Wind Please
  192. "That's a very nice watch"...she says
  193. Beautiful poem featuring a watch
  194. Where has honor gone?
  195. Can my 1990 Tudor Prince Oysterdate be a GADA watch?
  196. Watches for Gardening / fishing / attend parties?
  197. Grey Market Dealers
  198. Any recommendations for ~40mm lug to lug watches?
  199. Advice on Biatec Corsair
  200. Good Sunburst vs. Great Sunburst
  201. F.P. Journe rocks
  202. Change my collection
  203. Best mechanical tool watch according to you.
  204. Recommendations for chrono + date + GMT (hand or bezel) + ~13mm?
  205. First luxury watch
  206. ****** WRUW On Monday, October 8th 2018 ******
  207. Proper introduction (watch pics inside come say hi)
  208. Help plls!...Rado Diastar vintage.
  209. What Watch Brand Uses This Symbol?
  210. Which would you choose? Dress watch edition
  211. What is this watch? Please help me identify it
  212. Is it Picard or Piccard?
  213. 13/14 years old students wear Rolex?
  214. Has anyone tried a Graham Chronofighter Vintage?
  215. White face watch ~2.3k what would you get?
  216. ****** WRUW On Sunday October 7th 2018 ******
  217. New member introduction
  218. New member, multiple questions
  219. Rolex Stella Dial Alternatives?
  220. AP dealers in SF Bay Area
  221. WatchRecon not loading directly to sale posts
  222. Out of the 5 ADs in my area I called, there was only 1 Tudor GMT
  223. Experience with Dubey & Schaldenbrand?
  224. Does Anyone Know The Lug To Lug On Oris And Hamilton?
  225. Victorinox Retail Display Case
  226. Identify the movement tplease - Sandoz monsoon triple date
  227. What would you buy - Part 2
  228. Opinions need for a new Watch for university life
  229. Rotary Windsor moonphase GS05325/01
  230. Cross Elasticity of Demand - "I Could Have Had A V8"
  231. 70th Birthday Recommendation Request - with a twist
  232. New Breitling Navitimer 1 46 mm GMT inbound today, can't wait.
  233. Blue + SS vs Blue + Yellow Gold
  234. Black Bay 58...seeking perfection
  235. ************Saturday-October-6th-2018-WRUW************
  236. What would you get if you had +/-$2K???
  237. My *Irish* AD has the Credor Fugaku in stock?
  238. Homage to Tag Heuer
  239. I've gone off the Zodiac Super Seawolf 53 DEEP END!!!
  240. New member
  241. Wempe, Nomos and the future of watch sales more generally
  242. Sea-Dweller Melt-Down...
  243. Grand Seiko better up their game
  244. Recommend me a "Happy Birthday to Me" watch
  245. Watch for high school
  246. New here, requesting help to choose/find
  247. Men and Women with large watches. Is there a double standard?
  248. “PVD-Removal” Article! Pretty Neat
  249. Tudor - BB Red vs BB 58
  250. Attaching Cartier Santos leather strap??