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  1. Can anyone identify this dive watch?
  2. NOS Advice.
  3. Swiss Legend Abyssos - ETA 2836-2 or CL-888 = how can I tell?
  4. Basic workings of a mechanical or automatic watch?
  5. Types of Nickel
  6. New Mobile Forum Design?
  7. Unboxing a JEANRICHARD HighlandS
  8. Watches as investments?
  9. The watchmaking wunderkinds of Girard-Perregaux
  10. WIS-Smart: Watch Service Question
  11. Movement longevity
  12. [SOLVED] how the heck do i remove the stem??
  13. Came across this article on counterfeit...
  14. Recommendations for a watch similar to this one?
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  16. In need of a bezel for a Luminox 3001
  17. Business Casual watch for ~$350..Hamilton khaki...or...
  18. So my wife asked...
  19. dream wedding present ruined
  20. The Sports Watch
  21. Most Obnoxious Watch You Have Ever Seen!!
  22. I know this is a typical question but...
  23. Similar to a Seamaster PO?
  24. Buying from Germany - US Customs Duties?
  25. Safest way to do a trade for both parties....
  26. Graham TT motorbike racing watch - worth a bid?
  27. The Ultimate Watch: Versatility
  28. You have £500 (appx. $810) to spend on a new watch.
  29. Inspired by a Classic 1960?s Design and Powered by an Innovative New Eterna Spherodrive Movement
  30. What I Find I Wear The Most !!!!!!!
  31. Watchmaker near Youngstown, Oh
  32. Finally, Swiss showed up to mediate.
  33. American Reunion Wristwatches
  34. <<<<<<< WRUW - Tuesday - 24 April 2012 >>>>>>>
  35. Does this Hamilton Navy GMT Seem Suspicious?
  36. Orient Mako Lume?
  37. Quality Quartz Analog Watches
  38. Rate These Five Watches Please
  39. $1,000.00 dress watch
  40. tactico TC2: COMING SOON
  41. IWC XVI or Zenith Heritage?
  42. Asking some advice...
  43. What watch do you get the most comments about?
  44. Hello :-) Help and advice needed on Festina watch
  45. What's the purpose of a moon phase?
  46. Why not flat tritium tubes for watch hands?
  47. Date and/or Power Reserve suggestion
  48. Atlanta Spring GTG
  49. Looking for Quartz Moonphase watch
  50. Mad Men and Watches
  51. Just getting started!
  52. It's been a loooooong time...[re-introduction of sorts]
  53. Visually pleasing way to manage your watch wishlist, thoughts?
  54. Paid for a watch to forum member last Thursday and haven't heard back ever since..
  55. Going to South East Asia on business trip, where to buy Grand Seiko at good price? And what to wear?
  56. Please recommend me a sub $1000 sports watch...
  57. Watchtime Article: Grand Seiko
  58. Cruise Watch?
  59. <<<<<<< WRUW - Monday, 23 April 2012 >>>>>>>
  60. Interesting lost & found watch ad in the local buy & sell
  61. Watch company websites
  62. The Secret Life Of Machines - The Quartz Watch (Youtube video)
  63. Alexander Shorokhov watches? Thoughts? Anyone?
  64. My Collection - Updated (and now complete?)
  65. Watch addicts
  66. Methods for shipping outside the US
  67. Watches in Aruba?
  68. What will you do if you were in my shoes...
  69. Fav Gold watches...
  70. Can someone please help me?
  71. IWC Mk XVI or Omega Seamaster London 2012 Limited Edition?
  72. on a scale of sensitive are you?
  73. Beware of shaking hands with strangers
  74. Explorer I, the Speedie's Nemesis: poll
  75. tick tick tick: differences?
  76. WURW Sunday, 4-22-2012
  77. LeJour Watch
  78. 2824 movement based Swiss made watch from Edox less than $300
  79. Valima watches?
  80. Seiko Solar.
  81. busy dials with colorful indications
  82. SOTC
  83. Which watchmakers/watch companies ...
  84. What watch is this??? Please identify it!
  85. Recommended Watchmaker/Watch repair in Los Angeles - Time Essentials
  86. SWISS MADE: This is what's required for a watch to be called "Swiss made"
  87. Chrono, moonphase, and annual calendar for a low price. Sacre bleu!
  88. Oris Artelier Skeleton - any better skeleton for £1.5k?
  89. Is a mechanical watch more accurate when worn vs. sitting?
  91. Your Short-Term Most Wanted List
  92. Top 5 most accurate & reliable auto movements?
  93. 34mm watches - best value $200
  94. Please welcome our new sponsor: CREPAS Watches from Spain
  95. Gul Regulated >>>
  96. Opinion on Omega Constellation
  97. How agonizingly close have you ever gotten to getting a grail without actually getting it?
  98. Help Identifying a Citizen and Lucerne watch.
  99. <<<<<<< Watches for Saturday - April 21 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  100. What's the Deal with Corum
  101. Need a dress watch... thoughts on these candidates?
  102. Which watch brand has the worst reputation?
  103. Matching Watch and...
  104. To all those looking for a new watch...
  105. Rolex vs. Invicta (and other silly comparisons)
  106. Archimede watches
  107. Louis Watch. What kind of watch is this? See picture
  108. Need WRUW threads that actually are what you are wearing.
  109. What's in a name ... store/seller names, any influence?
  110. Watches similar to Victorinox AirBoss Mechanical and Alliance Chronograph?
  111. polerouter
  112. If I were to sell on eBay...
  113. Dreyfuss Watches - Beware!
  114. New Watch: Meistersinger Perigraph 43mm
  115. Insurance
  116. GADGET vs GIZMO... and where/how does a GIMMICK fit in?
  117. Scary Expensive Ugly Watched
  118. End of an iconic design...
  119. <<<<<< WRUW - Friday, April 20, 2012 >>>>>>
  120. Seiko skx007 but better?
  121. Can you recommend a good watchmaker in the Jupiter, Florida area?
  122. big impressive watch
  123. Playing around with my camera - some photos of the Prometheus Baiji Black Dial Stainless Steel
  124. Just picked up this interesting looking piece
  125. Why most expensive watches have poor water resistance?
  126. Rolex OysterDate vs Tag Carrera WV211B.BA0787
  127. custom watch
  128. Aviation (sic) brand
  129. AP, PP and VC - what makes these watches soooooo special?
  130. What to buy with a Bonus
  131. FYI: Q1 Watch sales up at LVMH
  132. Suggestions on a $400 or less quartz watch.
  133. What Watches Are Worn by Men of Power? i.e. Presidents, Dictators, Dignitaries
  134. Tag Carrera in Peñiscola Castle - photos
  135. Your views wanted (Academic research into the watch industry)
  136. Your views wanted (Academic research into the watch industry)
  137. I present my Rolex Submariner ceramic in the public forum. Photos
  138. IWC Portuguese VS AP Royal Oak
  139. New arrival Blancpain Fifty fhatoms annual calendar
  140. IWC cal 89
  141. Michael Kobold's Letter To AskMen
  142. All time favorite movement
  143. Where to go from here? Updated with resolution!
  144. <<<<<<< WRUW - Thursday, April, 19 - 2012 >>>>>>
  145. Water resistance by Nomos
  146. The Only Watch You'll Ever Need
  147. what does it mean?
  148. Is it hypocritical to wear a diver if you can't swim?
  149. Opinions, Ideas, Theories
  150. Allow me to introduce myself.....(pics added)
  151. So I got a kit...
  152. I hate miyota quartz movement...
  153. Is Movado trying to gut EBEL?
  154. Matchy-Matchy?
  155. Can anyone identify this watch?!
  156. Watch comfort
  157. Ok, who does NOT like the Omega Speedmaster?
  158. Need Help
  159. Good watch or knife for US Marine graduate
  160. Please help me ID this Louis Erard, I think I'm in love.....
  161. >>>>>>>WRUW WEDNESDAY April 18, 2012<<<<<<<<<
  162. Mission Impossible: define the perfect watch collection!
  163. Longest running quartz without service?
  164. Advice Needed: Which orange Seiko should I keep in my collection?
  165. How to reset Casio DATABANK 1359
  166. Swiss Eagle anyone???
  167. OT: Help me pick a 2nd Watch: Milgauss vs Transocean vs Omega vs Vintage
  168. Movado made something i like
  169. Resource for beginers about mechanical Watches???
  170. If you could JUST own ALL of the current models from just one brand...
  171. DLC - seeking UK coating service...
  172. A great little movie
  173. My collection- looking to add a new watch
  175. watches like this?
  176. Invicta: a watch like this, but not lefty
  177. My humble itinerant collection
  178. HELP: Breguet Type XX Aeronavale limited edition ref. 3803 VS Zenith El Primero Chronomaster
  179. Anyone else tired of seeing paragraphs of text on a watch dial?
  180. Bremont World Timer
  181. I'm not buying another watch, I swear
  182. Issues with USPS Lady.
  183. Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000
  184. Sector 700 Chronograph second hand not running
  185. based on the MSRP...
  186. Next Watch suggestions
  187. How long can an automatic last without a service?
  188. <<<<<<<< Watches for Tuesday - April 17 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  189. First Time Auto buyer over whelmed with choices
  190. Help identify this watch!
  191. omega watch fake or not?
  192. NASA called, you're headed to space........
  193. Top 5 sports watches under for £500 or less???
  194. Paypal's 1099K form and taxes.... questions
  195. Can't find the FS thread of the invicta 5010 pro diver men's watch?????
  196. My local Tourneau was robbed!
  197. Eterna watches and others
  198. New Dress Watch Ordered.
  199. chiming watch?
  200. Help me pick a NATO/ZULU strap for my Helson
  201. My watch odyssey, thus far ...
  202. Help me find: Manual Winding, Slow Beat (18,000 or 21,600), Big Balance Wheel + 40-44mm size
  203. Vintage Style Watch - Recommendation
  204. Placed bid on small unidentified lot of watches and WON. Did I screw up?
  205. 2892-a2 on eBay, what grade?
  206. What does he wear? Shemar Moore on Criminal minds...
  207. Please help ID these watches
  208. <<<<<<<< Watches for Monday - April, 16 - 2012 >>>>>>>
  209. Alternative to PVD?
  210. My new pre owned Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver: Great condition with boxes and papers...well sorta
  211. advice on this hamilton on
  212. Picture sizes for posting
  213. watch brand recommendation
  214. Help with my 2nd watch now please
  215. The eternal search for the perfect collection
  216. New Here!
  217. Watch/Clock humor
  218. An age old Omega vs Breitling Question...
  219. How long until dream watch isn't readily available as new anymore?
  220. Opening the caseback on a RAINY day vs DRY day.
  221. VULCAIN, the watch for presidents
  222. Modern watches with a pre-war, dressy yet instrument-like aesthetic?
  223. ***********Sunday 4.15.12 WRUW?***************
  224. Watchco omega sm300 purchase dilemma
  225. My VSA Mach 6!
  226. NYC watch repair for mainly stock movements?
  227. my collection so far
  228. Future of watches? Probably not, but still...
  229. Weird things are happening to me, friends
  230. is it odd to wear a dress watch with T shirt and jean?
  231. Is Turkey safe to mail to?
  232. My Current Collection 2012
  233. Need help finding a different seconds hand.
  234. Ideas for an analog face, solar powered and preferably atomic watch?
  235. I need help finding some specific spring bars.
  236. Watch suggestion for $3000
  237. Which watch for the game today...
  238. NYC GTGs are Fun Fun
  239. What watch do you think could fit in to any era?
  240. Next Watch
  241. Made in Brooklyn?
  242. New father of twins needs a watch that is up for the task-please advise
  243. LUFTWAFFE Chronograph
  244. why my swiss watch stoped?
  245. Does anyone know this rectangular wristwatch from Pierre Lannier 309A033?
  246. DAY/DATE Wheel removed = Better perfromance??
  247. Please help in identifying a watch
  248. Need to vent - Amazon (EDIT: RESOLVED BY AMAZON)
  249. Watch Memes thread has been removed
  250. Show me your Pulsemeters