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  1. recommendations for good watch documentaries
  2. I don't understand the disdain over Invicta, this particular Invicta I purchased is one...
  3. Skeleton watches
  4. is 38.5 mm too small?
  5. Time it Takes to Put Together an Automatic Watch?
  6. My Big 3. Two down!
  7. Invicta tourbillon on shop NBC
  8. Any idea where to get tissot pr50 moonphase
  9. Grand Seiko - a brand without identity?
  10. Can't Get Watch Back Back On
  11. Business considerations
  12. New Skyfall Bond Watch?
  13. Breitling Navitimer 01 Limited vs Rolex Daytona SS
  14. It has slowly dawned on me ...
  15. Going overseas
  16. Anyone know a good repair shop in LA?
  17. A great Chrono about to hit the market
  18. percentage of income to spend on a grail?
  19. Watches for - Sunday 12/04/11
  20. Rolex ? Hi can anyone identify this movement
  21. Collection Story
  22. How do they do it? (Dial refinishing)
  23. power RESERVE
  24. Walked into a mall jewelry store today, and now I'm depressed. Seriously depressed.
  25. Victorinox won't start after battery replacement (Resolved)
  26. Received New Grand Seiko SBGM023
  27. Are digital watches a guy thing?
  28. Yawn
  29. The value of balance wheel moment of inertia
  30. Been lurking, just picked up my first watch
  32. Meine deutsche Familie ist versammelt>>>
  33. Le Locle second's hand difference
  34. First time poster, long time lurker.
  35. Help me find this watch
  36. Yay or nay? [first time buyer]
  37. need help deciding
  38. Can anyone give any info on this Swiss watch?
  39. HELP. Where to find lume paint???
  40. Amazing PP Auction
  41. Watches for Saturday 3 December 2011
  42. This or That Opinion Please
  43. Question regarding Lume and Patina
  44. U-Boat Flightdeck 50-CAS-3....Is this a good deal or not???
  45. Weekend Giveaway Contest: 3 Straps from Crown & Buckle
  46. Climate does it affect you.......
  47. Aging...Are you worried?
  48. Gotta love brotherly love, especially when it's JLC !
  49. watch choice dilemma
  50. Not a new watch, just a new look, Seiko Alpinist
  51. Can any one identify this watch?
  52. Armourlite A45 or which TRITIUM CAPSULE watch for looks, finish, reasonable price...
  53. which one do you prefer Seiko Monster or MINI MONSTER Black PVD
  54. Your dream two-hand, time only, manual wind wristwatch?
  55. Are watches a hobby or an addiction?
  56. Can't pull the trigger on one- *Updated with my new pickup!*
  57. Overview of my collection
  58. Newest update on our first model (Egard - Shade) Fully assembled
  59. Another Tissot? Who was he?
  60. need help identifying wittnauer mens watch
  61. Is 3d scanning relevant in watch making?
  62. i got up to $6000.00 USD to spend on a watch. should i get 1 or 2? or like a 100 G Shocks?
  63. Jacques Lemans Valjoux 7750 and 7751
  64. Watches for Friday 2 December 2011
  65. My Collection Thus Far(3 years worth).
  66. Bulgari (Bvlgari) watch. Orginal or fake?
  67. Bulova Precisionist or Hamilton Tonneau?
  68. The Fear of Vintage Watches.
  69. Graham Watches
  70. Brown watch with black shirt?
  71. The most overhyped/over priced watchbrands
  72. Domed vs flat crystal
  73. Requirements for watch...any ideas?
  74. Thats a lot of Swatchy goodness!
  75. Opening a Rotary auto watch
  76. URGENT HELP REQUIRED! info on watch company
  77. Preferred Authorized Dealer
  78. Watches for refineries
  79. Need Help: Choosing bet Ball Ionosphere Chronograph or Baume et Mercier Classima GMT
  80. ^^^Thursday 12-1-11 WRUW^^^
  81. Thoughts on Ecko
  82. Help.....Need Pocketwatch Information. Harry A. Belknap St.Johnsbury,VT
  83. Westclox Electronic do you open it??
  84. Any suggestions for a woman's watch?
  85. BAUME & MERCIER Hampton Spirt 8254 - Real???
  86. Anybody know the dimensions of Rado diastar sapphire crystal?
  87. Orient Start Dealer in Tokyo?
  88. Noob Question- Persona?
  89. Show your Mouse!
  90. Legal questions about Replicas.
  91. My next target...
  92. Boy just became a man
  93. Help with first watch
  94. Something simple, sexy and sleek
  95. Raymond Weil Nabucco and that second hand
  96. Precisionist ..... 365 Days Later
  97. Prometheus Holiday Charity Promotion: Double Rewards With Each Manta Ray Purchase!
  98. Ok guys which watch for my trip to the coast this weekend >>>
  99. ^^^Wednesday 11 30 11 WRUW^^^
  100. Help identify a watch
  101. most number of uncommon metals in a watch
  102. Notes from the Field: What real soldiers wear
  103. Moonphase Month Day Date Guilloche + 5 ATM
  104. Identity (and price) of this Raymond Weil Geneve Men's leather watch?
  105. Help identifying a pocket watch
  106. Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M VS Omega Seamaster Profesional (Bond)
  107. FOUND MY NEXT WATCH.... Just a little short
  108. Need help...
  109. Traser T 7404 - Carbon Pro Chronograph
  110. They say...
  111. After 10 months of waiting>>>
  112. Favorite Independent (and Ideally Direct) Watchmakers
  113. pet peeves - second hand not matching the markers
  114. Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Phase De Lune - Is this a keeper?
  115. Finally a real dresswatch, a JLC Master Control (my 2nd JLC) !
  116. New Guy Here
  117. How does >>
  118. What is the watch brand with the highest vertical integration?
  119. Help with broken swatch (i think) pics included
  120. JUST boUGHT A TISSOT Le Locle
  121. Aaron Faber Gallery They are slimy
  122. Will a watch winder work on Hamilton Aviation watch
  123. Lessening fear of/ distaste for Acrylic.
  124. GTG: Belles Montres, Louvre, Paris......
  125. Ive been eyeing this off- Should I?
  126. Help!? Replaced battery in Swiss Army Officer's 1884, and a part fell out.
  127. How do you buy watches?
  128. "Deep" questions about ROLEX, Why ROLEX?
  129. Help
  130. What is ur opinion of the perellet moon phase watch in silver?
  131. who can I complain to when the watch's manufacturer does not respond?
  132. need your opinion
  133. First watch - opinions please =]
  134. Pros and Cons of Nomos Movements?
  135. Who Will Take Omega's place?
  136. <<<WATCH on your WRIST Tuesday 11-29-11>>>
  137. Looking for Automatic Sapphire Crystal two tone Ladies watch
  138. New JLC Ultra Thin, Purchased Online
  139. Mens VS Womens Watches?
  140. Tag Heuer Twin Time WV2116 vs. Baume et Mercier Classima 8462
  141. is this a geniune cartier?
  142. What are some ultra high end sport chronos
  143. First Watch - Beginner!
  144. Anyone Else Have Different Sized Wrists?
  145. Seeking guidance on selling a watch
  146. Idea of Value
  147. Majex autoslim
  148. Help for parts in UK
  149. Testing a New DSLR i am using it is a Nikon >>
  150. Black Tie Masquerade Ball Watch
  151. Need suggestions - TAG Grand Carrera or Baume & Mercier Capeland 10000
  152. What's your opinion of Corum
  153. Is ultra thin watch ultra fragile?
  154. Movement decorations
  155. Breitling with ABP strap stolen in burglary - tips?
  156. Need suggestions for first quality wristwatch - birthday gift for my 21 yr old stepson
  157. Edox Class 1 aka "Why do my impulse buys occur when WUS is down?!"
  158. WUS down for 36+ hours?
  159. ***Monday Wrist Checks 11-28-11***
  160. Titan valence....beautiful
  161. Any of you have or ever had weird watch habits?
  162. Accuracy at various stages of wind? Ananta case study
  163. Why do people like the Speedmaster so much?
  164. ***Sunday Wrist Checks 11-27-11***
  165. Watch Engineering - How Does Water Resistance Work?...
  166. tissot ballade
  167. I'm not into chronos...I'm stumped on this one...
  168. This or That
  169. Tritium on lume
  170. Do not browse when inebriated!
  171. Can someone identify this watch? Antique shop find.
  172. Please help me celebrate, recommend me a watch!
  173. One of the best looking Seiko divers....
  174. How Well Do an Automatic Handle Jogging?
  175. Yema Rallygraf "le Mans" - where can I get one?
  176. NEW from Morpheus: The Cinema Watch
  177. WRUW--Saturday's wrist parade 11-26
  178. Does anyone know....
  179. Your better half's Collection
  180. Video review of the Prometheus Manta Ray by
  181. quartz watch behaving erratically
  182. Japanese Quartz V Swiss Quartz ?
  183. Suggestions for a large, busy dial auto?
  184. Swatch NYC Sample Sale 2011??
  185. Charlotte NC...Show me the Watch Luv!!!
  186. Holiday Weekend Specials from Arizona Fine Time
  187. Opinions/Experience: Men's Rolex Cellini Danaos XL
  188. Holiday Weekend Specials from Arizona Fine Time
  189. Incoming! And this time, I'm sad.
  190. What can I do about poor performance on this forum?
  191. Graham Chronofighter - 40mm
  192. It's Official !
  193. Elysse model identification pls!!!
  194. Gouged Lugs
  195. Any Black Friday watch finds or deals?
  196. what watch reminds you of spring, summer, the beach?
  197. Lume got bright all of a sudden and then just died
  198. WRUW - Friday 25/11/2011
  199. First Watch - Omega, Zenith, IWC, or JLC?
  200. What a difference!
  201. George Daniels dead at 85
  202. W&F Watchsculpture recent arrival
  203. thinking about buying a new watch tomorrow
  204. Any thoughts about the M. Johansson brand and skeleton watches? And Skeleton watches in general...
  205. Which Chrono Do You Prefer, & Why? Bell & Ross, Bremont, Sinn, or Zenith??.
  206. Your help for choosing my first watch (Casio or Seiko)
  207. HELP! Does anyone know anything about this watch brand? It's called "Republic."
  208. Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 - some photos
  209. My wife's birthday comming up-help!
  210. Any info appreciated regarding a Bucherer automatic incabloc ladys 18k gold vintage watch
  211. New Ulysse Nardin Pictures!!! BIG PICTURES!
  212. So I am getting the girlfriend a watch for Christmas...
  213. Caught someone staring at your watch?
  214. A neat thing happened to me...
  215. Help suggest some models for me between 1 and 3.5k
  216. QU for the Experts!
  217. ^^^WRUW- Thursday 11-24-11^^^
  218. Help with Cartier Watch
  219. Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph OR Raymond Weil Nabucco Rivoluzione
  220. Hello everyone!!!
  221. Times Square Diamond Quartz/Fada Industries ???
  222. Intro to WUS and new B & R owner
  223. What is Tungsten carbide?
  224. Wooden Wrist Watch?
  225. Looking for more info
  226. Best original Ladies Mechanical Watches in the <$5k range
  227. Does anyone know anything about Damas watches?
  228. Looking for a new watch! Help please
  229. No Watch Today!
  230. new here from the UK!
  231. Suggestions for an affordable minute repeater
  232. Need help with stainless steel finish
  233. any alternatives for this watch?Ticino 44mm Pilot
  234. New on the Block - And Looking for Black Stainless Analog Watch Ideas
  235. Canon CardQuartz from 1979 or 1980
  236. Baume et Mercier, IWC, or Zenith. Which One Would You Pick?
  237. Let's be honest. (Controversial )
  238. Insurance
  239. Wristband same wrist as watch?
  240. Brown strap vs. black strap on dress watch
  241. Forming a Watch Collection!!!!
  242. Watch for 300?
  243. Wednesday Watch - November 23, 2011
  244. Hey WUS can you spare a light...
  245. Frederique Constant Heart Beat FC-310LHB2PD4B & FC-310SQ2PD4 - Love for the Ladies
  246. Constant Running Chrono
  247. new member from UK!
  248. What makes a better chronograph movement?
  249. What Is Stainless Steel? And Other Questions About Case Materials....
  250. LTD edition AP - Whats it worth ?