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  13. Hi i am a newbie to the watch world and wanted some opinions.
  14. Silver hands on black face - readability?
  15. Silver hands on black face - readability?
  16. Thread for everyone: How did you find Watchuseek?
  17. Would opening the back of a watch be a bad idea?
  18. Longest, or shortest honeymoon with a new to you watch?
  19. ^^^Wrist Checks Tuesday 10-2-12^^^
  20. My new old Wittnauer Electro-Chron watch
  21. Why aren't homages grounds for a lawsuit (i.e apple's recent "trade dress violation" victory)?
  22. Chris Ward or Steinhart
  23. Watches similar to this Fossil and Emporio?
  24. Watch & Jewelry Store Opening, Austin, TX
  25. Vintage Zenith, winding doesn't last a whole day?
  26. Any experience with PostNL of Netherlands?
  27. Longines Hydroconquest vs Legend Diver
  28. -- anyone used before?
  29. Hi Im New To The Forums Just Saying Hi!
  30. Nomos Tangente Datum
  31. jload.js from
  32. Wedding present for Groom from his Bride
  33. Just cannot get this watch to fit my wrist!
  34. Blanpain Quality?
  35. New to the watch world - recommendation for a skinny guy that does not break the bank?
  36. Does this complication exist?
  37. Introducing myself and looking for some suggestions
  38. Steinhart 47mm Pilot B-Uhr: Titanium vs Gnomon Boutique?
  39. Excited about picking out my new watch
  40. Nomos In-house movements VS ETA quality
  41. ««««««« WRUW - Monday - 1 October 2012 »»»»»»
  42. Favorite "pilot's" watch?
  43. Golf and watches?
  44. Ochs and Junior Junior?
  45. Is 38mm too small for my 7.75 in Wrist?
  46. Small movements in large cases?
  47. Jaeger LeCoultre 976 Grande Reverso
  48. Question about an item from ebay
  49. Wedding Present Watch - Need help!
  50. Is any modern Timex worth buying?
  51. How to adjust length of mesh bracelets? Need some instructions.
  52. New Roamer Stingrays?
  53. I think I'm done with chronographs for a while!
  54. Longtime Lurker, first time Sinner
  55. Please Read need advice
  56. What digital watch does it look like he's wearing?
  57. US import duties when shipping from Switzerland?
  58. My collection - 9 watches & 9 different manufacturers (pic heavy)
  59. Cosmetic Defect: At what level of inspection?
  60. Tawatec stopped working
  61. Watchmaker in the Edmonton Red Deer area
  62. Time to Howl ..............
  63. Buying a watch in person.
  64. My final collection..for now.
  65. Does this watch exist? (SOLVED)
  67. Identify Watch on President Clinton
  68. Squiggly/MastersInTime legit sellers?
  69. >>>>>>>>WRUW<<<<<<<<SUNDAY, 30/9/2012
  70. Brown or Black Strap on Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Auto?
  71. Raymond Weil watches still considered luxury watches?
  72. watch suggestion
  73. Looking for a black dial equivalent to Seiko SMY109P1
  74. Seiko Prospex solar titanium.
  75. Do ETA movements tend to slow down as they reach the end of their power cycle?
  76. DLC...PVD
  77. What is a cool skeleton watch? Name brand
  78. Any arguments against buying a grey market Ebel?
  79. Any decent watch stores near Disney in Orlando?
  80. Help me decide to wear on Zulu
  81. Trying to identify this watch
  82. Best watch for me $3,000-$4,000
  83. The watch that checks off all the boxes
  84. Most tradable for tight situations
  85. Requesting Watch Suggestions
  86. Ranking of watch brands (by price), revised.
  87. New Season of Hawaii Five-O What is Alex O'Loughlin wearing now? No more Kobold....
  88. Official Watchuseek Page on Facebook, please like it
  89. New Release: HAMILTON X-PATROL (Close-up pics)
  90. Watches seen in The Office
  91. Watch brand Prestige
  92. Re: <<<<<WRUW>>>>> It´s Saturday -September 29th, 2012.
  93. Vintage Watch Parts Art
  94. Looking for a new watch with these specs, please help if you know any!
  95. Expensive watches with off the shelf movements
  96. WHERE Can I Find This Watch?!?!?
  97. Lunch with Topper Jeweler and Bremont!
  98. What Watch Is He Wearing?
  99. Date or no date?
  100. Clapton's $4MM Patek For Sale
  101. Choosing between two grails... (Speedy & Sea Dweller)
  102. The Blue Bloodline of Horology
  103. To wind or not to wind…
  104. Is this for real?
  105. Watch with Scrat on dial
  106. About to buy my first fine timepiece
  107. Suggestions please - dressy watch
  108. WUS 100 Favorite Watches - Week 5 of voting
  109. What is the deal with spotting fakes?
  110. You know you've made it when....(watch related success story)
  111. Please help me find one of two watches around $1000
  112. Would you do it?
  113. adventure to a black Thursday to the AD, Result IWC
  114. Help buying a watch for my husband
  115. Tudor Pelagos: A Bit of a Disappointment
  116. Need advise on selecting between Tissot, Citizen, Seiko - budget GBP 200-350
  117. In terms of value: Bremont ALT1-WT World Timer or Omega Speedmaster 'First Omega In Space' edition?
  118. Need to get watch demagnetized in Northeast (Bergen County) New jersey
  119. Cool new addition!
  120. What style of band is this?
  121. Rado watches
  122. #####TGIF 28/9/12 WRUW#####
  123. Analogue Daily war watch- Under $200
  124. Not getting emails from subscribed forums
  125. Trustworthy european online shops
  126. Stopwatch Newbie Question - 1970 Seiko
  127. Should I be worried?
  128. Need consolation. Just got a quote for my Grand Seiko Chrono GMT overhaul cost..
  129. Watches with unique design, yet affordable.
  130. Watch repair in Upstate of SC
  131. Watch Suggestions for New Job
  132. About the cyclops...
  133. High end Watch Identification
  134. Question about brand
  135. Can someone please tell me something about those pocket watches
  136. Is this watch any good? i think it looks good, but what about the guts?
  137. Proud to introduce my own, new, watch brand!!
  138. Automatic, quartz or both????
  139. Advice regarding purchasing a watch online
  140. Best Value Top/COSC 7750 (steel band)
  141. questions about mesh
  142. Question for the pocket watch experts....
  143. ---Wrist Parade- Thursday 9-27-12---
  144. Its finally done (Well, almost) *Cerakote Content*
  145. So what comes after a Valjoux 7750?
  146. Helium Escape Valve Question(s)
  147. Eterna KonTiki Four-Hands XXL
  148. Anyone know about Delmon watches?
  149. Ranking of watch brands
  150. How to outsmart a millionaire
  151. Ordered by border officials to pay $47K for Rolex watch
  152. Current Model Bullheads?
  153. Trouble sending a watch internationally...any experience?
  155. Brand and Watch Advice for a Novice
  156. Can Tritium Tubes Be Replaced?
  157. My New Arrival.
  159. [Fall/Winter] Wearing a Diver On a Black Fleece Sleeve: Go or No go?
  160. Thoughts on this combo?
  161. Another this or that ....
  162. 2100 ............ White & Grey side by side
  163. Bell & Ross, Bremont and even Cartier falls in the same category, right? better Choice is?
  164. Yes, another "help me" thread
  165. Missed connection!
  166. Vintage Vulcain Cricket cal. 120 - some photos
  167. Damasko DC66 wrist presence/size on a 7 1/8" wrist? Too big or too small?
  168. When is a watch worth maintaining?
  169. Omega and Psych
  170. Ben Rus Swiss watch
  171. Too many stupid watch size selections
  172. Help me find my dream 1000$ watch
  173. Watches with cool Textile straps
  174. post-purchase problem(s)
  175. Name that watch
  176. Royal Oak Offshore Chrono....Movement Type?
  177. Holy
  178. stuhrling admiral chronograph
  179. Lume on the base of the second hand....why?
  180. Vintage Tiffany & co movado.
  181. A very interesting find today
  182. Mido Ocean Star Captain IV Titanium M011.430.54.061.02
  183. Looking to purchase my first mechanical watch
  184. Need Opinion, Will this Leather Nato Match my New Watch?
  185. Unsigned/Unstamped warranty cards?
  186. <<<<<<<< Watches for Wednesday - September 26 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  187. 2100 White Dial Chronograph
  188. PayPal... or CC ?
  189. Revisiting Insurance, a few thoughts and observations
  190. 2 watches (1 wrist & 1 pendant), can anyone identify them and tell me something about them please
  191. information on a everest pocket watch ?
  192. Don't you just hate it when this happens?
  193. I need strap suggestions!
  194. Fedex clearance delay......!!!!!
  195. Watch Addiction - Is there really a cure?
  196. Should a new watch smell like engine grease oil?
  197. Anyone know how long a " Outward Registered Letter " From Hong Kong to the US takes?
  198. Help identifying vintage watch
  199. Is there ever a time a fake watch is acceptable?
  200. Looking for Advice on Next Purchase
  201. Best Dress Watch Under $600 (Including Vintage)
  202. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Tuesday - September 25 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  203. Is it Smarter to Have a Quartz " Dress " And an " Automatic " beater?
  204. Watch Appraisal (Oval Faced Movado)
  205. New to the forum - just saying hello!
  206. Hello to all and sundry
  207. XIII on Reelz
  208. Does it look good? It just arrive
  209. Rado True Black Chronograph Matt - some photos
  210. Does running the chrono function slow your watch down?
  211. Is this watch worth 100k; Vacheron Constantin.
  212. My only Chrono...
  213. How accurate is accurate enough?
  214. Are invicta good watches?
  215. What was your dream watch growing up?
  216. Need help for a 46 MM + watch for a footballer in-law as gift.
  217. Is this watch original? PLEASE HELP!
  218. «««««« WRUW - Monday - 24 September 2012 »»»»»»
  219. Small, light weight diver style watch
  220. Replacement hands needed BIG TIME! Any ideas folks?????? See pics.
  221. Help with first quality timepiece
  222. Advice on punching an extra hole in an Omega rubber strap lined w/ leather....
  223. This is my first time adjusting a Seiko movement...I need little help.
  224. A 50 years adventure>>>>
  225. Looking for an automatic with power reserve AND day + date indicators/ budget around $250
  226. Buying ETA movement based watch from non-Swatch brands?
  227. You can own a watch company
  228. Selling to international buyer
  229. Longines 5 Star Admiral, Need help with this...
  230. Clinton's Watch on the Daily Show?
  231. Newbie need help with watch battery replacement place
  232. LE Strap Roll from Carl "GasGasBones" Evans
  233. President Obama: What watch is he wearing
  234. A Watch for my farther ? Royal Orient or Tag heuer
  235. Two hand watches are very liberating.
  236. Narrowed the final choice to 3 lovely watches, advice and opinions much appreciated...tough choice!
  237. I've been offered this Omega, opinions please
  238. Some "new" Enzo watches ....... first pic is mine in progress 47mm vintage jlc movement.
  239. why use the word "Homage" ?
  240. What is your favorite work watch?
  241. First New Watch in Nine Months!
  242. Watch for Huge Wrist under $250
  243. ^^Sunday WATCH on your WRIST 9-23-12^^
  244. How safe ?
  245. Please help me choose! Magrette or Victorinox
  246. Ok, I broke down and got a new piece...
  247. Help me decide: Patek vs. Vacheron vs. FP Journe
  248. Gallet Watches: do you know anything about them?
  249. clocks and music
  250. Help! Suddenly I cannot post pics. Has something changed?