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  1. Certina DS 1, Longines Heritage 1954, or...?
  2. Finally found my Bernhardt Sea Shark
  3. Why do timex watches tick so damn loudly?
  4. Help with wedding present
  5. Boston GTG May 25th details
  6. ««««««« WRUW - WEDNESDAY - 15 May 2013 »»»»»»
  7. New Tutima from Basel 2013
  8. A couple newbie questions (maintenance and strap changing)
  9. Schofield Signalman
  10. Is Roamer kiddin' me??
  11. Top 5 G-Shocks
  12. Distorted Dial?
  13. calling all Marathon owners
  14. Help! Erratic Speedmaster
  15. How much time deviation do you tolerate for your mechanicals?
  16. Questions regarding Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono
  17. Need Help With a Men's Watch Purchase (~10K)
  18. Need help please for a PAM24!!
  19. First Purchase Advice
  20. Need help someone from US ?
  21. Watch dial collections?
  22. Should I pull the trigger ?
  23. Bad luck with online dealings lately.....
  24. Tried on a stranger's Explorer 1 at the bar...
  25. Watch Recommendation: PVD, Chrono and Sporty
  26. Advice on first purchase (budget ~$3000)
  27. Buying my first watch - tips please
  28. Reevaluating my watch saving, and candidates for my first big puchase...
  29. «««««« WRUW - TUESDAY - 14 May 2013 »»»»»»
  30. Help. Luminox 1842 Stopped
  31. Small(er) watches may not be that bad, afterall...
  32. Grand Seiko Hi Beat vs. Zenith El Primero Espada
  33. German Watch
  34. A Week in the Life of a Watch Geek
  35. Ebay deals ..for real?
  36. "Mumbai Specials" and other Watch Originations to Avoid
  37. Great watches never die - The new Royal KonTiki presented by Eterna
  38. Trusted site?
  39. Omega Seamaster Professional--Should I Acquire One
  40. Berman Watch Co
  41. Montblanc better than JLC?
  42. Any experience on these sellers
  43. Really Really Need help!!!
  44. ORIS Royal Flying Doctors Limited Edition Youtube Review
  45. What watch did you like so much you bought it twice?
  46. First & Last purchase for the year!
  47. Ideal 3 Watch Collection Challenge
  48. Accutron Quality/Value
  49. Luminox VS G-Shock, The Test of TOUGHNESS
  50. The Fruits of Graduation: Two New Arrivals
  51. Problem with a Movado Triple Calendar with Moonphase
  52. «««««« WRUW - MONDAY - 13 May 2013 »»»»»»
  53. If you were buying a Rolex tomorrow what model would it be?
  54. Watch Movement? Are you sure?
  55. Help me pick a watch?
  56. Now this would take mucho testicular fortitude..
  57. Vacheron Constantin Overseas Titanium Date
  58. What percentage of your monthly income would you spend on a watch?
  59. Prometheus Sailfish with Sardines @Costa da Caparica, Portugal
  60. tagheuer real or fake
  61. looking for some help with a piaget
  62. The Watch Sold You Miss The Most
  63. G Shock Mudman vs Suunto Vector
  64. Picked a PARNIS and not looked back...must have got a good one :)
  65. Watch companies whose customer services live up to their name
  66. Is it possible to attach a leather strap to this Citizen? (newbie question)
  67. Vintage watch selection help: Omega, Omega, IWC
  68. Making a Bronze and Burlwood Watch
  69. Guests. Who ARE they? What do they do? What do they look like?
  70. What was the most expensive watch that you bought sight unseen..
  71. What exactly is one second? Neat video
  72. Dubai or not Dubai?
  73. <---------- WRUW? Sunday 12th May 2013 ---------->
  74. Let's See Your Computer Watch Related Wallpaper
  75. Let Us See Your Collection
  76. Help me pick a watch: Sinn, Nomos, Omega, Rolex
  77. Help me identify this 1960s Vintage LeCoultre Gold Watch - Value?
  78. Would you pay more for a pre owned watch..
  79. Off Topic - Computer Help
  81. Fantastic Hodinkee Article...
  82. My Story (long and sad)
  83. Sea Gull ST1901 vs. Valjoux 7750
  84. Get out scuffs on brushed finish?
  85. Alternative to Ball Engineer
  86. Question re: Bulova automatic
  87. Stainless stell vs. titanium comparison help
  88. New Watch, New Chrono, New Brand...
  89. My Grey Market Luck Ran Out...
  90. ...... Just in CASE ...... Bead Blasted, Brushed, Matte, Polished, Satin, etc.
  91. What Watch or Watch Brand Offers Best Value
  92. ««««««« WRUW - SATURDAY - 11 May 2013 »»»»»»
  93. White Dial / Under $600 / Bracelet
  94. Considering buying Stowa, Archimede but living outside Europe
  95. Advice on How to Sell on WUS
  96. Graduation Present to Myself
  97. Wenger Swiss Military 7902X
  98. Are these Seikos too big for me?
  99. Suggestions for a tough, light watch
  100. Example of why CONUS-only exists
  101. Trying to find some watch history
  102. New Arrival!
  103. Help IDing a newer Bulova...
  104. Picked up a new watch last night
  105. THIN executive watches, at least 41mm, ideally with tourbillon
  106. Mont Blanc Ladies Watch ID
  107. An article discussing the price/value ratio of watches and other goods
  108. My first "real" watch - a quick story
  109. Seeking something similar this Ball watch
  110. Find a watch in a similar style
  111. Hamilton Jazzmaster Square Chrono VS Tag Monaco Chrono?
  112. Got my first grail checked off the list :)
  113. What does the military use
  114. Take a look at the "top shelf" of my collection!
  115. Need help finding the right watch
  116. «««««« WRUW - FRIDAY - 10 May 2013 »»»»»»
  117. Why the name of my favorite watch is now censored?
  118. Scotch-brite success!
  119. Post watches that you have won or got in an odd way.
  120. New Guy Introduction
  121. WUS vs TZ....selling
  122. Automatic Chrono under $1800
  123. Mido - Basel 2013 - New Releases
  124. My humble little collection up to date
  126. Is this repair reasonable? I think I am getting robbed...
  127. What watch are you wearing today?
  128. Hamilton as a gift for my brother in law
  129. TUDOR: New Book - Limited edition - with a huge discount of all the members of Watchuseek !
  130. Auction win?
  131. WIN, WIN, WIN - Momentum / Watchuseek D6 Chrono Contest!
  132. Hi everybody from Spain.
  133. My meager collection
  134. T-race Black or White Dial ?
  135. Questions about Ebay's feedback system...
  136. Alternatives to the Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono?
  137. A question about power reserve.
  138. Handwind won't wind :(
  139. How do I remove the bracelet on a Christopher Ward C60 Trident?
  140. ««««««« WRUW - THURSDAY - 9 May 2013 »»»»»»
  141. need help looking for a leather strap, photo attached.
  142. Who are the top master watchmakers in US?
  143. Win an Amazon $100 Gift Card - Take our 2-Minute Luxury Watch Survey!
  144. vintage JB Champion NASA on speedy
  145. A great pair
  146. Sometimes simple is nice……
  147. To upgrade and thin the collection or not. Opinions
  148. Trying to contact Loyswatch...First purchase
  149. Stupid newbie question -- pronunciation of "ETA"
  150. Its "Potential" Grail Time - Suggestions Please
  151. What was your longest wait to receive a watch in the mail?
  152. Assuming I can get my hands on one of these 2 LE Reversos...
  153. Help Identifying a Watch
  154. >>>Which WATCH BRAND Dominates Your Current Collection<<< ???
  155. RGM 801 vs 222
  156. ***WRUW May 8, 2013***
  157. Need some help with a Tiffany brand watch.
  158. Anyone know which Seiko Kinetic this is?
  159. Three different looks.
  160. What do you think - Paul Picot Yachtman
  161. new member saying hello
  162. Introducing myself as a new member.
  163. First time buying overseas, need advice!
  164. Please help me get a gift for a DoD colleague. I am new at watches... (rugged, accurate, bombproof)
  165. How would you spend $50,000 on seven watches?
  166. Terminology: watch case "dial size" vs. "dial opening size"?
  167. Looking for my first luxury watch for my 18th - <£1000 for my entry?
  168. Ceramic Watches - Omega, Tudor, Rado
  169. Davosa Day/date
  170. Watches "Visconti" on BaselWorld 2013
  171. Fixing tarnished hands?
  172. A SPECIAL EPOS 3393
  173. Cleared for take off: JeanRichard Aeroscope
  174. SMACKDOWN! Buddy wants to trade an AP SS Diver with my JLC Navy Seal GMT Chrono
  175. Whats your fastest sale ever and at what price?
  176. a newbie here...Need some Corum enthusiasts to help identifying the authenticity of my watch
  177. How difficult is it to replace non-US quartz purchased online or only available as an import?
  178. Help identifying this watch
  179. Need Help Finding Wempe Zeitmeister Chronomaster or something similar
  180. Help on vintage Omega Seamaster!
  181. Internet Purchases Tax Free in the US Are Likely Ending........
  182. Can you indentify this watch?
  183. ««««««« WRUW - TUESDAY - 7 May 2013 »»»»»»»
  184. Dilemma: Absolutely love the watch. The size? Not so much - Anyone else ?
  185. List of Reliable Grey Market retailers?
  186. Roamer Stingray Quartz
  187. It arrived!
  188. Paul Picot Basel 2013
  189. Hamilton khaki field opinion
  190. Desk Divers Unite! How do you deal with it?
  191. Raymond Weil Maestro- Is it safe to buy from a Grey Market dealer??
  192. An absolute crime
  193. Smaller world: 42mm Porsche Design P6752 WorldTraveler
  194. Is this J12 the real deal? Pls help
  195. JR duty free Melbourne
  196. Is Singapore sellers on the Bay with high rating trustable ?
  197. Anyone Bought from eRELYX?
  198. ---Monday Wrist Checks 5-6-13---
  199. How loose or tight is your bracelet watch?
  200. Which Damasko?
  201. What's your favorite watch font?
  202. Help identifying watch?
  203. What makes your watch sentimental?
  204. "Long" term Orient Ray accuracy
  205. Pulled the trigger on a Nomos Orion Weiss
  206. Who is liable for repairs/replacement cost if your watch lets in water during a water pressure test?
  207. Grand Seiko SBGA003 vs. SBGA011
  208. Scam, or am I crazy?
  209. Helping out a Spanish forum to get the project going
  210. What watch is this??
  211. A Sunny Sunday at Ericeira, Portugal with the prototype of the Prometheus Sailfish
  212. Advice re Import Duty
  213. Atlanta GTG on May 18th at Omega boutique
  214. What is this thing with thick watches? The thinner the better as fas as I am concerned, even divers
  215. EDC for young woman
  216. Victorinox Maverick II Alarm Question
  217. Automatic Watch Maintenance question??
  218. meet up in Netherlands
  219. versatile watch
  220. useless saturday night thread
  221. Prometheus Bauhaus RLJ02 for
  222. Collecting/Flipping for discretionary income - who is involved?
  223. pls. recommend me a watch with power reserve dial
  224. Seiko 100th year vs 130th year anniversary limited editions
  225. A decision... and the declaration of a grail.
  226. If you could buy watches from only one brand for the rest of your life, which brand?
  227. ###### Sunday 5/5/13 WRUW #######
  228. Aquastar Geneve Deepstar in nearly as new condition
  229. Can I change the Battery in this watch?
  230. Mystery Watch Number 1
  231. Research help...
  232. Lugs vs. Lugless
  233. Recommendations: Cleaning Smudges on My New Sapphire Cover?
  234. For those of you members in the Edmonton area...JULY 13 or 14?
  235. May 4th 2013 Let's See Some Blue
  236. Help a new member choose a new watch: Tag, Damasko, or Limes?
  237. MeisterSinger No.3
  238. need advice, comments, opinions and suggestions
  239. what would you do ?
  240. Tickoprint Android / i application
  241. W.R.U.W. Saturday 5/4/2013
  242. Pulsar PXT 718 - is the bracelet removable?
  243. Screw down crown movement
  244. Chinese GMT movement unknown!
  245. Need some help
  246. New to watch collecting and would like info on eterna matic 18k deluxe.
  247. OMG, I'm in love
  248. Let's make up a new list: vulgar watches that we love anyway
  249. I'm a three watch guy this week!
  250. Sports/diver watch with day and date display?