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  1. Are watches too expensive?
  2. Thinking of starting a Watch Brand...need suggestions...
  3. ///// WRUW? 03/07/12 \\\\\
  4. Which brands harden their steel?
  5. What is your favorite young brand?
  6. Kickstart the cookoo Smart Watch! Deadline July 7th
  7. Cleaning watches with a toothbrush...?
  8. any tips on wHat watches to collect, this is my current collection.
  9. Suit me up: Dior Chiffre Rouge A05 Chronograph
  10. At an impasse.... unfortunately...
  12. order problem
  13. Your WUS journey worth it?
  14. Michael Dudikoff's watch in '90-ies series 'Cobra'
  15. Impressive looking Multi-Function Wenger Analog/Digital model: 70440
  16. RW Smith Watches
  17. Can anyone here put the watch one hand only on the same side arm (two piece strap and bracelet only)
  18. >@>@>@>@>@>@>@>@>@>WRUW MONDAY, July 2, 2012<@<@<@<@<@<@<@<@<@<
  19. Can someone Recommend me a watch??
  20. Would you wear this?
  21. Ugly Watch Brand Logos
  22. Online shop vs. Authorized Dealer experience
  23. Some "spotlight" pictures ;)
  24. Inexpensive watches with top-grade 2824 or 2892?
  25. Sub- $1000 watch with rubber strap that looks like this?
  26. One Big WUS Get Together!
  27. Baume & Mercier Classima Exec. 10038 - runs fast and other issues
  28. Online atomic clock?
  29. Looking for a watch with $2K budget
  30. The Audi Italia Sailing Team supported by Eberhard and Co, dominates and wins the Kieler Woche
  31. GRAHAM Silverstone Stowe GMT LE watch
  32. Citizen Nighthawk - Would you purchase again?
  33. Help me identify my childhood watch
  34. XETUM photo contest !
  35. Who services ll of your different brands of watches?
  36. show us your "unknown brand" watches.
  37. Please help me find something similar to a Lum-Tec Combat B6?
  38. Any medical professionals/students or engineers here?
  39. When chronograph is started...
  40. Black or Blue Seamaster Pro?
  41. Anthracite dials
  42. WRUW - SUNDAY - 1 Jully 2012
  43. WRUW Sunday July 1 2012
  44. It's your dream watch. What's the MAX you would spend?
  45. IWC or Breitling
  46. Yes, another "This or That" thread!
  47. Advice Needed for Newbie
  48. do you own any UNpopular watches?
  50. Grail watch: from wanting to owning
  51. What can I turn this into??? My quest for a grail.
  52. Thoughts on Lum-Tec? Thinking about trying to snag a V1 but am replace my Tissot
  53. Problem with "new" watch
  54. I need some adivce on my first purchase!!
  55. New registered watch addict
  56. Buying Used
  57. Um....ok
  58. WRUW - SATURDAY - 30 June 2012
  59. How much is a new Omega Seamaster Quartz worth?
  60. I dont' know whether to laugh or cry....
  61. USED triple date, perpetual, moonphase, automatic for around US$5-7000?
  62. 9-mo. old Aquaracer in for overhaul!
  63. Information on a thrift-store watch
  64. Watch collections
  65. Admiring From Afar
  66. Big discounts a sign of austerity for Ebel?
  67. Why I Love My Sub
  68. Frederique Constant and Alpina Trunk Show at AZ Fine Time
  69. New Join! Baume & Mercier Hampton Square Ti
  70. Longines AD online shop ?
  71. Oris Diver or Tag Aqua Racer?
  72. has WUS changed you ?
  73. Temperature and position of watch overnight
  74. What makes a watch Grail?
  75. Crazy deal?
  76. OK, Wimbledon Mercedes commercial guy's watch
  77. WRUW - FRIDAY - 29 June 2012
  78. Help me figure out what watch this is.
  79. Is there any way to switch off the "Likes Received" notification?
  80. A Newbie's Quest For The Holy Grail
  81. New watch arrived yesterday
  82. Why People Trash Certain Brands and also Quartz?? Brand Envy?
  83. What Moon Phase display do you prefer?
  84. Patina or not?
  85. opinions on ETA F07.111 caliber
  86. San Francisco Watch Repair/Dealer
  87. Any problems traveling with a croc strap watch in/out of country?
  88. Anyone PM'd by Canwatchco?
  89. Was bored at work today... (video of my watch in sloooow-motion)
  90. How fast can you pick up the trick here?
  91. Poor form?
  92. My first clock
  93. Hamilton X-Wind alternatives
  94. Phantom Ticks
  95. Ok....anal test...
  96. JLC v. IWC v. Cartier
  97. Looking for a goldtone dresswatch.
  98. Needed Opinion on Custom confiscated watches
  99. What are the Most Underrated Watch brands
  100. Can anyone help me find a watch that fits these criteria?
  101. 36,000 bph Accuracy
  102. What would you do if you had $5000.00 to spend on a watch
  103. It's Thursday! WRUW?
  104. Need help choosing an Aquaracer
  105. Vintage ads for watches
  106. New CUSTOM GETAT watch is On its way to me!
  107. GO vs IWC worldtimer
  108. Help!
  109. Help please, I'm totally new to this! Which watch?
  110. My new one handed Stealth Watch
  111. Julian Schwinger's watch
  112. Show your cerakotes
  113. Suggestion are welcome
  114. You are mugged in an alleyway, but you are given money to spend on a watch...
  115. Suggestion are welcome
  116. Some of the unknown >>>
  117. Atomic Watches - besides Citizen and Casio?
  118. ......-> > Dress-watch around 2000-3000$ < <-......
  119. Movado Story - Jealousy is a curse
  120. -----> Vostok Amphibian Valentina Tereshkova watch. Limited Edition
  121. Would You Consider it New?
  122. Any new complications you'd like to see?
  123. Help Needed. New Member. Know nothing about watches. Question about Hublot watches
  124. You time traveled to 2025. What watches do you see?
  125. Strap suggestion for vintage Timex
  126. Saving NOS/BNIB: What are your plans if not to wear?
  127. <<<<<<< Watches for Wednesday - June 27 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  128. What do you think about white out watches?
  129. Yes I judged you by what's on your wrist.
  130. Greetings!
  131. Chronograph GMT watch?
  133. new beater
  134. Just picked up a very interesting watch
  135. Help? Almost new Hamilton Navy GMT leaked water into crystal??
  136. Hot weather extension link
  137. Affordable man's watch for wedding gift
  138. Zenith Espada vs. Grand Seiko Hi-Beat: A relatively novel matchup
  139. Hi Guys!! (Intro)
  140. Twin Swiss Watches - Good Twin. Evil Twin . . .
  141. Sandoz Submariner crystal and bezel insert replacement - recommendations needed
  142. Anyone else notice
  143. Were Next Please help....
  144. Errant Sweep second hand on a Raymond-Weil, won't synchronize?
  145. Smart phone
  146. Question about mechanicals
  147. The Length of the second hand ?
  148. I tried to resist!>>
  149. Questions about servicing an automatic
  150. $5000 Dress Watch
  151. 3 New Acquisitions today! =D
  152. I'm wierd. Feeling some love for the only mechanical mvt I hate.
  153. Anyone headed to Tourneau's Grand Reopening tomorrow at South Coast Plaza?
  154. Porsche Design Titanium Diver's Watch "Ocean 500"
  155. Anyone planning to buy the Zenith Espada El Primero?
  156. WRUW - TUESDAY - 26 June 2012
  157. Ball Watch Forum Contest with Some Surprising Guest Judges
  158. Warning on importing watch with croc band
  159. 500k Patek just landed on the sales area...seller for real ?
  160. Thoughts on Casio ana-digi
  161. Oh You Sultry Watch-Godess...
  162. Georg Jenson Help!
  163. A Bezel Question >>
  164. Intro and hello to all
  165. 7 responses that will never let you down on WUS...
  166. Not Normally An Aviator Watch Lover...But RGM Hooked Me
  167. Repaint this Casio watch.
  168. Maurice Lacroix croneo owner?
  169. what watch as a investment?
  170. Insight
  171. Waterproof question
  172. One Watch to Rule them All
  173. my beautiful Invicta...
  174. Your favorite complication?
  175. From D'Ebauches S.A. to SWATCH
  176. WRUW - MONDAY - 25 June 2012
  177. Five-Sided Watch ID (Long Shot)
  178. do you remember?
  179. How bout a Marine/Navy/Deck watch with short lugs?
  180. Exactomatic accuracy vs. other movements
  181. My new Certina DS1
  182. The Mechanical Sport
  183. Please help suggest a $2,000 watch for a friend
  184. Removing Links From Staib Mesh
  185. Q on sale to unknown buyer
  186. CWC Diver: need help finding new crystal gasket
  187. Alfex watch kit.
  188. I have a great idea for a new watch, need help getting it made.
  189. Victorinox maverick II or victorinox dive master 500m
  190. Watch at the $8k range, JLC, IWC or GO
  191. Best watch sellers for New Zealand and Australian customers?
  192. What watch do you want me to buy and review next?
  193. inexpensive automatics in the 60's and 70's
  194. WRUW - SUNDAY - 24 June 2012
  195. INCOMING-Rolex Explorer I and Breguet Type XX
  196. Casio identification required
  197. My Journey and Where This Site Has Led Me
  198. older movado's
  199. What color luminox colormark?
  200. My new weirdo
  201. Quaity vs looks
  202. Found the Planet Ocean Beater job done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  203. I Love Omega, but.......
  204. what else do I need other than a movement+dial?
  205. Can anyone give me a value on this?
  206. INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been waiting. So excited.
  207. can you customize a dial of your watch, painting?
  208. Is this dumb?
  209. Anyone else obsessed about day-date?
  210. General Question about Automatic Watches
  211. Tapatalk pic problems
  212. Invicta movement problem
  213. 'Does anybody really know what time it is'
  214. Which One of these beauties would you go for???
  215. $5000 ETA-based Watches
  216. New vision: Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision 2012
  217. Need reccomendations white dial
  218. ///// WRUW? 23/06/12 \\\\\
  219. My first dive Longines hydroconquest!!!
  220. Where are all the interesting threads?
  221. Hayon Studio Orolog (from Gizmodo)
  222. Where can I purchase a Marathon SAR?
  223. Watches with complications on the back
  224. Anybody know a watchmaker in Puerto Rico? (again)
  225. Boron: Any info?
  226. Need Help Identifying this watch!
  227. Problem with vintage omega seamaster (1950s model) running fast
  228. What is this watch? Please help!
  229. Lemania 5100..Day of week change??? Not fully flipping
  230. First time posting, Need ideas!
  231. Where have you found your best deals ?
  232. Watch - 1500$
  233. I am now my wife
  234. Collection Pics
  235. Addicted to watches....why?
  236. Discover the new Cartier Tank Anglaise>>>>
  237. ETA quartz mvt battery dead. How long til I need to change the battery
  238. What complications are important for you?
  239. Dornbluth & Sohn and More Like it
  240. Patek 335sc, what can you tell me?
  241. My diamond in the rough
  242. Luminox?
  243. When monkeys wear watches...
  244. Looking for a yellow faced watch- Suggestions
  245. >>>>>>>>>>WRUW TGIF 6/22/2012<<<<<<<<<<
  246. Who buys a $10,000 watch these days?
  247. Panerai 372 and a Patek - Many, many Photos
  248. IYO...does a "printed dial" make the watch look cheaper?
  249. How often do you change your strap/bracelet?
  250. Taken 2 Trailer...