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  2. Hard to believe - This Casio watch started my interest in watches.
  3. First Post - looking for a minimalist/Bauhaus watch - Nomos, Junghans, etc?
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  7. Smile 3000
  8. had lunch with a watch snob..
  9. Thanks, presentation and pictures of my Casio!
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  11. Contest on the Ball Forum Starting Tonight at 5PM PST (Dec. 17th) Second Annual Ball-Athon
  12. If you could only keep 2 watches in your collection..what would they be?
  13. Hoarding ETA2824 movements
  14. Quartz: Priced higher than mechanical
  15. Gnomon Watches - shipping issues? Any help would be appreciated...
  16. Any Singapore Watch Enthusiasts knows where to buy mont blanc watches?
  17. Damaged Submariner and other questions
  18. Egard presents... The Shade
  19. Does anyone have the Helson SD on a BadgerBones / gasgasbones ?
  20. Latest attempt at posting decent pics
  21. watch case back cover: terminology/purchasing question
  22. Can anyone tell me if the watch I bought my wife for Christmas is decent?
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  24. My watchmaker, an inspiration
  25. Current brands with American beginnings?
  26. Explain Why Quartz Watches Can Be So Expensive?
  27. Does anyone have trouble using this forum with Android?
  28. You Won't See A Snappier Looking Watch Today
  29. Watch Widgets/Time keeping wallpaper.
  30. Real/Fake Patek Edition
  31. Great watches featured in Mission Impossible 4
  32. Which watch would the big man himself wear?
  33. Total Newbie in need of help for gift
  34. Traser watches
  35. Wis
  36. Does this Daytona fit me?
  37. IWC Portuguese Chrono vs. Zenith Captain Chrono
  38. I was wrong about TAG Heuer
  39. The Ultimate Night Watch
  40. Introduction
  41. I'm depressed
  42. Just wanted to introduce myself
  43. longines or rado
  44. Alpha Speedy repairs
  45. Need Lumi brite on my Bernhardt
  46. Does It Exist?
  47. Newbie in need of help: Sub-$2,500 watch with rubber strap
  48. Breguet Chrono vs. Zenith Chrono
  49. Which do you like better?
  50. Which ROO face?
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  52. Hublot has created a new "sort" of gold
  53. Daytona stainless steel vs Overseas Dual Time?
  54. Bulgari watch. Orginal or fake?
  55. Reactor gamma vs traser extreme sport
  56. Omega on Psych
  57. Favorite modern + minimalist designs?
  58. General comment about pricing
  59. Montblanc on Ebay
  60. Having Some Fun - Watch Brands & American Unversities, a Prestige Ranking
  61. Le Monde watch - brand, origins, values?
  62. hello to all
  63. When people get money, what do they get first? The watch? Or the car?
  65. Power reserve gauge has got me spoiled now
  66. My Person 5 Final Choices: Help me decide!
  67. What is your favorite watch size?
  68. Watches and the workplace
  69. Watches to look out for in Mission Impossible 4
  70. Certina worth buying?
  71. New Jaquet Droz Chronograph Arrived: A bit of an odd duck
  72. What's on your wrist today (Thursday, 15th Dec. 2011)?
  73. High impact arm movements on quartz watches
  74. Some Newbie questions
  75. Perpetual Date Question
  76. Frederique Constant's response when Swatch will reduce movements' supply
  77. Watchmaker recommendation in Boston?
  78. Brand Image: Don't You Think Watches Like These, Would Hurt the Image?
  79. [Splitting Image?]- Am i seeing doubles?
  80. Where can I find info on Longines Chronograph
  81. Help me choose Breitling Transocean Chrono vs. Tag Heuer Monaco
  82. Is anyone here going to the Clock & Watch Fair @ Brunel University this Sunday?
  83. Does anybody feel wearing a watch with a battery is unnatural?
  84. Recommendations on a Ontario Canada watch maker? (Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area)
  85. For you mostly (or all) automatic folks, what's your favorite quartz?
  86. For those who appreciate exquisite photos of watches!
  87. What's the deal with my watchmaker?
  88. Help ID this Movado?
  89. What base metal are watches made of?
  90. Iwc someone please help me stop drooling
  91. Which would you keep iwc or Breitling?
  92. Anyone seen the movie "In Time"?
  93. Random question re: chrono power reserve
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  95. Choosing my first reasonable watch - Advice needed!
  96. Secret Santa is no WIS
  97. TechnoMarine - You're Doing It Wrong
  98. Please suggest some Chronos for me:
  99. What Watch is Timothy Geithner Wearing? (fuzzy pics)
  100. Ball Watch Museum Tour, Dallas Texas
  101. Pepsi or Cola Recommendations?
  102. WOMW: BR126 Vintage 'Original'...........
  103. Where did your watches live when you bought them?
  104. Vacheron Phidias: opinions, movement?
  105. Need inputs from forum members
  106. New watch collector
  107. Watch ID please =)
  108. Casio solar powered problems
  109. I'm having trouble posting pics
  110. Yet another dress watch thread: opinion needed, Orient or something else?
  111. Interesting Vintage Find
  112. Speeding up this site
  113. <<<<<<< Watches for Tuesday - December 13 2011 >>>>>>>
  114. Does Eco-Drive work well?
  115. ID this "military" watch?
  116. Hey guys just wanted to spread some christmas cheer...
  117. Need help deciding: Tag Aquaracer or Oris TT1
  118. Broken Ebel 1911 Chrono
  119. A Sad Story (Tissot content)
  120. Howdy and counter clockwise
  121. Seiko SARC015 and Zenith Defy (large images!) ...
  122. Watches And Value
  123. This or That opinion - Longine Chrono
  124. Share with us your most disappointing watch purchase
  125. WUSMOB not working again?
  126. Montblanc minute & hour hands stopped
  127. The best AD for luminox
  128. Its wind up moon watch but not a Speedmaster do u know what this (spacey!) watch is?
  129. A WIS in the making: My 16 month old son likes watches
  130. Looking for watch please help
  131. Suggestions to a newbie looking for a Brown Leather watch?
  132. ---Monday Wrist Checks 12-12-11---
  133. Union Glashütte Chrono vs. Mühle Glashütte Chrono
  134. Forum issues
  135. Possible major score!(Well for me anyway)
  136. Better late than never (pictures of recent acquisitions)
  137. Opinions on vintage movado defy
  138. 1st post - thinking about B&M Classima 8592
  139. Ball Ceramic XV vs Doxa Shark Ceramica
  140. Which hands would you swap onto this watch?
  141. Rotor noise
  142. Looking for a Dress Watch !!! ( Please help !! ) ...
  143. Help Me Out - Need Reply
  144. Elgin Database
  145. **Please Take a Look and Vote on the Best Hands / Font for My New Watch!**
  146. "I don't buy a good watch cause I break my watches"
  147. Approaches to Collecting: What's your story?
  148. Tough decision... opinions welcome
  149. Cheap Automatic Skeleton Deal $119 [DEAD]
  150. New watch
  151. Advise for a new collector...
  152. Advice on a Swiss watch under $1500?
  153. Selling Watch to Guy in Singapore
  154. After almost two years with my Orange Monster...a review.
  155. Christmas Watch for Mom
  156. Recommend good & accurate automatic chronograph 41mm watch
  157. ---Sunday Wrist Checks 12-11-11---
  158. Chronograph smackdown: Seiko Ananta SPS007 versus Chase-Durer 1000 UDT XL
  159. Luminox help!!
  160. tye-kickers vs cautious consumers
  161. Victorinox Maverick GS Chrono - What Kind of Movement?
  162. Watch dial paint repair
  163. Interesting Read- Watch makers in the 1920s and effects of radioactive paints
  164. My two new family members!
  165. Chrono Hour runs continious
  166. Please help me welcome my 2 newest watches to my collection
  167. *** UPDATE *** Houston/ Katy (surrounding areas) GTG???
  168. “Merry Christmas”, said the mugger as he took my watch and computer today…
  169. Possible identification?
  170. Newbie in need of a watchamker (North Delaware/Philadelphia area)
  171. Snap-on case back cons
  172. "Swatch, Supplier to Rivals, Now Aims to Cut Them Off"
  173. Help: Which better? ORIS F1 vs. Glycine AIRMAN 22?
  174. Buying a JLC or Baume & Mercier in Singapore..? Good shops?
  175. >>>>> WRUW: saturday, December 10th, 2011 <<<<<
  176. does this watch look too big on me?
  177. Have you guys seen these "VENUS" watches? (video inside)
  178. New Look for my Bedat No.8 888
  179. What are your favorite watch blogs?
  180. Looking for a chronograph with center minute-counter hand
  181. Lume vs Lume
  182. Does anyone here own a Jaeger LeCoultre Master Calender?
  183. Customs and duties Canada?
  184. Rolex Technicum; Lancaster County, PA USA
  185. Everyday Perpetual Calender or Moonphase Chronograph?
  186. Kello App - How accurate is it ?
  187. My latest two pickups
  188. Hamilton Khaki Mechanical - This or That
  189. Help me pick a watch... my ONLY watch.
  190. Clueless Wife Needs help with a Xmas Gift
  191. Watch collection-a photo experiment
  192. Ever date a girl who's more of a hardcore WIS than you?
  193. Desperately Seeking
  194. Is this an early rolex prototype oyster case or am I dreaming
  195. Which watch U like but Ur friends have it so U hesitate to get one?
  196. Why would a true "tool" watch use a mechanical movement?
  197. The Odyssey of my Omega Seamaster Bullhead is finally over
  198. I Now Know What My Dark Passenger is....Dexter Fans Will Understand
  199. Friday Watch - December 9, 2011
  200. Comparison now!
  201. Saw something I haven't seen in a long time . . .
  202. Fake Alain Silberstein?
  203. Mid - price Skeleton watch
  204. Choose a watch for the zombie apocolypse...
  205. Yellowing of SS, can it be cleaned?
  206. Last Purchase for 2011
  207. Different brands on this site
  208. Would you desire this? Anti-smudge anti-fingerprint coating on your watch crystal?
  209. It dawned on me that I really like busy watches. Anyone else's case look like this?
  210. List your unexlpained movement failures
  211. Miss Pasha vs Rolex datejust 26mm
  212. All Titanium watch for under 600$, does it exist?
  213. <<<Thursday 12-8-11 WRUW>>>
  214. Do you let your chrono's run all the time?
  215. second hand movements
  216. "In Time" the movie
  217. Looking for a daily wearer chronograph
  218. Sub 1000$ automatic recommendations
  219. Is anybody else unable to post using Google's Chrome browser on a Mac?
  220. PM' 'bout a little respect?
  221. Jovial
  222. Help! What supersmart person knows the brand of this watch?
  223. Identity Crisis, pocket watch.
  224. Festina CHRONO BIKE INFO
  225. About to get a USPS reality check, something else to stress about.....
  226. Movement finish - How we judge it
  227. Information On Jaquet Droz Grande Date 8/8?
  228. Should the CUSTOMER wear GLOVES in a watch store?
  229. opinions on, Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 24832 SAF Airboss Mach 5 GMT Watch
  230. ** Bathy's warning **
  231. It keeps on coming ! Vacheron's new 14 day tourbillon, Greubel Forsey's new GMT, and many more.
  232. Good Automatic mechanical for under $400
  233. SCOOP: GRIEB & BENZINGER: The BLUE OCEAN, skeletonized monopusher chronograph in solid platinum
  234. Abbreviations....
  235. Watchuseek supports JS Watch to raise funds for KRAFTUR
  236. And so, it's down to these two ...
  237. Perrelet First Class Lady PR-600 - some photos
  238. Introduction
  239. Bought Seiko bracelet from WUS SF...not a good description... what do I do?
  240. Help Identify This Watch!!
  241. which is worse?: -2 sec/day or +15 sec/day
  242. breitling transocean, anyone liking this watch?
  243. Which watch is better as Christmas gift?
  244. Advise Needed for Baume and Mercier Men's Hampton Square 8749
  245. esq 18 jewels?
  246. Estimated prices of late-era mechanicals (today's dollars)
  247. The 10 Most Expensive Watches You Can Buy Right Now Read more
  248. Praesto
  249. [UPDATE] A series of misfortune event (s) :-(.
  250. EMS Shipping