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  1. New renderings from Newport Watch Co., feedback appreciated!
  2. Tissot Le Locle vs Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Automatic MK II
  3. New Member
  4. Poll: brand name on dial. Yes? No?
  5. HELP!
  6. Aramar Customer Service?
  7. Anyone dealt with
  8. Modern equivalent of Bauhaus aesthetic
  9. B&M vs Hublot vs. breitling vs. Bedat & co. Vs. tag carrera
  10. 5TM WR suitable?
  11. Iphone app that tracks watch accuracy - Twixt
  12. How desirable is the new IWC Portuguese In-House Chrono
  13. Help identifying watch
  14. A future collection request for opinions!!!
  15. Scuffs on mineral crystal. Can I remove? *PIC*
  16. Is Hamilton the best brand?
  17. WRUW - TUESDAY - 23 April 2013
  18. ROLEX Shuts down E-Bay in South America
  20. Yes/No? you ask your watchmaker to repolish the case
  21. One of the nice things about a cheap (er, inexpensive) watch...
  22. Anyone have any experience with "Watch Collector" software and other questions
  23. A more accurate way to set a watch?
  24. Tag Heuer formula 1
  25. Recommended Repair Shop in Manhattan or Brooklyn?
  26. IWC 5001 vs. Panerai 392
  27. How easily do watch bracelets rust?
  28. CYMA Set Lever Woes
  29. new to forum with a question
  30. Video about a watch in space
  31. Buying a watch for youngest brother
  32. Waiting for customs charging!
  33. = = = = WRUW - Monday 22 April 2013 = = = =
  34. Mini GTG dinner with my friends
  35. How do you know ur automatic watch is gaining enough power everyday?
  36. World's most beautiful watches - according to Paris Match (article in French)
  37. Can anyone give me their thoughts on this Citizen moon phase
  38. I have been very bad!
  39. Itching for a vintage-style chronograph!
  40. Watch repairer scratched lugs when changing straps
  41. I was watching fareed zakaria
  42. Which size Cartier Tank?
  43. A new watch company emerges.
  44. Which watch would "the most interesting man in the world wear?"
  45. ? re servicing
  46. Opinion on Movado 800 series
  47. Need help selecting a new watch
  48. WUS members in Venice?
  49. What do you think about Perrelet full moon titanium
  50. [220413]- Watz that on ur wrist to start the new week?
  51. Anyone sync with Emerald & Sequio
  52. Any "Must Visit" AD's in Long Island NY ??
  53. The places I pass by on my way to/from work... please have tissue handy for your drool ;)
  54. Dewitt 28/8
  55. Looking for: small dress watch with blue hands max. $300
  56. Watch Technologies to collect
  57. Vostock amphibia..any good?
  58. What Watch Have You Sold You Regret?
  59. What time is it ???
  60. Rado True or Tissot Le Locle or Hamilton Linwood?
  61. Archie Luxury is now Paul Pluta
  62. Insert a image
  63. Designer!s Secret?
  64. Remove speedy bezel insert without removing bezel?
  65. Rado True Matt Automatic R27857152 without anchor symbol. Is it real?
  66. Longines Heritage Retrograde Review @ Timeless Watch Exchange
  67. PVD - Any strong opinions for / against?
  68. What do you guys think of when you see a 23 year old with a speedmaster pro?
  69. Anyone know the construction of fixed bezels & different ways fixed bezels are put on
  70. WRUW - SUNDAY - 21 April 2013
  71. Basel sneak peek: Alexander Shorokhoff watches
  72. bought my first good watch
  73. Rado True Black cermaic for 600$ (50%), can I go for it?
  74. My 1st G-Shock...
  75. Open-face PW suggestions/recommendations
  76. What is the longest you have ever had an Automatic keep perfect time?
  77. Swatch Red Sunday non-hacking movement
  78. Latest Addition- Zeno Watch Basel Ceramic Diver
  79. Wanted: Rado florence R48704103
  80. Poll: Do you prefer right-side-up numbers or radial (6 is upside-down)
  81. Gift for Friend Going to Military
  82. Attention Fellow Cycling Nerds: What is Richard Sachs wearing?
  83. Help Me Choose My Next Watch
  84. Solar powered mechanical watch?
  85. Guess which 1000m Chrono I got my hands on! JLC Navy Seals Content
  86. Modded my Monster................................... Again!
  87. End of the World Watch and Why
  88. vintage watch please help me identify
  89. Basel sneak peek: Schaumburg Watch
  90. Omega Seamaster Aquaterra NZL --VS-- Tag Heuer Carrera crono
  91. Simple watch.
  92. JLC Alarm Clock
  93. Dubois Depraz 2025 movement - is this a good one?
  94. **WRUW** Saturday 20th April
  95. Inherited Seiko 6139-6005 & VS Sport
  96. Do Mioyta/Seagull/etc. ETA clones definitely take ETA-labeled hands?
  97. Looking for an automatic watch $300-$350...
  98. Any leather strap sizing experts out there?
  99. Vacheron Constantin hand-wound wristwatch in need of repairs
  100. Very hard time finding anything that fits my wrists
  101. Help me fill in this list of common mechanical movements
  102. omega 37,5mm considered for women?
  103. Generic Question about Postin and the Format
  104. How much was the last service for your auto/mechanic watch ? (SURVEY)
  105. Can a 10 year old, just serviced Breitling be considered "good as new"?
  106. Seiko Black Pilot
  107. In-House Movement: What's the Big Deal?
  108. Citizen H800 Caliber - AT8020-54l
  109. Prometheus RLJ02 Bauhaus Watch Project for
  110. Miyota 0S1A Movemtn question - Please help! :)
  111. What movement RW Tango 5599?
  112. Decisions
  113. Need help to find this watch
  114. Baume and Mercier vs. MontBlanc
  115. BEST WATCH @ 1000-1800 dollars?
  116. What watch is this?! Please HELP
  117. Newly made manual-wind watches...what's available?
  118. Identify this watch
  119. Interesting watch from the Brooks Brothers/Thom Browne label Black Fleece
  121. Orient Ray - Sound investment or folly?
  122. Need a decent watch under $2k (2013).
  123. Found a Rado Sintra Jubile at a good price -- not for me but if anyone's interested...
  124. Telemeter scales
  125. Oris watch - Would you do something about this?
  126. Where do you like your photos hosted.
  127. I am officially a Deep Blue Fan!
  128. **** WRUW: Friday April 19th 2013 TGIF ****
  129. How I was scammed - my cautionary tale
  131. Red Dot Design Award: Is it actually prestigious or a marketing ploy?
  132. Rado Diastar magic 40?
  133. Rotary Maximus - Photos and Info
  134. Thinking about buying a pre-owned Rolex Sub C or a 4-5 yr old model..
  135. Anybody else enjoy having a small collection of watches compared to a big one?
  136. Basel Fair 2013 ? Follow AZ Fine Time To Get Up To Date Coverage
  137. New collector wanna-be needs help
  138. old Rolex quandary: continuity through transformation?
  139. Fixing a 1972 Bulova
  140. Advice on collecting vintage watches on a low budget. Is possible?
  141. Montreal GTG 2013
  142. Roamer Info?
  143. WUS-Annoymous!
  144. Breitling 350D Pilot Bracelet problem
  145. Could this be a magnetic issue?
  146. What is this watch?
  147. Conan O'brien wears a Patek!
  148. Womens Auto Suggestions
  149. What got you into collecting watches???
  150. Bell and Ross WW1
  151. A cute 38 year old arrived at my door today.
  152. Any Recommended Pre Owned Shops in Vegas?
  153. Overnight Shipping Costs and eBay Buyer Protection. Wow.
  154. Safety in watchmaking
  155. For All You Omega Fans - Commercial on TV
  156. WRUW: For Thursday April 18 2013
  157. AD Offered Great Deal - Need Input On Potential Purchase
  158. Recomendation for an automatic under $200
  159. The Watch Snob Answered My Rolex Question
  160. IWC AT2000 or Bremont S500 as a slightly bonkers diver?
  161. Bulgari Dress Chrono
  162. I need help picking out a new watch!!!
  163. Are smaller watches more comfortable?
  164. Affordable Automatic Perpetual
  165. Introduction and advice about my first mechanical watch
  166. Looking for a Ladies Day-Date
  167. Louis CK's new show
  168. Anyone used UNEShop?
  169. Good News: Project PROMETHEUS BAUHAUS RLJ-02 for
  170. DESPERETELY need help identifying this Longines watch!
  171. Got Bit by the GMT Bug!
  172. $7000. What would you buy?
  173. First watch, black or white dial?
  174. Rolex or Sinn?
  175. The grail Pyramid
  176. My Dress Watches
  177. WRUW - WEDNESDAY - 17 April 2013
  178. OUR BRAND EGARD. Come check us out!
  179. The Italians Came Through! ;) Watch arrival!!
  180. What are my options to get a Valjoux 7750?
  181. Meaning of "H" marking on Gallet watches?
  182. Grey Market sites
  183. When does a displayed model no longer considered as a new watch?
  184. Help determine the Raymond Weil movement
  185. The Sea Rescue Diver now available in Yellow!
  186. My Fun Watches
  187. Fortis band advice
  188. New watch-related purchase
  189. Speedmaster vs SubC comfort
  190. Is this Bvlgari Fake?
  191. I am Easily Amused.
  192. My Divers
  193. Similar watches recommendation
  194. Watches with thick bezels
  196. Watches on YouTube
  197. Would you spend $10K + on a pre-owned watch?
  198. GO Senator Sixties V Zenith Captain
  199. Two incoming - something old and something new
  200. Which should I pick
  201. WRUW - TUESDAY - 16 April 2013
  202. Frederique Constant moonphase
  203. Today was a good mail day
  204. WUS Looks Even Better in 47" - Now, No Funny Stuff...
  205. Lend a Watch?
  206. Can anyone ID this watch
  207. Does anyone knows what kind of watch this is . please help
  208. Went to Costco, slipped and fell onto a watch...
  209. Can anyone ID this watch?
  210. Help identifying a GMT watch
  211. NATO Strap Project. FINAL RESULT!
  212. Are new watches just plain stressful?.
  213. Can I dress down a Stowa 1938
  214. My two beauties!
  215. Looking for a watch in this Price Range
  216. ALTIS Ti Highgear (Techtrail) replacement strap
  217. Any experience with Virtuoso in Torino, Italy?
  218. White dial vs. Black dial for all-round casual watch
  219. Giuliano Mazzuoli watch box
  220. Best country to buy certain brands?
  221. March Lab
  222. Now, THIS is a well designed dial I like
  223. B&m decisions
  224. What should Bond be wearing?
  225. Anyone ordered from (not
  226. Victorinox Warranty and Service?
  227. Can you identify this watch?
  228. Is this B&M Skeleton still in production?
  229. Wife approves 4k budget for hand winding chronograph! Hooray! Suggestions please!
  230. Anybody else have a problem with Photobucket?
  231. The April 15th "Whatcha Gonna Wear Today?" Thread...
  232. Do you tell a friend if his watch is fake?
  233. Instrument to measure precision?
  234. How can I get access to the hands and face of my Citizen watch ?
  235. Am I just way too sedentary for an automatic?
  236. Costco watches
  237. Louis CK's new watch
  238. Was I wrong to declare this Baume and Mercier a fake?
  239. Can you recognize this Chrono watch ?
  240. Real Omega Speedmaster?
  241. State of the Collection (Tons of Photos!)
  242. Help needed in recognising watch
  243. $700 that I need to spend today! Help me.
  244. Is there such a thing as a 'casual-looking' metal bracelet?
  245. Watch companies that rarely make a bad design?
  246. Urgent-- Please help! Nomos Tetra resale value??
  247. Show me your custom bead blasted watches!
  248. Vintage Mido help
  249. Too many choices! I can't decide!
  250. Automatic Watch Winding Question - Advice Please!