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  1. What (functioning) watch have you owned for the longest time?
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  8. to magnify or not to magnify
  9. Can any heroes out there identify this piece?
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  11. International shipping
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  15. HELP. I need a contact from SINGAPORE!
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  17. Should I give up on auto's for daily wear?
  18. Water resistance of expensive automatic chronographs
  19. Top 5 Watches
  20. Choosing a new watch
  21. Sorry, another recommendation thread
  22. High end watch eye candy
  23. Who's watches are worth more than their freakin' car?
  24. ««««««« WRUW - SATURDAY - 24 August 2013 »»»»»»»
  26. Dusty face after service, am I crazy?!
  27. Opinion: sea-gull m199s moon-phase chronograph
  28. Suggestions for a watch with great Lume?
  29. SevenFriday Watches in California
  30. Chronotac Seamatic Vintage Bond...nice!!!
  31. Orient Mako XL vs Seiko Monster
  32. Recommend an automatic under $400
  33. Need help regarding recent purchase.
  34. Help my son inherit a classic!
  35. Does your favorite watch nationality match your favorite car nationality?
  36. What'd the deal with Vulcain
  37. Incoming; Speedy Pro
  38. Interesting Article on New Atomic Clock
  39. Bifora watch details
  40. Christopher Ward - New Trident
  41. Is this too big?
  42. Driver's watch: is there such a thing?
  43. Most accurate clock so far
  44. Rare Seiko, or not
  45. Lack of love for ALS/Lange 1?
  46. Help finding classic dress watch
  47. My five favourite Longines watches
  48. Tissot Titanium GMT vs Citizen Titanium?
  49. Help with my first watch purchase?
  50. Please, help with a SEEGA Geneve 17 jewels incabloc eta 2390.
  51. Moon Phase watch
  52. «««««« WRUW - FRIDAY - 23 August 2013 »»»»»»
  53. I think I know why I started wearing mechanical watches....
  54. WANTED Lum Tec 500M -3 BLack PVD with Orange dials and numbers
  55. Do you think most salesperson care or notice...
  56. Get Your "Freak" on For Only $137,000 - But What Time Is It?
  57. Just tried to get my watch serviced...
  58. ETA 2824-2 Losing Accuracy
  59. Looky at what I got?
  60. need recomendations for automatic watch priced below $300
  61. Dress Watch Recommendations for 24 year old under $500
  62. Bulova Watch
  63. Samsung Galaxy gear smartwatch
  64. Old timex watch
  65. Grand Seiko SBGR083, Glashutte Sport Evo Big Date, Cartier Pasha Seatimer, Jean Richard Terrascope
  66. Watch Monogamy
  67. Lets see your subsidiary second dials!
  68. Do you challenge your Authorized Dealers claims?
  69. question about pwr reserve/watch winder
  70. March Lab review?
  71. Is Rolex suitable for a handyman?
  72. Now I?m a Bulova: Manchester United swap Swiss Hublot for American Bulova
  73. Maurice Lacroix - which model???
  74. anyone know what kind these 2 watches are?
  75. A new - and very meaningful - addition (yes, it's a vintage style diver!)
  76. Who's going to the Inside Basel/Geneva (IBG) events this year?
  77. ««««««« WRUW - THURSDAY - 22 August 2013 »»»»»»
  78. Help ID two watches, and give me a suggestion?
  79. Screw Lock Crown - How Important - 2 Watches?
  80. Watch Recommendations Advice
  81. log book for a nice watch !!! i wish !!
  82. HMT Janata with Russian movement?
  83. Bad eBay experience today....
  84. Gigandet - can anybody provide me with any information on this watch?
  85. A plee for help guys >>
  86. Grand Seiko SBGR083 Attempt
  87. West End Watch CO.
  88. So I got bored during revision today...
  89. Zenith pilot 42mm bracelet problem
  90. Buler info and thoughts?!
  91. If you missed it. The Hunter by Egard
  92. Buying from Japan, Shipping to California
  93. Is shipping a watch to Thailand prohibited?
  94. Thoughts on Piggyback Chrono Modules, do you perfer them?, shy away, or give them no thought at all
  95. Watch for my wife? < $9k
  96. Frederique Constant: Official Timekeeper of the 41st Annual Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance
  97. Need help identifying a watch
  98. ««««««« WRUW - WEDNESDAY - 21 August 2013 »»»»»»
  99. TWCO on your winder
  100. Kemmner does make exceedingly good cakes
  101. Are online reviews worth a [email protected]?
  102. Swiss ETA 2824-2 not as accurate as my Orient Mako?
  103. HELP My watches keep disappearing!
  104. image size of photos uploaded on WUS - question
  105. Anyone have the Victorinox Maverick GS Green Bezel on Green dial?
  106. "swiss made" designation
  107. I'm back now
  108. Zenith authenticity
  109. Looking for a new watch that looks like a vintage Omega
  110. Which watch to get as a present...?
  111. Help me name that Panerai model...if you can!
  112. Problems winding Peseux 7001
  113. Longines Hydroconquest vs Tag Heuer F1
  114. Would Love Help With Details Of Pop's Watch
  115. Ronda 5021.D vs ETA G10.211
  116. My arm is too long
  117. This Day in History: Russia invades Czechoslovakia, August 20, 1968
  118. Alpina Extreme Diver 300 Chrono Auto Vs.Certina DS Action Diver Chrono
  119. for a the Red Beanie...
  120. Special Rose Gold version: Christopher Ward C9 Harrison Jumping Hour MKII
  121. So WRUW on Tuesday, August 20th 2013? Huh? What.......
  122. First dive watch options and recommendations
  123. Somewhat unusual Citizen Automatic - do you recognize it?
  124. Is still a hot mess?
  125. Japanese Cartier Authorized Dealer? - Help, anyone who can read JP
  126. Orvis Solunagraph by Heuer questions and repair
  127. Why Do They Do This?
  128. Bagelsport...pleasantly suprprised!!!
  130. This place breeds ADD...
  131. A problem with WUS-questions and recommendations: a noob's perspective
  132. What's your favorite carbon fiber dial?
  133. Vacheron Constantin: what's the deal with all the buzz?
  134. Damasko Da36 Question????
  135. One of my faves — Carl F. Bucherer Patravi 4X in rose gold
  136. Half-Million dollar watch with actual mechanical bird...Pierre Jaquet Droz
  137. Pocket watch movement help!
  138. Rotary/Swiss Legend.
  139. Went for A Dive(r) & Got Burned - sort of...
  140. Buying from sunknots
  141. Please recommend an automatic watch at US 1,000 - 1,500
  142. Wondering if anyone can help me with this model watch?
  143. Buying my first expensive (in my opinion) watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  144. Name this watch from photo!! Please help!
  145. ladies rolex genuine or fake?
  146. Help With His And Her's Watches As Wedding Gift
  147. 30th Birthday Present to Self - Suggestions?
  148. Alternatives & Suggestions please
  149. Watch scam: Elderly targeted in new watch related crime wave
  150. Grand Seiko Service?
  151. My Grail just arrived in the post...
  152. Automotive watch section?
  153. New Acquisition: Revue Thommen Airspeed 40mm
  154. Ball Engineer Master 2 Diver vs Perrelet Seacraft 777
  155. My humble collection, new and learning
  156. Odd Questions-What Hand?
  157. What kind of watch should i buy after divorcing my wife?
  158. <<<<<<<WRUW Monday 19th August 2013>>>>>>>
  159. Frederique Constant or Revue Thommen
  160. Gym watch. Steel or rubber/silicone?
  161. Can somebody tell me what Omegas these are?
  162. Rolex Two Tone Bracelet. Gold plated clasp?
  163. Can anybody help me date this omega seamaster
  164. A question about In house movements
  165. Anyway that I can check out a Sinn 756 (s or regular) in NYC?
  166. Need help identifying watch - Hoveti
  167. The longest you ever wore a watch w/o taking it off?
  168. My experience of buying a watch
  169. Advise on first watch please
  170. Tan/light brown leather band for Seiko sne031
  171. What does it feel like to thin the herd?
  172. forum problems?
  173. Watch Kenneth Cole Model #KC1930 Concern.
  174. tough watch
  175. Black Face Digitals - Difficult to Read?
  176. Black watch
  177. Does this watch look too large
  178. ETA 2801-2 power reserve only 40 hours. Should I worry?
  179. Looking for a mostly-matte/satin/brushed finish sporty watch (with orange accents) for under $500
  180. Is this funny?
  181. RADO Ceramica - are they as tough as they say?
  182. a wedding present from my wife
  183. Is it possible for me to rig up a homemade pressure tester?
  184. Looking to spend up to 5k, need suggestions
  185. Need some advise in picking a good everyday watch ( I.E beater watch)
  186. What do you do with watch with leather straps in the summer time?
  187. Invicta!!!
  188. Well decorated/finished 3-hander movement with steel case?
  189. <<<<<<<<<WRUW SUNDAY 18th AUGUST 2013>>>>>>>>
  190. Opinions wanted: JLC Grande Revsero GMT vs Grande Reverso Date
  191. Omega PO 8500 or GO Sport Evo Panodate
  192. New member With a request for 50th birthday gift ideas
  193. New member
  194. Hadley Roma folded link removal-learned something
  195. New member saying hello
  196. Review: ETA 2824 vs 2892
  197. Often, it's little things ...
  198. Help! Need advice for first watch.
  199. Quick & Dirty ....
  200. Tapatalk upgraded.
  201. Help Me Find This Style Watch?
  202. Magrette Regattare Tiki Arrival!
  203. Visit to the Jacob Jensen Studio - Any questions ?
  204. Help with ID'ing Wrist Watch
  205. Seiko Barcelona vs Citizen Proximity
  206. Orologi e Dintorni (Also known as Chronollection) safe??
  207. Calculating / Estimating the total mCi on your GTLS watch
  208. Eterna Skeleton Watch
  209. Smaller Watch similar to orient bambino visodate under $150
  210. Any other decent forum software for iPhone/iPad?
  211. Does this RADO look FAKE?
  212. Question for grammarians about how watches "wear"
  213. Discount DUO: 50 Euros savings on new green/black DUO from Botta-Design
  214. Which watch in your collection represents your best value purchase?
  215. Looking for a nice everyday watch -7500-8000
  216. some questions regarding my Casio PRW5000y-1
  217. ---Saturday 8-17-13 WRUW---
  218. I'm going to be picking up dog poop, what watch??
  219. The watch you wear when you "leave" your job.....
  220. Eco-Drive black face charge more slowly?
  221. What watch is this?
  222. Let me introduce myself...
  223. Professional JAXA Watch Case Back Opener - Anyone used?
  224. Does adding complications reduct a watch's power reserve or accuracy?
  225. first real watch: SOH 42 or AT8500
  226. N00b's First Post
  227. How does someone get my email address from WUS?
  228. Superb watch, but... Brand?
  229. Had a weird watch dream last night...
  230. Damasco DA36 (where to buy)?
  231. found this in parking lot
  232. World War Z watch Terra Cielo Mare
  233. is the orient mako a good watch
  234. Got my new strap from Ernie! (pictures within)
  235. Small details on our next project
  236. What would you do if it was you?
  237. Wedding watch - thoughts & suggestions
  238. Help with a watch
  239. World's Biggest Watch - Are you brave enough to wear it?
  240. Hi all
  241. First Luxury Watch--Omega vs. Tag vs. Rolex?
  242. Help needed
  243. JLC Master Geographic hugely flawed
  244. My First Post!
  245. Longines Calibre 21.29 Chronometer
  246. Which handwind watch would you choose?
  247. Hyetis™ Launch of the "earlybirds" campaign
  248. Calling Time on Damaged Watches with Manhattan Time Service
  249. Can a watch bring bad luck?
  250. any clue what brand this could be