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  1. How's Bell & Ross rated here?
  2. Happy New Year from the Watchuseek Team
  3. For those of you who ONLY own expensive watches ($2000 and up)
  4. What does it mean to say a Watch has " Wrist Presence"?
  5. Mido COSC certificate
  6. Where is the best place to buy a NATO or Zulu on Manhattan?
  7. What do you find most fascinating when you look at a watch movement?
  8. Your New Year's Resolution...
  9. 2013 - YEAR of the new Fromanteel Amsterdam collection
  10. Good watch for someone on a budget
  12. Hello...and some timepieces I picked up at a junk store yesterday.
  13. Sinn 203 ST or Guinand 40.50-4
  14. Watchmaker near Knoxville?
  15. WWR - watches with recommendations
  16. Why Aren't More High Brands Using Tungsten Carbide Cases?
  17. Flyfishing watches
  18. Wruw on last day of 2013 (31/12/2012)
  19. Info on Danish Design Watch V13Q171
  20. Looking for a Vintage Watch with budget of $1000
  21. Anyone know how to get the case back off this watch?
  22. U-boat IFO at 600$
  23. Can someone suggest a good guide for newcommers to mechanical watches?
  24. Watches with Scientific Heritage/Advancements
  25. Ball watches.. thoughts, any issues? Diver World time, thoughts
  26. Where to purchase J.S. Watches?
  27. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph 41MM - some photos
  28. Just Bought - Retail Therapy - Ahhhhhhhh
  29. Wishing you a ........
  30. Help with finding about this watch! Please
  31. The logical next question - Dairy and Fiscal Cliff impact
  32. self sabotaging brands
  33. Your best looking watch
  34. Identification of this watch?
  35. Moonphase for southern hemisphere?
  36. Incoming...Omega and College Graduation Gift Content
  37. Please help LEO find the right watch!!! (Looking for a certain function*)
  38. Help with Berney
  39. How to fix/ avoid scratches on a watch with mineral glass?
  40. How do I adjust this rubber strap? (Grovana)
  41. Watch for my dad. Suggestions!
  42. $150 watch
  43. Which PR 516? Heritage T071.430.16.051.00 or T044.430.26.051.00
  44. Heirloom Watch - Help me choose!
  45. SOTC 2012
  46. Odd AD Experience Today
  47. Amazon (not the usual question re. gray market)
  48. <<<<< WUW Sunday 12/30/2012 >>>>>
  49. Help a Friend
  50. A Question .... Admin Stuff
  51. Until I get my Royal Oak
  52. Hamilton Jazzmaster vs Seiko SARB033
  53. Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0255
  54. Number of jewels represented as a fraction?
  55. Do you own a timegrapher?
  56. Hamilton vs. Oris
  57. Question About Watch Inactivity...
  58. Does anyone know the value of this Cartier clock and Pandan watch?
  59. Late Christmas, 2 incoming, snubbing my in-house snobbery.
  60. New Acquisition and a Fantastic Site Sponsor (Grenon's) Experience! (Long with Photos)
  61. Casio mdv102 is in production or not?
  62. Is $950 a good price for a Cartier Pasha Big Date watch?
  63. What's the deal with "Globe" brand swiss movement?
  64. New Girard Perregaux owner
  65. Ana-Digital Watch with Quartz and Automatic Movements?
  66. Incomplete lettering on Omega PO face
  67. $250 watch for a friend
  68. New seiko orange monster
  69. Recommend me good watches | Orient Ray or ...?
  70. No love for Perrelet?
  71. Can Watches carry energy?
  72. How many of you are in sales?
  73. Help me find a new Beater?
  74. Testing Accuracy: what tools to use?
  75. Saturday, December 29th WRUW
  76. Aunthenticity
  77. Victorinox service centers in toronro - Time Central very good, the other one can suck it
  78. Opinions on Rue du Rhone?
  79. Need some help please!!
  80. Gw7900 b-1 Glass type?
  81. WHat watch is this?
  82. Ebay (Interesting)
  83. Hey!
  84. Cars & watches
  85. if you can special order a watch from your favorite company ...
  86. Best watch shop in Houston?
  87. Does anyone have experience with
  88. Need help in choosing women's casual/chrono watch?
  89. Which complications are an anachronism?
  90. SIHH 2013: What are you looking forward to? If anything...
  91. What's the most you would spend on one watch (realistic bandings)
  92. Christmas ruined by poor quality
  93. Anyone have any insights into the Indian redial/refurbish cottage industry?
  94. Conundrum: Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim or Sea-Gull M201S
  95. How much would you pay for this watch?
  96. stainless steel bank silver it me or does this make the watch look girly or feminine?
  97. The Fall and Rise of The Valjoux 7750
  98. Bracelet problem?
  99. Need some suggestions for my next watch. Please help!
  100. Help to identify this gold watch
  101. Justified Watch
  102. Luming a unlumed watch.
  103. Ace Timer display case
  104. Raymond Weil Tradition or Frederique Constant Slimline?
  105. Special Edition Watches
  106. What is your daily beater?
  107. IM NEW
  108. Decisions for Watches - Requesting your opinion!
  109. First time buyer advice
  110. What's the mack daddy?
  111. Which is better?
  112. Would you choose a white dial or a black dial on this Hamilton King Khaki watch?
  113. Help need to find a reliable online store
  114. Best Watch Shop in Dallas?
  115. is there any advantage of central rotor over micro-rotor automatics?
  116. Seiko Calibre 7T92 Questions
  117. GMT Question
  118. I posted an incoming black dial Perrelet that was en route in the Do not open until Christmas thread
  119. Friendly watchmaker
  120. Large Victorinox sellers in the US?
  121. Is this a legitamate site for Tissot?
  122. What's the most you're willing to spend on a watch?
  124. RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)
  125. WRUW - FRIDAY - 28 December 2012
  126. Are there documentary-esque videos of watch making?
  127. Nixon Falcon
  128. The Best Bang For Your Buck In Your Collection
  129. Is it possible to get a black bezel for the Tudor Black Bay?
  130. Watch Repair in Chicago Suburbs?
  131. Curious, what watch is this Obama is wearing?
  132. Grand Seiko Price Increase Official for January 1st 2013
  133. Trading up? To sell or not to sell-thin herd for 1 sheep?
  134. Services Pocket Watch (Foreign)
  135. Longines-Conquest vs Raymond Weil-Freelancer
  136. Does this exist?
  137. Question about buying overseas
  138. Breitling Super Avenger vs. Tag Heuer Carrera calibre 16
  139. Help with new or used watch aroud $1,000
  140. TWCO Glowing in the Dark
  141. First Rolex
  142. A thought about insurance?
  143. Atomic
  144. eBay fakes pretending to be Jomashop
  145. Is the Invcita 1445 safe for underwater use?
  146. Apple making smart watch
  147. HELP!!! 1st Quality watch purchase. (opinions please)
  148. Zodiac ZO 2000
  149. "Want List" just gets longer - Jumping Hours
  150. An earthquake in my watch
  151. Is TRF ( website down?
  152. Looking For a Mid-Size Seiko Pepsi Diver
  153. Questions about automatic watches from a newbie
  154. First time buyer
  155. Best Solid Silver Watch with band
  156. FC Slimline Vs. Hamilton JazzMaster Thinomatic
  157. so whats happening in Thailand?
  158. New to this forum, hello!
  159. Complications and frustrations
  160. WRUW - THURSDAY - 27 December 2012
  161. ***Steinhart or Christopher Ward***
  162. Help identify watch please
  163. watch purchase advice
  164. My Christmas watch AND my Christmas surprise.
  165. My Xmass present Tissot Seastar 660 :)
  166. Sub-$600 Swiss Watch Recommendations
  167. SF Bay Area watchmaker needed
  168. Explain the Grey Market to me
  169. Bourne Legacy watch moments (**Spoiler Alert**)
  170. 1800's Lawrence and Sons- London pocket watch
  171. My first project.
  172. Why I WILL buy from Jomashop again... and you should too!
  173. Help me find a watch?
  174. This or.....
  175. Suggestion for day/date/readable at night sub-$250 watch for dad?
  176. What JLC can I get for 2500/3000/$4000
  177. Affordable 'gold' watch
  178. Which Ulysse Nardin looks better
  179. Thumbs up to a chain store counter staff
  180. Opinions
  181. Cheapest place for watches
  182. Best Christmas present ever!
  183. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak H66592 - some photos
  184. WiW - What is Wrong
  185. Watch stores in Hamburg and Berlin?
  186. thoughts on tissot?
  187. Casio protrek authenticity
  188. help me decide what to keep...
  189. Could this design turn into commercial production ?
  190. Need a rec: Solar (preferably Atomic), sub-44mm, analog, not too garish
  191. Purchase Help
  192. WRUW 12/26/12
  193. What Watch for Outdoorsman?
  194. Help with Ulysses Nardin
  195. Damn Curiosity!!
  196. Help me find a watch look alike!
  197. How to remove water marks/stains from AR coated sapphire?
  198. Looking for practical watch
  199. A year on WUS and its affects....
  200. found at home. fake?
  201. What's that 'deal finding' site called?
  202. Negotiating a discount for watches
  203. Engineering Student - First "Real" Watch </= $250
  204. Registered Mail Tracking Help?
  205. Harley-Davidson Bulova 78A00
  206. what are your thoughts on orient watches? ive just ordered a automatic blue dive model, i dont know
  207. Identify Seiko Chronograph
  208. SOTC/What am I missing?
  209. Rant
  210. Any watch that's similar to the oris dive date watch,that's quite thick and rounded but alot cheaper
  211. Got a New one for Christmas, I wouldnt have picked it, but I'll find a spot
  212. Please help me ID this Raymond Weil
  213. ORIENT BLUE RAY 200M DIVER - Whats your fav orient???
  214. !HELP! Find the identity of this wristwatch!!! RARE + Story
  215. Is this a REAL 7751 movement? Odd layout on a 'Dolmy'
  216. ..........WRUW 12/25/12 CHRISTMAS.........
  217. Dievas Vintage style watches
  218. HELP!!! Is my seiko black monster fake!!
  219. Most affordable gold watch?
  220. Wenger LED nomad or Victorinox Chrono classic with blue dial?
  221. Deceived by Hamilton Thin-O-Matic
  222. Sub $1,000 Dress Watch - Suggestions?
  223. The Seiko Smack-Down Thread
  224. Breitling heritage 46 vs longines legend diver vs 2x steinhart
  225. reached the 6000 posts
  226. Anyone out there Treat yourself to a Little XMAS Watch or Accessories :)
  227. Step by step guide on how to do an awesome signature with logos.
  228. Affordable Skeleton watches $1000 - $3000
  229. Whats the model of this watch?
  230. My First Prominent Timepiece
  231. How do you become a WIS?
  232. Best place to sell a watch in the UK?
  233. Sinn EZM 10 or 757?
  234. Percentage of income spent on watches?
  235. Vintage Omega identification/advice
  236. My collection so far.
  237. Why are we serial flippers?
  239. experience
  240. What does wearing a B&R watch say about a person?
  241. Preview of the Upcoming Launch from Cartier
  242. First watch Omega or Tissot
  243. Corum Ti Bridge
  244. First SERIOUS watch purchase *ba da dum*
  245. WRUW - MONDAY - 24 December 2012
  246. Prokop & Broz "Frantisek Kupka 1912" - some photos
  247. Movement ID (not sure which forum)
  248. New guy, couple of my watches, starter kit
  249. Jewler broke my watch, any advice or experiences?
  250. do u think 420 tissot quartz watch is worth the money?