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  4. Can someone help me ID this watch?
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  6. Watch shops in Brisbane?
  7. help, Help, HELP! First watch, got on Tue. Bought 2nd tTODAY, what is wrong with me????!!!
  8. real or fake? what do u guys think?
  9. Looking for some minimal ultra-lightweight band/bracelet/watch. Any ideas?
  10. The Passing Of A Legend. Rolf W. Schnyder. R.I.P. (A Tribute.)
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  12. Greetings
  13. Help me find the perfect flieger!
  14. New to the game; Best way to spend ~$1000USD?
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  17. TSA and watches etc
  18. A small lume comparison
  19. German Institute Teaches One-handed Watch Reading
  20. DIEVAS Watch Company to announce the launch of Vortex Professional
  21. horology and fortune-telling. an anecdote from kathmndu
  22. Please welcome Cameron Weiss, watchmaker and new publicist for Watchuseek
  23. Using Polywatch to remove scratches from acrylic crystal.
  24. Time America- Presentation Watch
  25. Where does design inspiration exceeds its bounderies and becomes copying
  26. New Tourby Aviator Models (Top Grade 6498-2, Center Second 6497-1, Automatic 2824-2)
  27. wrist check 4-16-11
  28. GEVRIL brand now?
  29. Death of Ulysse Nardin CEO Rolf W. Schnyder
  30. Better than expected...SAS... Sea-1
  31. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL WATCH!!!! Too bad...
  32. Watch Experts Needed, any other watch similar to this!?
  33. good unique dive watch for under $500
  34. Auguste Reymond Rumba Alarm Watch
  35. Bought my first "real" watch...
  36. can sommeone help me identify this watch in this youtube clip?
  37. US customs sigh...
  38. watches from watch exotic countries
  39. What's Up with Used Watch Prices?
  40. What analogy do you use to describe your watch (and your attachment to it)
  41. World Timer & Daylight Savings Time
  42. My unscientific study of a few different NATO straps...
  43. What does 5k watch mean?
  44. New member to my small collection...
  45. *FAVORITE HANDWIND MECHANICAL WATCHES* >>>Upside, Downside, Future Outlook <<<
  46. Helson Shark diver
  47. Double sided AR coated crystal....?
  48. What is best for a manual wind?
  49. Hand wind suggestions < $700 requested
  50. Seeking Opinions on My Next Puchase
  51. Looking for a quality automatic with a rubber strap for under 1k. Suggestions?
  52. Chase-Durer Conquest
  53. Cobal (not Cobalt) ??
  54. <<TGIF Wrist Check 4-15-11>>
  55. Sub $500 Rectangular watch
  56. Anyone else has this problem??
  57. sport watch
  58. question about buying used watches
  59. Passed one on
  60. Which watch is this?
  61. IWC Spitfire Chrono on Black Strap?
  62. Sold my first watch
  63. What would you do?
  64. Wedding Gift - 1st Luxury Timepiece???
  65. Did WUS freeze/die for an hour?
  66. Bristol
  67. 4~14~2011 Got Watch?
  68. Victorinox Alliance Chronograph too big for my wrist?
  69. Help with a specific skeleton requirement...
  70. Wittnauer Spartan, how much is it worth?
  71. Wife says I have up to 6K to spend on my 30th b-day present...Need Help...head spinning.
  72. New Hamilton Automatic - Question
  73. My Indecision: Speedmaster vs. My Collection
  74. Classification of automatic Swiss watches
  75. New Swiss made YET American built watch
  76. New guys saying "Hi" and a picture of my first "real" watch, bought yesterday!!!
  77. Exactly a year since i joined WUS and look where it's got me.
  78. Help with buying a watch?
  79. Skiers and Snowboarders only
  80. any gmt watches of interest below 2k?
  81. Buying online
  82. GMT hand stops on modified ETA 2836?
  83. new to WUS
  84. Diver bezel question... a kinda poll.
  85. What about you guys in the public forum (Bracelet or Strap Lovers) ? >>>
  86. Thought it was time to post photos of some of my 'collection'... (UPDATED)
  87. Thought I'd sold my Breitling Colt II Chrono..... ebay account hijack!!!!
  88. Suspicious Ebay seller - Advice?
  89. polishing out scsratches from acrylic crystal - advice please.
  90. Eppmann?
  91. hi im new to this forum
  92. 4~13~2011 Wednesday Watch?
  93. Watches with domed sapphire crystals?
  94. advice on diver chrono
  95. Reputable Watchmaker in Northern Colorado?
  96. Q regarding ebay seller return policy...
  97. How do you fly with your watches?
  98. Remove tritium tubes
  99. Help me find a new watch, new lifestyle
  100. Alpener Uhren
  101. Come Join the fun!!! Baltimore Washington GTG May 14
  102. watch as a wedding gift?
  103. Advice on quality Automatic Watch under $1000 with the following criteria:
  104. military watches
  105. Is this possible?
  106. Newb with a new pick up and collection photos.
  107. Hamilton Watches... Better in real life than pics!
  108. Watch Fashion Sense - a couple of questions.
  109. Watch for a 60 year old lady
  110. Tough Work Watch for Plant Shift Worker...TSAR?
  111. Video review of the Prometheus GT Chrono
  112. Stephen Colbert's desk diving watch...
  113. 4~12~2011 Tuesdays watch?
  114. **** watch winding question
  115. Brown or Black Leather Victorinox Watch?
  116. looking for my first watch...aviation inspired?
  117. Watch failure report forum?
  118. Baume et Mercier Capeland 10006
  119. Louis Erard 1931 regulator review
  120. Deployant clasp question
  121. It comes down to these 3
  122. Wife's Ernest Borel Cocktail Watches
  123. Help Me Find a Watch for my Wife
  124. Two Times a TOP 5 of Great Baselworld 2011 Timepieces
  125. xetum watches
  126. Automatic for Desk Diver
  127. Who else went from Breitling to Omega / Rolex / IWC? Please share your findings ....
  128. Switching wrists
  129. ^^Monday Wrist check 4-11-11^^
  130. Can you suggest a site to sell other than E-bay?
  131. 2011 Laco Special Edition WUS Project
  132. Can you diagnose my sick watch?
  133. There can be only one (Or maybe two)
  134. Best Bang for buck expensive ($2000+) watch
  135. Grail Achieved! Breitling Super Avenger Chronograph Got it! Pics
  136. Signet Watch Brand
  137. Would this watch outclass my lifestyle and look inappropriate?
  138. Need information about a Movado watch I own
  139. Did I succeed?
  140. Zeno Watch Basel - Info?
  141. Please HELP me guys !
  142. Movement FAILURE rate - Statistics?
  143. Dawn of the watch...
  144. New Ebel arrival
  145. anyone not so fond of lume?
  146. ETA 6497 won't fully wind
  147. <<WRUW- Sunday 4-10-11>>
  148. Does Seiya have a physical shop open to the public?
  149. WIS Poem 7
  150. Big Watches & Dress Shirts
  151. Used to run fast now running kind of slow
  152. Are Oris Dive Watches a good value?
  153. Me presento desde Buenos Aires
  154. My first 3-way since college....
  155. less expensive option for GO?
  156. Strap swap
  157. >>> WRUW 04-09-2011 PUBLIC Forum WRIST SHOW
  158. My New Hamilton Moonphase
  159. Purchasing online
  160. Does such a clasp exist?
  161. In-house movement from fairly new company...worth it or too dangerous?
  162. Linde Werdelin?
  163. Women's watch for a 30 year old. $2000 budget. Please help!
  164. OM bracelet/ strap ideas? Help
  165. Funky Cryptic Watches from Japan
  166. help needed w/ valuation for selling
  167. I vote for a name change
  168. Monster at my door... Run and get the scissors!
  169. Longines Hydroquest experiences?
  170. help me pick out a watch - vote!
  171. Panerai Radiomir 8 Days Ceramica 45 mm (PAM 384): review and pics!
  172. Can anyone recognize this watch of George Soros?
  173. How to time a watch?
  174. TGIF 4-8-11 Wrist Checks
  175. Watches in movies - do they have any influence on you?
  176. "Swiss parts quartz"?
  177. Tag Heuer Warranty
  178. To sell, to restore, or to leave as-is? (my Omega Geneve)
  179. Montreal Find!
  180. Interested in Vintage IWC Pocket Watches?
  181. For all you lume lovers, yes you!
  182. Esquire Magazine's thoughts on a $3000 dress watch and watches in general
  183. Fortis platin official cosmonauts chronograph alarm 1998-2005 less than 30 made!
  184. Need Casio gasket/o-ring for my el-cheapo W87H-1V "Illuminator"
  185. movado 800 series
  186. Tag F1 WAH1010 Grande Date
  187. 4~7~2011
  188. Which Watch would you buy?!?! Pics
  189. anything of interest on a rubber strap?
  190. where can i find oem bands for a maurice lacroix watch?
  191. Shipping watch from US to Spain? Can I do it?
  192. Zodiac SST without "SST" taxt on the dial?
  193. omega speedmaster day-date vs. breitling montbrillant navitimer datora
  194. Ever had to sell a watch to fund a non-WIS purchase?
  195. Must...Stop....Buying...Automatic Watches....
  196. buying my first watch
  197. Wobbly chrono second hand?
  198. Serious watches with black dial/orange number combo?
  199. Old Elgin...
  200. How often do you wind your manual watch?
  201. Jeremy Clarkson on Porsche and hobbies/collecting things (excerpts)
  202. Few pictures for you guys to enjoy (Citizen Content) >>>
  203. Water-Proof versus Water Resistant?
  204. How to chose a nice gift? Watch?
  205. Can you explain GMT watches to me? ...
  206. This or that??
  207. JOA watch contact info/website request
  208. 4~6~2011
  209. Can anyone recommend a good re-lume service?
  210. Coffee in Basel with Ludwig Oechslin and the ochs und junior team
  211. Ten Iconic/Historically Significant Watches
  212. The slippery slope continues, my latest purchase (opinions)
  213. You guys are great!
  214. A little fun, should be a random tradition...
  215. "Good" watches in bad areas?
  216. Cool but tough smaller watches - need help
  217. 2 questions, repair and selling
  218. Help me identify a watch I bought at a flea market in Geneva!
  219. Looking for a watch with the following features
  220. Anyone know anything about the Baume et Mercier Capeland 8384?
  221. Who sells aftermarket dials?
  222. Full-Length Tribute to a Nice Diver's Watch
  223. Montiek watches--is this an April Fool's joke?
  224. Prometheus Watch Company Jellyfish men's tritium tubes diver watch giveaway
  225. 4~5~2011 wuw?
  226. Richard watch
  227. help with watch model
  228. A sub homage to replace a sub homage...? Suggestions please.
  229. Help me decide - Christopher Ward vs Steinhart
  230. Newbie here... And SOTC
  231. Leather watch band Preservation / Storage?
  232. How to Reset/Recalibrate A "Stuck" Quartz Chronograph
  233. Repair of Pam 6497 based watch. What would you do?
  234. True gmt watches
  235. Need Help: Cant set moonphase
  236. Omega Planet Ocean Chrono vs. Panerai Luminor/Luminor Marina
  237. Just ordered my first automatic
  238. Dueling Bonds at 37 thousand feet!
  239. Tugaris 25 jewel Swiss made circa 1960's (Automatic movement)
  240. Please Help Identify this Small Pocket Watch
  241. Jargon query
  242. Battle of the vintage reissues (Tissot vs. Hamilton)
  243. My 5712G
  244. Information on BENFRE watches sought.
  245. What watch is Matt Damon wearing in The Adjustment Bureau?
  246. Australian Brands?
  247. Is it ever OK to under-insure (and lie in your shipping)?
  248. <Wrist Check- Monday 4-4-11>
  249. Post Pics of your Kiddos with your watches on...
  250. Diver watch with LARGE DATE anybody make one?