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  1. ---Saturday WRUW 1-28-12---
  2. is your watch worth more than the car you drive?
  3. first time watch purchase, looking at luminox atacama 1825, thoughts or alternatives?
  4. Does the Average Joe really wear huge watches?
  5. MontBlanc thoughts?
  6. can someone help with this? plz
  8. A rhetorical question.
  9. Are Deep Blue and Ball the only manufacturers using T100 tubes?
  10. Is this watch out of style?
  11. Help with fixing my Raymond Weil sport 8520?
  12. The USAF "Flieger" that never was...
  13. I Need A Hebrew Translation From Case Back...
  14. Hate To Do This...But I Need Some Suggestions >$1000
  15. Q regarding one of my favourite watches ...
  16. Incoming: Raketa Wind-Up Alarm Clock
  17. Why is there no Suggestion Box?
  18. When is a watch too expensive to wear for you?
  19. Comparing a few Watch Brands
  20. MTM Special Ops Vulture
  21. Tissot Le Locle Power Reserve
  22. Two Tone Watch: Good or Bad?
  23. New Forum Display
  24. eBay Starting Price?
  25. IWC Portuguese Automatic or Cartier Ballon Bleu Chronograph
  26. identifing baume et mercier help
  27. ** TGIF! January 27th wrist check! **
  28. Insert topic here
  29. Bidding war (now with pics!)
  30. Hong Kong vs US (DC / NYC)... Where to buy an automatic watch?
  31. Say hello to my birthday watch!
  32. CaN anyone ID this watch?
  33. The Pretender?
  34. Watch Prices USA V UK
  35. Girard-Perregaux WW.TC Shadow - some photos
  36. Help with Movado
  37. Gold-plated watches: Classy or tacky?
  38. Victorinox or Seiko?
  39. ### 26/1/12- WRUW###
  40. Canadian import duties and tariffs--Anyone with experience in this please help
  41. Customs
  42. Why are swiss and german watches in english?
  43. Automatic mechanism care and feeding
  44. ETA 2824-2 Question. Watch winder speed???
  45. Help me choose between these two watches
  46. IKEPOD
  47. What watch is Bill Clinton wearing on the cover of Esquire?
  48. Lamenting the apparent demise of the old, 'traditional' small watch store .....
  49. blue dial dress watch suggestions
  50. NYC maintenance and repair
  51. Help with Citizen
  52. Who's "real" and who's "fake?"
  53. Maurice Lacroix- what model?
  54. Botta-Design MONDO: for time travellers.
  55. Accuracy on high end watches
  56. Is my U-Boat Flightdeck Real? (Photos in Post)
  57. ^^^Wednesday Wrist Check 1-25-12^^^
  58. Victoria BC: possible WIS sighting
  59. Eric Abidal Gives Rolex Daytona To Sick Boy
  60. Hamilton Team Earh and precision
  61. any ideas for a valentine's gift?
  62. Fell and damaged bracelent on new Orient
  63. Why are chronos formatted the way they are?
  65. Yours spanish friend.
  66. Can this dial be fixed or ordered? Raymond Weil Tradition
  67. Something like the Aqua Terra but w/out the numbers around the edge and the hefty price?
  68. Seiko SARB 021 vs Cheap Amazon Seiko
  69. Any Tissot Janeiro chrono owners here?
  70. Atlantic wrist watches and Bulgarian sellers
  71. Replica or Homage watches
  72. Daily Beater, what does that really mean?
  73. Which Datograph is better looking?
  74. What to do with watches you no longer want.
  75. Need Suggestions
  76. Celebrity Watch Sighting - Wee Man
  77. ---Wrist Check Tuesday 1-24-12---
  78. HELP - Need recommendations for a new dress watch w/ blue dial
  79. Am i worrying too much for my automatic watch???
  80. When you started, how did you not buy everything in sight you could afford
  81. The Square Case, Round Crystal, Visible Screw Heads, Cockpit-Style/Instrument Variations
  82. help with spotting the fake/rip off...BALL Engineer master Roman Numerals
  83. Raymond Weil
  84. Nice Quality Watch - Completely Hypoallergenic. Any Suggestions?
  85. Please can someone identify this Omega for me?
  86. Post your 'Bubble Date' watches
  87. Looking for sub $500 watch, preferably simple white dial, with guilloche, not a diver
  88. Genuine Constellation or not?
  89. FYI: China is top country for high-end watch searches
  90. My turn: watch for first date.
  91. Which is your favorite birth year watch?
  92. Had a great weekend >>>
  93. Help me choose my new watch... or maybe 2
  94. Can anyone help me pls with a Porsche watch???
  95. Change the chime?
  96. Mini Accuracy Comparison - 8 Watches
  97. What is so good about Christopher Ward?
  98. Frederique constant heartbeat manufacture moonphase
  99. I'm asking for one of these Christopher Ward watches for my birthday - POLL! VOTE!
  100. Vintage Omega vs. Max Bill vs. MeisterSinger Neo
  101. Monday Watch - January 23, 2012
  102. Stuck broken pin in crown lugs
  103. Question on Vintage Movado Kingmatic S
  104. How many of you wear your watches 24/7?
  105. Look for input - Zenith El Primero Captain or IWC Spitfire
  106. This forum is bad for my bank account
  107. Anyone Else Got a Thing for Vintage Watches?
  108. Please help me choose a Classic
  109. Can you recommend some watch brands for me?
  110. Recommendations on Online Retailer - Tissot, Hamilton, etc.
  111. Questionns about the Timex T Series Perpetual Calendar watches
  112. Watch Newbie
  113. IT'S DOOMS YEAR!!! Whats your 12-21-12 survival watch?
  114. Can Anybody Help re Eterna Heritige Super Kontiki L/E 1973
  115. Looking to buy my first
  116. 6R15 vs. 40N51 - Comparison of two movements
  117. I talked my wife in to letting me wear it on Friday
  118. Gong Xi Fa Chai, Happy Chinese New Year!! Wealth and Happiness
  119. "Lost in the mail", ever happen to you?
  120. Help finding a new watch?
  121. Help me on a new watch <$1000
  122. ## SUNDAY 1/22/12 WRUW##
  123. Show your modify watch thread
  124. Miyiota Mistery revield
  125. Crisp and Clean...
  126. Anything wrong with buying a new but discontinued Victorinox?
  127. All the 'B'est watch 'B'rands start with a 'B'
  128. My starter collection
  129. Biggest Watch Question Ever
  130. Luxury Military Smackdown!! Bell & Ross vs. Damasko vs. Sinn vs. U-Boat
  131. My CW C600 just arrived and I'm all smiles
  132. Magrette owners... Show us your watches!
  133. What do you do when someone says "Never heard of it"?
  134. The Beatles Accurist watches
  135. My visit to the M.A.D.Gallery, by MB&F
  136. Help for a newbie!
  137. Arrived this week: Chronoswiss Pacific Chrono Silver Dial
  138. G-Shock; the anti-dote to female attention.
  139. Looking for a leather watch 1k-2k similar to these with 13mm thickness or below
  140. hacking function....
  141. Post Your Highest Water Resistance Watch
  142. U.K. Watchuseek users, engraving query...
  143. My new Luminox 3051 - bezel question
  144. Show off your pepsi bezel watch!
  145. ---Saturdays Watch 1-21-12---
  146. New Arrival! And "Final" SOTC
  147. My new VSA Ambassador XL Chrono
  148. Would you be more into quartz watches if they had a sweeping second hand?
  149. re Kremke web site..
  150. Help with selecting a watch
  151. Glass vs . stainless steel on the skin
  152. Best place to get a watch serviced? AD, any watch repair place, or manufacturer?
  153. My new Hamilton!
  154. early timberland chronograph watch identification
  155. How much does _____ modify their ETA movements?
  156. My Maurice Lacroix
  157. Affordable automatic for my wife's birthday
  158. My experience with Parcel Pro
  159. Do celebrity watch company ambassadors get whatever they want?
  160. Chronograph complication too stiff.
  161. Stephen Colbert's new wrist watch -- what is it?
  162. The "THIS or THAT" Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  163. Christopher Ward C40 Speedhawk came today.
  164. (ASK)is there anyone using efa-133???
  165. Recommend any great Tag Carrera Alternatives?
  166. One or no subdial chrono?
  167. 21 year old Pocket Watch
  168. Irregular hand-winding: any adverse effects besides accuracy?
  169. Removing a band
  170. Throwback to the 1980s
  171. help identifying my Accutron
  172. On Holidays with my Omega!
  173. Question for the Moderators
  174. Hello from the Central Valley, N. California
  175. Sudden accuracy Change sinn 856 utc
  176. Need a Watch to Impress the Women
  177. Arnold Schwarzenegger Tank Watch
  178. Realistic accuracy of a midrange automatic
  179. Did dials used to be curved?
  180. What watch should I ask for for my birthday? Suggestions wanted!
  181. Getting watches engraved...
  182. Hemmingway's Watch
  183. TGIF!! January 20, 2012 edition >>>>
  184. Miyota OS20 vs Hattori VD53...!?
  185. Your input on a BREIL watch :)
  186. Luminox problems
  187. Silly question...
  188. are there watch movements of better quality than ETA and Stella but are still affordable?
  189. Does anyone recieve direct mail from watch companies?
  190. Used watches in New York
  191. How fast do your desk divers deteriorate?
  192. TAG Heuer Formula 1 --OR-- Helson Shark Diver?
  193. Buy an automatic
  194. SIHH 2012: photos of the novelties!
  195. Speedmaster Moonwatch...a very unusual transaction…please read!!!
  196. If you saw this would you think it a classic or not?
  197. OMG!!! I got 3 HMT models plus a bonus
  198. my first Omega?
  199. Should a watch always be kept wound?
  200. A Small Experiment
  201. 24mm Nato/Zulu straps - Hard to find in variety. Suggestions?
  202. stem for cyma r480
  203. Why don't watch companies without in-house movement reproduce their movements from the 50s/60s?
  204. Boschett Reef Ranger & Hamilton Jazzmaster Seaview 1000 on new leather BJ Straps....highly recommend
  205. I Need information about my ALBA AQUA GEAR, hope sumone can help me
  206. What model is this Raymond Weil?
  207. ^^^WATCH on your WRIST Thursday 1-19-12^^^
  208. I.D. This Watch: Need Help!
  209. I'm looking to purchase a vintage watch to add to my collection. I NEED HELP!
  210. New or Display stock?
  211. Miyota stutter
  212. Lum Tec M-AUTO, M50 Should I just go for it?
  213. Longines Dolce Vita, Correct Movement?
  214. Turning 40 - Would like to find a birth Month/Year watch- Need some help
  215. Help with Watch Identification
  216. Why Don't Watch Companies Make More Bronze Watches?
  217. Yeah Baby!!
  218. Festina question?
  219. new to the watch world!
  220. Watch shop/vintage shop - San Diego & Cali?
  221. Sherlock & Dr Watson watches
  222. Introduction and ... question
  223. Is it just me?
  224. new member
  225. Glycine Taste, Seiko Budget ? How do you acquire the watch you want?
  226. Casio AMW320D Re-Lume Info & Help Required
  227. Advice on Maurice Lacroix
  228. LSeryn No. 1/10 women - some photos
  229. Casio DBC610 and / versus Casio DBC1500 thread for enthusiasts
  230. Setting the reward for achieving a goal... <$5000
  231. Gizmodo watch article
  232. Nubbie Naivety - Guiding hand sought.
  233. what do you think?
  234. Which Quartz Chrono? C.Ward C7 Vs Dreyfuss&Co 1953 Vs Other
  235. Military/diving/pilot/sports watch - $500 to $1000 - Luminox?
  236. Not too expensive quality brand to start a collection?
  237. ^^Hump Day Wrist Check 1-18-12^^
  238. Thoughts on the size of this watch..
  239. Mido Ocean Star or Tissot SeaStar?
  240. Wristwatches: bigger or smaller?
  241. help in buying my frist watch I plan to last me through the ages TAG Heuger vs Sinn/Mondaine
  242. Look what the courier brought me ..It's SUPER!!!
  243. Abolishing the leap second? Troubling!
  244. Arabic, Roman Numerals or custom hour markers?
  245. Need your opinion: Blue dial, Black bezel? (on a Deep Blue Diver)
  246. Three recent additions
  247. Can you identify this watch?
  248. £300-£500 for new watch
  249. Help with finding a special watch :P
  250. Are watch winders really necessary and will it hurt the watch to have it wound all the time?