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  1. 4~1~2011 wuw
  2. So anyone been shopping long enough to tell me how it used to be, say in the 70s-80s for watches...
  3. How many watches should a man own at MINIMUM?
  4. My watch for today's kart race
  5. Hey, what's up with my post being hijacked...I think?
  6. Omega Speedmaster
  7. Need help identifying this watch
  8. Best daily watch for 1500 euro
  9. Water resistance without a screw down crown?
  10. Too big fliegerish chrono but I love it anyway
  11. PVD Durability?
  12. BELL&MORE Watches
  13. No Bulova Forum so here are a couple of vintage divers......
  14. Damaged GSAR after servicing by local watch smith what to do?
  15. 3~31~2011 wuw
  16. Watch hand alignment issues
  17. "High Grade" 2824?
  18. Bathys - lume question
  19. What happened to my wife! She bought me a watch today!!
  20. Have you ever been surprised by accuracy of a watch?
  21. What tools do I need to modify watches ( Seiko SKX---)
  22. Elgin retrofit
  23. IWC or JLC
  24. Oops! Diamonds worth millions stolen from Basel jewel fair
  25. Which watch/band combo do you prefer? (on this Tissot PR50)
  26. First REAL Watch Purchase - Advice?
  27. omega aqua terra quartz vs. steinhart ocean vintage gmt
  28. New Guy Here
  29. A truck load of watches!!
  30. The end result of a search for a pepsi GMT - christopher ward trident
  31. Can anyone help identify this wrist watch?
  32. How can I upload pics from my iPhone Please help
  33. Best Men's Watch Brand, $1-$2k. Shopping Advice Needed
  34. Urggg customs... UPDATE
  35. Random photos from Basel part 2
  36. INVITATION: An audience with Gerd R. Lang, Founder and CEO of Chronoswiss
  37. <<Wednesday Wrist Check 3-30-11>>
  38. First hand wind: How do Unitas 6498 / ETA 2801 compare?
  39. What watch does Jason Biggs wear on Mad Love?
  40. Just how many brands does Swatch own?
  41. New Watch Suggestions
  42. Baselworld 2011 Report - Pequignet visit
  43. Quality Advice On a Changed Mind Please.
  44. OMEGA SMP Quartz or TAG HEUER LINK Automatic ?
  45. Historical figures and their watches
  46. Questions about Stendardo
  47. Big watch bashers.
  48. New watch...Oil on dial and sent back, need advice!
  49. ETA Quartz. How Do These Two Differ? Both Current or Discontinued? ETA 980.163 and ETA 980.163 HCP
  50. How exactly to assess accuracy of a mechanical watch ? (i.a. related to my IWC)
  51. Breitling, oh Breitling - why do you haunt me so...
  52. The Baselworld 2011 report>>>>>
  53. What should I wear for a roadtrip? Also, please recommend some watch shops in NYC
  54. Random photos from Basel
  55. <<Tuesday WRIST Parade 3-29-11>>
  56. Looking for Guidance
  57. Pansar Watches from Sweden
  58. Small wrist... BIG watch?
  59. Need Some Alternatives
  60. Synching a handcranker
  61. Cant replay
  62. What next?
  63. What you think? SEKONDA 1101
  64. Cheapest place to service a manual wind?
  65. 12 Hrs Chronograph watch.
  66. Houston, TX area watchmakers for service
  67. Montreal meet-----come share your passion!!!!!
  68. Fedex International Priority shipping from Europe to Canada
  69. Everyday "Lifetime" watch. Budget 600$
  70. Safe online store to buy a Parnis watch?
  71. Info on this watch: Girard Perregaux Quartz
  72. Hi everyone!
  73. ^^^Monday Wrist Check 3-28-11^^^
  74. Bridge Skeleton Movement....Any Information About the Following Please!
  75. Need help picking out a watch.....
  76. Wind Farm 5R65
  77. Suggest a Watch...?
  78. Help Identifying Wrist Watch
  79. This zeno is fake or not?
  80. Perigaumm watches?
  81. Watch Shopping in Hong Kong
  82. Help ID this watch please
  83. Automatic vs Quartz
  84. gearwork clock for Android
  85. Finding the right watch
  86. WRUW Sunday 3/27/11
  87. Help Identifying Wrist Watch
  88. My Collection,The Slippery Slope has started
  89. Post pics of your collection...
  90. Tough Watches
  91. Protect your collection: safes, vaults, insurance, what do you do?
  92. The One arrived yesterday
  93. Which would b your preference in the time keeping rate of mechanical watches? Slower or faster side?
  94. Does anyone know the strap size for a Accutron Gemini Automatic C26C02?
  95. Watch Time iPad app
  96. Which dress watch is right for me?
  97. In need of a watch repair facility for a Marathon watch
  98. Watch "poser" ? Owning watches without using them for intended purposes?
  99. New One! and pics!!
  100. *** Anyone know which LUMINOX model this is?***
  101. WRUW Saturday 3/26/11
  102. Help determine if this porsche design is a fake/replica
  103. I'm still an AMERICAN . I dotn get it
  104. Finding original watch links help?
  105. What percentage of your yearly wage is appropriate for a wrist watch purchase.
  106. The New Additions (Ocean Diver, Indy 500, Hammy Conservation)
  107. Opinions required Please
  108. Thinking of buying a new Rolex with the Ceramic bezel. Should I be afraid of Ceramic bezels?
  109. I need some opinions on "low ball offers"
  110. Help identify a watch
  111. Inexpensive Auto w/ Power Reserve?
  112. What is a good Parnis price? Are they junk?
  113. Tissot or Seiko - Which watch to buy?
  114. When dogs wear watches...
  115. got my get-at
  116. Strange Behavior My Vintage Rado Watch
  117. Prometheus Signatura Dress Watch - looking for your valuable inputs
  118. CYMA Navystar Tachymeter Bezel
  119. Intro and suggestions !
  120. Back from surgery... PAM 000 DLC
  121. WRUW Friday 3/25/11
  122. SKX007 vs. Orient Mako
  123. Longines column-wheel chronograph ...
  124. Just for Fun: Pick My Watch for Tomorrow (3/25)
  125. A few questions about my new Professional 1200TT
  126. Watch stores in Charlotte, NC?
  127. Pin-lever repair guys
  128. Finally found a pocket watch for conversion!
  129. HELP! with Paypal Transaction from Denmark >>RESOLVED<<
  130. AWCI's Horology Times features Nesbit's Fine Watch Service
  131. I really like this Breitling!
  132. Ceramic watch <2k
  133. Why is it
  134. Hong Kong/Asian Purchased Watches
  135. Need help authenticating!
  136. Watch related twitters
  137. Basel 2011 - Thoughts so far?
  138. First nice watch
  139. <WATCH on your WRIST Thursday 3-24-11>
  140. Two Vintages just arrived today Breitling/Oris - fantastic.
  141. Pricing puzzle
  142. What are the best watch logos? The worst logos?
  143. Feedback forum
  144. Greetings and looking for specific watch advice
  145. What is a Nordam?
  146. Basel 2011 updates from AZ Fine Time
  147. Greetings!
  148. Maurice LaCroix Pontos Rectangulaire Chronograph
  149. Allow me to introduce myself... (and you do the same?)
  150. A surprise from my gf
  151. Stowa or Xetum?
  152. Article on watches in WSJ 03-24-2011
  153. Let's say Zombies overran the world, what affordable would you chose?
  154. Help Finding a Watch
  155. I need some guidance
  156. Vintage watches article
  157. How to avoid shipping theft
  158. UPDATE: It's almost here... - now it is here!!!
  159. New Review - Fortis Cosmonaut GMT Chronograph 603.22.11
  160. Pre-Basel 2011- Release of the Prometheus JellyFish
  161. <<HUMP day WRIST check 3-23-11>>
  162. Is there something wrong with the search function?
  163. New Accutron 218
  164. Bulgari
  165. JeanRichard -Did I buy a Lemon???
  166. Watch Addiction or "Chasing" the watch Addiction?
  167. Baume Mercier my father gave to me
  168. Watches with Alarm
  169. Logo back vs glass back
  170. Do you ever need to look at your watch again?
  171. *WHO's WHO* Servicing & Watch-Repair (((HONEST & RELIABLE)))
  172. Girlfriend looking for watch- Don't want to let her get cheapo fashion watch!!!
  173. Watch suggestion for non-WIS brother
  174. Rogue Warrior Watches
  175. Anyone use ShopUSA to ship to Europe?
  176. great ebay deals from questionable locations
  177. Matrix Revolutions Trainman - Do you have the time?
  178. Movado 800 Series - Performance Stainless
  179. ^^WRUW- Tuesday 3-22-11^^
  180. Citizen Eco Drive Watch Cases
  181. Paul Walker's watch in 'Fast Five'
  182. 1 year and 1000 posts on this forum... some quick thoughts....
  183. looking for a particular watch
  184. Lume when you need it.
  185. Looking for Watch
  186. Watch riddle.
  187. Hating on Invicta
  188. sold my breitling for a reasonably good price
  189. accuracy question
  190. New to the forum
  191. Stainless Steel and brown leather, share yours!
  192. Wish upon a star... [what watches you would like to see]
  193. Help to identify a watch
  194. ball/ baume and mercier/ oris diver poll
  195. looking for a round complicated watch in SS non chrono from a top brand
  196. What do you advise? I want a new watch!
  197. The use of Tackymeters
  198. The Helson Gauge
  199. <<Monday Wrist Check 3-21-11>>
  200. Question I have that has been killing me!
  201. Big or Small
  202. What source do you use to set your watches with?
  203. Radium dial lume.
  204. My collection
  205. Nixon Rotolog? Help Plz
  206. TW Steel CE 2001
  207. Mido Commander Chrono info wanted.
  208. Introduction of a newly
  209. Where to buy in Seoul Korea???
  210. Watches your glad you did not buy.
  211. just for fun, watch trivia: watchmaker's logo
  212. No More Cheapies
  213. Help me choose a watch, Citizen AT0729-51E vs Orient CEZ05003B
  214. Help pick a rectangle: Baume et Mercier Hampton vs. Longines Dolce Vita
  215. A little help from my friends...24 hours to decide...what should I wear this week to a confernece?
  216. Bead blasted bracelet for Sinn 656
  217. Sunday (What will you wear today) WRUW >>>>
  218. I like giving advice, but now I need some
  219. Auto rotor movement inhibited when crown screwed in
  220. Please help me identify this watch
  221. Which watch to wear with a charcoal suit?
  222. Boston Area GTG?
  223. Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mechanical, ETA 2892-2
  224. First "proper" watch
  225. return of jstroh's subzilla
  226. New guy, first post
  227. contemplating trading Breitling Navitimer 50th Anni. for Tag G. Carrera 17 RS..thoughts/alternatives
  228. The Wristwatch Is Reimagined. Will Young Shoppers Care?
  229. AZ Fine Time - A Virtual Tour of Our Store
  230. What would be my other options?
  231. New Zenith models ...
  232. Grovana bracelet - Should there be a logo?
  233. Omega Speedmaster 35th Edition Apollo/Soyuz Problems
  234. Issues with my next one - give advice, share a comment, throw me a line
  235. Oris? Omega? First watch?
  236. Chronograph Reality Check
  237. WRUW Sunny Saturday 19 March 2011
  238. Best long term investment...
  239. What Are Some DLC Automatic Chronographs?
  240. Christopher Ward C7 Rapide Chrono or Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic or Chrono Classic XLS???
  241. Is this watch any good?
  242. Looking for a skeleton watch
  243. Buy Here or Wait?
  244. Rolex Milgauss vs. Tag Heuer Grand Carrera
  245. What do you think about the brands : Fossil, Diesel, Police...should I buy Seiko instead?
  246. Not for sale
  247. Tissot Vs. Dreyfuss & Co.
  248. Contemplating selling Breitlings, any experiences with selling through Watchuseek forums? and tips?
  249. Treated my Seiko Military to a new leather strap...
  250. New Tourby Marine Model with 925 Sterling Silver dial and blued steel hands