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  1. Giving a watch as a gift - Is a used watch acceptable?
  2. (I think) this is really cool...
  3. Need some modification information help
  4. Help identifying omega
  5. Went to Tonneau tonight...
  6. Watch for my wife, up to $1000
  7. Can I cook my Invicta?
  8. A Small, but loved collection.
  9. #####Sunday 11/11/12 WRUW ??#######
  10. Which Tissot?
  11. Maurice Lacroix vs Longines vs Baume et Mercier
  12. How WIS are you?
  13. Which of these 4 watches is the nicest? Rado vs Junghans
  14. Anyone willing to grab/ship Maratac pilot to Canada?
  15. Buying from good to be true?
  16. Do you insure your your collection?
  17. Aaron Cross's IWC Top Gun Pilot vs. James Bond's Omega Planet Ocean
  18. Older (possibly 1980s) Glashutte manual winding watch - unknown model - help
  19. What is a flipper?
  20. Need watch strap for small wrist, 22m, something suitable for a 6-6.5 inch wrist
  21. Cancelled my order, recommend me a watch!
  22. I can't make up my mind between this five watches
  23. Poll: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra or Rolex Explorer or Archimede Outdoor or Other
  24. Riedenschild Precista 300/vintage Omega “homage”
  25. Semper Fi and Happy Birthday!
  26. Sekonda Tourbillon
  27. Omega Constellation Manhatan
  28. Perfect Timing
  29. Which watch on a budget?
  30. ««««««« WRUW - Saturday - 10 November 2012 »»»»»»»
  31. Original Sinn
  32. Like buttttt... Not in love???
  33. Hardier watch?
  34. Is there a black (which wont scratch off) minimalist watch out there?
  35. What The Spending Ban In China Could Mean For Watches
  36. Ever sold a watch to cover debt?
  37. Looking for lume advice.
  38. Dealer Recommendations in Honolulu
  39. Wristwatch Annual 2013 is out
  40. Please help!
  41. Where to learn more about watch movement design?
  42. Not your usual watch ...
  43. Thank you Search function and WUS members!
  44. Bluetooth watch setting is here?
  45. Experience with rosé gold pvd watch?
  46. My last aquisition
  47. Can anyone tell me anything about (older) Limit watches please?
  48. What would you/do you do?
  49. Is Moneypenny wearing a Rado?
  50. Sub register watch hand needed - to finish restoration
  51. Chase Durer Mach 3 - HELP!
  52. Not a Desk Diver any more.
  53. Having a polished watch be made into a brused finish- info please!
  54. What your Watch says about you - a lighthearted look...
  55. Recommendations for a Ladies Watch Under $10,000
  56. Watch Newbie Questions/ Mechanical Recommendations
  57. Christopher Ward C60 Strap replacement
  58. Meridian MP-05 on my wrist!
  59. ******* WRUW - 9 Nov 2012 *******
  60. What is the value of a Lemann men's watch?
  61. Union Glashutte in the USA?
  62. Just Got the NEWS: Tourneau now carry NOMOS
  63. tribute to a supreme watchmaker
  64. The Last Great American Watchmaker
  65. Checking a automatic watch accuracy
  66. Which do you prefer?
  67. Please HELP! What watch is this?
  68. The art of backing out
  69. N.D. Watches Antwerpen - any feedback?
  70. Citizen BM8475-OOF Phantom black
  71. Vacheron Constantin Overseas
  72. Watch between 1000-2000 AUstralian Dollars
  73. Hello friend, do you like this type of watches men?
  74. What do you think about this 5-motor watch?
  75. Where can i order a Mido watch ?
  76. Lets CLUB! (WARNING Picturesssss Galore!)
  77. Open Heart Ladies Watch
  78. Looking for a blue dial watch with the exact same color as the Rolex Submariner 16613
  79. Watch adjustments: Why not include the 6th position?
  80. Can anyone identify the make and model of this watch on the wrist of Egyptian president Morsi
  81. Nuclear-Powered Watch
  82. Jealousy Ensues...Everytime I watch Pawn Stars
  83. $500 +/- Credit to Blow at - Watch Suggestions?
  84. To regulate or not to regulate Seiko Premier Spb001
  85. Design an Ad that would appeal to YOU!
  86. ************** WRUW ********* 8 Nov 2012 ***************
  87. Champany automatic skeleton
  88. How to tell if lume is working right?
  89. Which Watch to Buy? (asking on my friend's behalf)
  90. Show a watch with Breguet numerals
  91. Best dial and strap color to go with navy blue suit?
  92. Help Identify the watchmaker!
  93. Watch that looks similar to Seiko Astron?
  94. Which G-Shock should I get; GA-110HC-1A or the GA-110HC-2A?
  95. Interview: Lumiox Watches Ambassador Scott Cassell
  96. Evaluate watch accuracy with photo information
  97. Can you identify Captain Picard's wristwatch?
  98. how to get a job with in this industry?
  99. Coal Mining Industry - handmade skeleton watch
  100. Chopard Nillie Miglia Watch case & case back
  101. Grey Market Watch Repairs
  102. The ACME PloProf, a rare beast...
  103. Watch with complications, $1500
  104. So how many 'Military' watch owners have been in the Military ? Are you in the Military ?
  105. Quandary - Haas & Cie or Christopher Ward
  106. can I trust this source?
  107. If you were running for president, what would your campaign watch be?
  108. ««««««« WRUW - Wednesday - 7 November 2012 »»»»»»
  109. are there any deals left on Ebay? I am so mad right now
  110. Watches That Hold Value.........$2000-$4000 Range
  111. A 1,000th Post...Well, you know!
  112. eric claptons watch might buy a small country !
  113. Longines Legend Diver or Omega Railmaster for 30th birthday
  114. Watches running counter clockwise?
  115. Time to go vote....
  116. Quartz or Mechanical?
  117. Wearing the wrong watch...on purpose!
  118. How a Watch Works (1949) video
  119. is this strictly a sports watch?
  120. Which one to choose? Raymond Weil 2827 or Stuhrling Tourbillon? Which is higher quality?
  121. Suggestions for a 75th Birthday Present
  122. Timex “gilt”-faced watch
  123. don't love the watch that I should love...
  124. Scratches on Watch Movement - covered by warranty?
  125. Which manufactures offer factory purchase?
  126. Patek Philippe No. 1224?
  127. Any Worthy Online Sellers Recommendation?
  128. $2000 Pilot Watches: Oris or Bell&Ross??
  129. Concern about the sapphire of my new watch
  130. Why cant high end companies sell direct?
  131. baume mercier capeland flyback chronograph, worth it?
  132. Input re Baume Mercier Hampton Spirit (will it look too small?)
  133. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Tuesday - November 6 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  134. SEIKO quartz cronograph sports 100
  135. First Manually Wound Watch- Reverso?
  136. My first watch...have i been scammed!?
  137. Alternative mail adress for
  138. wow, just wow
  139. Help with Trading Process
  140. Show me your SMALL collection-
  141. Omega Aqua Terra Annual Calendar first impressions
  142. Dear Omega... I give up.
  143. Ever wanted a specific watch, but couldn't find it?
  144. Some strange and random watch questions
  145. Where from.
  146. Help contacting Loy from Loyswatch
  147. Breitling struggling for an identity?
  148. Bigger = Better?
  149. New diver
  150. New automatic movement in Tissot Luxury watch, C07_t-tech
  151. Weird Omega 8500 problem
  152. Watch fans around during the 1983 Breguet heist?
  153. Questions on a vintage Girard Perregaux
  154. New Member looking for advice. Hamilton Pilot 46MM or??
  155. Mido Multifort Power Reserve PVD M005.424.36.052.22
  156. Carl F. Bucherer
  157. Forum Game
  158. Need info on this
  159. How about Lum-Tec??
  160. The George Daniels Horological Collection - Sotherby's Auction
  161. 53 on Dial?
  162. What watch is this?
  163. Need suggestions for a watch for the girlfriend!
  164. Omega Aqua Terra or something else?
  165. Gruesome
  166. congrats to marchone on his 2000th post
  167. Unread posts
  168. Question about Watch Value
  169. ID the watch from the new Audi S8 commercial....
  170. PLEASE HELP! Crown Trouble
  171. Signature Shop
  172. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Monday - November 5 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  173. Hello!
  174. Waltham trench watch winding repair
  175. Help with a vintage Lucien Piccard and a Geminai (?) Voltaire and G. Perregaux
  176. The very last watchmaking school in Canada might be closing its doors soon…
  177. RGM on CBS Sunday Morning
  178. decided on a new watch, came into some money, am now undecided again
  179. tag wk2110 ?
  180. Can you Id this watch for me?
  181. Seiko Question
  182. How the smooth take the rough: GRAHAM Chronofighter Oversize Baja 1000
  183. Celebrity Brand Ambassadors do Sell Watches
  184. 70’s rewind: Movado Datron Quartz Chrongraph
  185. Priced to please: Christopher Ward C3 Malvern Chronograph MKII
  186. More than a watch, a state of mind: JeanRichard 1681 Ronde Collection
  187. Do you 'hold' items for buyers in the SALES forums ?
  188. O dear god, what have i done
  189. seeking durable winding pocket watch
  190. RECOMMENDING... and the psychology behind it
  191. congrats to citizenm who reached the 5000 posts
  192. Well, perhaps it's time to look into a new watch
  193. New member, some pictures inside
  194. what kind of movement would you refer to this as?
  195. Watch Purchase Help
  196. Help me pull the trigger on a new timepiece!
  197. If you could work for any watch company in the world, which would it be?
  198. The problem with daylight-savings
  199. Looking to Buy "Different" type of Watch
  200. I need more money
  201. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Sunday - November 4 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  202. Birth year watch - 1971
  203. Another new arrival..
  205. Eta 2824-2 regulation
  206. DLC in Australia
  207. 4-5 watches to total $5,500 Which ones would make up your collection?
  208. Choices choices choices
  209. In the market for watch $2,000 and under
  210. Pls help to identify this Citizen
  211. How much is a Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic 18K worth?
  213. if a friend ask much you paid for that watch?
  214. Soldier buying new Analog watch
  215. Need Suggestions for Rugged Military Watch under $750
  216. Best Sports watch, including vintage, for $15,000-$20,000
  217. Interesting article about the last watchmaker school in Canada
  218. Dress watch suggestions please...?
  219. Giveaways and Contests - please read
  220. Tissot le locle chronometer not using chronometer grade?
  221. help me choose my next purchase
  222. Where can i get a nice handwinding chronograph? So far i've found this Ticino Chrono
  223. Rolex Milgauss - Thoughts?
  224. My girlfriend's quartz Longines randomly stops and then starts up again? HELP :)
  225. Ignored for Friendly Price Negotiation
  226. [What's Up?]- [Budget label] more budget auto-chronos?
  227. Weekend Give Away
  228. Help me identify a watch brand/model.
  229. New American based watchmakers?
  230. Need Help Deciding
  231. Need help finding a calculator watch
  232. What is it???
  233. Sapphire case backs...any negatives with them?
  234. something awful or refreshing l has happened on WUS!
  235. «««««« WRUW - Saturday - 3 November 2012 »»»»»»»
  236. Say what you will about fossil but darn good service
  237. Where's all the pre-owned beaters?
  238. Anyone know of this Sekonda?
  239. Matching Game!
  240. Blasphemy?
  241. Looking for watch under $120 - Military/Vintage/Durable
  242. LED watch
  243. Gift for young professor, appreciate any advice
  244. March LA.B
  245. upto $2500 to spend, which watch to buy??
  246. Seiko SKX007 and Seiko SRP043 (Spork) Photos
  247. Could someone PLEASE help me ID this women's watch?
  248. Giving away a SandY 590
  249. How will the migration away from ETA affect the sub-$1000 market
  250. A true grail watch - I will never own this watch