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  4. Looking to buy vintage ladies watch cases-broken is best
  5. ---Tuesday WRUW 2-21-12---
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  8. Post your lightest watch
  9. Recognize this watch?
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  11. Noob help
  12. Looking for 45-48 mm dia, white face chrono brown leather straps
  13. Casio MDV-102 or Orient Mako
  14. Omega De Ville (blue Orbis version) vs IWC Portofino Chrono (blue Laureas version)
  15. What watch for around £300?
  16. ETA 2892.A2 accuracy problem
  17. Custom date wheel manufacturer?
  18. Does anyone know the difference between a Mont Blanc Timewalker 9668 and a 9670?
  19. ---Monday WRUW 2-20-12---
  20. What I learned from buying a watch I don't like
  21. Newbie here, saying hi
  23. how high end is the FHF 905 movement?
  24. Why is tissot cheaper than certina? (same model)
  25. Lum Tec M50/V2/A14 or other watches
  27. It's black, it's big, it's awesome... A Casio? Yes but a really great one.
  28. What watch has become your "cannot find grail watch"?
  29. Need Your Expertise to id a Watch
  30. had you ever seen someone sporting the same..
  31. It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday wrist check.
  32. Buying a Chronograph? neep help!!
  33. Mud Men
  34. Watch for 8yr old son?
  35. Trusted watchmaker in Chicago?
  36. What Qualifies a Watch as a Beater?
  37. ETA 988.333 question
  38. What is the most affordable AP Model second hand?
  39. Newbie to the forum! Some comments on my current piece (Seiko)?
  40. A watch by another color
  41. Do You Like Your Watches Heavy Or Light?
  42. Why doesn't RGM get more attention here?
  43. Linsanity - What 's he wearing ?
  44. New tactic on ebay
  45. Evening Lads >>
  46. Rado Info?
  47. Suggestions Please?
  48. Not sure of which watch I'm gonna buy
  49. About to take the plunge - Auto Chrono.. ~1800
  50. Milestone - My youngest asked for a watch
  51. <<<WATCH on your WRIST Saturday 2-18-12>>>
  52. my newest aquisition!
  53. 5k and under movements
  54. Advice on first big purchase please
  55. I Think I received a broken Tissot automatic watch from
  56. Perrelet Double Rotor Pics
  57. New Additions
  58. A Question for You Forum Guru's...
  59. FAQ or Primer for Newbies?
  60. Today I wore my Victorinox watch
  61. Pairs Well With: Helson Gauge
  62. Maurice Lacroix Authenticity - Please Help
  63. What would you do if Seller asked for more money after deal is completed and payment has been made?
  64. What's with all the Bronze?
  65. ««« Watches for Friday - 17 February 2012 »»»
  66. dress watches with inhouse movement under 4k?
  67. Help between 3watches...
  68. Watch Authentication & Service, Fayetteville/ Raleigh, NC???
  69. Grand Seiko Chronograph Photos @ Timeless Watch Exchange
  70. Do scratches bother you?
  71. Just goes to show...
  72. Strategic group map: Average Price and Level of in-house calibre manufacture
  73. NEW Itay Noy DiaLog Collection
  74. Question about servicing a watch
  75. Some newbies
  76. Question about watch condition grading...What does 92% mean?
  77. Problem with my automatic watch - need advice
  78. Sea-Gull M222 or Beijing Zhufeng, which do you prefer?
  79. New guy, saying hi!
  80. Street Cleaner Finds £21,000 Rolex
  81. My watch predicament- Is she the one?
  82. -/-/-WRUW 2-16-12 Thursday/-/-/-
  83. Bergeon lathe
  84. Can heat damage and ETA 2824 movement?
  85. Crystal Replacement/Upgrade
  86. Thoughts on the following Ebel, Longines & Tag's
  87. Not another accuracy question
  88. Somebody had a good day
  89. Atomic solar other than Citizen and Casio?
  90. A few images of my Seiko "Sumo" and first impressions.
  91. Views on Mens Cartier Roadster or a Raymond Weil
  92. Please help me decide on my first watch!
  93. How much monthly disposable income would you spend on a watch?
  94. Oris Big Crown Pointer Date vs Revue Thommen Le Club vs Alternatives?
  95. Marc Jenni bets you will play with it
  96. RGM: in house movement presented at GTE 2012
  97. LADOIRE, pictures from GTE 2012
  98. Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"
  99. Cont: Silver/White face w/leather strap suggestions ($1 to ~2k new or pre-owned)
  100. Internet dealer issue
  101. Michel Jordi Limited Edition ?Icons of the World? collection
  102. Looking for dress chronograph valjoux 7750 watches under 3,000 USD
  103. Confused About Wrist Presence
  104. Sporty Chronos: Hamilton/Christopher Ward/Baume & Mercier
  105. Watch for Black tie as well as work
  106. Eberhard 8 jours 90's model, what does it weight?
  107. Automatic newbie advice
  108. Recommendations for UK general watch servicing...?
  109. NOS: to purchase, or not to purchase?
  110. ««« Watches for Wednesday - 15 February 2012 »»»
  111. My first automatic
  112. How do I know if my automatic watch is fully wound?
  113. Rolex Thief Caught On Tape
  114. Ace Jewelers Omega give away!!!
  115. Horological Oxymoron
  116. Help finding a legit hiking / climbing watch for my wife!
  117. Burt Young's Gold Watch in Rocky Balboa?
  118. And so it begins ...
  119. There are some honest people around.....
  120. What's Happening with Roland Kemmner?
  121. Jaermann & Stübi Seve Ballesteros 37/50 - some photos
  122. Hamilton Jazzmaster (H32616133) vs Chr. Ward C60 Trident GMT
  123. In search of a working 81 movement
  124. Recent watch purchase
  125. International Warranty Card
  126. Construction project managers, project engineers, civil engineers....What do you wear?
  127. Rotor problem
  128. Chrono24 seller? Anyone used them? "PAMIES Collecotors" HELP ASAP PLEASE
  129. Help with an end link issue for my Croton
  130. Happy Valentine's Speedy...You will always be mine...A true love story...What's yours??
  131. Thin mechanical watch ~$1000
  132. What's the most bone headed thing you've done to your watch?
  133. Is this Graham Real? AND, a question about, HELP!
  134. Finding the watches from when I was a kid...
  135. Any Watch Stores in Disney/Downtown Disney?
  136. WRUW TUESDAY 14
  137. Posting a photo
  138. Collection Photos :]
  139. Help!
  140. 3000 CHF/USD budget - whats best buy?
  141. any fun royal oak/ offshore inspired watches?
  142. Is handwinding a watch really that much of an inconvenience?
  143. Hiring a watch
  144. new member
  145. When it comes to watch collecting, do you 'treat your significant other equally'?
  146. Do you "always" carry your cell phone? As opposed to a watch...
  147. Search for watches like Diesel watches
  148. Watch news site with some level of criticism?
  149. Maurice Lacroix Grand Guichet - some photos
  150. Power Reserve for Dummies?
  151. Glad I went through AD!
  152. Do you wear watch everyday?
  153. Happy Birthday Keith Boschetti !
  154. need watch model help
  155. ««« Watches for Monday - 13 Frebruary 2012 »»»
  156. What is a tag ?
  157. More information on this Cartier Quartz
  158. When is a watch too small?
  159. Need to be aware when collecting your watch in from servicing
  160. Alternative to Stowa Fleger Baumuster B ?
  161. ACE Jewelers interviews Alexandre Peraldi, design director of Baume & Mercier
  162. Tapatalk problems?
  163. She loves her Valentine's Day present!
  164. Seiko Blackout concept
  165. Do you buy watches you haven't seen in person?
  166. Grieb & Benzinger presents an unusual, limited collection in celebration of the Year of the Dragon
  167. I need your help on identifying other one of Bruce Dickinson's (Iron Maiden Frontman) watches
  168. ARCADIA Vintage 23 Master Timepiece - pictures from GTE 2012
  169. Sinn 556 or Stowa Ikarus?
  170. Watchpictures in 3D
  171. iPhone owners....
  172. This or that (Eberhard & Co Traversetolo) ?
  173. Introducing UNIQ watches
  174. Is this considered a dress watch?
  175. Sydney tomorrow CBD vimtage watches???
  176. Recommendations for a gift
  177. <<<<<<< Watches for Sunday - February 12 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  178. Watch with silver dial and blue hands?
  179. Advice Needed: Ebay Transaction Problems with Tag Heuer
  180. E-bay pricing?
  181. Watches with unusual complications, avoid or o.k. to play?
  182. Apply DLC to a watch or just purchace a pre-owned MRG
  183. Trading question
  184. What watch are you wearing tonight?
  185. Corum on Ebay: Has someone gone mad or am I missing something?
  186. Backwards Watch?
  187. Desperately seeking Individuality
  188. Newbie question
  189. HERITAGE WATCH MANUFACTORY presents its new timepiece VIATOR
  190. what comes to mind when you read the words modern wristwatch?
  191. Blue sensations: Grieb & Benziger?s $1.5m Singapore watch sale
  192. iTime Phantom - more information and pictures added
  193. Hello from new orleans!
  194. Help me identify this Girard-Perregaux?
  195. Advice: obtaining a refund from a member
  196. If I can't have what I want, what's the next best thing?
  197. Lindsay Lohan and Hublot
  198. Yet another help me decide thread
  199. <<<<<<< Watches for Saturday - Febuary 11 , 2012 >>>>>>>
  200. Ladies watch <$500 quality feel on leather
  201. What are other options with tissot le locle look?
  203. Help identifying this watch please
  204. What to wear to a wedding?
  205. I seek a rectangular watch for $3-4k
  206. Heading to the monster truck show...
  207. Has anyone DIY regulated the Miyota 9015?
  208. First Swiss Made - Did I do OK?
  209. Invicta Submariner to Sea Dweller Homage in 20 secs ;)
  210. I'm going to throw away a watch
  211. Perrelet First Class
  212. Funny Salesperson story
  213. A watch to keep track of Martian time...
  214. Cartier de Calibre W7100041 vs W7100014
  215. Do you have a beater that's not a digital watch and what is it?
  216. Philip Stein or Maurice Lacroix?
  217. Taking a Shot in the Dark
  218. Cartier Watches & Anti Reflective Coating
  219. New Bulova watch
  220. Hello All - The New Guy on The Block w/a Question...
  221. Help ID a watch from a movie I just watched please!
  222. Military "Black Ops" Watch wanted... opinions needed
  223. Which watch to wear to a Sotheby's fine watch exhibition?
  224. Exhibition back: who was the first?
  225. TGIF 10/2/12 WRUW?
  226. Help with finding a certain watch
  227. Lume Storage Longevity Question
  228. Franchi Menotti Torracio
  229. Question for th board re dispute
  230. How many times a day do you look at your watch?
  231. Does this Bulova look too big on my wrist?
  232. What's the deal with Ulysse Nardin
  233. Demagnatize New Auto Watches?
  234. Question about watch repairs
  235. Hello from the UK
  236. Affordable mechanical watch comparison: Seiko SARB035 vs. Tissot Visodate?
  237. What seperates the more expensive watches from the lower range?
  238. Vintage Jaeger Le Coultre watch - info please
  239. Mechanical watch in a digital format.
  240. Stainless Steel SS Watch band Polishing, Swiss Army
  241. Need Your Assistance - Looking for Jubilee band
  242. <<<Thursday, 02/09/2012 - what adorns your wrist?>>>
  243. I found this watch on this site but don't know what it is
  244. erm help!!
  245. Are the old Hamilton military issue watches at all shock-resistant...?
  246. What kind of watch is this?
  247. when you go watch shopping...
  248. Quick and Reputable Watchmaker in Midtown NYC?
  249. Awesome New Find!!
  250. New VSA Alpnach wrist shot and info