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  9. This thing can't be real. Can it, huh?
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  14. Watch Budget - how did you decide? Relative to your income?
  15. Am I missing something?
  16. Insert coin: Romain Jerome PAC-MAN Fever Limited Edition series
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  18. Ondrej papi Berkus „Princesa Azul“ - some photos
  19. The longest you've been without a working watch?
  20. Finally registered, hello WUS!
  21. ^^^Sunday Wrist Checks 9-2-12^^^
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  23. my two new orders!! rate my purchases.
  24. Anyone have a good Hamilton AD to recommend?
  25. Thought this was pretty cool Tag stopwatch...
  26. Helios Laguna VS. Helson Shark Diver VS. Boschett Harpoon
  27. Shop NBC invicta buyer calls in about customer service.
  28. Which Mail/Shipping Service Skywacthes is Using?
  29. Versatile Daily Wear Sports Watches: Alternatives to Rolex Submariner?
  30. Watch for my father's birthday? pilot
  31. Dievas Vortex or Swiss Army Alpnach...Please help me decide!!
  32. Question about Cartier Authenticity
  33. does this sound weird?
  34. watches with repeaters and the Dubey & Schaldenbrand Sonnerie
  35. Swiss Legend Watches
  36. Ulysse Nardin FP1 353-88
  37. crown feels tight to wind first thing in the morning
  38. Ebel uses flat crystals in their cal.137 models?
  39. F1 and watches have always made a good team.
  40. top 5 sought after Citizen watches from the current line???
  41. Buying watches in Northern Ireland
  42. Review Posted
  43. Future for UTS
  44. What do you think about the size of this Citizen watch?
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  47. I've fallen in love with my Speedmaster
  48. What watch is this?
  49. Help me find an automatic watch for about $1000
  50. What are some watches for rough conditions?
  51. Oris Artelier Skeleton or other? £1.5k / $2k
  52. Impression Pellikaan HFLE
  53. Need immediate help! At AZ Finetime, Ananta, or Campanola???
  54. Here's a tough one for you (maybe)
  55. When to break up with a watch?
  56. Need a grille for my vintage Seoko digital watch
  57. New from Christopher Ward
  58. Junghans Radio-Controlled... how cool is that thing?!
  59. Better Safe than Sorry
  60. Bucherer with ETA 2872 date movement
  61. Visiting Montreal This Weekend - Suggestions of Good Watch Shops?
  62. When is a grail a grail
  63. Davosa?
  64. Which Tissot Couturier do you like better? Brown leather or black leather?
  65. authenticity question
  66. ETA 2892 mod with day, date, power reserve and moon phases : any info ?
  67. I need help with an eBay auction that I won
  68. Just a bit excited-New Arrival!!!!!
  69. What kind of watch is this and is this a good deal?
  70. ---TGIF Wrist Parade 8-31-12---
  71. Down to 2 watches....I think
  72. questions about orient strap replacement!!!
  73. Please Help: Looking for a Promotion Watch....around $1000
  74. Finding a career
  75. So how do a woman's and a man's watch differ?
  76. What do you want your watch to say about you?
  77. Them young whippersnappers.....
  78. My newly acquired Omega De Ville Hour Vision (pics)
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  82. Watch Identification and Repair Referral Help
  83. One for all occasions watch - the one and only watch
  84. Please help me identify this watch :)
  85. tw steel lume issue
  86. Leaving for Japan tomorrow. Want me to bring you anything?
  87. Legit Website?
  88. NEED some info about this watch * help? *
  89. looking for good OMEGA repair in Chicago
  91. Looking for help, new to watches!
  92. Need help: automatic watch 40mm, 200m WR and under $1000, any advice?
  93. Looking for a new anti-magnetic with a high end movement? Here's something different.
  94. ^^^Which WATCH on your WRIST for Thursday 8-30-12^^^
  95. Watch works Art work
  96. Stowa re-case project.....done! Update more pics
  97. OFFICIAL Hurricane Watch Thread
  98. President Obama's Watch
  99. posting pics
  100. multiple questions. I will consolidate into one thread! thank you in advance.
  101. A bit of help please Tegrov watch
  102. Ordered Watch is Processing for 32 Hours
  103. Hugo Chavez´ Watch. What kind of watch is this ?
  104. Identify Romney's watch?
  105. Love me some Lemania 5100...20+ years since last service and runnnig +2sec/day...Not too shabby.
  106. Introducing My First Automatic - Baume and Mercier Capeland Flyback!
  107. What is your favourite watch brand and why?
  108. Stiff fine, hefty penalty for Rolex smuggling
  109. Colour in a buckle !!
  110. Selling a piece: advice and tips
  111. Identification of a watch
  112. Which company is manufacturing Quarz Caliber VD578
  113. What about Piaget watches?
  114. Epos Dragon L.E. - some photos
  115. Help choosing a "field" type watch
  116. Valioux 7750 with Power reserve
  117. Week 2 of Voting! WUS Top 100 Watches (First 11 Watches Revealed)
  118. Can someone help me identify the model of this Omega watch?
  119. Look at this beauty ... and tell me what you think ...
  120. 1st post: Omega Planet Ocean 8500 skipped 3 secs in 1 hr
  121. Panerai 312 or Omega Moonwatch
  122. Anyone ever enrolled in TZ Watch School?
  123. Need help identifying Waltham watch and value
  124. Windy City help, headed to Chicago!
  125. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Wednesday - August 29 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  126. Explorer II GMT vs Seamaster 300 GMT Bond
  127. Stowa find!
  128. Semi-noob to watches. Can someone give me the scoop on orient?
  129. Watch shopping in California?
  130. Minorva Chronograph (Similar to Breguet)
  131. If you were a rapper, what watch would you wear? Post your garish guilty pleasure here!
  132. I need Your opinion !!!
  133. Brand Newbie has landed...
  134. Hamilton vs Maurice Lacroix vs Tissot
  135. Pawnshop
  136. Do ETA movements tend to slow down in the first few weeks or months of ownership?
  137. Breitling Colt 44 or Tag Heuer Aquaracer
  138. Pre-order of the Prometheus Manta Ray OceanicTime Titanium Limited Edition
  139. Two watch day
  140. Hand wind , automatic
  141. New Arrival! (pics heavy)
  142. Hoping i'm not alone...!
  143. Xylys- Swiss watches from Titan
  144. Can anyone suggest watches similar to Marathon TSAR and Armida A2?
  145. Calling All Whisleblowers!
  146. Victorinox Dive Master dilema
  147. Magnetization: A Tale from the Watch Desert
  148. Looking for rather new vintage style affordable automatic bi-compax chronograph...?
  149. Omega SMP mid size too small?
  150. Competition for Stowa Antea 365?
  151. Having trouble findind appraisal for Baylor Gold watch
  152. How tough is the average quartz watch?
  153. Rolex Submariner vs Omega Seamaster 300m
  154. ** Tuesday WRUW **
  155. jumping seconds vs low beat ?
  156. I think I found my watch! :D Finally a solution to my calatrava craving?
  157. New STOWA - Pics a plenty!
  158. Cartier Santos - Real or Fake
  159. New guy here, umm I may have made a mistake...
  160. held to find out more about my watch movement
  161. HMT Collections
  162. Need value for Omega Seamaster Cosmic Men's watch
  163. Need help dating this Wittnauer ladies watch
  164. Suggestions for 36mm blue dial watch
  165. Bad time to lose your watch
  166. Any kinetic or auto-quartz watches with a smooth sweeping hand??
  167. Anyone have experience with Tourby Watches?
  168. Watch Recommendation
  169. Dented Crystal can fix by Diamond Paste?
  170. Incoming!!!!!!!!!! New Diver
  171. Marathon GSAR vs. Armida A2... which to get?
  172. Same color for Subdials and Hands: WHY????
  173. How do you rotate your watches?
  174. It's ### Monday, but it's wrist's time !
  175. What happens to previous year's model?
  176. Win a Casio ProTrek PRW5100-1 (seriously)
  177. Best/cheaper alternative to IWC Big Pilot....
  178. Where to begin??
  179. Do auto watches have a "too strong shake" safety system?
  180. Only 2 watches for the rest of your life (one auto and one manual)
  181. Looking for watch shopping suggestions in Manhattan, New York.
  182. Recommendation for a valjoux 7750 repair/servicing vendor (online)?
  183. Who uses the chronograph function on the watch?
  184. Told it was a Men's timepiece.
  185. Looking for some altnerative dress watches
  186. Everyone wear your Speedmaster Pros to honour Neil Armstrong today.
  187. Ernest Borel
  188. Newb question : Rolex market share and authorized dealers of other brands
  189. what is a reasonable price for service?
  190. Looking for ideas and advices
  191. I can't decide between the Omega Speedmaster Pro or the Breitling Navitimer01
  192. Watch Apps on the Kindle
  193. Can I get my ideal watch made for a reasonable price?
  194. ^^Sundays Wrist Parade 8-26-12^^
  195. Can you help me identify this vintage Seiko?
  196. Citizen on the move ...............
  197. Down to two...hoping to cover all possible situations. Can I get down to one?
  198. Best watches under $500
  199. A tribute to Neil Armstrong
  200. The worst dress watches in your opinion
  201. Thanks to you all!!>>
  202. How to get out scratches from crystal of old Casio Forester? Plus other question about Forester.
  203. I found a Vacheron Constantin manual-winding watch at an estate....
  205. ETA-based UTC/GMT watches... looking for a resource on pros and cons etc
  206. can you help me identify this watch from a music video?
  207. What watch would be best for me?
  208. Historical, roman numerals question
  209. Long shot...but can anyone identify this watch?
  210. Wenger Battalion III losing time, second hand keeps stopping and starting. Tried battery swap
  211. Seiko Spring Drive cheapened by Bulova Precisionist line?
  212. ***Hey Hey Its Saturday WRUW 25-8-12***
  213. In-house modifications made to ETA movements... is there any benefit?
  214. Just Pre-Ordered a Lum-Tec M55!!
  215. One of my favorites. Thoughts?
  216. A tour of the Harry Winston manufacture in Geneva
  217. Friday Blues ................
  218. antimagnetic spring bars
  219. Looking for a GMT / Dual Time watch - Suggestions Needed
  220. Rolex or panerai
  221. The Blue Whale Pay It Forward: FREE watch for a month!
  222. Under the hammer: Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces
  223. Help finding a watch, Wenger Commando Dual Time
  224. Watch ID Needed
  225. Which one would you choose
  226. Updated Collection - hope you enjoy......
  227. Apology to all forum members, and readers...
  228. Is Invicta better quality than a Rolex Submariner?
  229. Premature BUMPs
  230. ---Friday Wrist Checks 8-24-12---
  231. Bangkok Purchasing Advice Needed Please ...
  232. Power Reserve: Love Em? Hate Em? Post Pics here.
  233. Pondering my next watch...looking for ideas
  234. Wow, this is a tough one!
  235. Warming up to Yellow Gold
  236. Ever hear of brand Touis?
  237. Throwing a punch with an automatic watch on?
  238. new watch under 1000€ for 18th birthday
  239. Watch repair costs???
  240. For all of you wondering about the toughness of automatic movements
  241. Your Own Watch Rules
  242. Now I have gone and done it! A Russian watch as my favorite?
  243. Xetum Summer 2012 Timepiece Sweepstakes
  244. Help me identify this watch
  245. Where are watch boxes made?
  246. Watch fair in Denver this weekend - Any Denverites going ?
  247. Gunmetal watch - slim diameter - Need advise
  248. Damage while changing watch strap?
  250. Orient FET0M001B, opinion please