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  31. *EXPOSED* Lug Nuts, Screw-Heads, Etc. (((FUNCTION vs. DESIGN)))
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  37. Ernie, can you put up a digital atomic time at the top of the forum?
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  49. ^^^ Tuesday WRUW 10-25-11 ^^^
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  52. How hard is it to re-align the hour hand?
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  56. How Car Brands match to Watch Brands...
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  58. Can anyone identify this Patek?
  59. So um... is my new Le Locle a bit redundant as a pickup?
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  61. design mistakes
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  70. ^^Monday WRUW 10-24-11^^^
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  86. Octo Missilemaster...Wanted To Share Some Pictures I Took.... :)..Actually Lotsa Pics!
  87. what is the best overall brand for dress watches?
  88. Swatch Group terminates partnership with Tiffany & Co. New York
  89. ^^Sunday WRUW 10-23-11^^^
  90. The Angry Watch
  91. Watches ARE an investment...
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  99. Saturday Afternoon in Sunny Perth Western Australia whats on your wrist today.
  100. Tourneau - TNY
  101. What is your favourite tool watch?
  102. New Arrival- Sea Dweller
  103. a photo i owe the forum.
  104. New Swatch
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  106. Watch Innovators/ standard setters
  107. Monaco vs Speedy.. I laughed.
  108. Mechanical Chronograph Search Comes to an End
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  110. Are you a more or less person ...
  111. How good the replicas are.
  112. need help! jacque lemans f5015f! cant figure out the alarm
  113. Anyone Watch Psych?
  114. Person of Interest watch on John Reese?
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  116. On The Wrist Today - Friday ( October 21 2011 )
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  118. See how I almost killed a watch, and my attempt to fix it ***GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING*** : )
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  127. Invicta 9937 Questions!
  128. Resco Patriot on Kevlar
  129. Looking for a durable "nice" watch; large price range
  130. Oooh baby, that's what I like! SOTC and a bit of a revelation
  131. Is it possible to darken a strap?
  132. Show me your most wanted watch purchase of 2011 So far >>
  133. Sapphire test failed ?
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  135. Effect of chlorine in the pool on our watches?
  136. History behind folded and solid linked bracelets
  137. Question of the day: Real of Fake? Ladies Vintage 962.008 Tag Heuer 2000 Professional Series
  138. Watches for Wednesday - 10-19-2011
  139. On The Wrist Today - Wednesday 10/19/2011
  140. Parameters,,A Need to Know
  141. Living to Close to Temptations
  142. HELP Me Decide!!! Longines, Ball, Hamilton, Baume and Mercier, Raymond Weil
  143. Baume Mercier serving watch question
  144. Raymond Weil, Anyone??
  145. certina ds-1 white face/ black leather strap does it really look like a tag carrera?
  146. Need help choosing between planet ocean and smp!
  147. For MN WIS
  148. Moderator restriction for a newbie question.
  149. The Survivors - A Downsizing Aftermath
  150. I have a free day in Phoenix Friday
  151. Pretty Mido
  152. Dial Refinishing
  153. GMT watches : Are they useful or are they just for looks?
  154. Help needed.
  155. Hands on: Christopher Ward C8 Mk II Vintage Edition
  156. Sending A Watch To A Hotel
  157. Setting automatic watch, knowing if it's AM or PM?
  158. Someone PLEASE help me with my Victorinox Alpnach Automatic Chrono
  159. Best/most detailed finish on a watch movement
  160. Which of your watches has the most sentimental value.
  161. Another eBay Lucy.......
  162. Watches for Tuesday - 10-18-2011
  163. What watches do you need for a 'complete' collection?
  164. Best way to polish scratches from acrylic crystal?
  165. Is there nothing they won't make fakes of?
  166. Different rotor behaviour
  167. Please help. Hublot Fusion Zirconium 45mm or Ulysse N. marine Chronometer 43 mm
  168. Mystery of Lucien Piccard
  169. Psuedo luxury
  170. 25 jewels Mido 1320 (base ETA Valjoux 7750) certified automatic chronograph movement
  171. Super Natural Dean Winchester Watch
  172. Fake or Real Movement on this Baume and Mercier?
  173. Can someone tell me who can LUME my Pathfinder?
  174. Watch vs. Death Star
  175. For anyone looking for a cheap Invicta 8926OBV2
  176. Advice on buying a watch
  177. Rado Excellent customer feedback
  178. Recommend a light waterproof watch
  179. Movado Serio
  180. Life Is Good
  181. Seikosha big pilot watch about to go cheap on ebay??? (30 minutes left)
  182. LED Watch Storage
  183. What is the smallest watch you would wear?
  184. Watches for Monday - 10-17-2011
  185. Are Citizen Independent watches Eco-Drives?
  186. Rolex or Grand Seiko
  187. Any Boutique Watch Companies....
  188. Red accents
  189. Hey guys got a new one today >> (Not an expensive one) >>
  190. My quartz is losing minutes a day
  191. White faced chrono with black subdials.
  192. Authentic 36000 bph mechanical watch......what would be the most economical?
  193. Do you love watch with plenty of lume?
  194. What is it about a watch that makes it a "nice watch" in your eyes?
  195. On The Wrist Today - Sunday 10/16/2011
  196. The launch was a success! + Mooren New vintage pictures
  197. Sports watch with GMT and Dive Bezel - Not a dive watch with GMT. Does it exist?
  198. When buying preowned, do you always factor in servicing costs (if so, how much on average)?
  199. great ideas vs not so grat ideas
  200. My Two Favorite Watches ... A Perfect Pair ... Caution: Grand Seiko Content!
  201. Zitura "Andy Warhol" watch info needed
  202. Tough Watch Stories
  203. does anything like this exist, but cheaper
  204. gallet or knock off?
  205. Franck Muller Find
  206. Favorite "nicer" quartz sports watch?
  207. New arrival: Ball moon glow
  208. <<<< Saturday !!!!!! 10/15/11 WRUW>>>>>
  209. Can anyone quickly ID this watch?
  210. Looking for Swiss Mechanical under 1K for my collection; suggestions please?
  211. AR Coating Material
  212. Advice on Watch Needed: Automatic; Month, Date, Day
  213. in your opinion what is the "classic" diameter of the modern round dress watch?
  214. Need advice with buying my first field watch!
  215. Ladies Must de Cartier 21
  216. Movado Museum vs Movado Serio
  217. Artego Dive Watches Gone Under?
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  219. Swatch Group: Love them or hate them?
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  222. Second hand for Chrono vs Non-Chrono
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  224. Reputable watch maker in OC area?
  225. Victorinox 241437 case size
  226. Hype Watch Brands
  227. Introduction and Please Identify My Rado Watch
  228. Marathon GSAR 2008 VS 2010
  229. Check this out - The Present - The annual clock that tells time in seasons.
  230. Criteria for a tough mechanical watch?
  231. Metalized Crystal....what does that mean exactly ?
  232. Ive just realised i might like white / silver coloured dials more than black! >>
  233. Definitions of Dress, Sports and Tool Watch Categories - Long read
  234. Where should I put a Watch For Sale Ad? WUS or eBay?
  235. Movement not the only concern? (or, am I overthinking things)
  236. Brand Image versus Reality
  237. ^^^Thursday Wrist Check 10-13-11^^^
  238. Bronze arrival!!!
  239. New to the forums!
  240. Watch Returns at Amazon
  241. Could I get some info on this Louis Erard watch?
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  246. After a long time - #25 - 1/4 chronograph
  247. Down Time Thursday, 13 Oct 2011
  248. Please help ID this watch
  249. Need Help IDing This Watch - RASPA
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