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  1. So what is with the crazy increase in resale value of Omega watches?
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  3. Can You Help Find Me A Christmas Present For My Son
  4. My Father's Watch
  5. New to WUS
  6. Sucker for 70's designs
  7. New member and a new time piece (lots of pictures)
  9. Is my watch broken? Need any and all help here. Thanks.
  10. Dress watch, 2 hands, high quality, quartz..suggestions pls
  11. Right ratio?
  12. WUS advertising banners...
  13. and experience, please!
  14. Please help med identify this watch.
  15. Can someone help me figure out what watch this is?
  16. Baume et Mercier Clifton Collection
  17. Help finding first "work" watch
  18. What's the furthest you've traveled specifically for a watch?
  19. Egard's Shade reviewed by Breitling Source
  20. Horror movie / badass chick / badass watch?
  21. Who makes this watch?
  22. Retirement gift suggestion please
  23. Rolex Explorer II - the new one - whats your thoughts ?
  24. Is there a Difference between Mechanical Movement and Automatic Movement?
  25. YOBOKIES SXK007 MOD- which bracelet should I choose?
  26. Obama's watch?
  27. Watch going through washing machine/tumble dryer cycle?
  28. Zenith owners. Show yourselves !
  29. New to WUS
  30. You know your Lume is Awesome when.....
  31. Anyone ever seen this seiko in the shops?
  32. <<<<<< WRUW - Tuesday 23 October 2012 >>>>>>
  33. Oris Artelier Complication - yes/no/maybe
  34. Seiko Astron GPS
  35. 2254.50 dial crack in lume
  36. UPS Makes Me Chuckle Somtimes...
  37. Introducing Van Speyk Watches
  38. The most beautiful watch I have ever seen
  39. Hello from a new member and his latest purchase
  40. Which complicated watch do you like?
  41. Ladies and Gentlemen...she's a keeper!
  42. What should I wear?
  43. Recommended watch blogs.
  44. What watch purchase have you most regretted?
  46. What brand is this? Two mystery watches
  47. What's your view on Chopard watches?
  48. Patek Philippe Pagoda
  49. Ultra sonic cleaners
  50. what makes Baumer et mercier so special?
  51. diver bezels construction
  52. Seiko SKX007 Movement won't tick unless I pull out the crown...?
  53. Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox Alarm circa 1969?---Service in Toronto.
  54. What are Watch Dials Made of?
  55. What's the bets way to get my Relic watch repaired?
  56. Wife's watch
  57. Zenith Pilot Big Date Special - What else would you consider?
  58. My favourite dress watch; TITONI COSMO KING, wearing it today :)
  59. Memovox Restored
  60. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Monday - October 22 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  61. Watch Repair Referral: Barcelona 666
  62. how does this Archimedes watch look?
  63. <200 dollar automatic with sapphire crystal
  64. Newly Member in WUS, greeting to all of you guys
  65. Interesting watch worn by Nathan Drake
  66. New member, just saying hello!
  67. What is this watch?
  68. Baby G on men?
  69. Aerowatch Information?
  70. Is this a real U-Boat?
  71. Hello A Bulova Watch Identity Help 1940`s ???
  72. anyone know this watch?
  73. Looking for: Small, Simple, Classy Watch, $200-500
  74. ««««««« WRUW - Sunday - 21 October 2012 »»»»»»
  75. ETA 2892 Stopped (Help)
  76. Water Resistance- Why the overkill?
  77. Traveling with your watches
  78. Longines ......your thoughts.
  79. Trying to find a watch I once had...
  80. Apropos of nothing, here are some photos of a beautiful watch
  81. Look what I found today: 4th Dimensions Watch
  82. Requesting Advice on a potential PreOwned Bucherer Purchase
  83. Timex Camper stops running. Restarts when pin is pulled out/pushed in.
  84. Chrono24 question regarding EU's 20% VAT tax
  85. Quick rant/pet peeve ;-)
  86. Traser T4004.357.37.01 anyone?
  87. Bauhaus stylee
  88. Help picking a Seiko Chronograph
  89. Newbie saying hello
  90. My handmade Enzo so far ....
  91. Unusual Sekonda ?
  92. Blue dial aligator strap combination - £5k max budget - final choice this week.
  93. Contemplating a drastic shift in my watch collection. Need advice.
  94. 1000 USD Watch - Tissot / Hamilton / Seiko / Swiss Army
  95. Can watches and politics mix? Here's the proof.
  96. What do you think of this new Christopher Ward C9 Harrison as an everyday watch?
  97. Watch catalogue depression
  98. Pissed with eBay!
  99. Gold watch ideas
  100. Archimede pilot existential question - Steel or black PVD case?
  101. Valjoux 7750 vs Soprod 2021 A10-2 caliber
  102. «««««« WRUW - Saturday - 20 October 2012 »»»»»»
  103. Ease of charging different automatic movements
  104. Your watch box - do you have any watches you never wear?
  105. Help me identify my Tourneau watch
  106. New here & looking for some help picking new watch
  107. My watch journey: a long, rambling story with wrist shots
  108. Help with selecting new sports watch
  109. Help with history of my sekonda
  110. choice of watch, PAM 111 vs Maurice Lacroix Pontos Decentrique
  111. Deployment strap or Tang buckle, which do you prefer and why?
  112. How ETA?s Decision to Stop Supplying Movements Affects Prometheus Watch Company and Watch Industry
  113. Christopher Ward Chronograph Quartz - opinions? overpriced? suggestions?
  114. Vostok vs Skagen vs citizen eco drive
  115. My Dream Watch... Can it be done? Does it exist?
  116. Final verdict on my Graduation Present "Ordeal."
  117. So many watches, I'm lost. Help.
  118. If your next watch was a Speedy, which one would it be?
  119. Help me find a clean & simple 3-hand automatic with date
  120. Please ID This Watch
  121. Christopher Ward C7 Rapide MkII Mini-Review
  122. Advice on dress watch for around $500
  123. Bought a new Hirsch strap for my Speedmaster!
  124. Help Me Pick My Second Watch!
  125. Watch Question
  126. ######## WRUW 19th October 2012 ########
  127. Damn you USPS......damn you.
  128. Help me choose a watch
  129. I'm new/need a new watch band
  130. I'm baaaaack! and seeking Baltimore area/other watch repair referrals?
  131. Bulova Marine star
  132. March LA.B
  133. What is the model of my swatch?
  134. Dress watch Casually > or < Dive watch Formally (business casual actually)
  135. Cauny Centenario 17 rubies and Unitas movement 6310
  136. Case/Crystal polishing in Vancouver, BC
  137. Glashutte Original Panoinverse XL (Steel) Price
  138. Some advice and opionons for a noob on the Tissot PRC 200 automativ vs Hamilton Officer Auto Chrono
  139. Ingersoll
  140. NOMOS - Tangente - video clip.
  141. Vulcain expert?
  142. Sizing down chain mail (mesh) ?
  143. This just in: U.S. Post Office has a TIme Machine! ... And they're still idiots.
  144. Enicar Quartz Computer Watch
  145. Seiko Cocktail Time SARB065 vs Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic
  146. Anyone dealt with Farfo for repair work?
  147. Another classic Shop NBC line...
  148. «««««« WRUW - Thursday - 18 October 2012 »»»»»»
  149. My first screw-down crown
  150. When to service a watch
  151. What would you do (shady eBay transaction)
  152. End-All-Be-All Watch (Best All-Around Watch)
  153. Real or fake? Tag Heuer AquaRacer Two Tone Blue dial
  154. Do I Have a Problem?
  155. Why not Bluetooth, WiFi, LAN or cellular automatic time synchronization?
  156. Unbelievable from a Girard Perregaux authorized repair facility
  157. Ronda Quartz quirk Luminox & Fossil
  158. Please help me identify a watch
  160. Trouble posting pictures??
  161. Tried on a Fossil that actually looked pretty good yesterday
  162. Misterious Timex
  163. Iconic Dress Watch?
  164. Need help finding a REGULATOR watch
  165. Chanel will never be a mens' watch
  166. Coolest digital watch at or around $150
  167. Typical?
  168. Valjoux 7750, hour counter is running continiously.
  169. I don't know the model of this Swatch watch, can someone help me?
  170. Reliability, Toughness, Durability, Accuracy, Longevity, etc.
  171. Something was missing on Tuesday night...
  172. Need HELP! Hunting for something unique, under $500, chrono, 41-45mm, sporty/reliable/durable
  173. Sentimental watch suggestions - $2,500usd limit.
  174. Special/Limited edition owners
  175. «««««« WRUW - Wednesday - 17 October 2012 »»»»»»
  176. Need help identifying this watch.
  177. Am I crazy, or do I like this Sinn more than a PO?
  178. Help With Vintage Vacheron Constantin
  179. Joe Buck's Watch
  180. Tag prices in China
  181. Dressy Casual Cool Retro...Seiko Cocktail Time or Hamilton Team Earth
  182. Which watch brands are the best investment?
  183. Hello! Newbie question.
  184. Washington DC Area Zenith Fans
  185. Franck Muller, Designs, & SolidWorks
  186. Appropriate watch size? Pics included
  187. 18ct gold Formida?
  188. Help choosing a watch around 500 euros
  189. Eric Clapton's Platinum Patek Philippe 2499
  190. Calling Sea Wolf! Rolex question
  191. How to Report Scammers
  192. Omega Co-Axial Chronometer - Aqua Terra - Reliability and Maintenance Costs
  193. Moonphase; Moonface
  194. paypal buyer protection...
  195. Motor City Watch Works, IWW ...
  196. Can someone ID this movement for me please?
  197. Xetum...
  198. Watches like the SKX007, but bigger?
  199. «««««« WRUW - Tuesday - 16 October 2012 »»»»»»
  200. Have you ever purchased a watch in an airplane from a duty-free catalogue?
  201. Omega - Rolex conundrum
  202. 40mm Watches Too Small???
  203. Help a newbie out!!!!
  204. Help recommend a watch
  205. Brand new to the watch world... wedding gift
  206. "what kinda watch?" "Invicta" "very nice"
  207. Is this my best option for the money?
  208. The WORST Watches From Respected Brands
  209. Any WIS in Vegas for the DMA?
  210. forgot to wear my watch and feel naked
  211. What about this brand? Maurice de Mauriac?
  212. has been LAUNCHED!
  213. Prim IGEN 45 Ptyrov 2011 - some photos
  214. Funding a High School Student's Watch Obsession
  215. Any info on this watch? (Rideau Birks ladies cuff bracelet wristwatch)
  216. Props for WUS!
  217. Where to buy watch case plastic protection film?
  218. NOMOS - Tangente: Steel or Crystal back?
  219. Who likes Deep Blue watches?
  220. Which would you rather...
  221. Don't you just hate it when...
  222. ^^^Monday WATCH on your WRIST 10-15-12^^^
  223. First major watch purchase-Vetta..
  224. tag heuer 500m auto or used omega planet ocean? Non chronos
  225. Have you bought the Omega/Shark mesh from wjean?
  226. I had a very, very bad day today.
  227. Please HELP!
  228. Inside Basel Los Angeles
  229. Suggest a Titanium Auto with tritium? Chrono option? Bracelet preferably
  230. How can some watches cost so much?
  231. Thinking about paring down my collection..thoughts/suggestions? (PICTURE HEAVY)
  232. First watch for a young boy suggestions?
  233. Looking for Advice
  234. I.D. request -- Liam Neeson's warch featured in Taken 2?
  235. introducing: TWCO® Technical Watches . . . There's a new kid on the block !
  236. INTERVIEW with Robbert Suurland, owner of TWCO Watches
  237. Need help with tapatalk, please.
  238. Introducing: TWCO® Technical Watches . . . There's a new kid on the block !
  239. Brisbane Australia: Are we still receiving atomic spill over signals from Japan?
  240. My Magrettte Kia Kaha
  241. Searching and searching.
  242. What a blatant copy of the Seamaster
  243. Uh Oh.....Here I Go Again......Maybe
  244. Swiss Army Ground Force Chrono Bracelet-where to find one?
  245. Ever had cabin fever? Well I got it bad, want to get out!!!
  246. Taken 2 - Liam Neeson character Bryan Mills wears what appears to be a sterile Hamilton?
  247. restore or leave original?
  248. ////////////// WRUW? Sunday 14/10/2012 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  249. Seeking advice on analog watch with 12-h home-time function
  250. Ronda 5040B Quartz Chronograph Movement (Technical Issue)