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  1. My first watch, going big or going home (rolex or omega uh oh)
  2. Suggestions for a retro styled day/date upto $3.5k
  3. Looking for a new watch!
  4. What watch to buy for my mother as a present?
  5. Gravity, awesome movie, awesome watch
  6. Movado Kingmatic find
  7. Anyway to protect anodized stainless steel?
  8. What's Your One Keeper?
  9. Watch restarting method?
  10. Looking for a (relatively) inexpensive nightclub watch.
  11. Yes Man Watches: An interview with Yes Man founder Nathan Resnick
  12. my Seiko 6139-6002
  13. <<<<<<<<WRUW Saturday 5 October 2013>>>>>>>>>>>
  14. ? How to change brushed stainless deployment clasp to polished?
  15. Swiss Watch Center in Tampa, FL
  16. omega cocktail watch
  17. What Watch is President Obama Wearing Here?
  18. Is this a good place to buy??
  19. Need info on vintage Movado Watch 66 5090 172
  20. 3 new candidates... very likely to pull the trigger next week on one.
  21. Shipping watch purchased on Ebay USA to Ontario,Canada: Economical + hassle-freel options?
  22. Constant Force Remontoir - the "true" new(old) grail of mechanical horology
  23. Setting Your Watch's Time
  24. Recommend me a classy on/off duty watch
  25. Blue Rectangular or Tonneau, Dressy, sub-£500/$800?
  26. Anyone notice the Watch Snob getting soft?
  27. How you go about dropping $1000-2000 on a watch?
  28. Information on RJW watches please
  29. Zenith rattrapante, breguet type XXI or IWC portuguese 7day ?
  30. Women's watches not made by Fossil?
  31. Where can I buy a ready assembled watch movement?
  32. Need help in finding skeleton watch
  33. Have you ever had your watch magnetized?
  34. WRUW - Friday, October 4, 2013
  35. USNO atomic clock
  36. Watch Ashton Kutcher wears in the Jobs movie
  37. Advice on a multipurpose watch ($6-7k budget) please...
  38. Watch servicing in NYC metro area
  39. Tudor Blackbay outer and inner box
  40. Which would you choose???
  41. New Ediface Knock Around Watch
  42. Where can I buy an ETA 2824-2 replacement movement?
  43. Watches for Medicine or medical use
  44. First Decent Watch
  45. Finding a good watch
  46. New Speedy and a great experiece
  47. First luxury watch - thoughts
  48. A central hand for the date?
  49. Vintage Ladies Watch, Please Help Identify!
  50. Timekeeping expectations following service
  51. Inherited Hefik..
  52. Jumping for joy: De Witt CLASSIC Jumping Hour
  53. Grand Seiko Quartz LE & 059 Review by Timeless Luxury Watches
  54. intoduction and new purchase from forum member Howa
  55. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<WRUW Thursday 3 October 2013>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  56. Taxed by FedEx after shipment?
  57. Military coolness
  58. "Minute detent" watches
  59. Combination birthday/new job watch recommendation?
  60. And now the government shutdown is felt in the WIS circles...
  61. BALL Watch USA Announces Anti-shock SpringLOCK® System to Increase Accuracy!
  62. Casio AQ320 Digital/Analogue watch
  63. Yeesh! (WARNING: may cause gastrointestinal distress)
  64. Finally got a bronze watch, now what?
  65. Ebay Fake or Real? Tissot PRC200
  66. Need help :(
  67. Ralph Lauren US pricelist
  68. Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic for Suit and Business Casual?
  69. Versatile Watch: Rolex Sub, Sub Date or IWC Portuguese
  71. Watch Fatigue
  72. New quality watch for 250~450 Euro ?
  73. Wearing a watch to bed?
  74. recieved a watch - not sure if men's or women's
  75. Only Watch 2013: Another record smashed by Patek Philippe
  76. Royal Oak vs Engenieur ?
  77. What's up with the sales forum?
  78. HELP! Need suggestions on newbie purchase! $2 grand spending limit.
  79. Andrew Zimmern's latest watch?
  80. Do you find yourself buying the same look over and over?
  81. Longines or Cartier or.....?
  82. down due to government shutdown!
  83. Please help me pick a watch for my fiance...
  84. «««««« WRUW - WEDNESDAY - 2 October 2013 »»»»»»
  85. Can somone ID this Citizen Eco-Drive for me?
  86. Boutique & Other sub $750 Autos Disposable?
  87. Thrift store score
  88. BALL Watch USA honors astronaut that took BALL Watch into space !
  89. Help!!! Small wedding party gift watches!!!
  90. CITIZEN Minute Repeater vs CAMPANOLA Grand Compilation (QUARTZ with HAMMERS?)
  91. Buying a high end watch for the first time... help!
  92. down!
  93. Finally got rpund to posting my first photos!
  94. Question
  95. Removing links - is there a difference between the links shown? Are clasp links special?
  96. This just in: IWC Ingenieur Vintage (3233) !
  97. Help me identify this watch
  98. one by one
  99. Photos of my watch
  100. Everyone's a winner: Winning timepieces of the 00/24 European Watch of the Year 2013
  101. So I turned 30 over the weekend....
  102. Please recommend me a first watch!
  104. New Member :)
  105. Watch Movement Videos--Post Here
  106. Modular Chronographs
  107. White watch 'cushion'?
  108. Boston Shops
  109. «««««« WRUW - TUESDAY - 1 October 2013 »»»»»»
  110. Please help about how to ship a watch!
  111. First Time Watch Buyer
  112. So, the wait begins...
  113. Classical Conditioning: Watch edition
  114. Cheapest place to buy in the UK?
  115. Which one?
  116. Looking for a cheaper alternative of an Audemars Piguet
  117. Two-two submariners
  118. Help: chronograph, white dial, max 40mm (Swiss)
  119. Help me replace my favorite watch.
  120. New TWCO pictures
  121. JLC seen in pawnshop window, help required.
  122. Would you pay $25 for this? (wenger)
  123. Longines Comet
  124. Which of these would you pick?
  125. designing rotor (oscillating weight)
  126. My watch collection, smart or a little to silly?
  127. Amazing Horological moments caught on video
  128. G. Gerlach October Special Offer for WUS members.
  129. Disappointing
  130. Xicorr - Made in Poland
  131. Copernicus. Made in Poland
  132. Apparently someone at Rockstar doesn't like big watches...
  133. Is there a good watch that ticks these boxes, or am I better off going cheap?
  134. Getting the grail, then the disappointment.....
  135. Custom made chapter ring
  136. === WRUW Monday 30th Sep 2013 ===
  137. Has any heard of a watch brand Fiton (not Fitron)?
  138. Longines legend diver or a Iwc aquatimer
  139. Replacement crystal for Tissot Seastar Seven
  140. Tissot or Christopher Ward
  141. Any Advantages to Buying Watches Abroad?
  142. Watch Help
  143. Everyday executive watch - choose one!
  144. Tag Heuer Aquaracer Grande Date alarm
  145. Someone help me ID this beautiful Movado please.
  146. My first real watch
  147. Watches <$2,000 -- classical/simple styles, Suggestions?
  148. Mido Multifort Chrono vs. Oris Atrix GT Chrono
  149. Torn between 2 COMPLETELY different timepieces...
  150. Longines legend diver or a aquaracer
  151. Movado 800 Series or Tissot TISSOT PRC 200
  152. Amateur-Vintage Longines
  153. Scratch-resistant Opti-Coat 2.0 coating
  154. Pictures of red-tipped seconds hands
  155. Franck muller: real or fake?
  156. Hello from Manchester UK
  157. New Member - Hallo !
  158. Third timepiece
  159. Seiko Monster owners beware!
  160. Hardened glass vs. sapphire with exterior AR coating?
  161. GO Senator Sixties Blue Dial?
  162. ^^^ WRUW Sunday 29th Sep 2013 ^^^
  163. Pre owned watch with another persons name engraved...Would you buy it?
  164. The man who makes £100.000 watches. Video
  165. Help me weed out some of my watches
  166. Something Similar to Glashutte Original Senator Sixties?
  167. Swim watch for my lovely wife?
  168. whats missing with is sherpa?
  169. TURNED DIAL: so 12 is @ 1
  170. stop lever in mechanical watch
  171. Allez Les Bleus: JEANRICHARD Terrascope Racing Metro
  172. BAM! Bathys Hawaii Creates World's Most Accurate Wristwatch: The Cesium 133
  173. RANTING: How to do it properly.
  174. Mastering watch names.
  175. New member checking in
  176. 1970's 6309-5059 project (pic heavy)
  177. Citizen Blue Angels authentic????
  178. couple more of my watches that i dont know much about
  179. A Bush shot
  180. One-Touch Triple Sensor: Casio PROTREK PRG270
  181. My new fun watch: Sevenfriday P3 (a mini-review)
  182. Wife brought home a gift for me
  183. NIVREL 150.001
  184. Job advertisement - Anyone willing to give it a tilt
  185. ~~~ WRUW Saturday 28th Sep 2013 ~~~
  186. My new watch!
  187. Just Bragging ...My Damasko is ..
  188. Assemble a watch Issue: Seagull 6497 movement
  189. Long time, no see...
  190. Zenith Espada vs. Rolex Datejust or where do you prefer the coin edge patten?
  191. JUNKERS
  192. Looking for a new watch. Need help..
  193. Handling buying impulses?
  194. Looking for a watch for my wife
  195. Is There a Sri Lankan watch brand ?
  196. Where to find original production information for Fortis 602.10.142?
  197. I Touched a $100K Patek Watch
  198. Panerai- Luminor Question
  199. Identify these UFC champs watches
  200. Should I get this El Primero?
  201. Went in for a new spring-bar...came out with this :O
  202. Great Video of John Mayer and his impressive watches!!
  203. List of Deck / Marine Watches
  204. ««««««« WRUW - FRIDAY - 27 September 2013 »»»»»»
  205. Sapphire vs
  206. Another example of ebay laxity
  207. Where do you get your Used/Vintage bargains from ?
  208. Excellent documentary on Watchmaking!
  209. So long, WUS, and thanks for everything!
  210. My new Tudor Pelagos.
  211. Average Jean Watch Pocket Size?
  212. HI! Affordable collection advice/ideas, new to forum
  213. All else equal, does the year of a used watch matter?
  214. Eberhard: Help me identify this!
  215. My latest Patek, detailed in HD Video
  216. Thoughts?? Bulova Accutron Conqueror
  217. My new partner in crime, Bathys Lunar midsize!
  218. Help Identify This Watch
  219. Your thoughts on this piece
  220. Eco-Zilla Suupa Adapter Size Band??!
  221. Question regarding purchasing a non working watch.
  222. Power Reserve Race
  223. Audemars Piguet Lookalikes
  224. --- WRUW Thursday September 26, 2013 ---
  225. Design flaws (easily avoidable)
  226. moonphase suggestions please
  227. Genesis: A10 vs 8810 vs 7001
  228. Are Montiek watches any good?
  229. Review of one of my Patek timepieces...
  230. Need some help on next purchase
  231. Need help from the pros finding a watch!
  232. Gold Plating thickness and wear
  233. Wedding gift
  234. cheaper vs expensive automatic watches
  235. What's up with Audemars Invading the Hip Hop Culture
  236. Investment Watches...Does such a thing exist?
  237. Finally, I got my first Grand Seiko!
  238. Philly Area WUS GTG - Let's hear who's interested for 11/24?
  239. Video: Daniels/RW Smith 'The man who makes £100,000 watches'
  240. SIAP: Video of 240 year old Jaquet-Droz automated writing doll (Amazing)
  241. Dubious indiegogo crowd-funding project (beware?)
  242. Shinola Watches
  243. Trading Watches
  244. Help me find watch!?
  245. Bulova 96a120 and 96a108 movements?
  246. NEW model: Bentley Solstice Chronograph
  247. This or that (Aquatimer or Explorer) ?!
  248. One Week In! My Classic Oris Divers Date!
  249. Watch for Husband's 30th Birthday - Help Appreciated!
  250. Thoughts on this Maurice Lacroix watch