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  1. Worth of this Oscar waldan watch?
  2. Newbie Questions
  3. Thin line between "boutique" & bogus
  4. Shipping watch - verification that you included watch
  5. WUS Confessions: Coming Out of the Watch Closet
  6. Pre-WWII or WWII pilot or military watch, 38-40mm case, handwind no date + NON-vintage???
  7. New Nomos Ahoi & Club Siren White Models
  8. Hamilton Intra Matic or 1960's Omega Seamaster DeVille
  9. Maybe A New Favorite....
  10. The differences between men and women when it comes to watches
  11. Buying before Trying
  12. Rolex Tunnel Vision
  13. Gareth Southgate's watch
  14. Any Watch with their logo on a dog tag on the dial?
  15. Steinhart Triton 100ATM for Certina DS Action Diver - Would you do this trade?
  16. [Unboxing] Citizen Eco-Drive Red Arrows World Timer
  17. Reaction to Stainless?
  18. First Watch: JLC, Blancpain, or Breitling
  19. An alternative to the Frederique Constant Flyback?
  20. Why are men tempted to buy expensive luxury brands? Blame it on male sex hormones, not money
  21. ************Thursday-July-5th-2018-WRUW************
  22. The Silly Things We Chronograph
  23. A Hundred Bucks Worth...
  24. Navigating w my Unimatic
  25. Chrono24 private seller questions
  26. Resisting the temptation to settle
  27. Saving Time
  28. The big boy has arrived!
  29. Watchmaker in Montreal
  30. I want know if this vascheron it's original
  31. What watch is Roger Federer wearing today?
  32. Help with Orca clasp micro adjust
  33. Collection
  34. White dial GADA watch?
  35. Christopher Ward C60 Bronze with Patina thoughts?
  36. appraisal?
  37. ************Wednesday-July-4th-2018-WRUW************
  38. Yay or nay?
  39. The dial of this Rolex 6239?
  40. Ditch my JLC Master Control and get a Sub No Date?
  41. Seiko vs Citizen Diver Which is the Best ?
  42. Oris Aquis questions
  43. anyone still wearing very large watches, then post them.
  44. Some information needed.
  45. Montblanc 9168
  46. Orlando FL Shopping
  47. In Search of Aviator style watch, looking for advice
  48. Info on retrograde watches
  49. Three Stores Selling the Identical Used Watch
  50. ************Tuesday-July-3rd-2018-WRUW************
  51. Weird habits with your watches?
  52. Whatís your after-service return rate? Does it always take more than one try to fix a watch?
  53. Original watch design
  54. Swiss companion to compliment my EZM 1.1?
  55. Watch only works after pulling crown out?
  56. Flieger watch advice?
  57. Should I consider becoming a watchmaker?
  58. ( OT ) How Watches are Engraved (first introduction )
  59. What watch is it? Japan coach Akira Nishino
  60. Where can I find a sellers feedback?
  61. To Polish or Not?
  62. Help, please
  63. New poster: Introduction, my collection, and future purchases.
  64. Having a hard time choosing Tissot Visodate, Hamilton Jazzmaster, and Seiko Presage
  65. Mexico Bound tomorrow!
  66. Watchmaker - luxury watches for your phone
  67. Incoming Regulator....
  68. 8 inch wrist in need of nicer watch
  69. Possible handmade watch below 1k?
  70. Overwinding >>>
  71. ************Monday-July-2nd-218-WRUW************
  72. Vintage Girard Perregaux?
  73. Traveling Time Pieces
  74. Help me choose my next watch....Breitling, Tudor, Rolex are runner ups
  75. Consolidating Idea. 4 for 1
  76. case issue
  77. Need help identifying value of watch
  78. Happy Canada Day!!
  79. Economics of Watches
  80. First watch help (Orion Calamity Navy?)
  81. Mido Multifort auto chrono pushers
  82. Views on wearing my WW2 Dirty Dozen Eterna given radioactive research
  83. Blancpain Leman Flyback Chronograph or Zenith El Primero 38
  84. How big is too big
  85. New Watch
  86. Longines Bigeye vs Ball Cannonball
  87. Affordable vintage looking watches with bright green or aqua green dial to go on neon orange strap?
  88. Pick my first Rolex
  89. Dior Chiffre Rouge A04
  90. Chrono recommendations in the $1,500 range?
  91. Finally received one of my grails, and I was completely...
  92. If only I had $18 million
  93. Automatic movement - best with loose or snug bracelet?
  94. The Perfect Complementary Pair
  95. I guess its not so affordable after all.....
  96. --***Sunday July 1 2018 WRUW***---
  97. Valuations
  98. Could you ever be a watchmaker?
  99. Is Watch Technology Mature?
  100. Rolex DJ 41 vs GP laureato 42 blue dials?
  101. Unlimited depth Timex
  102. Traveling To Japan
  103. (1970s question) Which watch brand was sold packed in water?
  104. What is a good mechanical watch under $150 for the purpose of solely performing tests on?
  105. What do you think is the most aesthetically pleasing watch of all time?
  106. Incoming! Not your typical Zenith!
  107. Finding a great watchmaker
  108. Open ending watch searching
  109. What would you do... Zenith El Primero 38mm/Tudor 58 or Rolex
  110. Best lume for under $1500
  111. Need help regarding chronograph purchase
  112. Rare Swiss Watch Brand - Zinnia
  113. Post your cheapest watch
  114. ************Saturday-June-30th-2018-WRUW************
  115. I think I have a "watch" problem....
  116. JLC Master Ultra Thin Moon, Omega DeVille Tresor or Grand Seiko Snowflake...
  117. What annoys you?
  118. Are Quartz movements stronger (less fragile) than Automatic movements?
  119. Incoming! Speedy Tuesday and Review of Ar.Parask
  120. If you Start Big do you Tend to Stay Big?
  121. Strap for a Graham Chronofighter 1695
  122. Analog Wrist Stopwatch.
  123. Mistaken warranty please help.
  124. Any Seiko equivalent of Bambino?
  125. Suggest a watch for a one watch guy
  126. ************Friday-June-29th-2018-WRUW*************
  127. zenith elite vs. GO senator sixties 39 mm -- thoughts?
  128. Shakespeare and Swiss Watches
  129. CODE41, how is this kickstart
  130. What watch was better than you expected after ownership ?
  131. What is this vintage thing?
  132. Rolex OP vs Omega AT
  133. My first mod! - reviving my well-loved Mako
  134. Owned more than 30 watches over the years, never had a I lucky or that is the norm?
  135. The excitement when you identify "a grail" and the disappointment when you realize you canít get it
  136. #6....
  137. Funny Christopher Ward ad
  138. Best places to find a watch part (for a Tudor)?
  139. The best Speedy Tuesday ever
  140. What would you trade for??
  141. Is this vintage Longines a radium dial watch??
  142. Network
  143. ************Thursday-June-28th-2018-WRUW************
  144. Gen. 1 Love....
  145. Radio Controlled Watch
  146. Trip down Rodeo Drive
  147. Micro brands in Brooklyn?
  148. It's 5 o'clock somewhere!
  149. Has anyone on Bourbon Street ever recognized your watch at 2 AM?
  150. Screw Down Crown Cross Threaded
  151. Should I Sell My Tag Heuer Carrera CAR2110? And What Should I Replace It With??
  152. Can you spot the watch element on my car? And what kind of watch would it be?
  153. My Quest for a "Thin" Chrono
  154. Dress Watch - Casual wear
  155. Recommendations for a sub-$5000 watch?
  156. Brown shoes + belt with a black strap?
  157. Power reserve question
  158. A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Up/Down - Incame
  159. help :need info on Tag Heuer 6000 dial size (diameter in inches or cm/mm)
  160. Dear "If it were 39mm" and "If it didn't have a date window" WIS
  161. ************Wednesday-June-27th-2018-WRUW************
  162. Recommendation Needed! Watch Stores in Warsaw, Krakow, and Berlin
  163. Possible stolen Girard-Perregaux Monte-Carlo 1973
  164. phishing in WTB post
  166. I need a quick lesson in selling
  167. How I choose which watch to wear...
  168. Any Advice for Under 3K
  170. First Time Poster and Luxury Watch Buyer - Looking for Opinions/Feedback!
  171. VERO Watch Company- just saying hello!
  172. Question re Sales Etiquette/Expectations
  173. FedEx Tracking is Useless
  174. My wife is crazy, so now I have two new Panerai(s?)
  175. Lum-Tec 500m Discontinued?
  176. How much have you spent on watches? and how long have you been into this hobby?
  177. Is there any FAKE ETA quartz movement?
  178. My perfect birth year watch!!
  179. State of the Collection - 26 June 2018
  180. Sell/pitch me your favourite watch!
  181. Bidding on Ebay
  182. Borrowed my friend's MGB
  183. ---***Tuesday 6-26-18 WRUW***---
  184. Luxury quartz vs. mid tier quartz
  185. Best way to handwind auto-ETA
  186. What is actually your rationale for not using a plastic sport watch for beach/pool/outdoor duty?
  187. Favourite Time Tracking App?
  188. Handwinders... come out to plaaaaaaay... Handwinders... come out to plaaaaaaay.
  189. So stoked with my latest pick up. Coupled with the Kizzi strap, itís a killer combination, in my opi
  190. Hamilton Khaki Auto Problem
  191. Will tourbillons ever become "standard" in movements?
  192. Teaching children the time
  193. Watch scars from the summer!
  194. Can't Decide Seiko SARB017 or SARW005 or SARW025
  195. How to convince the boss...
  196. Is a diminished power reserve a "normal" malfunction of a mechanical watch?
  197. What is it with Rolex and fraudsters.
  198. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms ID Help
  199. mechanical chronograph for running
  200. Oak and Oscar
  201. Attempting to explain watches to non-WIS
  202. I've been invited to a Panerai launching cocktail event.
  203. What's Going on With Photos on This Forum?
  204. I gonna buy a tourbillon !
  205. Watch fixes hairy hand...
  206. 5711 Nautilus, thoughts?
  207. Do I trade a Helsen Shark Diver?
  208. 1st time watch buyer consdering GM purchases. Need advice.
  209. ************Monday-June-25th-2018-WRUW************
  210. ***Non Typical Crowns***NO SUBS ALLOWED***
  211. My cufflings
  212. Help buying from Uhr Forum
  213. First post. First watch. First purchase. Help needed
  214. Do you have a placeholder watch?
  215. GMT diver
  216. 1st time watch buyer - Help needed
  217. Hamilton Khaki King Winding Rotation
  218. Chronograph Function Useage Poll
  219. Recommend me a good pilot/flieger watch to complement my Sinn U1 SDR.
  220. Visual difference of dials
  221. Man Needs a Classy Watch...
  222. Pilot’s Watches
  223. Looking for ideas on dress watches with water resistance
  224. Looking for a slim, dressy classic watch under 36 mm
  225. Older Swiss Army watch
  226. LIV Watches Inquiry!
  227. ***WRUW RIGHT NOW?....Show ĎEM!!!*** Part 4
  228. TGV Based Homages conversation: Base the conversation on his video/rules to make it different.
  229. Oris In Seattle Wa
  230. ************Sunday-June-24th-2018-WRUW************
  231. Anyone ever import a watch from nyc to Vancouver bc Canada before?
  232. Laser etched serial numbers
  233. Blue dial Genta inspired integrated bracelet under 5k
  234. Selling watches from your collection
  235. Newest Addition
  236. Go Bulova Lunar Pilot Moon watch or no go?
  237. Is 50m wr good enough to run water on?
  238. State of my humble collection.
  239. Rado Captain Cook LE - first impressions (photo heavy)
  240. Am I mad??? Purchasing a BN Hirsch Genuine Alligator Srap + H pusher deployment for BN Sarb033?
  241. Thin wach on a budget
  242. Wearing two watches?
  243. Do you know about this watch?
  244. ************Saturday-June23rd-2018-WRUW*************
  246. H-31 Movement (Valijoux 7753) Click Sound When Rotor Winds
  247. Scammer/hacker alert
  248. My Grad Present!
  249. Bold statement?
  250. If you live in the Edmonton Alberta area and are in need of a watchmaker, read on.