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  9. Now we play the waiting game...
  10. Some days you just have an itch.....
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  12. Recommendations for a fresh college grad
  13. Strap question: anyone recognize these?
  14. You know, I'm really starting to take a look at a Grand Seiko as my first higher end dress piece...
  15. Some advice
  16. The Friday, April 5 Watch Show-Off Thread
  17. All I can say is "woof!"
  18. New to the world of watches.
  19. 1 watch to travel the world
  20. Oris Classic Date 2006-- just bought it used.. was it a good deal? and how do i check authenticity?
  21. Help me understand the appeal of Audemars Piguet
  22. Gift from Watch Company
  23. Zeno watch with a Revue Thommen branded movement - should I care?
  24. Jump hour watches
  25. Best Pilot Watch that can be used as dress watch < USD 7000
  26. Help me find this watch
  27. I have a question that has been bugging me..
  28. Bucket List complete! 3 favorite complications
  29. Would you or do you wear an all white watch?
  30. Tudor could use a GMT!
  31. What dress watch is Lance Armstrong wearing?
  32. Watch models/brands needed
  33. anyone got any infor on this brand Davoz
  34. just a question
  35. Automatic watches and servicing costs (by brand)
  36. Looking for suggestions for a 40-42mm chronograph in the ~$3K range...
  37. >>>>>>>>WRUW<<<<<<<< Thursday, April 4th
  38. Looking for a BLUE Lambretta Jet watch!
  39. Kazimon = Poor Customer Service
  40. Help with identify Superoma 17 jewels swiss watch
  41. Watch ID help needed!!!!!!!
  42. The 2013 Askmen Watch Awards Results!
  43. NIB...but with a dent in the case?
  44. New Watch! Blancpain photo content inside
  45. Reichenbach watches
  46. Special offer from slow watches to all watchuseek users !
  47. To any forum administrators!
  48. Do you feel "naked" without a watch
  49. Question about a Val. 7753
  50. Pocket Watch Movement Origin
  51. IWC, Jeager Lecoultre or Rolex?
  52. IWC to Australia
  53. Watch store credibility
  54. Watch shopping made simple:
  55. what's that watch in the Jodi Arias trial ?
  56. Missed opportunities
  57. What did I just hear?
  58. What would you pick....?
  59. Hey all intro and question
  60. A cheap vs. pricey watch lesson.
  61. Looking to buy my first luxury watch ($5k - $10k) Need advice
  62. A Watch Story (not what you think!)
  63. What's your short list look like?
  64. Watch Database
  65. >>>>>>>>WRUW<<<<<<<< Wednesday, April 3rd
  66. This or That: One Hander Edition
  67. Bremont Chinook LE
  68. The Apple of Watches
  69. ASP Tritium watch broken bezel
  70. What watch would you get if your wrist were bigger/smaller?
  71. Other "true" GMT watches
  72. Need help making purchase from someone located in the UK
  73. Omega Seamaster Authenticity
  74. Turning poop into gold
  75. HELP! I'm in some deep trouble!
  76. Suggestions for chronograph/GMT
  77. Coming soon?. SRD yellow?. Sneak preview!
  78. Leonidas
  79. Which wristwatches look best from a distance?
  80. Newbie Alert - Need some expert advice
  81. WOW - JeanRichard sale; these are good watches, right?
  82. identify this IWC
  83. Boschett Reef Ranger or Tag Heuer F1?
  84. Seeking much needed advice
  85. Solvil et Titus watch adjustment
  86. WUS: Help me satisfy my woman!
  87. Looking for a new dive watch, NEED HELP!
  88. Screw this, I'm building my own watch
  89. Very Automotivated to announce Xetum's launch of their new Kendrick Collection
  90. How Often Do You Service Your Watch.
  91. Help Victorinox Watch
  92. just came back from S.F. and handled some big name watches.
  93. I'm sitting here literally about to pull the trigger, but before I do I decided I would ask opinions
  94. New to forum, new to Luminox
  95. How magnetic resistant ARE quartz movements?
  96. Recommendations: GOOD watch repair in Toronto area
  97. Belowzero 42mm vs 46mm pics
  98. just tosed another piece of junk in the ocean Need A little help with a replacement
  99. Yihaaaa!!!! Minerva Heritage
  100. Reality Check
  101. Anyone have a Steinhart Ocean GMT?
  102. What's out there that's like this?
  103. ++WRUW - April 2, 2013++
  104. Casio Protrek PRG-110CJ-1JF Triple Sensor
  105. Groomsman Gifts - Bulova / Citizen / Seiko
  106. New guy on the block
  107. Would this watch be a hard read?
  108. Can anyone else relate to Bissinger's fashion addiction?
  109. Apple to acquire Linde Werdelin
  110. This beauty would probably be no good for me
  111. Different ways to display time on a watch
  112. Fake detector
  113. Heads Up...for all the fans of "Swiss" watches...
  114. How Slow can you Go? Slow is not a Speed, it's a Mindset ...
  115. A watch for my Tombow Zoom 707 pen in matching style? (With the following parameters:)
  116. I traded my watch
  117. Damasko Watches; are they worth the price ?
  118. New Swiss piece ordered . . .
  119. Frenchies
  120. Is this watch too big for my wrist?
  121. GPS watch or not?
  122. Why mechanical movements speed up at end of power reserve?
  123. People who own chronographs - Do you actually use them?
  124. Can you guys help me identify this watch? I have no leads D:
  125. <<<<WRUW>>>> April 1st 2013
  126. Luminox Question from newbie
  127. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceramic 8520: In Depth Review
  128. tough, cheap, analog, easy to read watch? Does it exist?
  129. Build Your Own Movement&Case
  130. seiko
  131. New to watch buying - advice for first purchase
  132. Why divers?
  133. Please help me identify Tiffany watch model
  134. Authenticity of Montblanc GMT Chronograph - What Model is it?
  135. Introduction :)
  136. Any idea how to set the time on this watch?
  137. The case for one grail watch vs. collecting watches
  138. 40mm or under Auto Chrono
  139. WIS & Pathological Perfectionism
  140. Is the JLC master control a boring watch? My thoughts and a review (pic heavy)
  141. Is the UK atomic clock currently broken / wrong??! (BST related bork?)
  142. AP website down
  143. AP Royal Oak Selfwinding vs Royal Oak Chronograph??
  144. >>>>>>>>WRUW<<<<<<<< Sunday, March 31th
  145. SOTC 3/30/13
  146. What makes you sell?
  147. Seiko to Omega ,What did I miss along the way
  148. Can Anyone Help Me "Appraise" This Disney Watch?
  149. My First and Last Purchase for 2013 -- MK II Nassau
  150. Is Swatch Automatic from early 2000 in demand?
  151. Baume & Mercier - no forum? I need help identifying one
  152. New Watch & SOTC
  153. Shopping in London the Strand !!
  154. My Croton Mod
  155. Incoming - last purchase of the year for me (Pic Heavy)
  156. Interesting/funny story
  157. WUS burnout?
  158. Where to buy Seiko SARB045 in Tokyo?
  159. Daylight savings tomorrow - How well does your watch keep time?
  160. Spec underneath crystal dome?
  161. My modest collection (pictures)
  162. Lacroix ??
  163. Blancpain - help with identification, please
  164. Need advice on a malfunctioning watch that has sentimental value
  165. A place in the world, a clock
  166. Whats the Difference in these movements
  167. Its too late now but...
  168. Anyone Ever Hear of CAPITAL, a Swiss Maker (pics inside)
  169. Bracelet options for GShock DW5600c?
  170. WRUW on Saturday 3-30-13
  171. What would you do in my situation? Help!
  172. G Shock GR8900a (blackout)
  173. The ETA 7750 with a column wheel- Introducing the Longines Manufacture Calibre L688.2
  174. IWC and Omega PO ticking ?
  175. Anyone wind their auto ?
  176. Your Chance to Acquire a Few Vintage Rolex's...
  177. Orient Mako scratched bezel - solution to fix?
  178. Post photos of your ugliest watches.
  179. Hello, I am a new member, Pleease can you help me identify a watch? Linda
  180. A little too nitpicky or am I seeing things? Misaligned dial on new watch
  181. Did Rolex invent the presidential bracelet?
  182. Missing attachments?
  183. Omega Flightmaster
  184. Summer Time !
  185. Show me your Summer/Casual Watch!!!
  186. Any recommended shops in Hong Kong or Bangkok for Straps
  187. Help where am I going wrong
  188. For watch box and vintage watch
  189. Losing the warranty card
  190. Dylan McDermott, Award Winning Actor wears Carl F. Bucherer timepiece
  191. Brushed to polished?
  192. Identify this Bulova Sea King!
  193. Did I dodge a bullet??
  194. Can anybody identify these watches from the GQ Men's Watch guide?
  195. Buy jlc master control or go on vacation
  196. 2000th Post... wow.
  197. Quick Miyota Question (Invicta)
  198. A Proper Introduction of a Proper Dive Watch on a Not So Proper Strap
  199. WRUW 03/29/13???
  200. Acquired one of my grails today
  201. The start of my problem
  202. Lots of accuracy/rate info for my Orient Classic Automatic Sapphire
  203. Watch Rankings Based on Design!
  204. Searching for a better watch with this "look"
  205. [HELP] Watch for small wrist person!
  206. Where does one move after Tag Heuer?
  207. Omega Watch Repair
  208. Worldtimer: My thoughts on the GP (pic heavy)
  209. Not sure if in the right place, but I need someone to identify this watch for me
  210. I guess I bought it.
  211. Summer Watch Ideas
  212. how do you rotate automatic watches?
  213. 1957 pieces only: Christopher Ward C70 VW4 Vanwall Chronometer
  214. A Very British Victory - Celebrated by Christopher Ward’s Limited Edition C70 VW4 Chronometer
  215. Val. 7750 issues
  216. Designhuette Watch Winder
  217. New Member Needing Suggestions
  218. Country or countries where you can buy Swiss watches for a low price
  219. what are some of the must haves in a collection.
  220. >>>>>>>>WRUW<<<<<<<< Thursday, March 28th
  221. ...............WRUW Thursday, 3/28/13............
  222. Interested in your thoughts on this upcoming GO watch
  223. Your Favorite or Best In House Movement / Complication Between 10-20K
  224. Did I say it's been ten years since my last watch?
  225. Omega Watch Repair
  226. Would you buy this?
  227. Where can i get a 25mm watch band (cloth or leather) ?
  228. Short rant about a Kijiji buyer
  229. These Italians are ignoring my requests and don't want my valuable U.S. Dollars!
  230. citizen BN0000-04H new diver watch arrived today, smallest watch i own. Do you think its too small?
  231. Trying to identify the watch from the new Stella Artois ad
  232. (Lady) Gaga fun men's watches
  233. Orient Lexington Orient FEV0M002BT (EV0M002B) anyone?
  234. Dealer Warranty on Rolex= Aftermarket parts?
  235. Enicar?
  236. What are some entry level gold dress watches
  237. Classic watch
  238. Drivers Watches
  239. Amida Digitrend
  240. Oar inspiring: JeanRichard becomes official timeeeper of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race
  241. New Watch - very Battle of Britain-ish
  242. Banner Watch Identify
  243. Chopard Mille Miglia
  244. Can anyone identify what watch Michael Strahan is wearing?
  245. Advice on first major watch purchase
  246. I could use assistance, im trying to help my grandmother find the same model watch she had stolen.
  247. What panerai is Usher wearing on the voice?
  248. Looking for a nice diamond bezel watch
  249. New arrival - Archimede Pilot 42W
  250. Haggling for a Ball