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  9. I couldn't resist! Bought a new Luminox.
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  14. tauchmeister watch repair service
  15. WRUW Tuesday January 17, 2012
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  19. Saving a brand new, unopened watch as an investment?
  20. Help Identifying my Grandfather's Watch
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  22. The Joy of Handwinds
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  25. Worst nightmare coming true
  26. Swiss Army what model is this?
  27. Here's an interesting piece of horological history....
  28. The Parnis Ebay Blitz!!! (Good homage watches or not? )
  29. Another Swatch proteam vid...
  30. Where to buy Seiko (or other Japanese) in Dubai
  31. Are watches the metal they say they are?
  32. Used watch from Japan, VAT?
  33. Please help identify a watch (sTs)
  34. weird transaction (buyer won`t reply for tracking #)
  35. Monday Jan 16, 2012 WRUW
  36. New Deep Blue Caldiver 500 chrono...availability??
  37. Posting/listing serial # on a watch in the sales corner, why or why not?
  38. I need a TAG Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date DIAL!
  39. My leather band on my watch was broke in well tonight.
  40. Buying a watch for a female friend
  41. How did you find your grail?
  42. How does one price a used watch?
  44. caseback problem
  45. PRC 200 or CA0020
  46. Trouble seeing WUS on my new Android... Help
  47. Seeking a gift for my wife
  48. How accurate is your watch?
  49. What is your most Meaningful watch and why?
  50. Omega Seamaster or Tag Heuer Link Calibre 6????
  51. [Potential Problem?]- 7750 rotates violently...
  53. Is This How it Starts?
  54. Almost got Scammed
  55. My new Stowa Flieger on Bradystraps Croc Elite. I'm in love.
  56. Anyone knows what kind of modifications Maurice Lacroix makes to their movements?
  57. More info on Michel Jordi Watch?
  58. show me your 2 subdial chronos
  59. To wind or not to wind.... That is the question
  60. 2824-2 long storage: need settling again before stable?
  61. 5 stars
  62. U-Boat: 'Thousands of Feet' for less than thousands of dollars??
  63. Can I Put a Strap on This?
  64. Watches and Tattoos.
  65. ^^^Sunday WRUW 1-15-12^^^
  66. Need info.
  67. Finally Joined
  69. $1000 budget - pick a couple of these
  70. Identifing legit or fake raymond weil watch
  71. Import fees to Canada from USA on USA made products(are there any?)
  72. Seamaster 600 in monocoque case (like De Ville)
  73. Scratches?
  74. Help me find a Invicta watch
  75. My 10,000th post! THANKS TO YOU ALL!!
  76. ETA 733 movement
  77. Watchuseek Time Source --Just curious
  78. What a difference a day makes (not Esther Philips but Stow content)
  79. Unknown Watch, can you help me ?
  80. For you non-diving dive watch owners...
  81. <<<Saturday Watches 1-14-12>>>
  82. Auction...
  83. I fell in love today...Zenith Striking 10th
  84. What is the best looking watch of all time? (In your humble opinion)
  85. Trying to Identify a Favre-Leuba Watch
  86. Need Domed Chystal for Chronograph
  87. Patek Philippe Skeleton on my wrist... Drool
  88. Montblanc Blue Sport Chronograph - Ref. 101654
  89. Missed great deal on v.d. Klaauw Ariadne. :( Console me for <$2000!
  90. Help with finding the right gift
  91. Few general questions about movements - Please help me to understand
  92. Watches added to my "wild bunch" these past few months (many images!) ...
  93. Off topic exciting news...
  94. What exactly is a regulator watch?
  95. Help to date a watch >>>
  96. This or that (Oris v Seiko)
  97. ^^^WATCH on your WRIST TGIF 1-13-12^^^
  98. Food and watches... What is your grilling watch?
  99. Where/When do you seem most often to damage your watch?
  100. Omega Planet Ocean or Longines GrandeVitesse L3.636.4.50.6
  101. Are Certina or Mido sold in the US?
  102. Can you help me with my Bucherer?
  103. Suggestions for a manly automatic sub-1000$ watch for a VP sales??
  104. What's your stand on fashion brand watches? (are there any good ones?)
  105. Underrated watches
  107. Watch Snob - Stowa
  108. Something in Rose Gold, Black, Red - AP ROO 'homage' - Options
  109. do you have thick skins? would it hurt your feelings after you..
  110. UPS and redirecting packages... Anyone have a problem with this?
  111. ETA 2801 Handwind issue
  112. Help Contacting Gnomon Watches
  113. So You Want A New Watch?????
  114. What are some of the tell-tale signs that a watch is too big for your wrist?
  115. tauchmeister limited edition manual watch
  116. Certina servicing (battery and gasket change) in Australia
  117. If Earth's rotation changed to 31 hrs/day...
  118. FYI: News from Swatch Group
  119. Urgent Help
  120. Advice on buying new Watch/es - new member
  121. Which watch is better for wedding?
  122. How can I expand my friend's horological horizons?
  123. New to this and need some assistance in identifying
  124. suggestions for a diver/military syle watch
  125. Watches for Thursday - 12 January 2012
  126. Wristwatch parts ....dang that's small...
  128. E. Gluck watch movement
  129. Help me ID a watch
  130. Hey everyone. Some updates on our brand
  131. Nick Saban's Watch
  132. Rolex - why not?
  133. I just took delivery of a leather strap for my U1 and I think it looks awesome.
  134. Watch pile
  135. Can you ID this Oris ?
  136. Manufacturers often forget about us.
  137. Just Call me Geneve?
  138. Should I sell my Nomos or keep it?
  139. Ladies gift ideas?
  140. Orient 300m
  141. Still not sure what to get.
  142. Bernhardt Binnacle,bernhardt Seashark,or Seiko FFFmod.Which one to choose???
  143. New member and a new CW watch on the way!
  144. What to buy???
  145. It here: New Monster Delivered Today (pictures)...
  146. The original box - value altering?
  147. My IWC Aquatimer with its new bracelet
  148. My first two quality watches after two months of ownership
  149. Watches that have yellow hands on a black face?
  150. Can't scratch my acrylic
  151. HYT - a new dawn in watchmaking
  152. AMAZING Delacour!
  153. Movado Series 800 2600082
  154. New Omega Aqua Terra GMT
  155. Power reserve on a modern automatic
  156. Danger: Springbar length vs Lug width.. and Clapping
  157. TAG Heuer Grand Carrera OR Longines HydroConquest OPINONS PLEASE!!!
  158. TAG Heuer Grand Carrera OR Longines HydroConquest OPINONS PLEASE!!!
  159. ETA 7751 winding recommendations.
  160. Warranty question
  161. PLEASE HELP!!
  162. 36,000 bph Reliability?
  163. Watches for Wednesday - 11 January 2011
  164. Chronograph under $3000 for college student!
  165. Fingerprints on glossy dial
  166. please share your experience re: receiving a counterfeit item
  167. Wondering why my new automatic is fluctuating accuracy.
  168. Newbie "Out of the Box" Accuracy question
  169. help for a newbie
  170. Help with a TV watch ID
  171. Goodbye IWC Pilot Chrono, hello Sea Dweller!
  172. A little different Seiko Diver... nice watch 2
  173. Free Strap Giveaway: Win 3 Straps from Crown & Buckle
  174. To all familiar with the Singapore watch scene
  175. Is this Casio Edifice Genuine?
  176. watches blogs
  177. The Unit Tv Show
  178. Happy Birthday El Primero!
  179. Watches at or under 1000USD.......Suggestions?
  180. Camy Sputnik
  181. Your worst watch accident? (broken, lost etc.)
  182. ---WATCH on your WRIST Tuesday 1-10-2012---
  183. Another Newbie here
  184. info on CONCORD watch?
  185. Conservative host discussed expensive watches
  186. Need help to decide which Invicta !!
  188. WW1-97 Reserve De Marche, smaller version?
  189. Fearful Investors Stash Money in Luxury Goods
  190. Changing the battery of a PVD watch
  191. UK Members - Get Together!
  192. Problem with Wenger quartz watch...repairable?
  193. Oh no, my new watch is hurting my wrist (Victorinox Ambassador)
  194. the longest period you have gone w/o servicing a mechanical watch?
  195. ---WATCH on your WRIST Monday 1-9-12---
  196. The old memory is failing me
  197. Brietling super Avenger w/ White Dial or Omega Planet Ocean Chrono 2210.50.00 Black Bezel ?
  198. Why am I so indecisive?!?!
  199. Examples of striking hours watches?
  200. Looking for thoughts about these dealers.
  201. Help choosing a silver dial with presence
  202. Going on a first date...which watch should I wear?
  203. Graf Zeppelin?
  204. Something loose inside watch?
  205. Gray market
  206. Ordering from Europe to CA-- should I use UPS or TNT for shipping?
  207. One of the best dress watches!!!!
  208. What's that coming over the hill......?
  209. Annoyed - tell me the price!
  210. Need help - can you ID this (Swiss) movement?
  211. Ugggh tempting offer...
  212. Citizen Eco-drive Perpetual Chronograph
  213. What's in a name?
  214. What was your first ever watch? (pics please)
  215. Fans of GMT-Masters and Pilot watches [Modem Burner]
  216. pocalla watch?
  217. Maurice Lacroix Movement - Advice?
  218. What watch has these features?
  219. Molarity Watch Group offers you a USD 50.00 reduction on your first purchase
  220. Sunday Wrist Checks 01-08-12
  221. Classy watch under $1000?
  222. Best bang for 2000 bucks
  223. Video Game Watches? What Watches are these?
  224. How firm should a watch be over arm?
  225. Who got their start with Mickey Mouse?
  226. Ideas for submariner with chronograph?
  228. Do You Find Hublot Watches Overrated?
  229. Hello? to the forum.....
  230. the next generation of WIS post your pics
  231. Some newbie questions
  232. What quartz mov't is in this Certina chrono?
  233. ETA 2834
  234. Aftermarket display back?
  235. Buying a watch from the UK... how much tax will I pay from FedEx??
  236. 90's Casio watch model - HELP
  237. ---Saturday Wrist Checks 01-07-11---
  238. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Help identifying a watch
  239. Seiko skx007 or Invicta pro diver? Seeking an inexpensive automatic watch
  240. Jean Daniel Nicolas
  241. I am lost
  242. My first COSC certified timepiece arrived today!
  243. Winding automatics even when in rotation?
  244. JLC Master Chronograph undergoing service AGAIN, so opted for Rolex Sea Dweller as new diver....
  245. My Festina Watch Face
  246. Oris vs Hamilton
  247. Oris Artelier Pointer Day showed up this morning (pics inside)
  248. ETA 2893 gaining over 2 mins a day?
  249. Any issues buying watches that has been already stopped production?
  250. 2.5 Years - Collection Changes Almost Completely - Here is the New One ;)