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  1. WUS's Incorrect Autocorrect
  2. can anyone give me information on this watch
  3. Robert Downey Jr. signifys how some people view their collection of fine timepieces.
  4. Forced to break up w/ Seiko & move on from this Watch Collection, Enthusiast and Hobby of mine.
  5. How do you determine the market value of a piece your shopping for?
  6. Purpose of sector/scientific dials?
  7. Recommendation - watch for my wife to be
  8. Newbie - advice on Tourby watch please
  9. 'Art Deco' Wednesday...
  10. Brand new -- just got the watch bug
  11. What are the most True To Price What Brand?
  12. White dial watches under $1500 similar in style to the Stowa Partitio and JLC Geophysic 38-40mm
  13. Dan Henry Watches!!!
  14. Starting from "Scratch," Trouble Pulling the Trigger
  15. New 5k piece decision time
  17. Reputable Watch Repair Shop
  18. Information about a watch i got as a gift
  19. Need input on this blue dial watch-Monta?
  20. Help in choosing the right watch. Is there such a watch?
  21. Munich-dwellers meet for a bier?
  22. FORMEX SWISS WATCHES goes kickstarter with their new FORMEX ESSENCE Automatic Chronometer
  23. Ever feel like you are wearing the wrong watch for the occasion?
  24. Photo Request for Publication
  25. Stores that BST in the Montreal Area or Experts that can help with watch deals?
  26. Advice on Shipping a Watch for Service, Sale, etc.
  27. Ever consider starting over....with nothing but micro-brands?
  28. ************Wednesday-August-22nd-2018-WRUW************
  29. ĎShark skiní strap - wearing in ??
  30. Possible end to atomic/radio signal in the US?
  31. Tampa Bay Area Watch Get Together
  32. What would you consider a "Low Ball" offer?
  34. Appraising/Insuring pre-owned timepieces?
  35. Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?
  36. Weekend tank watch
  37. How Do You Left Wristers Do It... ? ?
  38. any opinions on this website/dealer?
  39. Hello there.
  40. Excuses for "Where did you buy that watch from?" Ideas?
  41. Relationship between Regulating and Adjusting
  42. Rado high tech ceramic micro scratches
  43. Service to Drill Lug Holes
  44. Asymmetrical clasp, where shall I place it on the wrist?
  45. Searching Marathon 316L Bezel replacement
  46. Please people,post patina pictures in the public place.
  47. Watches and weddings!
  48. Hello from New Jersey
  49. Flipping watches as gifts: Fair play or faux pas
  50. Opinions on ETA 7750 vs Sellita SW500?
  51. Bold, Beautiful, Beasty Reviewing the Formex Element Full Steel
  52. 38-40mm Watches ?
  53. Wrist Watches of "Crazy Rich Asians"
  54. ************Tuesday-August-21st-2018-WRUW************
  55. State of the Collection - evolutions in 2018
  56. Hello from Canada
  57. Opinions on Diver's (brands, Quaility)
  58. Watch for young boy? - help
  59. New User + Help Me Decide What Watch to Buy Next
  60. Nitrogen Purging
  61. Month on periphery of the dial + day & date. Suggestions please.
  62. Collection - Next Steps?
  63. BUCHERER Help Requested
  64. Is it possible to remove the scuff on the bezle?
  65. First time returned a watch because of obvious quality issues: women's quartz Luminox diver.
  66. If I need to add my the First EVER Rolex to my Collection (And stop for 3 years)...
  67. Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Automatic (Basel World '18)
  68. Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT SBGJ201 incoming
  69. What is your top 10 watch brands?
  70. Dress watch with printed dial?
  71. Advice needed!
  72. State of the Collection - August 2018 - Part 2
  73. hello and help please
  74. $3,000 to Spend on a Watch
  75. ************Monday-August-20th-2018=WRUW************
  76. King Seiko NO DMG - too good to be true?
  77. How long can you play Jingle Bells???
  78. New member
  79. IWC quick strap change options
  80. Can I get away with this?
  81. SOTC & thoughts on next couple of purchase(s). Looking to subtract one & add two
  82. Do you know which brand/manufacturer made this watch?
  83. Does Resale Value Matter to You?
  85. Less Expensive Watchs for Complete Watch Nerds
  86. Post pics of your "one watch"
  87. best looking perpetual?
  88. Thoughts on Ullyse Nardin
  89. Balance wheel stopped
  90. NAWCC Houston Regional Aug 23-25
  91. ************August-19th-2018-WRUW************
  92. Watch Exclusive Eu
  93. Need advice on a trade from you experts..
  94. Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph H32596141 vs. TAG Heuer Aquaracer CAY2112 300M
  95. Tudor hour hand ....ugly or not?
  96. New member from Belgium
  97. Did I post this in the wrong forum?
  98. Do you like the look of aged lume?
  99. Need help deciding on a military style watch!
  100. Way to see why member was banned?
  101. World Time Watches for my brother.
  102. Which one has the best lume? PELAGOS VS PANERAI VS BLANCPAIN FIFTY fathoms
  103. Summertime and the liviní is easy
  104. Longines conquest automatic 1974
  105. Quartz watch with the sturdiest bracelet?
  106. Micro Brands to follow
  107. Help with identification
  108. Tudor Tiger Chronograph STOLEN by customs office in Sweden. HELP!!!
  109. Ladies Mondaine Evo replacing back cover
  110. London GTG - October 2018
  111. reference number to this Gucci Watch? 🤮
  112. ***<<Wrist CheckZ Saturday 8-18-18>>**
  113. Just Received a Groupon For a Really Nice Watch...
  114. Watch on Bracelet $3.5k
  115. Which divers to sell?
  116. Watches with a quick strap change system
  117. NOS and c&a ing
  118. Answer this "what if" 2 part question.
  119. Is There Something Wronf Woth My FS Listing?
  120. GS Snowflake playing with light on the train
  122. What are the most accurate watches you've ever had?
  123. Ever feel satisfied with the collection?
  124. Can someone please explain the Breguet type XX subdials?
  125. A.I.R Watches
  126. Lume Question: Is there a brightness/duration tradeoff?
  127. Searching for a Casio model
  128. Identify my rado watch
  129. GMTs for non-travellers?
  130. £4000 on one watch or two?
  131. Identify my rado model
  132. Less worn watches
  133. Sanity it Vegas?
  134. MK II vs Glycine vs Ball vs Hamilton vs Seiko Sarb vs Revue Thommen, build quality
  135. Skeleton Watch Help
  136. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Friday August 17th 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>
  137. Rotating bezel changes the mode of the watch
  138. Need a little help/guidance on demagnetizing
  139. New (to me) Oris Diver 65
  140. 1-watch vs. 6+ vintages ---- What would you do with $4K?
  141. What watch is this please?
  142. Casual everyday watch around $500
  143. Advice needed; Black Mesh Wrist Band with Moon Phase Function
  144. Every time I think Iím settled with my watch selection, I get another idea.
  145. The Baby Blues
  146. Strange e-bay feedback
  147. Your smallest and your biggest - let's see them
  148. Can anyone identify what this is?
  149. Which Slide rule watch
  150. Similar watch to Steinhart Ocean ONE
  151. Two Tone on bracelet
  152. Discounts on Vintage ticket price
  153. My quandary: Luminox 6502 B.O. - Aye or Nay
  154. Watch collecting - when it starts?
  155. Omega Seamaster quartz - new movement
  156. What details have become deal-breakers for you?
  157. Which companies uses 904L Steel on their watches ?
  158. ************Thursday-August-16th-2018-WRUW************
  159. Movies Featuring Awesome Watches
  160. Not a troll, Iím really confused omega vs Rolex
  161. Going to India. Where can I still buy HMT?
  162. Watch Deals per Country
  163. New to watches, opinion, suggestions wanted
  164. New Tudor, AP, JLC, Panerai, IWC Models Coming to U.S.?
  165. Seiko 5 SNK793K and Bands
  166. Help: Legit Rolex Daytona?
  167. Burberry bu1370 battery question
  168. ETA winding direction
  169. Do you have any vintage in your rotation?
  170. Newbie here
  171. Pop Quiz - What is this?
  172. My Nakzen Pagoda is now mechanical
  173. What's your birth year watch?
  174. Blue dial tool watch?
  175. SKX007 power reserve?
  176. MING WATCHES: First-anniversary limited editions
  177. Got $600 to work with. Suggestions
  178. Vintage Childs Timex, what is it?
  179. Is this a common practice by The Swatch Group? Maintenance service.
  180. Suggestions needed for woman's day/date
  181. ************Wednesday-August-15th-2018-WRUW************
  182. What watch goes well with jeans?
  183. New Squale 20 Atmos Ceramic ó Maxi vs Militaire. Which do u prefer?
  184. cheap quartz
  185. Best casual yet dressy watch around 1K?
  186. Not a GRAIL but Iíll NEVER flip it!
  187. Please Help Me Identify This Old Wooden Watch - Victor
  188. Luminox Marine 1590 and 1594
  189. Defect?
  190. SBGA229 vs Submariner
  191. So I remember now why I donít wear watches
  192. Omega Speedmaster Racing or a Hamilton Pan Europ + something else?
  193. The Summation of ~20 Years of WISness (or What’s Your Perfect Realistic (But Still Reach For The Sta
  194. Blue Dialed Dress Watch Options
  195. How To Buy The Right Size Watch! by RMRS!
  196. #### WRUW Tues 14 Aug 2018 ####
  197. Watch swap advice
  198. watches without pins, slits for straps
  199. Complete list of watches since I joined WUS
  200. I Don't Get Rubber Straps
  201. 8/14 Update! Thoughts on my recent purchase? STP1-11 Emporio Armani... Diver?
  202. Earth, water, air and fire - the quintessential 4 element watch collection
  203. Everyday Watch help
  204. Hello Iím new here be gentle
  205. New Diver Suggestions?
  206. Got any promotional watches to share?
  207. Tachymeter watch (<42mm) under $300
  208. Two Watch Collection. What do you think?
  209. Ultimate 3-watch-collection budgeting game.
  210. Ball Fireman Night Train III info
  211. how to use AVIATOR watches' world time function
  212. John Mayer's Watch Collection Stolen
  213. ************Monday-August-13th-2018-WRUW************
  214. Purchase advice for a newbie
  215. Confused on Watch Size need advice
  216. Dressy yet Casual Watches
  217. Opinions on Perrelet? Noobie looking at a First Class
  218. Help choosing a watch - Nomos Tangente or Omega Speedmaster / Aqua Terra?
  219. Horns of a Dilemma
  220. Upgrading from SNK809 to SKX007
  221. I’m thinking up to $3500-ish
  222. Sending back my SARB. Now what?
  223. Weiss watches....good value?
  224. The next generation's watches of desire
  225. Is the change in the Day/Date around 12:30AM within normal tolerances for Valjoux 7750?
  226. Rolex watches are for the "not so wealthy"
  227. Tag heuer CV2010 vs Omega Quartz
  228. Help choosing new watch
  229. Position on wrist?
  230. Unboxing of a grail [emoji6]
  231. Moved to other subforum
  232. Permanence of Microbrands and Impact on Financial and Perceived Value of their Watches
  233. Watch Stores in the Palm Beach Shores, FL area?
  234. Refurbished vintage watches
  235. Mod project help
  236. Question about luxury watch brands
  237. ************Sunday-August-12th-2018-WRUW************
  238. Stowa Partitio is an overlooked gem!
  239. Frederique Constant refurbished.
  240. Squale 20 Atmos Militaire 1545 - Now with Ceramic Bezel! Definitive Sub Homage for $?
  241. finally restoring my sandoz
  242. Tag Heuer Formula 1 RESTORATION
  243. pink gold case + black dial vintage chronograph
  244. Authenticity Enicar
  245. Found this in the news, Watches Stolen;
  246. which chronograph to buy < 10k euro?
  247. Strap on Backwards
  248. Glycine or Revue Thommen
  249. Best sites to buy preowned
  250. Seek information on unique watch