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  1. Never buy something from someone you work under - lesson learned
  2. Movement in KR3W K1342BLCK and Certus 613299?
  3. WRUW - Friday - 14 September 2012
  4. HELP!!! First Automatic Watch Suggestions, Please!
  5. Just bought another Orient Bambino ER24005W
  6. Auto-Chronograph Shopping - trying to educate myself
  7. Proprietary tools to remove spring bars and resize bracelet??
  8. Resin vs Rubber vs Silicone
  9. Proper Watch Bracelet Sizing?
  10. Looking for diver suggestions. Blue dial/bezel, 40mm, under $500.
  11. Is this TAG Aquaracer authentic?
  12. Watch pop up event in NYC
  13. Citizen World Perpetual AT Question
  14. Stowa Antea 390 or Seiko SARX007? Or something else?
  15. Help identify this watch please.
  16. "TimepieceI" A look inside Dufour watchmaking.
  17. Best Screw Down Case Back Design???
  18. Birth year watch suggestions
  19. Which grey market dealer for Tag Aquaracer CAP2111.BA0833
  20. Seiko SNZH79 question
  21. What's the deal with bronze watches?
  22. PAM 98 or... ?
  23. Looking Watch serving (cleaning and oiling) in Toronto, Canada at reasonable price. Need help.
  24. how often had you been asked this Q
  25. Help! Jack Heuer 80 Edition Carrera or Omega PO 8500?
  26. ######## WRUW Thursday 13/9/12 ########
  27. Update to Earlier Thread - New Band
  28. Seiko's interesting line of Star Wars watches: better than what you may think
  29. TEST
  30. Would like to purchase a "Ball Watch". Looking for input on my choice.
  31. Paul Picot C-Type Yachtman 3 Chronograph
  32. Please help identify
  33. EMS shipping - how long 'til I panic?
  34. Longine Agassiz 150th Anniversary watch. Please help.
  35. Help me identify this cartier model
  36. Something weird ?
  37. The Current Weekly Rotation-Every base covered!!
  38. Another recommendation post - Large pilot/racing inspired watches under $500
  40. anyone like the da vinci chronos?
  41. Please help ID this watch
  42. Resizing Photos
  43. Oh my! Inside Basel, super-fast update, more to come...
  44. Inherited Girard-Perregaux watch
  45. Your Thoughts Please - Band Replacement Baume and Mercier Capeland Flyback
  46. Looking for a forever/lifetime watch
  47. WRUW - Wednesday - 12 September 2012
  48. Can't post pictures anymore from the web. Can somebody help?
  49. $1500 "freedom" watch
  50. Help deciding Omega Seamaster Professional versus Breitling Superocean Steelfish
  51. Seiko 5 Advice
  52. Newbie Second Porsche Design, Good deal?
  53. Mido Multifort Chronograph PVD Special Edition M005.614.37.051.01
  54. magnetized watch
  55. Help me identify this Patek
  56. Why can't I get all the watches that are available to show up in my eBay search results?
  57. Mystery Mark on Rolex Explorer
  58. Advice on Daniel Roth metropolition 24 cities
  59. Oops!
  60. The only thing I hate about the fall season is ....long sleeves!!
  61. Where to find 42mm diver case + bracelet for a watch build
  62. Hey, WUS forum gets kudos in latest Watch Time magazine!
  63. Show me Yours!!
  64. Some things are sent to test us.
  65. Limited Edition REDBULL CASIO!!
  66. German politicians and their watches
  67. WUS Top 100 - Week 4 (9 new watches)
  68. Don't know if anyone had a chance to check out my newest watch...
  69. Jaeger versus IWC
  70. Dial removal
  71. Worst work day ever!
  72. Positives and Negatives of your primary watches?
  73. What kind of watch do you wear when watch shopping?
  74. What is the best non-thermal compensated movement for cold weather?
  75. Stupid question of the day
  76. ####So after much discussion-WRUW 11/9/12####
  77. New Planet Ocean - Is this what we want ? Good or bad ??????
  78. New addition to watch .... collection....(pic heavy)
  79. Monumentally Fake Vacheron Constantin on the bay
  80. NOMOS, IWC, or Frederique Constant
  81. Advice on watch for high end sales:
  82. Watches like this style?
  83. Proud owner of my first mechanical watch!!
  84. Need a few ideas....
  85. On the hunt for a black classic GMT style
  86. AD Warranty Vs. Not-AD Warranty
  87. Henning Horological, awesome work!
  88. Doug Wilson - Weeds
  89. Checking accuracy of your watch
  90. Picked up an Illinois pocket watch...
  91. Do you have this problem too?
  92. casio ef527-D (problem)
  93. Hublot offer loan watch !! Sounds good, read on !!
  94. Unnecessary battery replacement by watchmaker?
  95. Inside Basel Show, Chicago, 9-11-12
  96. Happy with current rotation, now some thoughts?
  97. Dilemma in choosing a new watch, $ 1000-1500 budgetץ
  98. Gah! I hate when this happens!
  99. Should you not wind a hand-wind watch while wearing it?!
  100. Will a watch winder set off a Infra Red Motion Detector?
  101. For my lovely wife:
  102. Tourbilllon or Tourbillion?
  103. Alternatives to ETA 2824-2
  104. Help IDing this watch
  105. Cushion case with power reserve indicator
  106. The WRUW threads have dropped off -Discuss
  107. Movado overhaul estimated cost???
  108. Omega Speedmaster 3573 vs. Zenith Pilot Big Date vs. Baume and Mercier Capeland Flyback
  109. ^^^Monday 9-10-12 Wrist Checks^^^
  110. Help me help a friend... need suggestions
  111. Should I keep this watch?
  112. Concerning August-Steiner/Invicta
  113. New to this forum, got a Torgoen t05301 ~ few questions
  114. Obama's Watch! Can you help identify it?
  115. Rotating bezel. 12 hour ring vs 60 minut ring
  116. Vacheron Constantin (Authentic, Replica, or Fake)?
  117. ---Latest Addition- Damasko DA44 Black(Kinda long write up with lots pics--you've been warned)---
  118. Philosophical Question on colletion
  119. GMT+Day & Date Window?
  120. Why always bigger? One watch or two?
  121. Cartier Tank Solo Aftermarket Bracelet
  122. Save $2500 on a watch? With diamonds? How are these crazy prices possible?
  123. Sterling silver dials... will they tarnish?
  124. Stripping and Repainting the Seconds Hand
  125. Gruen automatic - help identifying
  126. Have prices gone up over the last 5 years?
  127. Is a TAG F1 considered a nice watch?
  128. Pilot 3133 Movement
  129. Best auto for a desk diver? what would keep wound better on limited motion?
  130. Introduction
  131. Female Skeleton watches
  132. Can someone help me choose between these two?
  133. Want to own James Bond's Planet Ocean?
  134. Post your best watch car combo. Ill start.
  135. WRUW - Sunday - 9 September 2012
  136. Pretty happy with my collection right now. How's yours?
  137. Some Bad Wristshots From My Holiday In Croatia!
  138. Trustworthy and reliable watchmaker in the Philly area ??
  139. Marathon watches - Are they good?
  140. Any Shops Doing Aftermarket AR Coating on Sapphire Crystals?
  141. COSC-accurate watch for less than $500 ??
  142. Question About SS Bracelet Change
  143. Do you find this annoying? (reply arrangement)
  144. Poll: Which Dress Watch? Orient FGW0100 or Sea-Gull Horoscope Series
  145. Please help me identify this watch.
  146. the challenge begins in earnest...
  147. Best watch under $1,700
  148. Tudor Prince Oysterdate on the way.
  149. Can somebody give me information on this watch?
  150. Perrelet Commerical
  151. Anyone getting tired of Sub copies?
  152. worldtimer : Alpina vs Ball vs Ernst Benz
  153. my first watchbox is full, here are some watches of my collection
  154. Does this count towards my watch collection?
  155. Quartz stepper motor - The quieter the better?
  156. Simple Dial Design under $3,500?
  157. Everyday school watch for $500
  158. Any watch will last throughout your lifetime if you service regularly, right?
  159. ////////////// Saturday 08/09/2012 WRUW? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  160. OK, no lie, what are the chances of this?!?
  161. How would you break it to your friend?
  162. Them is fightin' words!
  163. What is a good first mechanical watch
  164. non-affordable and swiss ?
  165. Chopard MM Gran Turismo XL 2006 LE! Need Opinion, Please!
  166. Need recommendations for ~$1k chronograph
  167. Watch Newbie (Found My Passion). Need opinions / Advice, please.
  168. Aristo - german or swiss ?
  169. Opinions?...informed, experienced, or otherwise
  170. Are scratches more noticeable according to color of dial?
  171. What watch is Bill Nye wearing?
  172. My dilema. To grail or not to grail...
  173. eBay politics - Hiding listings for anyone abroad your country!
  174. Can I pull this off, or do I need more wrist?
  175. What movement do I have?
  176. PSA: Watch event for those in the Minnesota Twin Cities area!
  177. WRUW - Friday - 7 September 2012
  178. Recommendations for Graduation present?
  179. The story so far.....
  180. Grand Seiko SBGR051 - some pics and very brief first impressions
  181. FAVRE-LE JBA Geneve
  182. Ulysse Nardin Classico luna
  183. Decisions...decisions (leather strap for a dressy Orient watch), please help me choose
  184. ETA 2452 replacement? What other movement will fit?
  185. Dievas ? No secton on the Forum?
  186. My first mechanical chronometer and don't know how to start it :-(
  187. To Brian the Lurker - Thanks for the Safe
  188. identify watch - coach on the sidelines
  189. New Member And Incoming Watch
  190. Luminox Orange Colormark With Original Packaging
  191. Decisions, decisions... what would you do?
  192. Girard Perregaux ID
  193. Just ordered
  194. Sources for replacement hands - Skeleton preferred
  195. Do you sell on ebay? Then read this....
  196. White face blue hands?
  197. anyone into gold or silver Precious metals its on the rise
  198. What about goldtone?
  199. Help me decide on a semi-grail
  200. Help! Non-Round Ladies Watch under $5k
  201. Weekend/casual watch with in-house movements under $7,000
  202. New to forum
  203. Baume & Mercier Introduces First Limited Edition Watch in the US
  205. Kickstarter Automatic Diver Watch for $250, limited to 100
  206. Which companies make the best aftermarket leather straps and Deployment clasps?
  207. WRUW - THURSDAY - 6 September 2012
  208. Anyone having proplems w/ loading pics lately?
  209. I am doing an essay for school.
  210. Longines vs Hamilton
  211. Which one would you buy?
  212. Automatic Chronograph with 7750 movement
  213. help me find a lucien piccard watch!
  214. HELP!!! A Slightly different HAMILTON mystery
  215. Claiming watch sales as income
  216. Philippe moraly
  217. Jeff Ireland's watch, does anyone recognise it?
  218. Something Dressy and Sporty (preferably in black Aligator black dial) 4k max.?
  219. Any better choice (chrono, pvd, quartz) around $500?
  220. [Help] What watch it is? (photos)
  221. Been lurking for a while, figured I would say hi.
  222. New addition... Seiko Skx007k2
  223. My First Impulse Buy!
  224. whats this watch? - worn by 'sam' in NCIS LA ...
  225. Advise - to gshock or not to gshock
  226. Does this watch exist?
  227. High end of cheaper brand or Low end of more expensive brand
  228. OT: Online services for people who like watches - what are they?
  229. Well it's official!
  230. Suggestions for a beater alarm wristwatch
  231. >>>>>>>>>WRUW 5/9/12<<<<<<<<<<
  232. How It's Made - Panerai
  233. Im new here, and have a few questions !
  234. Talk about disappointing...
  235. Wear it in good health
  236. Need Help
  237. Automotive / Carnauba wax on a watch?
  238. School project (watches) ideas
  239. Seeking help from the watch community
  240. What do you do with the box?/ show some boxes
  241. Watch Superlatives
  242. Q about an odd seller
  243. Hamilton Jazzmaster Quartz: worth repairing?
  244. hy i.m new here i have a question about a watch
  245. Can it be saved??
  246. As good as it gets: Grand Seiko 9S85 versus Omega AT 8500
  247. Am I the only one that gets really frustrated over this issue?????
  248. Best watch for me, under $850- Please help me!!!
  249. VC vs. AP vs. Breguet
  250. Thank god for Google translator!