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  1. Need some help on making decision
  2. Is it okay to re-operate a power depleted automatic watch by shaking it?
  3. Looking for a watch with Unitas 6497 or 6498 Movement
  4. ####WRUW Tuesday 19 June 2012####
  5. What's The Frequency, Kenneth....
  6. Need Help Authenticating Longines Watch
  7. How many of you have bought watches from (or sold watches to!) your family members?
  8. Need Help Identifying This Watch
  9. Out with some friends B'more style
  10. New Arrival
  11. "Watches Of The Year"
  12. Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic: dressy enough?
  13. REQ: Pic of Raymond Weil maestro
  14. quartz watches - why do some seconds hands "bounce back" and some don't?
  15. Wanted to share a really neat discovery
  16. True blue British: Bluebird and Christopher Ward form partnership
  17. Bathys - Help
  18. 20 years old (Breitling) and still .............
  19. I am buying a watch today. (Live and in progress)
  20. graham
  21. What watch is 'The Doctor' (who) wearing?
  22. New watch purchase
  23. help buying mid-end watch
  24. Can you identify this watch?
  25. Wruw? 6/18/2012
  26. 21,600 vs 28,800
  27. buy one get one free maybe!
  28. ok finally!
  29. Recommendations for my new watch - Fathers day gift
  30. Fathers Day gift- Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba
  31. 1990's Eterna -- Porsche -- Tag Design Similarities?
  32. Help me to find a similar watch!
  33. What time is it?
  34. Good youtube channels about watches
  35. Audemars Piguet on a girly wrist, would it work?
  36. HELP with Swiss Army Chrono Convoy
  37. How does AP get their bracelet to be both brushed and catch light so well???
  38. Ah, Breitling...
  39. Girard Perregaux Identification?
  40. There are no dumb questions...except this one
  41. Is there a GENUINE Panerai in PVD with a PVD skeletonized movement?
  42. Narrowed it down to 3.
  43. Rant: I like ETA. In-house movements are stupid.
  44. Was rummaging through a closet today ...............
  45. >>>>>>>>>>WRUW FATHER'S DAY SUNDAY 6/17/2012<<<<<<<<<<
  46. Team Tribe - 2012
  47. Query
  48. How come some high-end brands come with only a two-year warranty?
  49. Automatics and shock?
  50. Time setting of Harwood watches
  51. MeisterSinger Perigraph Review
  52. Bulova 98B111 doesn't keep the time! What kind of problem could be?
  53. How do you use Power Reserve indicator
  54. Invicta, eat your heart out.
  55. Two watches in One Day!
  56. What to do with $2500 and a Kitchen Pass?
  57. I need a watch recommendation.
  58. What's the first watch you think of when I say...
  59. Which do you prefer, the "chase" or the "get" ?
  60. Video on the vanishing independent watchmaker-and why
  61. Whats the verdict on PARNIS watches? Are they any good?
  62. Scratch resistant glass
  63. Burgmeister on Amazon
  64. Does height matter more than wrist size?
  65. ---Saturday WATCH on your WRIST 6-16-12---
  66. Is movado still with zenith?
  67. "celebrity" Brand watches. (Not the watches celebrities wear)
  68. Seiko Black Monster vs Orient Mako on brown, which to choose?
  69. What themes do you guys have for your collection?
  70. Little help finding a watch?
  71. My Collection is Set for a Long Time
  72. Officially launched today: KUYL Watches
  73. Buying pre-owned
  74. New - need help selecting a GMT watch
  75. Grand Seiko vs. JLC Master Ultra Thin
  76. Help for a decision
  77. Sellita SW 200 pricing
  78. What do you think of this watch compared to????
  79. Here we go again with a new question.
  80. Father's Day Gifts 2012
  81. Watch Hunting in S.E. Asia
  82. Sugestion: Watch w/ chronograph <400; analog or digital (non-metal bands please)
  83. AWARENESS - Jomashop has an ecozilla for sale
  84. Any affordable automatic with longer power reserve (60+ hours)
  85. Repair $$$? Similar to Rado question.
  86. >>>>>>>>>>WRUW TGIF JUNE 15, 2012<<<<<<<<<<
  87. New member - first post
  88. Quartz vs auto lessened on a chrono
  89. Starting the passion young
  90. Is this watch too small?
  91. Co Branding opportunities
  92. $250 for Rado repair?
  93. Any regrets for buying a Perpetual calendar watch?
  94. Which watch does Mitt Romney wear?
  95. Help between two watches
  96. I have a challenge for you guys.
  97. I Was "This" Close From Getting Out...
  98. Tactical watch choice
  99. Does fully winded watch go faster or slower than half-winded one?
  100. Timepiece ID
  101. iPhone Browsing Question
  103. Are todays watches too large?
  105. A brief introduction....
  106. Strange Rotary Chronospeed model
  107. Need your opinion
  108. Looking for a titanium watch.
  109. Franck Muller Authorized Service
  110. Watch collection - From beginning to present! ALOT OF PICTURES
  111. German football team coach and his watch
  112. How do I post photos straight from my iPhone?
  113. Which side you choose between Innovation vs Class Timeless ?
  114. Help on watches on a winder!
  115. ebay cases
  116. Free Stainless Steel Bracelet with Marathon USMC GSAR Watch - Father's Day Sale -
  117. Please help me decide on my first purchase - Rolex Sub vs. Panerai
  118. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW THURSDAY June 14, 2012 >>>>>>>>>>
  119. Looking for some opinions on which model as a first "real" watch.
  120. Why does Citizen write the word "sapphire" on the dial?
  121. Question for the frequent sellers
  122. New arrival! Girard Perregaux
  123. What's the deal with Ball watches?
  124. Is the CL888 reeeaaalllyyyy a modded st16?
  125. Buying JDM from Chino vs Higuchi
  126. New watch for ~2000
  127. Left or right wrist?
  128. Acceptable deviation?
  129. Tourneau question
  130. Bulova Precisionist Marketing - Not sure what they're trying to say
  131. any reasons not to buy a Baume et Mercier Riviera non-chrono?
  132. Tissot Sea Touch Qn
  133. Father's Day is coming up... Any stories about your father and watches?
  134. Snap-On Back
  135. Christopher Ward Teams up with Bluebird
  136. Alessandro Baldieri talks about the new Seamonster "Panarea"
  137. Watch Event: Inside Basel and Geneva (and a serious SCOOP)
  138. Luminox Colormark series and Nato straps
  139. This opens up some possibilities....
  140. Precista 18A HAS ARRIVED
  141. Atomic Watches
  142. Hi my name's wilson_smyth and I have a watch collecting problem...
  143. Trusted online dealer
  144. Low-ball offers will be ignored
  145. My Watch Journey...
  146. What movement would you make?
  147. My reaction to Sales forum as an "international" buyer
  148. Junghans Meister - help me pick?
  149. have you seen?? Tudor Prince Date with Chronautic style pushers>
  150. Watches with green dials, hands, accents, etc.
  151. <<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Wednesday .... June 13 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  152. Help me indentify?
  153. Best Group Wristshot EVER
  154. Watch suggestions from $200-$400
  155. Snobbery in movements!
  156. The HALF-MILLION DOLLAR wristwatch. What's the point?
  157. Does Anyone Have Any Information Jacques Du Manoir Watches?
  158. Numbers Game
  159. suggestion please (IWC, BREGUET, or JAEGER)
  160. how do you strikethrough text on this forum?
  161. What's your favorite forum(s) at WUS?
  162. Watch currently at ISC NYC...i have some questions...
  163. Yet another "what watch should I get" question
  164. Retro Chronographs and actual 1970s vintage models search
  165. What watch brand do you think has the best value?
  166. Polishing a Tissot PRC100 two tone
  167. General Repair
  168. Audemars Piguet - 40 years of Royal Oak: an anniversary celebration
  169. Tuesday: WRUW???
  170. I have the Unitas 6497 movement, now I need a case.
  171. Mont Blanc Timewalker question
  172. Grubby digits on your grail.....
  173. Ian's Watch Project Piece...
  174. Mido in a hurry
  175. watch shopping in india
  176. Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAN2110 power reserve issue?
  177. Can getting a grail stop someone from constant buying / flipping
  178. A new WIS in the making.
  179. How to contact Eterna
  180. Sea Gull boutique just opened in my city
  181. Hublot uses mugging as advertizement
  182. Watches with 24mm lugs
  183. My First automatic
  184. A visit to the Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Exhibition in Paris (lots of photos inside!)
  185. Speedbird PRS-22 dial off centre
  186. Can you identify this watch?
  187. The lighting was perfect
  188. Cool watch for $50 ? i may have found it.
  189. Help identifying this watch
  190. A little cheesiness bought to you by IWC Schaffhausen
  191. Mechanical Watches with Annual Calendar Complications
  192. ISA vs Rhonda Selection
  193. Suggestions appreciated: this Hamilton or something like it
  194. Watchless
  195. Help Me Identify 50 Cent Watch Please!
  196. <<<<<<<<<<<< Watches for Monday .... June 11 , 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  197. 'conus;
  198. Versatile watch for College student
  199. The Watch to Control the Addiction
  200. Mayan Horologist
  201. Help... My father's 2 old LeCoultre watches, trying to find out more about them including value...
  202. Tennis Players and Their Amazing Watches
  203. Which heirloom piece to add: German or Japanese?
  204. Collection to "The One"
  205. Global Watches Market Report
  206. Seiko 5 Bund project
  207. [Bargain] Calling all ceramic watch fans!
  208. Tips for adding signatures to your sales photos.
  209. Baume & Mercier Classima Executive 10038
  210. Silly question, but on Divers and 10ATM/100m+ water resistance, do you always have to pressure seal?
  211. Choosing Day-Date-Power Reserve watch
  212. # # # # # WRUW - Sunday June 10 # # # # #
  213. Setting the Time
  214. Finally
  215. The story with technomarine?
  216. Help identifying this Caravelle watch??
  217. Black dial with Two silver sub dial....
  218. >>> From Colombia with Love. Unboxing Content<<<
  219. Watch Price is not the Retail Price
  220. Purchasing oppinions.
  221. New addition!
  222. What size tonneau?
  223. How much time should I really expect of lume?
  224. Leonard, vintage, gold, quartz. Please help to identify.
  225. Body size/type
  226. Can a SLR camera magnetize my watches?
  227. Most visited forum.
  228. Can someone find me a replacement movement for this sentimental Timex
  229. Cross border shipping
  230. what looks the business for 2500
  231. Casio AT 552G touch screen watch.
  232. LVMH Tag Beyer friends and family sale is back!
  233. Is there a difference? Full overhaul or general service for mechanicals??
  234. Are there any cheap watch manufactures, which make to order(Customised) $75 50?
  235. Guy Fieri's new watch
  236. Is there anything similar?????
  237. Alessandro Baldieri talks about iTime
  238. My No.3 Skeleton Wristwatch
  239. VAT in France?
  240. I'm very well adjusted.
  241. PRECISTA 18 Owners please help!
  242. my growing collection, cant stop this addiction
  243. Bangkok watch case/ leather watch strap suppliers
  244. Is my GMT hand misaligned?
  245. In the Wild--it's worse than we thought.
  246. ####### Hey Hey its Saturday 9/6/12 WRUW#######
  247. It has been a long journey in WUS...finally happy with my current collection !!!
  248. Vladimir Putin's Watch Collection Worth Six Years Of His Declared Income
  249. So -- regardless of PRICE -- is there such a thing as a "cool" watch and an "uncool" watch?
  250. A "Nice" Time At An AD Recently