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  1. Why you should pay too much for some things
  2. Do You Wear All of Your Watches?
  3. Has anyone heard of Dietrich?
  4. Faint, metallic 'ball rolling around inside tin can" noise coming from automatic watches...?
  5. Who owns the patents on old movements?
  6. Bulova Precionist or Lum-Tec
  7. What do you think your watch says about you?
  8. VBulletin on Mobile?
  9. In my defense...
  10. «««««« WRUW - THURSDAY - 12 July 2012 »»»»»»
  11. watches that look like Panerai
  12. Help identify Ernest Borel wristwatch
  13. ETA movement <$500 with other criteria
  14. What is stopping you guys from buying Xetum watches ?
  15. Please help ID this watch!
  16. A Band Really Makes a Watch
  17. You have 6 grand and ONE choice...
  18. Help: Hamilton Jazzmaster with ETA 2892 Stopping Frequently
  19. Seiko SBDX 005 (Historical Collection Watch)
  21. Sub $500 lefty that's of reasonable size?
  22. Cutting Deals at AD's and Boutiques
  23. Newbie say thanks for advice
  24. Rolex Submariner Update
  25. Knowledgeable Raymond Weil Enthusiasts Chime In! Need help identifying.
  26. Authenticity Check on Movado Sapphire
  27. craigslist watcher
  28. FNG here, just saying "hey"
  29. Universal Geneve Lunar landing dial
  30. Vintage Hand Make Rolex
  31. New to the forum
  32. Richemont's profitable 2012
  33. Place for watch servicing - East Bay, Bay Area, NorCal
  34. reaching the 5000 posts
  35. And now for something completely different
  36. JLC vs. Top Brands
  37. Vtg Seiko 66 - similar looking modern watches?
  38. First "real" watch purchase.
  39. U-Boat 363 on sale through - any good?
  40. Care for your watches..
  41. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Wednesday - July 11 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  42. need a watch modder
  43. JLC Master Control vs. GS GMT: comment on this comparison
  44. How do you decide on your next watch purchase
  45. Anybody know what kind of watch this is?
  46. Swiss made Skeleton watches £150-£400
  47. Hamilton vs. Tissot
  48. Movement Kowledge Poll
  49. Lemania Watches
  50. Blue Sumo Bezel needed
  51. iPad Smart cover magnetizing automatic watch?
  52. Turning fork watch question >>
  53. Armida A2 vs. Steinhart Ocean
  54. Most resistante waterproof watch ?
  55. New Member
  56. I am looking for Swiss made watches as birthday gifts CHF 75 £50?
  57. I am looking for Swiss made watches as birthday gifts CHF 75 £50?
  58. Pulled the trigger on an Armida A2
  59. introducing: Dussert Watch
  60. News about Magrette Regattare Bronze.
  61. 'Etienne' watch?
  62. Doing some research on a le phare chronograph.Please help!!
  63. Advise on getting 2 watches
  64. A little help identifying this watch (Possibly Korean General)
  65. How Much For A Piece of Paper??
  66. on research mode, but i need your help!!!!!
  67. The new guy
  68. How do I get my watch for sale posting to show up on WatchRecon?
  69. Is it safe to manually hand-wind an automatic movement?
  70. Site that searches several watch forums for sales?
  71. All your watch are belong to Wus
  72. Once Coveted, Now Underwhelmed.
  73. Protecting a plastic bezel insert?
  74. Small Slender Men's Dress Watch?
  75. «««««« WRUW - TUESDAY - 10 July 2012 »»»»»»
  76. Could you help me choose the better looking one
  77. Which IWC Portuguese?
  78. Is the forum slow for anyone else?
  79. What watches are you trying to stop yourself from buying right NOW?
  80. Halos Laguna quality
  81. place to exchange/swap a watch?
  82. help what to buy?
  83. Watch Glass?
  84. Where Can I Read About A. L. Breguet?
  85. Odd sale pending to unknown buyer
  86. How difficult a job is it to swap (insert a dial) into my skeleton watch
  87. Looking for ~$700 45-50mm diameter watch w/ luminous hands/markers, perpetual date, metal bracelet
  88. Moeris and michta watches need info
  89. what to buy what to buy
  90. Review: iTime Carbonio PHANTOM
  91. Two month wait, but new Grovana is here.
  92. Captain Stacey's Watch in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
  93. Braving the elements: GRAHAM Chronofighter Oversize
  94. Accutron Calibrator
  95. Looking for a New Watch: Want Help Deciding!
  96. «««««« WRUW - MONDAY - 9 July 2012 »»»»»»
  97. ACCURACY POLL: How accurate is your most frequently worn automatic watch...?
  98. Reasonably Priced Swiss Watches
  99. Like the Dragon Warrior in Kung Fu Panda, "I sense the watch snob is among us!" Is he?
  100. My New Hammy!
  101. Eccentric LUGS, and "special" straps/bracelets: What's the Logic?
  102. Should I pull out the crown on my watch?
  103. Buffing scratches from a stainless steel bracelet
  104. Age Appropriate Watches
  105. Baume et Mercier Classima Genuine?
  106. S&W Commando. Whats your opinion?
  107. Can you please identify this watch?
  108. How much time did it take to get you Grail?
  109. Finding my watch collection
  110. [Trick'n'Tweaks]- Any way to reset the chrono needle of Mechanical movements back to zero?
  111. Automatic Daily Beater
  112. The JLC catalog is a stunning book...
  113. What do you think of this new watch incoming!!!!!!!!!!!!
  114. Simple dress watch under USD 6000
  115. A good friend is considering a Dunhill watch, are they worth the price?
  116. G-Shock in Dubai UAE (
  117. >>>>>>>WRUW SUNDAY JULY 8, 2012<<<<<<<
  118. Girard-Perregaux Quartz Watch Info needed 9666KF
  119. PATEK HELP REQUESTED - Authenication of movement, general estimate
  120. Cartier Pasha
  121. Looking for a very thin watch, 5mm max. up to $1,500.
  122. Going to Rome; any watch places to visit?
  123. Can anyone identify this minimal watch?
  124. Schofield visit
  125. show us the back side of your watches.
  126. What Is The Smallest Number of Watches It Would Take to Build a "Complete" Collection?
  127. Tried on my dream today... was unbelievably disappointed
  128. Storing a watch for 14 years, and advice on purchase please?
  129. Waiting on Grandpa's Thin-o-Matic
  130. Bought a watch...
  131. Need New Watch..advise wanted
  132. what is the magic number ?
  133. Precista PRS-20 - is it just a copy?
  134. Good news! I'm done with dive watches (200M +)
  135. advice needed for unresponsive watch restoration service
  136. Certina mechanism replacement cost?
  137. Black dial black aligator chrono watch? Zenith El Primero vs Omega Speedmasster moonphase vs others?
  138. My almost 7 year old son is infected.
  139. Not quite a theme, but a consolidation at least
  140. Watch movements choice
  141. What do you guys pay for service?
  142. ////////////// WRUW 7/7/2012? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  143. Quartz TSAR vs auto Armida A2
  144. How many of your timepieces collection is from AD?
  145. *** HOUSTON GTG #2 *** HOUSTON GTG #2 *** HOUSTON GTG #2 ***
  146. Help with Maurice Lacroix Phase de Lune
  147. will a diver with a bezel wear big or small?
  148. Source for used/NOS watch cases?
  149. Am I the only one who finds the classic design with sharp hands and no numerals horribly boring?
  150. Zodiac Special ops zmx03 water resistant
  151. Watch Flipping Over the Years... non-divers [PIC HEAVY]
  152. Best Used Watch Value/ Deal? (Specific Models)
  153. Ulysse Nardin Unveils Boutique Freak Diavolo
  154. The Pilot and The Diver
  155. Will visit Schofield tomorrow >>>>>
  156. Help choosing the next one..
  157. If your favorite sports team had an official watch brand, what brand would it be?
  158. Crap.... Rolex Exp I itch.... not good.
  159. What was it like for you when you bought your first luxury watch?
  160. New arrival - it's old and it's gold.
  161. The impossible search? Slim, new, mechanical dress watch under USD1500...
  162. Battle of the Brands: Who will win Wimbledon 2012?
  163. Wanted: Bauhaus watch, can't remember name, help me find it...
  164. Question for you Marathon CSAR owners
  165. Salute to American Watchmaking
  166. Watch Journey in NYC
  167. Watch Shopping in Bermuda??
  168. «««««« WRUW - FRIDAY - 6 July 2012 »»»»»»
  169. montblanc summit , is it authentic or fake ?
  170. Please join me in welcoming René Rondeau to the Forum!!!
  171. Slow work day, bought a watch! My NEW, Hamilton Pan Europ, verrrryyyy sharp!
  172. Proud New Papa!!! (3 New Watches)
  173. Momentum Format4
  174. Seeking advice for an affordable watch
  175. Old Accutron Spaceview going into the shop after MANY years - new straps?
  176. when will gold come back in style?
  177. A request for some of you picture gods.....
  178. People Sometimes Throw the Word Grail About Too Easily. And I Have My Grail. My Wedding watch.
  179. Blacklisted Watch Brands
  180. Wrist Shot Suggestions and/or Guidelines
  181. Finding a Similar Watch to this Claude Bernard(?) Day-Date Watch
  182. New Arrival (JLC Content Inside)!
  183. check the new watches
  184. History and origin of Triangle on Dive and Aviator watches
  185. Classy watch under $2000/?1500 waterproof with screw-down crown?
  186. Automates & Merveilles by Jaquet-Droz, exhibition:
  187. Game: Recommend a Watch to the Above Poster
  188. Dress/Pilot Watches with a tan strap? Suggestions please
  189. Any decent watch dealers in San Francisco?
  190. Where to take Ulysse Nardin for service?
  191. Another MILESTONE for Watchuseek !
  192. Let's see those beaters!
  193. Got an old Swiss watch and can not find info about it - Help?
  194. ^^^WRUW- Thursday 7-5-12^^^
  195. Suggestions for a watch at or under $500?
  196. Lets Talk about finishing on a watch
  197. New Addition!
  198. Anyone having trouble w/ PayPal??
  199. Question about getting a watch serviced
  200. What are the best value/price watches in your opinion ?
  201. My FIRST purchase! JLC vs GO
  203. looking for a watch, suggestions?
  204. Happy Independence Day
  205. Please help me identify this watch.
  206. Anybody knows this watch ?
  207. Used prices ... whats fair/reasonable
  208. MontBlanc Sport GMT Automatic - what do you think ?
  209. Perfect Continuous Sweep Second Hand
  210. Q for chrono owners...
  211. Need help choosing a chronograph
  212. Where to buy the dive bezel of Citizen NH8230-51L or anyone can be used on it?
  213. Please welcome our new sponsor Jambor Jewelers
  214. What stops insurance fraud on watches/jewelery?
  215. Side benefit to all the flipping
  216. Watch ID needed -- Matt Damon, We Bought a Zoo
  217. Monster dismemberment, anyone?
  218. Need help to advise rectangular chrono watch 2,000-3,000USD
  219. "sport" watches under 300$?
  220. Need suggestions for my next purshase. Fire away your ideas.
  221. Bally men's watch QUESTIONS
  222. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Wednesday - July 4 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  223. Winding first thing in the morning, at lunchtime or at bedtime ?
  224. Looking for a watch...
  225. Do you diver or swim with your expensive mechanical diver's watch?
  226. Question about manual wind watches!
  227. What watch do you wear during work outs?
  228. NEW Watches with that TV Dial 70s/80s look?
  229. Weird question about shock and mechanical watches...
  230. VERY interesting watch advertisement- I think it says a lot about perspective and pint of view!
  231. One each: CORUM Admiral's Cup 48 Chrono Trophée Jules Verne
  232. Are vintage RADIUM-Dialed HMT watches safe to wear?
  233. The "accuracy of time". I wonder about the past.
  234. If you had to choose between these two watches..WHICH?
  235. Are watches too expensive?
  236. Thinking of starting a Watch Brand...need suggestions...
  237. ///// WRUW? 03/07/12 \\\\\
  238. Which brands harden their steel?
  239. What is your favorite young brand?
  240. Kickstart the cookoo Smart Watch! Deadline July 7th
  241. Cleaning watches with a toothbrush...?
  242. any tips on wHat watches to collect, this is my current collection.
  243. Suit me up: Dior Chiffre Rouge A05 Chronograph
  244. At an impasse.... unfortunately...
  246. order problem
  247. Your WUS journey worth it?
  248. Michael Dudikoff's watch in '90-ies series 'Cobra'
  249. Impressive looking Multi-Function Wenger Analog/Digital model: 70440
  250. RW Smith Watches