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  1. can this watch be saved?
  2. Seiko 5 Automatic date request information
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  5. How I evaluate "Tool Chronograph Diver"
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  7. U-Boat Classico 45......Real or Fake?
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  9. This is incoming... Updates- It has arrived! Modem burners up
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  11. What watch is this guy wearing?
  12. Buying a Omega 9300
  13. Help! What the heck is the watch I am thinking about...
  14. New Diver Strap for My New Steiny Aviation GMT!!!
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  16. How do you cope?
  17. Lowest beat per hour mechanical?
  18. Why do you flip?
  19. Is 52MM too big?
  20. Dirty Film on the inside of my new watch crystal. Causes please?
  21. Swiss Automatic with Tritium Tubes and MOP Dial...
  22. For the man of today: Century Elegance Chronograph GMT
  23. Blacked out watches, "stealthy" or silly?
  24. "Hold my watch, because if it breaks I'll kill everyone on this train." (Ripley's Game 2002)
  25. THE AVENGERS...What Watch?
  26. Casio G-Shock GW-M5600: strap related questions
  27. U Boat discussion.
  28. Dress watch - Seagull Tourbillon VS IWC Portugese?
  29. sumo question and Orient m-force dilemma
  30. EMS from Philippines
  31. Oh boy
  32. <<<<<<< Watches for Friday - May 4 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  33. What do you guys thing of this Fossil leather band as a cheaper dress watch?
  34. Quartz Longevity!
  35. Ok, let's say it is 9:12 in the morning.....
  36. What watch is this? Quick help.
  38. Is this Movado legit and how much is it worth?
  39. Local AD vs. Internet AD Questions
  40. Never give up
  41. The watch created for fans of the Historic Racing Drivers Club
  42. Looking for a member with UHRFORUM
  43. There are no Dumb questions. here is one.
  44. U Boat Flightdeck CAS BE watch strap/band
  45. Vintage Watches in NYC
  46. Added a new watch to my stable
  47. Armida A2 500M ETA PVD Landed
  48. Help me pick a baby-resistant watch
  49. Evolution of movements
  50. My rambling thoughts on watches quality brands etc...
  51. Rolex Explorer (Original) Style
  52. 2 sub dial chronographs
  53. Help me choose a watch under 1500$
  54. $6000 Invicta Set
  55. Top three watch collection
  56. Next Grail Sinn, Omega or IWC
  57. Breitling too much bling
  58. The ultimate Two watch scenario IMHO
  59. WRUW - Thursday - 3 May 2012
  60. Which one to choose? Archimede Flieger or Fifty Fathoms homage?
  61. Watch recommendation, part ∞
  62. Price of a Watch Video
  63. Help me potentially buy a watch with a high end unique movement
  64. I am weak... and ordered more watches.
  65. Loaded with history: Dent Ministry Evolution chronograph, limited edition
  66. Selling up for a Sinn.
  67. What would you do?
  68. A word or two about your Avatar ...
  69. Boutique Stores vs. ADs
  70. It's Official, I'm a WIS
  71. Help identifying this Aristo Flieger
  72. Durability of PVD finish?
  73. Can a Deployment Clasp be used to tighten a leather strap watch with more precision?
  74. Purchasing Options
  75. Picture Request. Omega Planet Ocean
  76. Similar watches to white dialed IWC Mark XV
  77. Cheapest watches with in house movements
  78. If you could only have 3 watches for the rest of your life..........
  79. Dispelling Old Wive's Tales - Misconceptions about Watches
  81. suggestions for a chrono with seconds subdail at 6 position
  82. WRUW - Wednesday - 2 May 2012
  83. Authenticity of U-Boat Classico 45-AB-1-A from
  84. Unplanned watch meeting
  85. Cheapest modern IWC w/t in house or almost in house movement?
  86. Affordable Complex/Avant Garde mechanicals? List your favorites
  87. problem with mechanical to quartz conversion - vintage Bulova ladies watch
  88. Durable Automatic Movement
  89. Help! Does anyone know any informartion on this watch?
  90. Sales process
  91. New member from Italy joining in
  92. Which of these two famous sport chronos do you like better?
  93. "Iconic" watch list!
  94. How About a LOL Icon?
  95. Help finding a watch manfacturer
  96. Watch Suggestions Sub $500
  97. Squale Dippy 25ATA
  98. Best automatic chronograph under 5k?
  99. Should I Finance a Planet Ocean?
  100. Mechanical hand wind recommendations.
  101. Very quick 2824-2 question
  102. WRUW - Tuesday - 1 May 2012
  103. worst watch websites.
  104. Can anyone ID this watch?
  105. what's with all LumTecs in the for sale forum?
  106. Seiko SNN235P1
  107. Shark mesh for OM: straight ends or open link?
  108. Help Me Grow My Collection Intelligently
  109. Good looking beaters? Post yours!
  110. A couple of buying questions, opinions wanted..
  111. Rolex or cartier for small wrist?
  112. Help me to decide and stay on track!
  113. Omega, Tag Heuer and indecisions
  114. What watch to wear to my Colonoscopy?
  115. What's with all the red?
  116. Raymond Weil - Please, I need help with model specifications.
  117. What's Your Favorite Watch Design?
  118. Plain, white dial, dress watch <3.000$
  119. Watch Recommendation for a College Student - $2,000
  120. Rivetting video: BEGIN Japan010gy: Watches and clocks
  121. Looking to buy a swiss/german automatic for my 10 yr old nephew ! Ideas ?
  122. Don't meet your heroes?
  123. Can you polish Titanium like SS?
  124. What is the purpose of the small spring on the back part?
  125. WRUW - Monday - 30 April 2012
  126. Hebdomas 8 Jour ??
  127. Out of Production Watches
  128. Collectors item
  129. Selection Help Needed. Suggestions requested.
  130. Is this an authentic BVLgari watch?
  131. Are You Digging?: Bend Second Hand
  132. Which watch...
  133. Which watch to buy? budget 2000
  134. Any Spanish members here on WUS?
  135. Ebay Question
  136. Has anyone had a dial painted?
  137. Help needed please
  138. Introducing my newest arrival...
  139. How are Swiss watches doing on the Japanese market?
  140. Strange happenings on the bay.
  141. Watches: What makes them a HOBBY?
  142. Watch Manufacturers in the USA
  143. Suggestions On Afforable Pilot Chrono...Archimede Pilot Chrono A Good Choice??
  144. Tag SEL gold strap polish
  145. Really confusing on purchase of U boat 1000 of feets? Help needed
  146. $8k to buy any watch..which one?
  147. Ever hear of Forzieri before? (Pictures)
  148. Random Poll: What do you want to be buried in?
  149. Importing to Australia
  150. How much to sacrifice for an Omega Seamaster 300M?
  151. Miyota AW00
  152. Watches for Sunday - 29 April 2012
  153. Oh my.... there is a store for this? (now with PICTURES!!!)
  154. Yet another, "Need help deciding what to buy" thread....
  155. Torgoen T26 anyone know about it
  156. Nothing Better Than A Rolex In Case Of Emergency
  157. Which Tag
  158. If you could have a custom printed dial ...
  159. Help identifying Old Certina
  160. Austrian Watch Companies
  161. Vintage Heuer Dive, what to do?
  162. What's Your Favorite No Box/No Papers Excuse?
  163. Ingersoll Auto Hands Misbehaving
  164. Should I buy this?
  165. Weekend watch for autocross and track days?
  166. Celebrities wearing sub-100$ wristwatch
  167. How much...
  168. <<<<<<< Watches for Saturday - April 28 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  169. Sinn U1 AR coating removal. Did I go to far?
  170. The problem with chronographs...
  171. please help! I cannot find a watch to excite me!
  172. Canada vs. US purchase prices
  173. Weight of watch and SS band
  174. How a bad thing can turn into kind of a good one.....almost
  175. My Collection is not complicated . . . .
  176. Do you test water resistance or replace gaskets to ensure water resistance
  177. Do you report suspicious members?
  178. Clear Luminous Powder or Paint?
  179. New to the forum
  180. Are these trustworthy
  181. I might be....
  182. some watch help
  183. Bering Watches: Inspired by Arctic beauty
  184. Need help identifying a pocket watch movement
  185. B&R vs Breitling: Which side are you on?
  186. How to round out a collection?
  187. What happens to all the watches they dont sell
  188. <<<<<<< Watches for Friday - April 27 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  189. New (to me) Girard Perregaux!
  190. Anyone else watching the NFL Draft? Watch Question
  191. My Collection (what's next...?) [pic heavy]
  192. Come on usa why no replys .?"?
  193. Tag heuer carrera day date
  194. It happened again.. i am officially the Antiswatch
  195. Longines pocket watch history
  196. Watch Your Watches
  197. Anyone buy one of these before?
  198. Seiko SRP043 revisited
  199. Ebay RANT
  200. Sekonda model ID please(And possibly a fix for an Accurist)
  201. Moon phase watches ...
  202. How do I replace a Rolex with something that is not a Rolex...?
  203. ArtyA Watches
  204. I have $300 for a new watch.
  205. What happens to your inexpensive autos when it's time for the service?
  206. What is quality to you?
  207. <<<<<<< WRUW - Thursday - 26 April 2012 >>>>>>>
  208. HEUER please help me identify this model
  209. Can anyone identify this dive watch?
  210. NOS Advice.
  211. Swiss Legend Abyssos - ETA 2836-2 or CL-888 = how can I tell?
  212. Basic workings of a mechanical or automatic watch?
  213. Types of Nickel
  214. New Mobile Forum Design?
  215. Unboxing a JEANRICHARD HighlandS
  216. Watches as investments?
  217. The watchmaking wunderkinds of Girard-Perregaux
  218. WIS-Smart: Watch Service Question
  219. Movement longevity
  220. [SOLVED] how the heck do i remove the stem??
  221. Came across this article on counterfeit...
  222. Recommendations for a watch similar to this one?
  223. <<<<<<< Watches for Wednesday - April 25 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  224. In need of a bezel for a Luminox 3001
  225. Business Casual watch for ~$350..Hamilton khaki...or...
  226. So my wife asked...
  227. dream wedding present ruined
  228. The Sports Watch
  229. Most Obnoxious Watch You Have Ever Seen!!
  230. I know this is a typical question but...
  231. Similar to a Seamaster PO?
  232. Buying from Germany - US Customs Duties?
  233. Safest way to do a trade for both parties....
  234. Graham TT motorbike racing watch - worth a bid?
  235. The Ultimate Watch: Versatility
  236. You have 500 (appx. $810) to spend on a new watch.
  237. Inspired by a Classic 1960?s Design and Powered by an Innovative New Eterna Spherodrive Movement
  238. What I Find I Wear The Most !!!!!!!
  239. Watchmaker near Youngstown, Oh
  240. Finally, Swiss showed up to mediate.
  241. American Reunion Wristwatches
  242. <<<<<<< WRUW - Tuesday - 24 April 2012 >>>>>>>
  243. Does this Hamilton Navy GMT Seem Suspicious?
  244. Orient Mako Lume?
  245. Quality Quartz Analog Watches
  246. Rate These Five Watches Please
  247. $1,000.00 dress watch
  248. tactico TC2: COMING SOON
  249. IWC XVI or Zenith Heritage?
  250. Asking some advice...