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  1. The Wednesday, 03/27/13 Completely Gratuitous Watch Show-Off Thread
  2. EPOS 3411
  3. Help on rare Omega Connie calibre
  4. Born of the atomic watchs
  5. Anyone know of a watch with a tide indicator?
  6. My first mechanic, please recommendations
  7. My first vintage/repair/ booyah!
  8. Need suggestions for best Womens watches under $500
  9. Older "Rolex" watches
  10. What do you think of this French art watch
  11. What watch is this?
  12. Old member but new introduction
  13. used carrera cv2014 (year 2006) genuine or fake?
  14. The best travel watch of all time?
  15. Upgrading - advice on men's GMT auto purchase
  16. Why the obsession with high beat rate and its supposed superiority?
  17. Breitling link
  18. everyday watch
  19. James Bond/Omega
  20. Newb! Beware...
  21. Pocket Watch Conversion ...
  22. Ok, so Bonati lied!
  23. To what extent does brand marketing influence your watch buying decisions?
  24. Kicking convention into the curb: Bomberg Watches
  25. Can the dial of a vintage watch be touched up?
  26. Perrelet Titanium Series Case Hardness and/or titanium grade?
  27. How holy, are "the holy trinity"
  28. Sandwich dials - brands using them
  29. Wedding Watch: Grand Seiko Quartz vs. Nomos vs. Other
  30. Name for this part
  31. What other jewelry do you wear besides watches?
  32. Suggestions for a Dive watch for surfers under $1000
  33. Dear Japanese Watchmakers, Please Stop With the 24 Hour Subdials
  34. The Tuesday 03/26/13 Watch On Your Wrist Thingy...
  35. SOTC 3/25/13
  36. Watches on the Voice
  37. Anyone familiar with this 'new' german watch brand Firefox?
  38. thinking of selling my first watch on here, what do people generally use? pay pal or others?
  39. victorinox swiss army watch 40$?
  40. 1,000 posts! Thanks WUS!
  41. is it against WIS rules for not owning a mechanical chrono?
  42. I have one of these, Citizen Eco-Drive 300 Meter Professional Diver, Citizen BJ8050-08E
  43. Advantages of Titanium
  44. Maurice LaCroix Masterpiece Date
  45. It's not my fault! This was always going to happen....
  46. Maurice LaCroix Les Classiques Chronographe
  47. Patek
  49. Unknown Precession Electric Regulating Clock by West End Watch Company
  50. Identify maker
  51. Need help regarding this Elgin WWI Black Star...
  52. Citizen 30-5014 CTZ-6433
  53. AS2066 vs. Miyota 8215 Movement comparison
  54. State of the collection
  55. Got robbed and my watches are gone, how best to start over?
  56. Question about Christopher Ward C5
  57. Hamilton Ventura: talk me in or out of it.
  58. The agony... three watches
  59. how i fixed my eta 2892
  60. Have you ever bought a watch that reset your expectations for all future watche
  61. My latest wild one: Angular Momentum's Beryllium Diver Magnus
  62. Watch ID (Zero Dark Thirty)
  63. ...............WRUW Monday 3/25/13................
  64. Aren't Panerai watches really homages of Rolex, and if so...
  65. Would you buy a "Smart Watch" (iWatch, Pebble, etc)?
  66. Piaget Newest Ultra Thin Watch Movement Video - So Cool!
  67. The loneliness of WIS'dom
  68. How old were you when you bought your first "legit" watch?
  69. Basic Battery Replacement Help
  70. Switzerland to UK - import duty ?
  71. Help Choosing A Watch
  72. Watch for our 10 year anniversary
  73. Retrograde seconds
  74. Breitling Superocean 44 or Sinn U1?
  75. Best Seiko Selection in Atlanta?
  76. Please help me choose my next watch
  77. new photo album
  78. NEW Limited Edition Christopher Ward C70 British Racing Green
  79. New from Saint Honore Paris: Trocadéro Chronograph
  80. Help identifying/giving info about this Audermars Piguet? Perpetual Calender.
  81. Poll!!!!!Pls give me your opinion
  82. Rolex daydate question
  83. Buying watches: business case for the wife
  84. Getting a watch for a sake of a style?
  85. Your opinions please: BP FF, or JLC MCC2 and 42mm Seamaster PO?
  86. My humble collection
  87. New Arrival and Final SOTC (Again)
  88. Sometimes the wife can really surprise
  89. Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?
  90. ****** WRUW - Sunday 24/03/2013 *****
  91. So much for the "One Watch a Year Rule"--First Hamilton Watch
  92. Looking for a black rubber strap with orange stitching for this watch.
  93. Invicta 0783 Dubois Depraz....Any other timepieces look like it but not as massive?
  94. The collection so far
  95. If you were going into space...
  96. What are some 3 hand automatics with NO DATE, NO CHRONO, & a display back?
  97. BRUVIK - a young Norwegian watch brand with a world champion on the team!
  98. HI !!! I'am a new guy!!
  99. Is "Adjusted to Six Positions" more accurate?
  100. Is this eBay seller legit?
  102. A quick TSAR review: first impressions
  103. Watch for lefty
  104. Inquiries About Birk's Canada and my new Longines L2.693.4.78.5
  105. How important of a role in buying a watch is price value retention?
  106. Got two vintage watches from my father yesterday.
  107. Zenith Strap Options???
  108. Question about F1 TagHeuer chronograph
  109. GS Hi-Beat vs Omega De Ville: The photographic comparison you didn't know you needed
  110. How do we alert mods to spammers/scammers????
  111. Any experience with DEFAKTO watches?
  112. Steinhart Ocean 1 GMT, Orient Ray, Invicta 9937C which one should i take?
  113. Q: Wolf winders work on international power supply?????
  114. .................WRUW Saturday, 3/23/13???......................
  115. Recommend a His/Hers watch combo...ideas???
  116. Perpetual Moonphase Question / IWC
  117. NYC can't miss watch stores?
  118. Can you recommend a similar watch?
  119. The TSAR has landed!
  120. Help Me Buy A Watch!
  121. Can you identify my watch or help in any way.
  122. I've been a baaaad boy, and I seem to have a new acquisition.
  123. You know you have a WIS friend when...
  124. Sandoz Submariner needs stem/crown
  125. Would you keep both of these, or return one?
  126. Omega unveils new antimagnetic seamaster
  127. Montblanc Star Chronograph
  128. Sneak peak at our newest watch
  129. Modern "trench" style watch. any suggestion?
  130. Miyota 9015 setting question
  131. How to pronounce "Tachymeter"
  132. Slim, square/rectangular dress watch advice for a novice with a small wrist
  133. Be still, my beating heart.
  134. Help! Will this 6497 Unitas movement fit into this case? Picture attached
  135. Experience with this pre-owned dealer?
  136. .................WRUW Friday, 3/22/13???......................
  137. Indoglo face not illuminating uniformly
  138. Sapphire is more fragile?
  139. Scenario: How many people will pay for Swiss over Chinese given identical side-by-side watches?
  140. Black, beautiful and still undecided.
  142. A few questions about PVD
  143. Received the walnut quad Brookstone winder.
  144. Wrong time on WUS home page
  145. What's your favorite WUS subforum?
  146. Supreme Court rules in favor of consumers!!!
  147. Rant on pics in sale theads
  148. advice wanted , responses given , but OP goes missing??
  149. Watch shopping in London?
  150. Is Seiko the answer ...
  151. Citizen eco drive
  152. Screw for Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine rubber strap
  153. Open heart with date
  154. (Bright) yellow dial diver worn in the late 80's (relatively expensive). What could it be?
  155. Thin, light mechanical with day/date
  157. >>>>>>WRUW<<<<<< Thursday, March 21
  158. Dress / Dressy Watches
  159. The generosity of the WIS on WUS
  160. Am I screwed? (EBay)
  161. Automatic Watches Similar to this Fossil Day Date
  162. From Quebec
  163. Got my first "real" watch today...
  164. Baume & Mercier is Going in a Very Good Direction
  165. Watchmaker in CT?
  166. Just got my refurbished (de-stretched) Rolex bracelet back. I'm happy.
  167. New arrival, Gotham Black Torneau, opinions?
  168. Should I buy this vintage Omega Seamaster?
  169. Never select "no returns" on an eBay listing... you'll lose your money and the item.
  170. To PVD or Not to PVD, that is the question.
  171. One for the Panerai Heads
  172. Pulled the trigger...TSAR on the way
  173. Cyclops removal on a Tag 500m?!?
  174. Tactile feeling when manually winding an automatic - what is your experience?
  175. The WRUW threads
  176. Reliability of inexpensive automatics?
  177. Need some help on a project I'll be unveiling... Large close-ups of movements.
  178. Bulova Sea King whale automatic power reserve?
  179. Suggestions for an everyday watch
  180. Help! I'm after a higher end quartz movement diving watch with few complications...
  181. Reputable online sellers JLC & Breitling
  182. Help me choose between a Hamilton and a Mido
  183. Could you identify this watch for me?
  185. eBay Issues with seller
  186. Help Me Identify My "New" Watch
  187. New shoes for the Rado Diastar?
  188. cartier tank- XL or regular
  189. Invicta or Seiko!? Help me decide
  190. down?
  191. Urge for another watch! -- Need guidance
  192. What is it with eBayt/PayPal?
  193. Fell in love with a beater...
  194. >>>>Daily Watch On Your Wrist Thingy<<<< Wednesday, March 20
  195. $600K Smash and Grab Robbery at Mall
  196. fighter pilot self shot ..what watch is he wearing ?
  197. Sell them all to buy a ring?
  198. [THOUGHTS]- If these HAMILTON models are new... what's on with the design team?
  199. Why so many high-ends and new or like new watches in the private seller sales corner?
  200. Recommendations for a Quartz Perpetual Calendar
  201. Your opinions on these quartz divers
  202. Looking for minimalistic radio controlled watch for 300 EUR
  203. Need a good local Watchmaker for Service? Charleston SC
  204. Would you rather have your grail or several less expensive watches
  205. What is the loudest automatic alarm wrist watch on the market
  206. Can you identify this Concord watch for me please?
  207. Why i'd never buy an imitation watch
  208. First time watch buyer - help!
  209. I am in search of a rugged watch
  210. UN Quadrato Dual Time - Opinions?
  211. Advice for a New Watch Collector.
  212. Going to buy my first non-quartz watches. Need some help
  213. Automatic watch for women
  214. Pros and Cons of Manual Self Winding vs Automatic?
  215. Max Bill Automatic by Junghans Questions
  216. >>>>>WRUW<<<<<< Tuesday, March 19
  217. Cerruti watch stops working when not worn/or when worn in cold wheather
  218. Are Tissots known to scratch easily? i bought a tissot prs516 and straight out of the box it had
  219. My Benarus BRONZE /SNPR strap combo
  220. Maurice LaCroix: The Masterpiece Worldtimer and the Pontos S Diver hit the spotlights
  221. Great Little Rant on an Auction...
  222. WuS Members in Edmonton, Alberta and Area
  223. Eberhard & Co Ferrari
  224. Feedback on an On Line site appreciated
  225. What do I ook for in a vintage watch?
  226. Looking for a specific watch
  227. Why is my Tudor Submariner watch dial differnet
  228. Want a respectable watch with indiglo-like technology
  229. Omega Anti Magnetic Movement technology seems impressive
  230. Wife just inherited 18k gold Rolex Datejust with diamonds. Help please!!! *PIC*
  231. Miansai - new watches from the Miami bracelet company
  232. Help in shipping from Australia
  233. Dress Watch. Is it really necessary?
  234. Recommendations for Simple, Elegant White Dial Dress Watch
  235. Stealthing a G-Shock GR8900A-7
  236. >>>>>>WRUW<<<<<< Monday, March 18
  237. Getting SMP Bracelet to fit ..what to do ?
  238. Dilema, selling off a gift?
  239. WWW.ONEWATCHFORYOU.COM --- Sponsor at WUS.
  240. My new pilot
  241. Style vs Function
  243. The Heineken regatta 2013 St. Maarten. . . . . and TWCO
  244. Parnis flight deck
  245. Encountering a "too good" scenario. Panerai knowledge required...
  246. The "weighting" game
  247. I almost fell over in shock!
  248. All around watch choice - Need Help!
  249. Would like to try a Seiko watch on in-store but I'm not sure if I'll buy it right away...
  250. Vintage Croton Aquamatic - request for info