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  13. C3 Superluminova- what does it look like in the light?
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  19. My uncle gave me this Hermes watch. Help me?
  20. Some advice needed
  21. Do any re-lumers give you price quote without sending the watch in??
  22. Just ordered my next one
  23. Please help me scratch this itch ??
  24. Could you help me please to ID these?
  25. FRIENDS, ROMANS and WUSers Lend me your ear...
  26. Baume & Mercier Riviera, old watch year unkown help!
  27. How many times does the minute hand move around the clock in one day?
  28. new addition to my watch family
  29. Swiss watch?
  30. Help me choose a wedding gift for myself
  31. Defoor (D4) designs? Has anyone heard of this watch makerout of Atlanta, Ga?
  32. Nothing special, just my latest project...
  33. One year WUS anniversary, a year ago today...
  34. Perrelet Turbine
  35. My Planet Ocean just went down the toilet.... send me picture comfort
  36. Get it on: BlumLux Louie Quattro watches
  37. Eta 2824 durability Anyone have years of experience?
  38. How high is the temperature tolerance of a mechanical watch?
  39. Any similar watches?
  40. Identify this watch?
  41. Assistance in finding classic/dress watch
  42. Manual winding caliber to replace eta 2836
  43. High Dome Watches
  44. Just bought a Zenith Port Royal
  45. "Golf" Watch
  46. Top Ten Watches of All Time
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  48. U-Boat
  49. Begin Japanology - Watches and Clocks (TV documentary)
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  51. I was impressed...
  52. This or That (or This, Still)
  53. Omega Seamaster 7750 Chronograph Issue
  54. A little something i'm working on...
  55. Going to Nassau on a cruise, any AD's recommended to visit?
  56. What is The Voice Ce Lo wearing? Diamond studded casio?
  57. How to use Search FAQ?
  58. Graduation gift suggestions
  59. Are the mass-produced watches of today better quality than hand-made ones?
  60. Going on a cruise- Any safety concerns bringing an "expensive" watch along?
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  62. New Watch
  63. Having trouble with a watch purchase - and it's not about brand
  64. Seiko Orange Godzilla or JLC Grand Datomatomizer
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  67. Question about where to buy Calibre De Cartier
  68. 500 USD - Seiko Premier OR Tissot 200 PRC
  69. Am I alone in liking german watches more than swiss, almost across the board?
  70. Incoming trench watch
  71. Re-lume jobs- Before & After pic request - Daytime shots!!
  72. $880 For A Nivada Grenchen Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver?
  73. breakthrough in DIY watch regulation! (for inexpensive movements)
  74. This for that
  75. Worth an extra £200?
  76. Need Help Finding a Watch
  77. Watches with dubois-depraz 'piggy back' chrono module, always 'inferior' to integrated movement ?
  78. You're not a WIS if you.....
  79. BREAKTHROUGH, a method to the madness!
  80. Luminox 1848 crono DOA?
  81. Watch Memes
  82. A new addition to the stable
  84. If you had AU$4000 dollars which watch would you choose?
  85. Can someone help me pick??
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  87. NOLA
  88. Jared Galleria Swiss watch event
  89. Pirelli Watches
  90. Vulcain Watches - now available at
  91. Which of the 8 to get...???
  92. High or Low?
  93. HELP, want to darken the leather strap of my hamilton khaki x wind!
  94. Big crown/ no cg vintage submariner homage
  95. Panerai... cheese in the sandwich
  96. Knife Advertisement
  97. Totally New to the Watch World...
  98. Query on the optimum humidity level for watches
  99. Another Incoming! German have landed!
  100. Available soon ... Swiss Made Prometheus Signatura Day/Date watch
  101. Available soon ... Swiss Made Prometheus Signatura Day/Date watch
  102. It is known (according to WUS, In a Game of thrones kind of way)
  103. Need help with Duty Free in Singapore>>
  104. Heading to Manila! Watch shopping suggestions?
  105. Boy, Richard Mille really got his money's worth yesterday. Congrats Bubba Watson !
  106. What does a chronograph say about a watch?
  107. Does anyone recognize this watch?
  108. Does the watch I seek exist?
  109. My Wife Just Doesn't Understand...
  110. Getting tired of the nonsense associated with websites. Are you?
  111. WATCHES: more comparable to Bicycles or Cars?
  112. >>> WRUW: Easter Monday, April 9th, 2012 <<<
  113. Colt Chrono II or Automatic Aquaracer Chronograph?
  114. what does mass production mean ?
  115. Embarrassing question about a specific watch!
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  117. Watch stuck in customs, what should I do???
  118. Short straps for a small wrist?
  119. Omega Speedmaster Apollo XVII -- A "collectible coin" or beautiful tribute to horological history?
  120. Oceanus: perplexingly obscure, even amongst WIS
  121. Facing down temptation
  122. Oh the dilemma... again (Hamilton Seaview DD vs Mido OS Captain)
  123. Lost watch
  124. Something similar to this
  125. Thanks WUS
  126. Do you have this issue
  127. Parmigiani
  128. Unitas 6497 6498 Decorated vs Undecorated: TOURBY, KEMMNER, etc
  129. question about vendor response
  130. Cheap Stowa Antea?
  131. Suggestion for a new watch
  132. Doxa Exhibition at the "Château des Monts” Watch Museum
  133. Tag Heuer 500m or Longines HydroConquest?
  134. Ikepod Seaslug Alarm
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  136. "New" Magrette Regattare Vintage Brass
  137. Alert!!! Japanese Invasion of GRAND kind! (Incoming!!)
  138. Watch Themed TV Episodes
  139. Marcello C Nettun 3 - Face Up or Down at night?
  140. Mission Impossible 4 Phantom protocoll bad guys watch (Wistrom, Samuli Edelmann)
  141. Valjoux 7750 Won't Autowind
  142. Another Melancholia Mystery
  143. Birthday gift to myself..down to 2
  144. Where do you see horology in 100 years?
  145. Long forgotten Watches
  146. Does this Nautilus Dial look authentic?
  147. Mido commander pic request
  148. Graduation watch......for girlfriend! (max $1.2k) new or pre-owned
  149. What type of movement is in this watch?
  150. Guys, I have several questions about the forum, please help me.
  151. Another thread looking for suggestions! (Thanks in advance for everyone's help!)
  152. Tudor worth the money?
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  154. automatic similar to jcrew watch
  155. Repair or Replace AS 5008 movement
  156. How to build a 6498 watch on the cheap
  157. For those of you who put thought into what watch to wear for your wedding...
  158. Pronunciation question
  159. Buying used: NYC 47th street or Internet?
  160. How hard is PVD coating
  161. Suggestions for father's retirement piece (with option to upgrade)...
  162. Going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks. What to do?
  163. Going Through Security
  164. Proof: women are indifferent to a man's watch
  165. Watch for 21st: slim, leather strap, classic looking
  166. Strange self-regulation 'event'
  167. QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk - The time in words on your wrist
  168. Swiss made watches - is the premium worth it?
  169. Best value watch purchase ever?
  170. $30,000 Watch Photoshopped Out
  171. timex self winding
  172. Clown Watch
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  174. «««««« Watches for Friday - 6 April 2012 »»»»»»
  175. Does your sense of style change over time?
  176. Identify this Bvlgari Watch
  177. Kent Parks and the missing watch
  178. Authenticity Check on Movado Fiero Men
  179. Apple Macbook and/or iPad magnetized my ETA 2824
  180. Chopard Manufacture ...
  181. Would you buy from Amazon's "Available at External Website" links?
  182. Never say never.... my purchasing story (now with lots of pics)
  183. How does the Seagull Tourbillon compare to watches at the same price point?
  184. Possible damage from Ground shipping for mechanical watches?
  185. Returning watch wearer, new member introduction.
  186. What's the longest time anyone has had a watch run accurately without servicing?
  187. My high praises for Tourneau Watch - Experience and Watch Review
  188. In honor of opening day... Baseball watches
  189. What do you do with your rotating bezel?
  190. Worth paying $50 more to have watch upgraded 30m to 50m water resistance?
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  192. Where do you buy your watches?
  193. Guys, advice on this Ulysse Nardin Ebay listing
  195. Arrival: Grand Seiko GMT Limited Edition
  196. Oceanaut spada anyone know anything about them?
  197. Patek question...
  198. Marathon Wristwatch / Watch Case Dimensions - For Reference
  199. What is the draw to ROLEX?
  200. Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive vs Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S
  202. What is the first thing you do when you get a new watch?
  203. Rank these 3
  204. Show me Yours!!! Haven't found a Chronograph that I love under $1800. Send lots of pics!!!!!
  205. Custom made watches?
  206. Calling all quartz experts - do I require a new movement?
  207. Another Graduation Watch Suggestion Thread
  208. Narrowed my first watch purchase down to 2 watches - opinions needed
  209. I've been thinking of dipping my toe into haute horology
  210. Considering a Pilot
  211. ####### Wednesday 4/4/12 WRUW########
  212. Watch selection
  213. First lume shot
  214. Hand Wound watch: pros and cons
  215. Suprised Dad, or is the Big Watch fashion changing?
  216. Opinions please. Graham or Louis Erard
  217. Question about possible Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Fake
  218. White-dialed dress watches < $2,000
  219. HEBE Watch - a nice surprise at Baselworld
  220. Adding a seconds hand to a watch without one
  221. Help identify watch
  222. Dive watch new brand TIBURON WATCH
  223. Watches That Look Similar to the Sinn 556
  224. Great forum
  225. Watch price in USA vs Europe or Asia
  226. To return or not to return.....
  227. Is there a swiss 29jewel non chrono movement that anyone is familar with?
  228. «««««« Watches for Tuesday - 3 April, 2012 »»»»»»
  229. Bracelet for my new 7750?
  230. Posting help- Insert photos inline but are attaching at same time??
  231. This has to be fake right?
  232. Pls. Help ! Tourneau Limited Edition
  233. Apples vs. Oranges vs. Pears
  234. Wire transfers
  235. What are available Long power reserve chronograph watches?
  236. Tag heuer Aquaracer chronograph
  238. Info about a giovani beverly hills watch
  239. Good day and a bad day
  240. 2 different radio controlled clocks stopped syncing at the same time a week or so ago, huh?
  241. Just thought I'd share...
  242. QLOCKTWO watch
  243. Set then Wind or Wind then Set?
  244. Favorite "Super" feature/complication?
  245. Hot or Not...
  246. USPS Tracking, can't track further than PO where received.
  247. FMK?
  248. Where to get crystal AR coating?
  249. i want a watch that is affordable and has a nicely finished manual movement
  250. Is gold better or worse for divers watches?