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  1. Making the Jump Excited/Nervous
  2. Heavily Modified Movement... Really?
  3. Watch acquisition strategy
  4. Is it possible to invent a fireproof watch?
  5. Seiko 5- a good budget automatic or a meme?
  6. Christopher Ward news & releases, a showroom visit
  7. crap quality sapphire glass
  8. Wind or grind ? Traser P67 Officer Pro Automatic Retro Touch
  9. wruw-tuesday-october-2-2018
  10. Dream Watches That Disappointed You When Meeting in Person
  11. Need suggestions
  12. Holland and Holland Watch Value
  13. SS bracelet that uses curved spring bars
  14. Black bay with date?
  15. The GF Watch Concept
  16. watch identification request
  17. My first high-end swiss piece.
  18. TIMEX Marlin Automatic Date - 40mm - $250
  19. Would you prefer your micro brand watch with or without a name on dial ?
  20. Recommendation: affordable Black Tonneau dress watch
  21. Last week‘s visit to D.Dornblüth & Sohn
  22. ETA "G" movements on Jules Borel
  23. Looking for Watch shop or person to do customizations in OC area of CA
  24. On October 1st - How many of your watches will need the date set from 31 to 1?
  25. At some point, they’re all the same???
  26. Certina DS2 chrono flyback
  27. MSRP question
  28. “District Time” - Washington DC Watch Event
  29. ***** WRUW Monday, October 1, 2018 *****
  30. My first Swizz watch - is the latest Oris Aquis date a good choice?
  31. Seiko Presage srbp77 Cocktail Time; OK, I’m Impressed.
  32. How small can an automatic movement be?
  33. Chronograph functions: do you use them??
  34. "Appropriate" watch
  35. Seiko or Hamilton?
  36. first exhibition back wristwatch
  37. BWC watch co ?
  38. Any modern watches like the Gruen Airflight and Day/Night watch?
  39. Help me identify this watch
  40. Sapphire box crystals - durability ?
  41. ---***Sunday WATCH on your WRIST 9-30-18***---
  42. My Carrera loses 10 seconds a day.
  43. Fall watch GTG in Asheville NC
  44. Watch addict’s dilemma. Guidance needed.
  45. Huge Zenith Event Thursday, October 4th!
  46. What to buy next? - $1500ish
  47. Tale of a One Watch Guy.
  48. Show off your favorite caseback in your collection.
  49. Tenshodo Grand Complication Citizen 6770 repeater
  50. CW gmt for $945 (New). Wait or jump on it?
  51. Are Chinese movements better than Swiss ?
  52. Trying to identify a watch for a dear friend.
  53. Please Help Me Identify Bear Grylls's New Watch!
  54. Is this Tag Heuer Watch Real?
  55. New to the forum. Hello all
  56. ************Saturday-September-29th-2018-WRUW************
  57. Ocean X 1000m Diver...
  58. Suggest a hand-wind Chronograph
  59. Mido - Chinese Parts?
  60. Unsure how to handle a servicing issue with a new jeweler
  61. Watch disappeared en route to UK - advice?
  62. 2 Watches I want but am afraid to try. suggestions?
  63. If you could only have three watches
  64. Hey Blancpain, Grammar matters
  65. Looking for a quartz "pepsi" watch, can you make a suggestion?
  66. Need chronograph recommendations
  67. Live and Let Die Rolex prop watch
  68. Which one of these 4 watches would you buy for an everyday watch ?
  69. Help needed: what are differences between Seiko SSC293 (Prospex) and SSC081?
  70. Patrick Reed wearing a Hublot I think at the Ryder Cup
  71. ************Friday-September-28th-2018-WRUW************
  72. Looking for watch market in Johor Bahru
  73. Looking for a watch for my doctor wife
  74. Why are IWC's so.....
  75. Watch Travel Destinations
  76. Omega Event Thursday, November 29th
  77. Geographical coordinate watch
  78. The final (time)piece of the puzzle. Famous last words?
  79. My Toddler Dropped My Explorer I 114270 on the Floor...
  80. Longines vs. Tag Huyer & Advice needed
  81. Thoughts/Opinions on Gold Plating
  82. 1st Time Buyer - Citizen Skyhawk
  83. How much do you care about timekeeping accuracy?
  84. First Luxury Watch! Help Needed, Possibly Aqua Terra?
  85. NJ GTG anyone?
  86. Oris ProPilot or TAG Heuer aquaracer?
  87. APRO... accuracy questions
  88. Chopard Gran Prix de Monaco Historique 2014 Opinions and alternatives pls!
  89. 7750 wont start unless chronograph is started
  90. Any opinions on watches assembled in Thailand ?
  91. This will be my next luxury watch purchase. ( Pic inside )
  93. Omega globemaster vs. railmaster! Help me choose the right one
  94. Identifying a watch
  95. ************Thursday-September-27th-2018-WRUW************
  96. Auction - Timepiece platform
  97. Should I get Tudor or Breitling
  99. New here - Hello and a quick question
  100. Is this a Patek Philippe 3520?
  101. Used luxury battle: Tudor Black Bay 36mm or 1st Gen Aqua Terra? Go!
  102. SS bracelet suggestion for blue Pan Europe
  103. Question regarding watch nomenclature
  104. Help me identify this Universal Genève watch
  105. BWC vintage spare parts?
  106. Should I Service Watch?
  107. New Zenith Cronometro Tipo CP-2 Flyback Limited Edition
  108. One In - One Out vs One Out - One In
  109. [Blancpain] Fifty Fathoms Bezel Replacement Pieces
  110. Jaeger-LeCoultre event in Perth
  111. Let's try this again...
  112. Quick lusts
  113. New here, jumping right into it
  114. whats the purpose of temperature into caliber please explain.
  115. A Tale Of Two Seamasters And My Journey So Far
  116. Help decide price and other for Citizen and Jacques Lemans watches (3 total)
  117. New To Watch Collecting - How To?
  118. *************Wednesday-September-26th-2018-WRUW************
  119. ID this watch from Blue Bloods...
  120. Need Help Identifying A Watch
  121. AD vs Grey - How often does it come down to the brand?
  122. Omega or Bell & Ross
  123. How to Synchronize the Seconds with Minuit Hands perfectly?
  124. Show your white face/brown leather strap...
  125. Would you still wear a watch if...
  126. Are there any automatic chronographs that are 38mm?
  127. Tudor Black Bay Series: Did Rolex plant the seed?
  128. Brevet crown?
  129. Need Advice: Thinking of Buying Used Omega Seamaster
  130. Tracking the value of your collection - Apps
  131. Which watch should I get next?
  132. Which is more important to you clear caseback or engraved back ?
  133. Is this an authentic Cartier roadster?
  134. Do you keep your dive watch bezels positioned at the 12 o’clock position?
  135. Orient (F)ER2F004W - Orient's hidden gem?
  136. Does anybody know anythng about the watch Co Minotto Marina ?
  137. Dress watches: <$1000, <37mm
  138. My First State of the Collection
  139. Junghans Form C
  140. 2 watch, which one should I SELL?
  141. How come 702watches is still up?
  142. ************Tuesday-September-25th-2018-WRUW************
  143. In-house vs ETA
  144. Watch Newbie - Can't Decide On My First Watch!
  145. Skeleton Watch - Raymond Weil vs Louis Erard
  146. Best watch under $150
  147. A truly meaningful timepiece on my wrist these days..
  148. Your Arm is a Tourbillon
  149. Minneapolis and/or Denver Watch Shop Recs
  150. Help me select a "retirement" watch
  151. Unknown, forgotten, or just ordinary?
  152. Other Forum Recommendations
  153. Should I Keep Or Return? -- Used CWC RN Auto Diver Mk1
  154. Gnomon Import UK - any experience?
  155. Need help on authenticating a RW Maestro watch
  156. Help finding a Unicorn
  157. IWC Mark XVIII Accuracy Question
  158. im looking for this watch : M&M Blue Sea !!
  159. Watch Advice please!
  160. Diving with a non-diving rated watch
  161. New Member here
  162. Need to find watch for my fiance
  163. Walking into AD's shops....
  164. ************Monday-September-24th-2018-WRUW************
  165. First Bigger Watch Purchase, Help Me Make The Right Choice!
  166. What are your pet hates about a new watch (any price range)?
  167. Compass watch ideas
  168. What do you think about Time Tutelary watch cases?
  169. The mysterious Casio MRW-200HC bezel
  170. Shock Resistance Standard beyond ISO 1413
  172. WatchTime NewYork 2018 anyone attending?
  173. Recommendations for watchmaker to change crystal
  174. Do you test a watch before you buy it?
  175. What Jaeger-LeCoultre to add?
  176. Help needed - Identifying a Baume & Mercier
  177. Rolex check - Fake or not?
  178. Help identify this watch - IMAGE
  179. Ideas for chronograph big date
  180. seiko SARX035 or Longines Conquest L3.777.4.58.6
  181. Ann Indian watch lovers
  182. Indecisive Newbie in need of help for first watch purchase
  183. Boston watch shop?
  184. ************Sunday-September-23rd-2018-WRUW************
  185. Incoming - A. Lange & Sohne
  186. Resurface a bezel question
  187. Best Dress/Formal Watch For Under $3500
  188. Omega Speedmaster vs Panerai Luminor Marina 1950?
  189. Royal Time on Amazon
  190. Yonger and bresson
  191. Looking for Gold Dress Watch
  192. Can you recommend a US Lemania 5100 service specialist?
  193. Newbie Question About 1st Automatic
  194. I've given up looking for my dream watch. Looking for a custom watchmaker.
  195. dicontinued remade
  196. Omega Speedmaster 9300 master chronometer
  197. What interesting watch have you bought recently?
  198. ************Saturday-September-22nd-2018-WRUW************
  199. Magrette Moana – Microbrand Masterpiece! (photo heavy!)
  200. ***Watch You Got On Canvas***
  201. The problem of telling 24 hour time with a 12 hour analogue dial
  202. Greetings To All
  203. First Post, saying hello
  204. Used watch shops in NYC?
  205. 2 Eterna-Matic 3000 Watches 1466U 1504K
  206. Old US Government HEUER stop watch
  207. Where to send an Eterna for service?
  208. Need a Watchmaker/Appraiser (South Jersey)
  209. Dubey and Schaldenbrand Aerodyn Venus limited edition evaluation.
  210. Replacing Speedy. Looking at Sinn 556i, IWC 3740/41. Anything else I should consider?
  211. Do some scratches annoy you more than others?
  212. Chopard LUC Pro One GMT Cadence authenticity check
  213. Intricate Watch Cases? + Ralph Lauren Discussion
  214. Where do you sell your watches?
  215. What's up with the second hand?
  216. •••••• Friday September 21 2018 WRUW ••••••
  217. Sandpaper to fix scratched case with brushed finish?
  218. Watch recommendation-38mm triple date?
  219. This is either a trend with Chrono24, or it's just me
  220. Why do some watches have minute markers around outer rim?
  221. Power Reserve Question
  222. Certina DS PH200M or Seiko SARX039/SPB037
  223. First Luxury Watch Purchase - Rolex Datejust vs. Cartier Santos
  224. New member saying Hi
  225. Out-of-Production watches that you DO own, that other WISs want
  226. US customs duty for watches below $800
  227. A curious wrist size / watch fitting question
  228. Best bracelet on a less than $3,000 watch?
  229. I have the Bleus
  230. The Worry of Liking the Smartwatch Too Much
  231. ************Thursday-September-20th-2018-WRUW************
  232. No support for H2O watches
  233. Please identify this rare swiss watch
  234. Enicar mystery
  235. Would You Find & Buy All of Your Old or Lost Watches if You Could?
  236. IWW still in business ??
  237. Disinfecting a watch
  238. Davosa Pontus AllStars collection - difference?
  239. What things do you hate on watch videos?
  240. Joe Rogan talk about watch !
  241. Time source / Mondelli Jewelers
  242. What watches have this kind of steel plate on its case?
  243. Can I Trust This Seller?
  244. Help identifying old watch
  245. ************Wednesday-September-19th-2018-WRUW************
  246. What brand is this watch or any info?
  247. Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger
  248. Thinnest 7750 variant?
  249. Is it "caseback" or "case back?" Explain and justify your reasoning
  250. Rolex Explorer 14270 or Cartier Santos