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  1. Recommend me a watch based on my tastes...
  2. Chronoworld for a GSAR
  3. Has anyone ever seen this model of Movado before?
  4. Help identifying two watches!
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  6. What watch are you wearing right now??
  7. Being a WIS vs being a Cheapskate
  8. Tungsten Lum-tec. Too heavy of a head?
  9. Petition for independent watchmakers
  10. Monopolisation and anti-competitive behaviour by major swiss watch groups. Do you agree????
  11. How much do you spend on this hobby?
  12. What do you think of this Zeno bauhaus
  13. Audemars Piguet Watch
  14. Watches that look like an Omega Seamaster
  15. Good idea? or Bad idea?...Trying to buy 2 exact same watches.
  16. Anyone knows this watch?
  17. In my dad's drawer...
  18. What do you think of my Watch?
  19. Replacement band, 18mm opening - what size to buy?
  20. My current list and future wishlist.
  21. Watches with airplane pointers?
  22. <<<<<<<< Watches for Friday - March 30 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  23. Australian petition to break major brands ceasing to supply parts to independent watchmakers
  24. Would you buy an NTP / watch timing app for your phone?
  25. First Watch - IWC Pilot Chrono?
  26. Help req'd choosing daily wearer: 36-39mm white/silver, date, arabic numerals (pics inside)
  27. Brass Watch Sold As Bronze
  28. Suggestion for the Sales forum. Tired of ships to CONUS only
  29. "You can learn a lot about a man based on his shoes" Does it also work for watches?
  30. Newbie here, what is my collection missing?
  31. Whoa! Alpina just got Billy Baldwin as a brand ambassador...
  32. Zenith novelties 2012: video clip.
  33. Thoughts on
  34. Watches you just don't wanna show or mention here...
  35. Hello from a Newby
  36. Going to buy my first nice watch: Rolex Sub Date SS or PAM 312?
  37. Bought two Nomos watches, (bad) photos inside
  38. The New "Arch" Collection, by Marc Jenni
  39. Alpina launches an exciting iPad App
  40. Very rare ?catch of the day?
  41. Need help with a Master Watchmaker
  42. Longines Heritage Flagship
  43. Need help looking for a watch
  44. Obsessive coordination
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  46. Review of Men's EBEL Brasilia Men's Automatic 1215615
  47. First Automatic <£1000
  49. Waiting on delivery from Australia
  50. Vintage blancpain ff
  51. How many of you live with cracked crystal
  52. 1001 Wristwatches
  53. Franck Muller inspired watch on a budget
  54. Another this or that: Blancpain Flyback Chrono or Blancpain Dualtime day/night?
  55. Do you authenticate watches from reputable online sellers?
  56. Dual Time
  57. Anti-Tier Question: How much does the movement matter when making a buying decision?
  58. Limited Number of 10,000
  59. Look what just showed up at my door!
  60. WUS has turned me into "that" guy.
  61. good Watch service / repair in Montreal
  62. The creme de la creme of automatic movements
  63. Watch snob shows Grand Seiko respect!
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  65. NAWCC: National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors
  66. Ladies Gucci Watch - But what is it??
  67. Need watch suggestions, sub-1K, vintage timeless classic
  68. If a sales thread dissapeared, what could have happened?
  69. Your Favorite Designs
  70. Ace is Giving Away an Omega Seamaster Pro!
  71. California Watch Repair Co. - anyone heard of John Kim? the owner? a reccomendation?
  72. Need help suggesting watches for my Dad...
  73. Franck Muller "black conquistador" (CUSTOM Pencil Lead DLC)
  74. Some news from Franck J at Techné watches...
  75. Did Rolex invent the Submariner look?
  76. Looking for a "casual" watch under £1000
  77. Can WR be increased?
  78. The watch of Maura Tierney in Instinct (1999) ???
  79. Anybody have user pics of the new CW C20 Lido...
  80. AD for Christopher Ward C9 Harrison auto or C9 Harrison auto w/ chrono
  81. What are the first things you do when you buy a pre-loved watch?
  82. I hate to ask this question but........
  83. Brand new Christopher Ward C8 Pilot MkII Vintage Edition arrival (with pictures)
  84. COSC movement only adjusted to 4 positions?
  85. Need help getting a new watch!
  86. Certina DS Tradition at least a half-step up?
  87. last minute advice how many watches to take
  88. Battery shelf life
  89. Top 5 Chronograph Watches under $300?
  90. Starting an heirloom....torn between two watches. Grand Seiko SBGR057 or Rolex Explorer?
  91. <<<<<<<< Watches for Tuesday - March 27 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  93. Has your watch purchasing decision been dictated by your ethics?
  94. Did I get a replica??? ::worried::
  95. Identify the watches
  96. Ocean 7 LM-5 GMT
  97. Looking for historically correct strap for my vintage Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, please help...
  98. Nice Skagen, Never Worked - What to do?
  99. Stargate, new and improved... at least for me.
  100. My Collection & Intro
  101. Need some suggestions, $3K neighborhood
  102. Oh, What do you know? 38mm a must
  103. New member/ Australian Watch Sites
  104. My first JLC
  105. Forgive me brothers. I knew not what I was doing....
  106. Did I dodge a bullet or miss the chance of a lifetime?
  107. Show your scratched sapphire
  108. It's almost my birthday; can you tempt me into buying myself a gift (read: a new watch)?
  109. Hermes Arceau
  110. Calibre 1887 stops after 12-15 hours of not wearing
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  112. Brand Ambassadors: Do they matter?
  113. Help identifying, valuing Wittnauer
  114. Need help identifying value of a vintage Elgin watch
  115. Jaguar automatic help
  116. I Think I'm in a Rut
  117. Watch and Sunglasses Pairings
  118. Watch Does Not Fit?
  119. If you want a good laugh..
  120. Are 3 atm watches worth owning?
  121. Azimuth Mr. Roboto: the beautiful minutes complication
  122. Frederique constant persuasion, opinions for a first time buyer
  123. Question on this Seiya watch model
  124. Patek Dial reference for Nautilus?
  125. Oris Artix Date feedback??
  126. How many watches do you have?...and a list of my "dream" collection (with reasons)
  127. 21st century icons
  128. New member- Glad to be here!
  129. zak bagan's watch
  130. Watch shops in San Diego?
  131. Would you pay thousands of dollars for a high end quartz watch?
  132. Basel new releases from Schaumburg Watch!
  133. Stupid question time
  134. Mido owners--show us your watches!
  135. 1968 Stainless Super Waterproof Bulova
  136. Where can i find a good swatch forum?
  137. Significance of 0 (12 o'clock) - 20 indication of dial.
  138. IWC Aquatimer 2000
  139. ««« Watches for Sunday - March 25 - 2012 »»»
  140. Looking for information on 1940's-1950's watch
  141. Gc Heartbeat Skeleton
  142. A completely unexpected arrival!
  143. Watch Tiers Analysis: Why is Ulysse Nardin the Lowest Pre-owned Priced watch in the "Higher" Tier?
  144. where does UN belong
  145. Land Rover tomb raider watch
  146. I've heard say, if you have three or more it's a collection
  147. The Perfect Size....Part II....the revelation
  148. Two new Luminox Blackout Models: Original Navy SEAL and Field Valjoux Automatic
  149. Start of Summer Time in EUROPE on Sunday
  150. Seiko NH15 or Miyota 8215 movement ??s
  151. New App "Watches of 2012"
  152. Question for Lefties
  153. All ready for the mornning?
  154. Cartier Tank Francaise Identify Movement!
  155. Invisible tourbillons?
  156. Pulsar Hyper Gear question
  157. its not what your wearing but what your doing with it on.
  158. Got my first Hamilton!!
  159. New to the scene... Advice welcome.
  160. ««« Watches for Saturday - March 24 - 2012 »»»
  161. Quartz chrono question
  162. Whats your favorite rectangular watch?
  163. Jorg Gray 6500 crown
  164. Brown Safe Manufacturing - Gem Watch/Jewelry Safes
  165. Newbie Vintage Watch Buyer - Need help verifying Ebay Girard-Perregaux.
  166. Why is Rolex seen as snobbish by some yet I've never heard that comment about Omega?
  167. How do you check the accuracy of your watch?
  168. Unknown Smith and Wesson Steel Watch
  169. Ebay marathon tsar nightmare
  170. Help with a TOURNEAU
  171. Time for a service?
  172. Mutual Fund That Invests In Collector Watches And Clocks
  173. Best Omega dealer in Alberta?
  174. OMEGA vs. Longines
  175. please help!
  176. Help with my first big purchase!!!
  177. Life expectancy of MIL-SPEC Type I watch?
  178. Deployant VS Deployment
  179. Vintage restoration in London
  180. Informal competition: remarks after window shopping
  181. Cheapest watch with in-house movement?
  182. Watch Snob: Name brand is most important...Do you agree?
  183. Skeleton watch for under USD 3500 - any idea?
  184. Reasonably Priced Dive Watch Showdown
  185. Question about seldom used mechanical watches
  186. Looking for a new watch, have questions/concerns.
  187. El Primero fans - if I could have a moment of your time
  188. OMEGA SEAMASTER DE VILLE Men's Watch 1961
  189. Baselworld 2012 - 5 Best value watches
  190. The Perfect Size
  191. Do you recognize this watch?
  192. Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance Chronograph with Quickset Timezone
  193. Got my latest acquisition in the mail today
  194. Tissot Visodate: too dressy or not dressy enough?
  195. Seiko SBCA001 Military or Hamilton Field?
  196. <<<<<<<< Watches for Friday - March 23 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  197. It's finally here!
  198. Mido Baroncelli - Thoughts
  199. Vintage Mihla Childs Lion Watch w/ Moving Eyes?
  200. Labour of love: Vangarde Tempo Theory watch
  201. When did your watch obsession begin?
  202. I just seem to like Maurice Lacroix - here's my latest
  203. Reputable Watchmaker in the St. Louis MO area?
  204. need help finding nice rose gold watch
  205. Can anyone tell me about this watch??
  206. My new MAKO
  207. Eterna - help !!
  208. 20mm leather watch strap, HELP! Recommendations!
  209. Rolex DeepSea SeaDweller look-a-likes....?
  210. Most expensive watch with an ETA 2824 movement?
  211. IWC Protofino Chrono vs Tudor Heritage Chrono
  212. THURSDAY WATCHES - 22/03/2012 - WRUW
  213. Looking for a world timer
  214. Suggestion please: red dial under $500 USD
  215. WUS sleuths/detectives... Don88
  216. Where can i get parts for my wife's gucci 9700 ?
  217. Ball or Tag. Please vote as I am interested in other opinions.
  218. Big-screen HDTV, fireplace and cigar humidor - Now that's living......
  219. So...Going to Cuba
  220. where to get nubuck alligator strap in 22mm
  221. Rolex for Dummies....
  222. Mido Watches (Basel 2012)
  223. Sea-Gull?????
  224. It's official: Bremont Victory - Video from Baselworld
  225. Any less expensive option to the A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Perpetual Mens Watch 410.025
  226. to Rolex or not to Rolex... that is the question.
  227. Am I crazy for loving this watch?
  228. help with ETA 901.005
  229. IWC AD in Orlando
  230. Maurice de Mauriac contest - Clock giveaway - Ends March 30, 2012
  231. Little help Please. Can you I.D. this watch & it's value?
  232. help restarting Citizen Independent 1481010 please
  233. Experience with Espigares Watches & Clocks
  234. Hello.
  235. WHat is forum-AD??
  236. Looking for recommendations. < $3k casual auto chrono leather prefer 40mm+ & blue dials if avail.
  237. Lady Magnets
  238. Poor mans moonphase dress watch - options.
  239. Ebay Completed Listing data truncated?
  240. What are your golden rules when you're parting with your cash for a watch?
  241. My Impulse Watch Buy - What's yours?
  242. Water resistance forever :)
  243. <<<<<<<< Watches for Wednesday - March 21 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  244. Baselworld 2012: Chronoswiss Pacifc Blue
  245. What "types/styles" of watches to have in a collection?
  246. SOTC: Two Years on WUS, Many Acquisitions
  247. How do people react to your Rolex?
  248. These are nifty....
  249. My visit to Bell & Ross during BaselWorld
  250. Looking for nice dress watch with blue dial budget around 1,000USD