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  1. seriously need forumers help
  2. Could you help me identify this watch?
  3. Major industry theft uncovered
  4. Vacheron Constantin vs Blancpain
  5. OEM straps & bracelets: Pro or Con?
  6. Help with buying 50mm watch
  7. Can anyone tell me a little about this?
  8. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Saturday - September 22 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. Which would you keep?
  10. USPS Misplaced Package
  11. is it laziness!!
  12. Most versatile dail/case combo ?
  13. MKII overpriced?
  14. H Samuel, antique ladies bracelet watch
  15. Orsa Sea Angler and Monstum lug screws/spring bar strap holders $$$ any idea on costs
  16. Wrist Too Small for a Bracelet?
  17. Luxury Watches and Receipts
  18. Not too motivated to work today soooooooo
  19. New arrival 44mm "Strela" From Russia! with PICS LINK
  20. Anyone know of a watch like this?
  21. Dress Diver ............
  22. Mondaine (SBB) may sue Apple
  23. anyone from zagreb (croatia) here?
  24. Young watch collector need help automatic sport watch $1000 range
  25. What watch is Paul Newman wearing in this picture?
  26. Looking for a rugged watch with brown leather strap similar to Panarei or Bell & Ross for <$500.
  27. Is it too much to ask?
  28. Opinions on movement please?
  29. Montana Watch Co assesment of fit and finish
  30. The watches I'm currently dreaming of
  32. So I bought a Sea-Gull based on readng this forum...
  33. suggest me some choice of watches, i'm lost for now
  34. duty free watches in Seoul South Korea?
  35. Inside Basel Geneva NYC Experience (Pic Heavy)
  36. Choose Which Watch I Review!
  37. IWW (Jack Alexyoun) Turnaround Time?
  38. Digital Watches Manufacturer in Switzerland?
  39. How cool is this! LA Times had an article about watch resurgence, and my ugly mug is in the photo!
  40. Killing a fly with a G-Shock strapped on my wrist.
  41. ««««««« WRUW - Friday - 21 September 2012 »»»»»»
  42. ebay watch auctions
  43. Edox Ice Shark II Automatic Limited Edition 96001 37N NIN3
  44. "$600 for a watch? Wow that's cheap! $600 for a phone? Are you nuts?"
  45. New to the forum and on these pieces?
  46. Million pound watch robbery
  47. Need help identifying a watch
  48. Best way to transact used piece in person and best method of payment?
  49. AquaMarin Watch
  50. Favre Leubre Sea King
  51. 2100 has arrived ...........
  52. 2 departures, 1 arrival
  53. Need Reccomendation for Curved Strap Watches
  54. New and looking for good quality small watch...any help?
  55. Raymond Weil Freelancer Chrono (7750? Top or Elaborated?)
  56. Opinions on Montblanc watches
  57. Hi there... Greetings from Indonesia
  58. Baltimore/Washington/PA Local Vendor Event This Sunday 9/23
  59. Changing watches
  60. Just when I thought I was out...
  61. What make some watches perpetual?
  62. My experience with dropping my watch (Panomatic Lunar). Share yours!
  63. Baume & Mercier Creates Historical Perspective at TimeCrafters 2012
  64. Computer desktop clock download AKA watch widget for computers
  65. ok, i'm stupid. please explain why does it cost...
  66. ««««««« WRUW - Thursday - 20 September 2012 »»»»»»
  67. watches you can recognise
  68. Chronograph Forum
  69. got watch back not right what should i do?
  70. Question about discoloration on lume
  71. Help with Victorinox
  72. What's your favourite type of watch?
  73. Edifice “Black Label” Multi-Band 6 Smart Access Chronograph by Casio EQWA1110DC-1A
  74. Video Reviews, what do you think is important?
  75. for real
  76. Help Identify this watch. Warning. Blurry photo.
  77. Blue-eyed Beauty Christopher Ward?s C9 Harrison Blue Automatic Chronograph
  78. Watches With Logos Company Symbols, etc. On Dial
  79. Hello all...I'm new...
  80. Rolex Tudor Prince Oysterdate with new bracelet.
  81. The silicon, material evolution or artisanal revolution?
  82. Caring for my "new" Kienzle Selecta!
  83. Tag Heuer Aquaracer Grande Date Alarm
  84. Topper Fine Jewelers TIMEPIECE SHOWCASE
  85. A proper watch - the Schofield Signalman GMT PR
  86. vintage motorized watch displays wanted
  87. Defy the Watch Snob! Great Value watches in the Value Vacuum ($1500 - $3500)
  88. Buying a cheaper watch after expensive ones
  89. what ATM water resistance do you look for
  90. Torgoen T05301 GMT hand losing time! ~ What should I do?
  91. Identify this watch
  92. Is it time for a 24 hour watch?
  93. ««««««« WRUW - Wednesday - 19 September 2012 »»»»»»
  94. Facing Problem With Vintage Seiko 6139 Automatic Helmet Chronograph Darth Vader
  95. Belated Introduction
  96. My New Watch
  97. Please tell me who makes this watch...
  98. well it's that time again. time to put a face to the
  99. Automatic running fast after being idle for weekend
  100. Back from the brink...what are my chances here?
  101. The Watch Snob Probably Threw Up Over This
  102. Looking for a reliable watch
  103. Latest Heartstopper-Parmigiani Tondo
  104. Invicta vs Seiko
  105. revolving Timex show case
  106. Looking for some thoughts and advice on 2 Quartz watches
  107. Adidas Originals LED replacement module
  108. Share your opinions on buying watches on-line
  109. WINNER ANNOUNCED: 1000th post giveaway.
  111. Please, help define the watch
  112. Where or how did it all start for you...?
  113. Are you a watch collector?
  114. A watch to win the wives over to our side..
  115. Clean your Bezel! What 16 years of build-up looks like....
  116. If all eletricity went out...
  117. Where can I find the Invicta 6563 or 6562?
  118. So my girlfriend wanted a watch for her birthday...
  119. Does anyone know what to call this? (pic)
  120. An interesting observation about The Swatch Group....
  121. Watch Collecting; Your take?
  122. «««««« WRUW - Tuesday - 18 September 2012 »»»»»»
  123. Tissot PRS 516 Automatic - what started my collection.
  124. Collector behavior: one from each brand or does it matter?
  125. Hirsch or Hadley-Roma water proof leather watch band?
  126. 44-48mm watch under $2000
  127. Another this vs that: Blancpain Villeret Complete Calendar Moonphase 40mm vs. JLC Grande Reverso 976
  128. Omega Seamaster Cosmic
  129. Question about movements and their pricing
  130. New to the site -and I have a Rolex - Oyster Tudor Prince Ranger MK1-Watch
  131. Watch Innovation Timeline
  132. Seiko Esploratore Militare
  133. "Complement" watch suggestions
  134. Chronomat Flying Fish
  135. When and who? 5-10k swiss tourbillon
  136. $20k Watch and no photos
  137. longines Vs louis erard Vs Limes
  138. Certina DS Multi-8 All Black - some photos
  139. Newbie from Serbia reporting
  140. Red Glowing Luminox!
  141. Review my Maurice Lacroix Pontos Day-Date Blue
  142. Programming a watch for "Mars" time
  143. Suggestions for a luminated watch
  144. Casio Gold or Two-Tone?
  145. Old watch identify/repair info
  146. Centre Minute Chrono + Second Time Zone?
  147. Does This Watch Look Cheap?
  148. ««««««« WRUW - Monday - 17 September 2012 »»»»»»
  149. Introducing Egard Watch Company
  150. I need advice on what watch is right for me (fist time buyer)
  151. What have i got here?
  152. Newbie checking in...
  153. Another THIS or THAT? IWC Ingeneieur or JLC Diving GMT?
  154. Watch question from "Scrubs"
  155. Traditional essay.
  156. I need advert
  157. Why the Grovana price increase?
  158. How costly would this restoration be?
  159. Wife decided to try my watch today
  160. Need help finding a classy everyday wear watch
  161. 5 minutes with a watch, car and iPad
  162. ^^^Sunday Wrist Checks 9-16-12^^^
  163. The fall and rise of the smooth balance wheel
  164. Any interest in a GTG in Hagerstown, MD on 23 SEPT 2012
  165. Who makes the L.L. Bean Field Watch?
  166. Where can I look at/Buy a Certina?
  167. Last watch for the year: Aerospace vs Solo
  168. Armida A1 Bronze vs Helson Shark Diver Bronze
  169. Who made this watch? Thommen or ?
  170. Anyone ever heard of Jam & Watch ?
  171. Help identify this Jules Jurgensen? Please :)
  172. Case back opener
  173. Manual Watches - question on number of winds and servicing schedule
  174. Temption CGK 203
  175. Help ID Concord Delirium
  176. Looking for an automatic similar to...
  177. Traveling to Chicago
  178. Cutting power reserves short: a stupid idea?
  179. Looking for suggestions for retro digital or ana-digital watch.
  180. looking for a watch similar to this one.....
  181. Which of these watches is the best made, and most durable
  182. Help me choose a watch for my partner
  183. Cartier Forum - A New Addition to Watchuseek
  184. USMC - United States Marine Corps Watches - A Photo Review
  185. Watch Noobie Help - Choice of 4 watches
  186. A watch best suited to extreme violence...
  187. Strap Suggestions For White Dial. PVD coated Watch...
  188. Precious metal watches of mid/low range brands
  189. Can you give me watch brands which use automatic Seiko 6R15 movements?
  190. RGM Watch Brand?
  191. ////////////// WRUW? Saturday 15/9/2012 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  192. Cheap classy watch
  193. Is it a WIS thing?
  194. Seiko 7009-8100 bracelet
  195. A Very Long Winded Introduction
  196. Recommend me a Valjoux 7750 metal band watch.
  197. Help with buying a watch!
  198. Who needs a tool?
  199. Grand Seiko Roadshow & Astron GPS Release Party – Reminder
  200. Please help Identify watch
  201. Indie Watch decision
  202. Expectations exceeded !
  203. How to move a watch box?
  204. PHOTO CONTEST- Show Us YOUR Watch to WIN $100!!!
  205. Info on Non-Swiss Automatic Chronograph Movements?
  206. Water pressure testing in NYC
  207. While ive been busy with class ...(pics)(56k grab a beer)
  208. Question from a new forum user re: buying on classifieds
  209. Never buy something from someone you work under - lesson learned
  210. Movement in KR3W K1342BLCK and Certus 613299?
  211. ««««««« WRUW - Friday - 14 September 2012 »»»»»»»
  212. HELP!!! First Automatic Watch Suggestions, Please!
  213. Just bought another Orient Bambino ER24005W
  214. Auto-Chronograph Shopping - trying to educate myself
  215. Proprietary tools to remove spring bars and resize bracelet??
  216. Resin vs Rubber vs Silicone
  217. Proper Watch Bracelet Sizing?
  218. Looking for diver suggestions. Blue dial/bezel, 40mm, under $500.
  219. Is this TAG Aquaracer authentic?
  220. Watch pop up event in NYC
  221. Citizen World Perpetual AT Question
  222. Stowa Antea 390 or Seiko SARX007? Or something else?
  223. Help identify this watch please.
  224. "TimepieceI" A look inside Dufour watchmaking.
  225. Best Screw Down Case Back Design???
  226. Birth year watch suggestions
  227. Which grey market dealer for Tag Aquaracer CAP2111.BA0833
  228. Seiko SNZH79 question
  229. What's the deal with bronze watches?
  230. PAM 98 or... ?
  231. Looking Watch serving (cleaning and oiling) in Toronto, Canada at reasonable price. Need help.
  232. how often had you been asked this Q
  233. Help! Jack Heuer 80 Edition Carrera or Omega PO 8500?
  234. ######## WRUW Thursday 13/9/12 ########
  235. Update to Earlier Thread - New Band
  236. Seiko's interesting line of Star Wars watches: better than what you may think
  237. TEST
  238. Would like to purchase a "Ball Watch". Looking for input on my choice.
  239. Paul Picot C-Type Yachtman 3 Chronograph
  240. Please help identify
  241. EMS shipping - how long 'til I panic?
  242. Longine Agassiz 150th Anniversary watch. Please help.
  243. Help me identify this cartier model
  244. Something weird ?
  245. The Current Weekly Rotation-Every base covered!!
  246. Another recommendation post - Large pilot/racing inspired watches under $500
  248. anyone like the da vinci chronos?
  249. Please help ID this watch
  250. Resizing Photos