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  17. Failure of hardened surfaces
  19. CONCLUDED WITH PICS: Poll on 2 Nice Everyday Watches
  20. Just recieved Bernhardt Globemaster... Are these sounds normal?
  21. Hamilton Khaki Officer Auto
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  23. Reinventing the wheels
  24. Help me find my first watch!
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  27. Automatic watch repair?
  28. ««««««« WRUW - Tuesday - 20 November 2012 »»»»»»»
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  30. Show me your Glycine Combat 6
  31. Are there any automatics that look similar to the Tissot V-8 with Ivory Dial
  32. Tag Heuer SLR Automatic Question
  33. Marine Watches
  34. Gevril Group
  35. Luminox 1847 chronograph
  36. Looking for a skeleton watch, need your advice
  37. Good deal or not?
  38. Need help finding certain Citizen!
  39. Need help finding certain Citizen!
  40. Sociologist's wristwatch (Zygmunt Bauman)
  41. Recommendation for a sub $500 ladies watch
  42. First watch need help and sticking to a fairly low budget
  43. LVMH F&F 11/2012
  44. Alpina Avalanche Regulator worth the money?
  45. Timex Ironman 'Dual Tech' T5K399 - which time source is used for the alarm function?
  46. Need a good watch under $200 for most dressy outfits.
  47. Has anybody heard of...
  48. Almost Great Watch Photos
  49. WRUW Monday 2012-11-19 WRUW
  50. I've thought about this a time or two ...
  51. Am I crazy? Collection consolidation Part II...
  52. Base metal MPDG. What is it?
  53. Seeking suggestions for a replacement watch
  54. Watch noobie here, critique my collection, and looking for another watch for my collection.
  55. [191112]- Watz that on ur wrist to start the new week?
  56. "Spurious Signature" Blancpain FF
  57. What is wrong with Invicta?
  58. Does anyone in the DC area have an Omega midsize (39.2mm) AT 2500?
  59. Is this Montblanc Timewalker genuine?
  60. Omega Aqua Terra 2500 or Nomos Orion?
  61. are scratches easily seen from afar?
  62. How to clean the GW7900
  63. Should I get a movado?
  64. Buying from the Sales Corner - How do you do it??
  65. Identification of an EDOX quartz
  66. How should I clean my G Shock GW-7900?
  67. As Santa, What Is On Your Sleigh This Year.........
  68. New to the fold: Certina DS Action Auto and Tag Heuer Aquaracer
  69. US Grand Prix - What watch was Martin Brundle wearing?
  70. 10 yr anniversary - need his/her set recommendations
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  72. Watch Spotting on Flight from Vegas to L.A.
  73. WIS Arrested at Airport
  74. Ottawa Members...
  75. Favorite travel watch features?
  76. Christmas Coral: Christopher Ward W60 Coral Ceramic watches
  77. Need Help with my Tudor Watch
  78. Identification Issue on a Particular Watch
  79. Can anyone give me the scoop on River Woods watches?
  80. Where to begin
  81. Take off: Techné Watches Merlin Collection
  82. Lum-tec vs steinhart
  83. <><><><><><><><>WRUW, Sunday 18 November, 2012<><><><><><><><>
  84. Frederique Constant FC-303MC4P6 compared to Tissot T41.1.423.33
  85. Would U buy a "fashion" accessory by ROLEX? So why diss the other way?
  86. Buying from another member
  87. Going to Chicago in 3 Weeks......Any Suggestions?
  88. What have been some of your highs and lows...
  89. Best $100-300 leather starter watches?
  90. DOOMSDAY WATCH: What would you strap on to face the post Apocalyptic World?
  91. We... participate with the eVA procurement system...
  92. U-Boat Flightdeck Advice
  93. Citizen Signature Automatic vs Nomos Tangente No-Date Manual
  94. Expected battery life on basic quartz like Bulova under $200, Fossil, Skagen, Seiko under $100
  96. I really need to walk a different way back from work!
  97. Tissot PRC200 vs Citizen AT4008-51e - Struggling to decide
  98. Rolex Oyster Speed King
  99. testing results posted// Need advice about time accuracy issues with BULOVA 96a100
  100. The longest you have waited for a watch to arrive from the factory?
  101. Best watch around US$2,500. Any suggestion?
  102. IWC vs JLC
  103. Need your help guys; Is this Swiss Army watch a trademark infringement?
  104. New Automatic Watch - Suggestion Please
  105. Ok... who was it? Speak up now!
  106. 15% off an Egard Watch for the Holidays
  107. Tissot Le Locle vs Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic
  108. Little help with Aquaracer decision/info
  109. Is it just cheap/low-end bracelets that pinch arm hair?
  110. ««««««« WRUW - Saturday - 17 November 2012 »»»»»»»
  111. AskMen Gives Nice Credit to Watches $1000 or Less
  112. Is it possible to replace a stock 7mm ETA 2824 Watch Crown with a aftermarket 6mm eta 2824 Crown?
  113. Rolex OysterDate/Mechanical Watch Question
  114. Difficulty in finding a sub £260 automatic watch, help!!
  115. Buying from Higuchi
  116. A really nice Pulsar!
  117. Seiko 5 21 jewel movement question
  118. Jacques Lemans- Can anyone help?
  119. Why Arent Modern Automatics As Thin As Vintage Onces?
  120. A little suprise in the Tourneau shop
  121. Advice on New Watch
  122. Beckham
  123. PW Content from the Movie "Lincoln."
  124. HELP!
  125. GBP 200,000 of Seiko watches STOLEN!
  126. Repair Co?
  127. Please help me find a men's watch for my grandmother
  128. Temption Special edition CGK205 in blue and red
  129. Finally gonna bite the bullet, getting my first mechanical watch
  130. Your opinions on my front runners/more suggestions
  131. First wrist watch disassembly by novice
  132. Graduation present
  133. Items for a new watch owner
  134. Items for a new watch owner
  136. [161112]- Watz on ur wrist to end the busy week?
  137. New JLC Reverso Pic HEAVY!
  138. What's On Your Santa Wish List This Year?
  139. Mini Rant about Ads
  140. Custom Project Forum
  141. Get to pick a watch (For free). Need help!
  142. There's bad QC and bad QC...
  143. Which is your favorite?
  144. Which is your favorite?
  145. Let me see some blue aligator strap watches
  146. Need a credible source for Ladies Mondaine MIKRO A watch
  147. The Watch Report
  148. The Omega AD gave me 2 warranty cards..
  149. watch recommendation
  150. Finally another watch with a built in flashlight
  151. Post Your Watch Collection and their Nicknames Here!
  152. Recommendations for an Iconic College Graduation Watch
  153. Pie Pan authenticity check needed. ASAP. May be someone may help?
  154. Thorn between two lovers...feeling' like a fool....
  155. Wow....such a cheap rare Fossil watch...GRAB IT NOW !!!
  156. Xemex XE 5000 Chrono All Black - some photos
  157. Import taxes in Austria
  158. New Catch
  159. Anyone buy or heard about Rakuten Global Market?
  160. Tag Heuer Golf
  161. Digital Watch
  162. ««««««« WRUW - Thursday - 15 November 2012 »»»»»»
  163. Spera Pocket Watch - Propert of Benito Mussolini?
  164. V I II — 4 5 - 7 8 — X XI
  165. Banners mistake
  166. Tutima DI 300 Black 629-51
  167. USPS Has a Time Machine!
  168. Need Advice/Help: Selling on the Forums
  169. Watch features just really "Ticks You" off
  170. Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Watches
  171. New Longines Conquest GMT
  172. Help me find my perfect watch
  173. Armin Strom Tourbillon Pics!
  174. To Moon, or not to Moon...that is the question...
  175. My collection pics
  176. Nice women's watch that shows of automatic movement
  177. NFW watches?
  178. GW-7900FB-1 vs GW2310FB-1
  179. Island watch super banners every line?
  180. The Daniels collection sold in London
  181. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 38.5mm
  182. New fully charged Seiko Solar Chrono loses 3 minutes in a day.....
  183. Normal crown behavior and noise on ETA 2824-2 (Steinhart OVM)?
  184. Vintage?
  185. Sending to 'China' - Getting bad vibes and need advice
  186. Is a Small Seconds Subdial considered a complication?
  187. Urban Jungle to Back country trails, what watch is truly good all around
  188. ««««««« WRUW - Wednesday - 14 November 2012 »»»»»»»
  189. Got verified? (Paypal content)
  190. PayPal Gift
  191. How Many Did It Take?
  192. Why don't more high end companies use "hardening" on their cases?
  193. Historical Price Records
  194. Tag Heuer Monaco w/o Model #
  195. 1st Post & 1st Mechanical Watch - Opinions Wanted
  196. Corum Crystal Repair Advice NYC
  197. Swiss watch year 30s or 40s, brand "PRENCA" unknown for me
  198. UK advice on best place to sell Rolex GMT II
  199. Details Wanted on a Maurice Lacroix Movement............................
  200. Long term quartz watch storage
  201. Gerald Genta solo not Retro
  202. Federico Massacesi Full Carbon... now in USA !
  203. Ultimate watch for under $2000
  204. Full Carbon Timepieces hits USA !
  205. Is there a manual chrono that is NOT a speedy pro?
  206. Has anybody here owned a watch plated with palladium?
  207. My 1000th: Thanks WUS!
  208. help me choose a gift for friend that is being transferred overseas
  209. Where to Buy Tauchmeister 1000m Diver Watches in Hong Kong?
  210. ««««««« WRUW - Tuesday - 13 November 2012 »»»»»»»
  211. Tag Heuer Monaco CS2111 re edition
  212. Affordable day-date + GMT mechanical watch
  213. Beware the small print at
  214. HELP- Important Question?
  215. New Arrival: Dornbluth 04.0
  216. Seeking 10 inch (254mm) OR LESS nato style? Preferably leather and RAF. And dont say cut 'em...
  217. Am I the only one who does this?
  218. Eterna 1942 and Veteran's Day...
  219. David Gregory's Watch?
  220. Geez, don't we get tired, but another this or that - Chrono battle!!
  221. Importing a Watch into the US, what duty is due.
  222. What do you think of the Watch Snob on
  223. Please help me narrow down my options
  224. Hi Guys Plase, I Scratch My favorite watch!
  225. Clapton watch result
  226. Advice sought on a delicate matter
  227. I thought I was getting a beater???
  228. Manual vs Automatic and some other questions
  229. Watch sizes
  230. Gaze upon the unholy union bourbon and boredom hath wrought...
  231. Help me choose a retro-style watch: Zenith vs Longines
  232. Looks like Debaufre is monstly Out of Business
  233. main spring elasticity
  234. What does WIS mean?
  235. What do people think of Titan Watches from India
  236. Santa Went to the Orlando, FL., Tourneau Outlet Store Today - Ho Ho Ho
  238. New Member Introduction
  239. Smoky rubber?
  240. ««««««« WRUW - Monday - 12 November 2012 »»»»»»»
  241. Christie's auction of 12-11-12 @ Geneva
  242. Doctor Chrono/pulsemeter
  243. Opinion Wanted: Custom dial/Modification?
  244. Week-end/Travel/Sports Watch
  245. Movado Museum Sport chronograph
  246. Days after promising never to buy another watch I am secretly lusting after a strange Speedy....
  247. Help identify this watch. any ideas?
  248. help a brother to choose
  249. Help identify this watch. any ideas?
  250. Time is money: Apple pays $21M for clock design...