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  1. Seeking advice on analog watch with 12-h home-time function
  2. Ronda 5040B Quartz Chronograph Movement (Technical Issue)
  3. ORENT MAKO BLUE OR SEIKO 5 SNZG15K1 Which do you think ?
  4. had you ever lie to your wife
  5. Ruhla Garde 21-21
  6. Gadget Watches - Show me yours!
  7. Sandoz for $175?
  8. changing! What's happeninnngggg!?
  9. Panerai 177 vs. Omega PO 45mm, which is a better first watch?
  10. If you were doing the Stratos jump, which watch would you choose?
  11. How many watches do you actually use?
  12. Glashutte Original PanoInverse XL vs Jaeger Lecoultre Master DualTime
  13. Watches around the globe...What famous place, monument, or landmark has your watch been to?
  14. Your advices on this
  15. Lorus RXN43CX9
  16. What "Famous Watch" would you never buy?
  17. "Sentinel" Novelty Watch? Exhaustive research = totally stumped
  18. Question on smaller winding rotors.
  19. Submariner or Reverso: 2 very different grails..your thoughts?
  20. Seiko SKX vs. Orbis Morgan Branco
  21. Real Movado?
  22. Recommend my next timepiece!
  23. Sports activity and
  24. nowt so funny as folk!
  25. Lord Finn
  26. Realistically, how much can you negotiate off MSRP?
  27. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Saturday - October 13 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  28. Which watch next - newbie with lots of questions
  29. Options when buying a watch
  30. Need help identifying a watch! thanks for any help :)
  31. Another watch design project!
  32. What do you think about the Watch Snob column on
  33. Techne Goshawk / Miyota 8217
  34. I'm preventing desk swirls the cheap way... don't laugh. :)
  35. Skagen, Bulova, or Stuhrling?
  36. Going through basement and found this...(Update with more pics)
  37. Hi everyone
  38. Watchuseeeeeeeeek! (part II)
  39. Is this site tough on new members?
  40. Watch Purchase on Short Notice
  41. Watch Auction - Toronto
  42. Advice for a newbie
  43. What do you call a replica that does not claim the brand?
  44. 2010 Wyler watches will they hold their value what are your predictions?
  45. Rolex Datejust v Explorer - which to get?
  46. SEAGULL TY800 movement
  47. Good women's watch companies?
  48. Need Help with repairs for SWISS ARMY ODISSEY
  49. Expensive lessons in watch collecting
  50. 1000th Post Thanks WUS!!!
  51. Your Zombie Apocalypse watch. Show it off!
  52. Zixen contact?
  53. Salary of a WIS ... oh, and let's see some eye candy too.
  54. Opinions on this beater watch?
  55. Is a watch with an automatic mov't an inconsiderate gift for a non-WIS friend?
  56. Bureau of Trade and vintage watches: too good to be true?
  57. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Friday - October 12 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  58. Is this a fake Movado movement??
  59. Ebel Hexagon
  60. Just went to a Tourneau
  61. What watch would you buy for £7000?
  62. What ever happened to Pyrolume?
  63. Online Seller Question
  64. Making the Jump
  65. Blue Vs. Green!
  66. Best and safest way to ship a watch in the US
  67. Traser Classic Automatics
  68. Need help ID'ing this watch
  69. BR 03-92 Steel vs Grand Carrera Caliber 6 Leather
  70. Something changed on WUS?
  71. New Watch Recommendations Needed -- $200-$400, sporty automatic?
  72. Looking for an all black watch- Which material/coating is the MOST scratch resistant? DLC..Damast..
  73. Everyday watch to wear with suit
  74. Help me with my watch selection!
  75. New member/Finding the balance between watch collecting and actual use
  76. Mido Great Wall Chronometer 42mm M015.631.11.057.00
  77. Trade In Valuations from Dealer and Private Party
  78. [for sellers] just a heads up on a possible scam
  79. Why Do You Wear a Watch?
  80. For the same size, wear a bracelet with more links/tighter clasp or less links/looser clasp?
  81. Looking for a new watch- Help!
  82. Is Tourneau really my only option...?
  83. How rare is this watch exactly?
  84. Wife's pocket watch necklace, from boutique shopping in Brooklyn please take a look
  85. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Thursday - October 11 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  86. Hermes Authentication?
  87. Which SOLAR watch charges the fastest and lasts the longest?
  88. Opinions
  89. Worth getting repaired?
  90. Can different movement of same beat rate be smoother than others?
  91. How to build your collection in terms of price?
  92. Seeking advice/recommendations on WTB: Swiss/German Automatic Chrono, budget $1.1k USD
  93. Any value?
  94. Twofold focus on speed at Formex
  95. Blackrock Watchmakers launches Crush Groove Watch
  97. Back to the future: Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA
  98. A bit of rant...
  99. Which most expensive watch that you owned got scratched?
  100. PRC200 Chrono, a fake and authorised dealers
  101. CHEROKEE pocket watch
  102. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Wednesday - October 10 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  103. has WUS changed the way you think?
  104. Which one would you get rid of?
  105. Help finding a watch
  106. Got my very first Citizen watch
  107. Need advice on a watch winder
  108. I'm purchasing a new watch and need feedback about collectors time
  109. Bulgari New Octo
  110. Hamilton Pan Europ
  111. My old Edox delfin
  112. Chuck Bartowski Watch
  113. Just wondering is others feel the same way I do about Rolex
  114. Swiss Unitas 6498 suddenly running fast. HELP!
  115. Seriously??
  116. Chanel J12 Chromatic, review
  117. My Thoughts Hamilton Kahki Field Auto 42mm (H70515137/H705450) & 2 Questions on the Stock Bracelet
  118. Cluess bride needs to know good watch to give fiancee!!!
  119. Tourneau promo or coupon code
  121. James Bond's Planet Ocean auctioned for £157,250 (all profits go to charity)
  123. Steelfish is running like a top/Never been serviced, but...
  124. Yes, another this or that
  125. My New (to me) Orient Blue Ray!
  126. Pre-Owned Watches: Singapore
  127. Article for purchasers/collectors and enthusiasts passionate for watches
  128. Concord Mariner-Slimmest Watch at the time.
  129. «««««« WRUW - Tuesday - 9 October 2012 »»»»»»
  130. Suggestions for GMT Chrono?
  131. Selling Your Watch to Tourneau
  132. Any experiences with these grey markets? AD vs. Non-AD
  133. Anyone have problems loading pictures?
  134. How much to fix this?
  135. Alfex Automatic Watch
  136. Omega Service... Sigh
  137. Do you still have your first watch?
  138. Recently had sugery, stuck in bed, but can't stop looking at my new collection!
  139. Styles similar to this one
  140. Help with selecting new watch
  141. TWI Watches (Akribos, Joshua & Sons)
  142. looking for a good glowing tritium watch marathon traser?
  143. Shark Tank TV show
  144. Need help identifying Swiss Military Watch
  145. Thoughts on this Mod Seiko Diver?
  146. Is it really 40mm? The optics of the Submariner C
  147. New member, excited and looking for advice for my first swiss watch!
  148. Helson Sharkmaster 600 - White Dial
  149. What do you think about this Caravelle?
  150. What's your favorite Watchmaker name?
  151. I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!
  152. Breitling Vs. Omega
  153. New IWC Pilot issue
  154. Chronograph Obsession
  155. #### The working week has started Mon 8/10/12 WRUW####
  156. How do you deal with private sellers?
  157. Max Biaggi's Umbrella Girl's Watch?
  158. Ebel 1911 Discovery Chronograph Bracelet Size
  159. Let's be honest with ourselves . . .
  160. Chr. Ward
  161. Micro Brands Cross Post
  162. My small collection .....
  163. Has anyone dealt with aka waynesworld?
  164. Need advice on first nice watch for work
  165. What do you guys advice?
  166. Taken 2 - the quartz watch
  167. California retro cool: New Britain watches
  168. Can someone tell me more about this watch?
  169. looking for a watch
  170. Ultimate time telling machine: BALL and BMW Watch Collection
  171. Best Vintage Homages?
  172. Please help me find a 10k watch
  173. Doh! Sudden revelation on how to set up non-hacking mvts
  174. Patek Philippe Gondolo Calendario 5135
  175. I was told by several people not to expect a watch winder to give any of my watches a power reserve.
  176. Luming/Re Luming Watches? Who/ Where And What?
  177. Identify this watch?
  178. A Dream Watch?? - What would you want
  179. Which watch would you choose?
  180. Income and experiences working sales for an AD?
  181. Crown won't pop in
  182. #####Sunday 7/10/12 WRUW ??#######
  183. Tissot Seastar Paint Problem
  184. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Sunday - October 7 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  185. Brand / Model Inquiry.
  186. Longines vs. Tag
  187. BLANSACAR SWISS WATCH.How do you guys grade/rate this brand.
  188. Would I be foolish to swap a Steelfish X-Plus for an Explorer II?
  189. Marvin Sébastien Loeb 88 pieces LE What do you think?
  190. Loudest Watch
  191. Opinion on Louis Erard
  192. My New Prometheus Baiji
  193. Service Rolex New Orleans
  194. Hamilton or Frederique Constant watch, advice needed
  195. A Piguet I.D.
  196. Swiss Heritage
  197. Why no options?
  198. White or Black dial for Rolex DJ 116200?
  199. Zenith Captain "Elite" SS white diale vs Omega Deville "Power Reserve" white dial?
  200. I hate dials detailing every real watch feature or supposed property
  201. Sharing my last arrival...
  202. Need help with Doxa 8 days
  203. Thoughts on the Sinn 556 I?
  204. JW Benson watch - Found in garage
  205. Need you opinion on this Orient watch
  206. *JETS* FLEET WEEK <<<Which Watch To Wear To the Airshow>>>
  207. Watch for my sister
  208. Questions about Sales Corner
  209. «««««« WRUW - Saturday - 6 October 2012 »»»»»»
  210. Battery for Kenneth Cole Watch
  211. Crisis avoided!
  212. left or right ?
  213. Can you help me identify this Buler watch please?
  214. Is there a mechanical watch that meets these criteria?
  215. Need suggestions for a black dial piece...
  216. Is this watch worth anything ?
  217. Is this financially responsible/sound?
  218. Tudor heritage black bay or Breitling heritage?
  219. Watch Repair Recommendations In Tampa Area
  220. Need some help...
  221. Any Watchmakers
  222. Thinking about buying a Rolex 116200 DJ - would like advice.
  223. Nomos Zurich date v Zenith Dualtime
  224. I'm Baaack! And Would Love a Suggestion for a Men's Watch
  225. Would like some help identifying watch
  226. Thoughts on this one?
  227. Seiko skz255J1/K1,need help
  228. Is a safe legit place to buy a watch?
  229. Please Disregard This Thread.
  230. Dear god, I want this...Now.
  231. «««««« WRUW - Friday - 5 October 2012 »»»»»»
  232. Great Ideas that are bad for Watchmakers & Manufacturers
  233. Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco
  234. Franck muller pvd problem!!!
  235. Protrek or Suunto
  236. Grail sale time...
  237. New watch arrived with slight condition flaw
  238. Serial Numbers
  239. Manual winding watch: can you suggest some models?
  240. Watch Line
  241. Question about automatic watches
  242. [AUTOMATIC WATCHES] Expensive old tech: bad power reserve, no perpetual calendar, low accuracy
  243. Quick Watch Dating Reference Tool - Help Finish It? (HTML help needed)
  244. Any recommendations on any Automatic full or half skeleton watches
  245. Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Crono (new model). Already available.
  246. Looking for a white/silver dial dress watch
  247. Solar Watch?!?
  248. What are your top (5 or less) favorites in your collection and why?
  249. Which Watch?
  250. Are Jacob & co watches consider to be decent watches as far as mechanism, durability