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  1. New one on the way!
  2. Does anyone know the grade of movement in the Longines Legend Diver?
  3. What's the practical purpose of a GMT hand?
  4. Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days 47mm PAM 305: review and pics!
  5. Does this watch exist?
  6. K75 auto movement???
  7. ID James May's watch please.
  8. ^Tuesday Wrist Check 7-19-11^
  9. ETA 2824 Running Slow
  10. Omega Dial Days in Polish???
  11. You know your taste in watches sucks when....
  12. Up Next...
  13. Best Automatic Under 1000 dollars?
  14. Biggest bonehead mistake youve made in watches
  15. looking for a simple Analog watch with an alarm
  16. [Only Watch 2011] Blancpain Villeret Grande Décoration
  17. Dress Watch - Alternatives to Stowa Antea - your brethernly (and sisternly) advice requested
  18. IWC and Raymond Weil Combine purchase. Good deal or not?
  19. Something about this just seems wrong
  20. I am thinking of purchasing the irony automatic chronograph.Can someone recommend a good review and
  21. Swatch store!!
  22. Help me find a manual wind!
  23. And the 10 WINNERS are ... GIVE-A-WAY #23 - WIN a Collectible from LINDE WERDELIN
  24. Limited edition Movado Bold celebrates Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit.
  25. What Traits Make a Watch Look Cheap?
  26. UFC CEO - What watch is he wearing?
  27. Monday 7-18-2011
  28. Couldn't say no!Pics of a new Citizen eco drive "Corso:" stainless, rose gold,and black
  29. Did I miss the NYC GTG
  30. Watches with beer...
  31. Does anybody look?
  32. First Watch
  33. Question to those familiar with Frederique Constant and/or ETA 2892 movt.
  34. Revue Thommen - Seemingly popular and well regarded yet woefully under represented
  35. Patek - Opinions.
  36. Affordable In-House Mechanical?
  37. Look at my watch please.
  38. Is the search for a grail fruitless.
  39. Best watches from comedies... ever
  40. GIVE-A-WAY #26 - WIN a TIMEKEEPER UNIKAT Watch, worth EUR 3,200.00 / USD 4,500.00
  41. A Couple of San Francisco Bay Area GTG photos
  42. Customising my Royal Oak - any advice?
  43. Which and why - UTS 1000m V2 or Breitling Superocean Abyss??
  44. Collective noun for watch enthusiasts?
  45. Sunday 7-17-2011
  46. Angular Momentum No.1 (give-a-way #22 watch) - pics and first impressions
  47. Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S white dial vs black dial help!!
  48. Xetum Stinson
  49. Symptom of watch addiction
  50. Can anyone you identify this Rado?
  51. Make A Difference - A Message from Ernie
  52. Vostok PVD on Maroon Low Light. Checck it!
  53. New Arrival! Vintage, new old stock and its pretty.
  54. Where do I buy Mauruce LeCroix Masterpiece phase de lune in St. Maaten / good price?
  55. Detroit GTG featuring Bremont Jul 21st Details!!!
  56. * closed * GIVE-A-WAY #25 - WIN a TRASER Watch, offered by
  57. And the WINNERS are ... GIVE-A-WAY #24 - WIN one out of 10 DUROWE Calenders offered by STOWA
  58. Thanks Watchuseek members! After much reasearch - 4 new watches.
  59. <Saturdays Watch 7-16-11>
  60. Question for sydney siders
  61. Help Identifying watch
  62. What size watch would you wear if you had 8.5" wrist
  63. Looking for a chronograph (suggestions please)
  64. Casio G Shock shotgun test.. lol
  65. My collection thus far..
  66. Great deals are still out there! Keep hunting!
  67. Replacing a Lumiox 802 Ultimate Field? Sizes of the new 1800 series??
  68. Unrewarding Cartier Experience in Vancouver
  69. Suggestions please
  70. Fake Rolex With Seiko Movement?? It Survived an EF-4 Tornado!
  71. Import taxes - USA
  72. Why do many of us have so many watches?
  73. Suggestions for lady's automatic?
  74. Does this polishing system still exist and does it work as promised?
  75. Bulova Marine Star vs. Orient Blue Mako
  76. Couldn't get the bat off my shoulder... What's wrong with me?!?
  77. Went and did the opposite of everything again!
  78. A Riddle...
  79. Help with vintage? Seiko Quartz World Desk Clock Japan Airlines
  80. Price to Movement Quality Challenge
  81. a watch that can be sterilized
  82. Jaeger Master Compressor Dive Chrono
  83. So how does a mechanical watch actually work?
  84. Which one for an elegant evening out ? >>>
  85. Rolex Daytona Re-modelling.
  86. Print out watches?
  87. The watch and the shop
  88. New collector/ New to the forums.
  89. Has anyone actually damaged a 7750 day/date quick set?
  90. new here and I love watches
  91. <<<Payday Wrist Check---Friday 7-15-11>>>
  92. Longines Master Moon phase reliability question
  93. Decide for me!
  94. 25 year old Cartier tank
  95. Rolex vs. Breitling
  96. Not a a virgin anymore, thanks watchuseek!
  97. I'm looking for a new watch
  98. HELP ME! Suggestions for White/Silver dial, blue hands, around $550 (used or new)?
  99. Attention Alberta WIS!!
  100. Movement Snob?
  101. Durability Tissot PRC200 Automatic versus Quartz
  102. Pic's from our trip to Africa
  103. Flashy Diver?
  104. Mechanical Accuracy?
  105. ^WRUW-Thursday 7-14-11^
  106. Give-Away #20, GIVEN!!!
  107. Well, last week was a bad week for watches.
  108. Help me identify this watch!
  109. Mission Accomplished (updated with a wrist shot)
  110. Baume & Mercier Riviera 8797
  111. Why are there no watch shows on tv???
  112. Hunting for that perfect daily beater
  113. Not the "Rover" Watch you'd expect. Help needed.
  114. There's a new Rolex watch for James Bond this year: Your feedback?
  115. Maurice de Mauriac latest models
  116. Need to find a watch for a friend...again
  117. Trading two to get one?
  118. Best black rubber / gold watch under $500?
  119. Baume & Mercier serial number database?
  120. Watch Brand History and Resurrection
  121. Aquaracer VS Seaview 1000
  122. {Mid Week Wrist Check 7-13-11..
  123. Why do you enjoy wearing a watch?
  124. Drudy Custom Flieger vs. Maratac Pilot vs. Ticino Pilot for a College Student
  125. One watch to wear all the time
  126. Sweeeeeeeeet !!!!!
  127. Thank you WUS and Blancier!!!!
  128. I am wondering is Rodania a trusted watchmaker company?
  129. Excuse me if this post is in the wrong place...
  130. All for One
  131. Please Reccomend me a leather watch under $500
  132. Is this the best Collection ever?
  133. A watch from an independent watchmaker, how are they?
  134. Question Re Cartier Santos
  135. Selling a Longines Conquest VHP Perpetual calendar watch
  136. Seiko Scuba 200 Sumo: review and pics!
  137. Tuesday--- WRUW 7-12-11
  138. Expense- Who has the most!
  139. Would my seiko diver be inappropriate ?
  140. Creating my own "Rolex style" picture out of my Invicta 8926c
  141. Thank you Ken Setser
  142. Need a rubber link part for my Raymond Weil 8520
  143. My Ocean7 LM3-V2 mini review.. please check it out!
  144. Need Watch Advice - Husbands Anniversary Gift
  145. Why so loud?
  146. What's the strangest watch in your collection?
  147. Tiffany Watch - Opinions Wanted
  148. Been awhile since i called WRUW 11/07/2011 So What you wearing today guys ?? >>>>
  149. Most you've had inbound at one time?
  150. --- WRUW? Monday, 11 JULY 2011 ---
  151. "Your watch looks fake".......
  152. What type of watch would you give your 13year old nephew?
  153. Order of thread posts askew?
  154. numa ladies watch
  155. Opinions on my watch
  156. I really dislike you all........
  157. Setting and using the functions
  158. Please school me on Tag Heuer Monaco; which model would you recommend (with nice movement)?
  159. Singapore Trip + Vacheron Constantin display, National Museum of Singapore PIC HEAVY
  160. Looking to buy my first 'real' watch
  161. Winner of Vintager Leather Strap, arrived!
  162. I hate pic thiefs >>>>>>
  163. Looking for an automatic watch
  164. Tool watch (rubber band?) to complement a black Tag Monaco ?
  165. Your Short list, which watches you intend to add to your collection eventually
  166. *closed* GIVE-A-WAY #24 - WIN one out of 10 DUROWE Calenders offered by STOWA
  167. And the WINNER is ... GIVE-A-WAY #22 - WIN an Angular Momentum Watch No.1
  168. And the Winner is ... GIVE-A-WAY #21 - WIN a copy of the Jaeger-LeCoultre "La Grande Maison"
  169. About To Purchase - SPORK?
  170. And The Winner is ... GIVE-A-WAY #20 - WIN a Casio Edifice EFA Series Watch
  171. Watch Winders for BIG HEAVY watches>>>
  172. Looking to start a collection fro around 2k
  173. *closed* GIVE-A-WAY #23 - WIN a Collectible from LINDE WERDELIN
  174. restoring my 3834 khaki chrono diver
  175. Saying hello after gawking for some time
  176. If you had $ 10.000 which watch would you buy ??
  177. Swiss Showdown......Hamilton vs Tissot vs Steinhart vs Halios
  178. Link Removal Limit?
  179. Sunday! 7~10~11
  180. Tissot Trio which watch is the better bang for buck/looks?
  181. Watch brand "grid" for different price points?
  182. Say hello to my new blue Victorinox!
  183. Honest opinions from those more knowledgable than me... PLEASE!
  184. What watch does the prince wear?
  185. USPS/Ebay purchase troubles
  186. Vintage VDB
  187. Where can I find bracelet parts?
  188. I know I'm not the only one....
  189. Has anyone seen a Titoni Seascoper like this one?
  190. Incoming!! Orient Mako Pepsi!
  191. Looking for information on my Giroxa watch
  192. Automatic watches
  193. Looking for a dress watch recommendation < $2k.
  194. <<Saturdays WATCH 7-9-11>>
  195. Signature
  196. Advice: Need a gold dress watch
  197. My collection so far! Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions!
  198. long power reserves, how useful have they been for you?
  199. Ordering a watch from Canada
  200. Does the size counts??? Post your biggest diameter watch...
  201. Need help I.D.'ing a Luminox
  202. Planet Ocean or "Speediorite"
  203. What do you think about Gevril?
  204. Help break the deadlock - Tissot Visiodate vs Stowa Marine vs something else entirely.
  205. Did wristwatch chronometry (mechanical) ...
  206. Where Do You Wear It?
  207. Need help before a repair on my citizen chrono
  208. Speedmaster 3510.50 review
  209. Luminox Men’s 3001 Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch
  210. Moon phase face off - which would you pick? Seiko vs Citizen
  211. Best place to get a watch verified for authenticity?
  212. how do you get rid of bracelet marks/imprints on the skin?
  213. What is everyone's opinion on Golana Swiss?
  214. DOXA Pin & collar ??
  215. New guy needs advice...
  216. MTM Special Ops Watches - Patriot & Cobra Lume
  217. Casio quartz mtd 1001 (1333)
  218. Riga - Latvia. Any Juwelers there with authentic Omega, Breitling, Oris etc.?
  219. <<<<<<<<<<wruw 07/08/11>>>>>>>>>>>>
  220. Oh no another newbie! Hi all :)
  221. Ernst Benz Chronoscope 47mm
  222. New guy
  223. Prove that you are real watch fanatic...
  224. Baume & Mercier Chronograph Flyback Capeland 10006: review, pics and video!
  225. Rectangular Chronographs
  226. newcomer seeking advice
  227. Watches and Sport/Training
  228. What happend when 2 forumers with omega's meetup.....
  229. "Watches are Rediscovered by the Cellphone Generation"
  230. 7~7~11 Your Watch?
  231. Introduction/9hr celebrity
  232. Jaeger lecoultre Grande Reverso Duo
  233. TOUGH watch question... which one is right?
  234. Have the winners been announced for give-aways 20,21,22? I was away for awhile.
  235. Buying an Eco watch that sat on the shelf awhile
  236. Dilemma for a Lefty
  237. Looking into Maurice Lacroix...what do you think?
  238. Gallet-Marathon Aviator watch (1990)
  239. Pawn Stars watches
  240. I seek a little help...
  241. Watches no longer needed? One day without....
  242. The Omega Collection so Far Guys >>
  243. Rubber Hits the Road!
  244. Need watch idea for college grad
  245. Matching His and Her watches
  246. Thanks from a Newbie
  247. Daily time fluctuations all over the place.
  248. Trying to decide on a dive-style watch
  249. Citizen nighthawk vs Seiko sna411
  250. Good chrono with GMT function