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  1. ************Monday-June-25th-2018-WRUW************
  2. ***Non Typical Crowns***NO SUBS ALLOWED***
  3. My cufflings
  4. Help buying from Uhr Forum
  5. First post. First watch. First purchase. Help needed
  6. Do you have a placeholder watch?
  7. GMT diver
  8. 1st time watch buyer - Help needed
  9. Hamilton Khaki King Winding Rotation
  10. Chronograph Function Useage Poll
  11. Recommend me a good pilot/flieger watch to complement my Sinn U1 SDR.
  12. Visual difference of dials
  13. Man Needs a Classy Watch...
  14. Pilot’s Watches
  15. Looking for ideas on dress watches with water resistance
  16. Looking for a slim, dressy classic watch under 36 mm
  17. Older Swiss Army watch
  18. LIV Watches Inquiry!
  19. ***WRUW RIGHT NOW?....Show ‘EM!!!*** Part 4
  20. TGV Based Homages conversation: Base the conversation on his video/rules to make it different.
  21. Oris In Seattle Wa
  22. ************Sunday-June-24th-2018-WRUW************
  23. Anyone ever import a watch from nyc to Vancouver bc Canada before?
  24. Laser etched serial numbers
  25. Blue dial Genta inspired integrated bracelet under 5k
  26. Selling watches from your collection
  27. Newest Addition
  28. Go Bulova Lunar Pilot Moon watch or no go?
  29. Is 50m wr good enough to run water on?
  30. State of my humble collection.
  31. Rado Captain Cook LE - first impressions (photo heavy)
  32. Am I mad??? Purchasing a BN Hirsch Genuine Alligator Srap + H pusher deployment for BN Sarb033?
  33. Thin wach on a budget
  34. Wearing two watches?
  35. Do you know about this watch?
  36. ************Saturday-June23rd-2018-WRUW*************
  38. H-31 Movement (Valijoux 7753) Click Sound When Rotor Winds
  39. Scammer/hacker alert
  40. My Grad Present!
  41. Bold statement?
  42. If you live in the Edmonton Alberta area and are in need of a watchmaker, read on.
  43. My Small Watch Collection, modest but hopefully growing in the near future lol
  44. Lord Nelson's (pocket)watch for sale.
  45. She put a watch on it: Grand Seiko Snowflake
  46. Casio Marlin tribute.
  47. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #44: Refounding Fears, and the journey to Brunswick (square)...
  48. Consolidating the collection
  49. 7S26 ran faster after a good shake
  50. Custom Seiko from Dragonshroud...what should I expect?
  51. Watch for the Visual Impaired!
  52. Dan Henry 1970 Unboxing and review - 40mm/Black
  53. Seiko 7s36 movement stem problem
  54. Would it be wrong to put a Breitling watch strap on an Omega watch?
  55. Brainstorming: birthday watch for 18 year old
  56. Manual wind watches, two questions.
  57. Pictures of Watches on a 7 inch Wrist
  58. State of the Collection - 22 June 2018
  59. Have you ever “faked” it?
  60. The agony of choosing an anniversary gift
  61. Oris Vs Raymond Weil
  62. Yorozuya Japan on Amazon
  63. ************Friday-June-22nd-2018-WRUW************
  64. WATCHSPOTTING: Travolta wears Gotti’s Piaget and other legendary gangster watches
  65. The dreaded words "We cannot locate parts for your watch anymore".....
  66. Casio Pro Trek?
  67. Has anyone tried or bought the Blancpain Bathyscaphe 38mm?
  68. What Size Is This Watch -- 36mm or 40mm?
  69. Looking for a Omega Seamaster 300m Automatic for under £1000
  70. Tudor Black Bay GMT Review
  71. Goldsmith’s Error?
  72. South Dakota defeats Wayfair, 5-4
  73. Radiation Fear :(
  74. Tax free on friends name
  75. Does Fit & Finish really matter if you Can't See It?
  76. Please advice on a strap for my hamilton jazzmaster gmt H32605551
  77. Gear Patrol Article on Watch Care
  78. Wife just agreed to buy me one watch per birthday
  79. Watch Appraisal in Los Angeles/IE/San Diego area
  80. 34vs39 pics attached
  81. ************Thursday-June-21st-2018-WRUW************
  82. What’s your favorite underrated/underappreciated watch.
  83. Help identify this watch worn by Sebastian Vettel in Canada
  84. looking for Sarb033 alternative, ETA 2824 powered
  85. Longines Conquest or Louis Erard Heritage
  86. Theo & Harris Channel dying?
  87. Identifying Rotary Watch
  88. Alibaba
  89. Kazuo Kashio co-founder of Casio has died
  90. ETA 2824-2 no date
  91. Suggestions for over-engineered dive watch (1st major purchase)
  92. When did Christopher Ward become so expensive?
  93. Ulysse Nardin Turler Zurich Chronometer
  94. An act of watch kindness or cruelty?
  95. Please help me 🛐
  96. Tudor Blackbay Heritage or Tag Heuer CAL1887
  97. ************Wednesday-June-20th-2018-WRUW**************
  98. Rip Off
  99. Tried to purchase a Panerai
  100. Newly purchased vintage GP Alarm with blue disc
  101. Do sellers read the WTB?
  102. Does ANY company make the watch I want?
  103. Case Back Will Not Budge 😡
  104. Help with complications on Folio
  105. Recommendations for Trusted Online Watch Appraisers for Homeowners Insurance Estimates Pls?
  106. Happy National Watch Day
  107. Bezel that winds down?
  108. Tried on some new watches from this year new releases
  109. If anyone is allowing Clerkenwell Watch Co to rent their Rolex Explorer, please PM me
  110. Rented a Rolex from Clerkenwell and they've fallen off the face of the earth
  111. Alpinist alternatives??
  112. New Bullhead project from spanish Seiko forum clubokies made by Grupo Gamma
  113. Shall we play a game?
  114. ************Tuesday-June-19th-2018-WRUW************
  115. Wedding watch help! First luxury watch, $10k budget.
  116. TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 Day-Date V/S Longines Master Collection 42mm
  117. Watch monogamy: is this normal?
  118. Speedmaster vs no date sub
  119. which would make a better all rounder?
  120. Suggestion for watch purchase
  121. Can you help identify my watch
  122. Speake Marin goes budget
  123. Anyone got advice on whether to flip my grail
  124. Clerkenwell Watch Co
  125. Browsing in Lisbon
  126. Another watch from Singapore opened by Customs
  127. Repair shop/watchmaker in Toronto
  128. Watch For My Groomsmen (3)...?
  129. Would you buy a replica watch
  130. Quick review Brellum duo box Gold edition
  131. Has anyone ID'd Tom Hanks' watch in Saving Private Ryan?
  132. What's the deal with many new quartz chronographs where the small seconds hand is for the chrono?
  133. ************Monday-June-18th-2018-WRUW************
  134. Orient First Watch
  135. New watch for Father’s Day
  136. Questions as a new Seiko SKX owner
  137. Collection - anyone else unable to sell?
  138. New collector - Started with a Waltham
  139. Man sells grandfather's pre-moon Speedy
  140. Storm watches
  141. Well this was unexpected!
  142. Help me Choose the Unique, Not the Freaks.
  143. Collection Help!
  144. Best “night sky” watch?
  145. Thin Auto Chronos?
  146. Is this too small for me?
  147. What should I replace my Navatimer World with?
  148. Deciding between Longines and Omega
  149. ************Sunday-June-17th-2018-WRUW************
  150. Matching NATO's and socks?
  151. Whats happening?
  152. Yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!
  153. Is this watch too big for me?
  154. Whats this watch?
  155. Why are you wearing what you're wearing today?
  156. What it looks like to lose $1239.97 via Paypal.
  157. What watches would meet these requirements?
  158. Do you know something about this watch?
  159. Shipping expensive watches???
  160. You prefer it long or.....??????
  161. 18k White Gold in Watches
  162. Buying my first mechanical watch
  163. Has anyone ever purchased from
  164. Blue dial, 41mm size, steel bracelet, screw locked crown,swiss automatic, what could it be?
  165. Dan Henry 1939 wow I`m impressed
  166. What Watch Did You Buy Where You Weren't the Intended Market?
  167. ************Saturday-June-16th-2018-WRUW************
  168. Changes on eBay
  169. How important is the brand?
  170. Vero watch company
  171. EMPs and and other electrical charges.
  172. May/June was crazy... Should I tell my wife?
  173. Marine/Deck watch - really liking the Stowa Marine Original, what else to consider?
  174. What bracelet or buckle goes with this?
  175. What is the psychology behind buying and selling and re-buying the same watches again and again?
  176. polishing scratches off of a watch
  177. Haveston Watch Roll
  178. February of '69!
  179. Rant about....not Rolex but a lume question
  180. Can You Tell What Watch This Is?
  181. Help me pick a $500 sports/dive watch
  182. Oris Big Crown 1917 Question
  183. micro laser welding in Houston?
  184. Which "Unizeit" do you love?
  185. Best Watch for 5-$8000, Leather strap and not too big.
  186. Judging watch on it's own or brend
  187. Non datejust homage with fluted bezel
  188. Shipping watch to Australia via Chrono24
  189. Can you please help me to identify 2 swatch watch models?
  190. Oceanus S100 - Classic Steel or Slick PVD??
  191. Decision Making 101
  192. --**--Friday Wrist CheckZ 6-15-18**--**--
  193. Thoughts on the day date?
  194. Need some advice
  195. Patek Philippe Geneve Quartz?
  196. Watch Tracker:How accurate is your Mechanical watch.
  197. How do you decide when to buy from AD/boutique versus grey? And how much of a discount to fight for?
  198. Netflix Series "Dark"
  199. Movements question
  200. I could not resist longines hydroconquest
  201. Timegrapher vs Toolwatch readings
  202. Well how did I miss that....
  203. Camy - value
  204. Help with watch ID.
  205. Help With NFW Watch
  206. Is the Frederique Constant Slimline Automatic Ultra Flat Timepieces FC-306G4S6B3 a good purchase?
  207. Suggestions for inexpensive gold Tank homage?
  208. This Just In: Montblanc 1858 Geosphere
  209. Newbie - suggestion/help needed
  210. large toolish watches with short lug to lug... recommendations?
  211. Bought a Japanese watch but....
  212. ***Shipping Overseas...0 Posts....Concerns***
  213. Observations of Watch Newbie
  214. Blue diver recommendation
  215. Help, fake PAM ?
  216. Fixing a stainless steel case
  217. Automatic power expectations
  218. Seiko Samurai Hour Hand doesn't move smoothly when setting time.
  219. ************Thursday-June-14th-2018-WRUW************
  220. Tried to sell a watch, ended up buying another one. Oops.
  221. Battle of the cheapest stainless steel analog divers....the lowest price wins
  222. Your son gets you a Chinese Knockoff for Fathers day..... what would you do?
  223. The first Oris
  224. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra "Golf Edition" as a first luxury watch as a student?
  225. Buying watches to flip them for profit?
  226. My perfect his and hers watches
  227. Leica is coming out with a watch, or two!
  228. Do you set your watch so minutes are exactly centered when seconds are zero?
  229. Ca you help me ID my Prime minister watch
  230. Help buying first real watch - alternative suggestions - watches to check out?
  231. Chronosport Chronosail VIP Regatta chronograph HelpPlease
  232. New watch arrived, no sticker on face?
  233. Which would you choose?
  234. Can anyone help identify this watch from a film?
  235. Bathys Watch Contact Info
  236. Anyone in Nashville?? Need a repair shop
  237. Finding the right Watch
  238. Mars watch
  239. Signature watch of these brands?
  240. I'm torn between the UN marine chronometer & Brietling Avenger 2 + wildcard
  241. Brand & Owner Stereotypes
  242. Philippe Du Bois 1785 / DuBois Et Fils / DuBois 1785
  243. WTT in a safe manner
  244. First time watch buyer and I am stuck between 2 watches
  245. What Aspect of Cheap Watches Impresses you most?
  246. Used, not abused: Show the wear/tear of your watches!
  247. Innerviews: Nitro jeweler still fixture at his 62-year-old store
  248. How do you check how well your watches keep time?
  249. Watches that look like Longines Heritage 1973
  250. ************Wednesday-June-13th-2018-WRUW************