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  1. Where to buy in Seoul Korea???
  2. Watches your glad you did not buy.
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  7. A little help from my friends...24 hours to decide...what should I wear this week to a confernece?
  8. Bead blasted bracelet for Sinn 656
  9. Sunday (What will you wear today) WRUW >>>>
  10. I like giving advice, but now I need some
  11. Auto rotor movement inhibited when crown screwed in
  12. Please help me identify this watch
  13. Which watch to wear with a charcoal suit?
  14. Boston Area GTG?
  15. Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mechanical, ETA 2892-2
  16. First "proper" watch
  17. return of jstroh's subzilla
  18. New guy, first post
  19. contemplating trading Breitling Navitimer 50th Anni. for Tag G. Carrera 17 RS..thoughts/alternatives
  20. The Wristwatch Is Reimagined. Will Young Shoppers Care?
  21. AZ Fine Time - A Virtual Tour of Our Store
  22. What would be my other options?
  23. New Zenith models ...
  24. Grovana bracelet - Should there be a logo?
  25. Omega Speedmaster 35th Edition Apollo/Soyuz Problems
  26. Issues with my next one - give advice, share a comment, throw me a line
  27. Oris? Omega? First watch?
  28. Chronograph Reality Check
  29. WRUW Sunny Saturday 19 March 2011
  30. Best long term investment...
  31. What Are Some DLC Automatic Chronographs?
  32. Christopher Ward C7 Rapide Chrono or Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic or Chrono Classic XLS???
  33. Is this watch any good?
  34. Looking for a skeleton watch
  35. Buy Here or Wait?
  36. Rolex Milgauss vs. Tag Heuer Grand Carrera
  37. What do you think about the brands : Fossil, Diesel, Police...should I buy Seiko instead?
  38. Not for sale
  39. Tissot Vs. Dreyfuss & Co.
  40. Contemplating selling Breitlings, any experiences with selling through Watchuseek forums? and tips?
  41. Treated my Seiko Military to a new leather strap...
  42. New Tourby Marine Model with 925 Sterling Silver dial and blued steel hands
  43. New Additions!
  44. Need advice - Omega Seamaster vs Rolex Submariner?
  45. Re-Lume Sinn 656
  46. Cartier Pasha C GMT Size????
  47. How much WR is needed for rain? A few calculations....
  48. Which quartz should I buy?
  49. Watch Speed as a Function of Orientation
  50. Toughness of AR Coatings
  51. TGIF! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist???
  52. Inherited some watches-need help identifying
  53. New Watch Wanted: HELP! Military!
  54. Robert Lighton gone?
  55. New addition (AP inside) !
  56. Ex Military Needs help finding a specific watch! Need opinions / recommendations.
  57. Lost a fellow watch nut and friend and member on this forum - Bob Benesch aka MRADJSTMT
  58. Introduction and my Watch Collection!
  59. Prometheus Dress Watch (design with hands) - please provide your inputs
  60. Buying used
  61. Dial colour choice in Chopard
  62. Help: Looking for an Art Deco Watch
  63. New purchase!
  64. Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Alarm Platinum in Pictures!
  65. Thurs. Watch?
  66. A database for watch collectors
  67. Can you help me decide?
  68. St Patrick's Day - 17th March - what's on your Guiness loving wrist?
  69. New wrist candy
  70. What would be a step up from a Seiko?
  71. with interchangeable bazel? ;)
  72. Itay Noy watches?
  73. Brand names destined to fail?
  74. Watches with compasses, opinions and examples?
  75. Deep Blue Master 2000 Wider Band
  76. Buying Watches from overseas
  77. Can't get new Oceanus 600TDA to Sync / receive atomic signal
  78. Japanese watch Friday anyone?
  79. Baume and Mercier 8591
  80. Safe to just start using this watch?
  81. Any internal bezel watches rotated with an external bezel?
  82. HELP: - Aid and Appraisal (Breitling for Bently)
  83. <<Hump Day WATCH on your WRIST 3-16-11>>
  84. Show me your TAWATEC!!!
  85. Fill in the Blank?
  86. anderson silva's watch collection
  87. Would you consider modding watches you love to make them better?
  88. Of your watches, which has the highest and lowest satisfaction to price ratio ?
  89. Hanhart Pioneer Mk I (previously Primus 1938 Fliegerchronograph): review and pics
  90. Issue with Victorinox Vintage Infantry Chrono
  91. newbie question: does lower end of line mean lower quality?
  92. Want to help Japan? Buy a Watch!
  93. Good-quality watch/chrono for a woman who doesn't like women's watches
  94. Bucherer Valjoux 7750?
  95. Travelling overseas with watches.
  96. Need help deciding on watch
  97. <<Tuesday WRIST CHECKZ 3-15-11>>
  98. Looking for a complicated digital that can take a beating...
  99. Omega Deal of the Century - Jared Galleria of Jewelry...Gets Had
  100. Lebois E swiss made
  101. Help authenticating Cartier Tank Francaise
  102. Advice for a Beginner
  103. Seiko 50m watch.......but assistance required
  104. The Great Dilemma: A watch for my future wife.
  105. ETA G15.211 (Zodiac Ambasseduer ZO4102): Resetting misaligned chronograph hands after battery change
  106. Need Silver dial suggestions < $500
  107. Petrol motor in watches?
  108. Information about Poljot Russian Watch
  109. California "vintagizing" watch project
  110. Repairing older Russian watches
  111. Cool watch-related locations (stores, etc) in NYC?
  112. Weekend vs. month?
  113. Automatic/Mechanical or Quartz Appreciation: A True WIS?
  114. Odd Problem.
  115. My Version of "Yellow Sub" - Breitling
  116. Was Customer Service at Pricey Watch Manufacturers better 10, 20, 30 years ago?
  117. ^^<<Monday 3-14-11 WATCH on your WRIST<<^^
  118. WUS veterans- why remove sales price?
  119. Underappreciation of Tissot?
  120. What watches have the 6497 movement modified to have central seconds?
  121. ETA 2894-2 or Valijoux 7750?
  122. New Luminox adopted today.
  123. Divewatches with leatherstraps, why?
  124. Ever feel you are "cheating" on one watch when you wear another?
  125. Seiko SARB033 Spirit or Certina DS1 Automatic??
  126. Typical For Sale Post (or what I have learned hanging out on the Sales Forum)
  127. Collection Consolidation: Choosing Between 4 Date Automatics?
  128. I'm Ba-ack!
  129. Tourneau Trip for myself and some commentary
  130. The Pay It Forward event
  131. Seiko 7C43 Diver finished!
  132. Omega Planet Ocean
  133. A rant. Have you ever......?
  134. Hi, can anyone weigh in on whether this Patek Phillipe is real or not?
  135. Help ID Jamie Foxx's stealth black out watch
  136. WRUW Sunday 3/13/11
  137. Horrible strap/watch combos
  138. Brushed finish on watch. Polished or matte finish on Nato?
  139. How long does it take an automatic to power up?
  140. How do I redeem...
  141. Seek Advice on Vulcain Quartz Watch that Made In Hong Kong
  142. Ochs und Junior due ore tinta!!!
  143. Hi from NZ
  144. Winchester Olin wrist watch
  145. Bathy's Bomb-Timer???
  146. Greetings from Long Island
  147. jewelers mutual insurance?
  148. Hottest automatic below 500$?
  149. Cyclops removal?
  150. WRUW Saturday 3/12/11
  151. Should the 7750 Movement Start by Movement Alone?
  152. Helson Watches & Thier Customer Service
  153. 'Homage' watches from M&S
  154. Can you identify this watch
  155. Why go vintage?
  156. What do you think is the most attractive (affordable) movement?
  157. [Video] funniest wristwatch's advertise ever
  158. The best watch forever?
  159. Scrathes on a brush finished case
  160. Watch Trends: Rose Gold In - Big Watches Out
  161. My new Zodiac >>>
  162. Greetings from Atlanta.
  163. Categorize the watches you own or want to own
  164. A yellow dial wonder: Baume et Mercier Capeland Titanium Diver
  165. Ruined my brand-new watch...
  166. What does the US's former Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, wear?
  167. Prometheus Dress Watch - Suggestions needed
  168. Saw this on a Deal of the Day site (Or, what $1.395 million will buy you)
  169. Black face with with red dial markers, etc
  170. Need advice as soon as possible...
  171. Bronze watches
  172. "The Colosseum" ... a design as fresh as 10 years ago
  173. Zenith Elite or Baume & Mercier Classima - Which would you pick?
  174. TGIF! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist???
  175. Can anyone identify this watch?
  176. What's your ideal watch style and size for under the wrist wear?
  177. SAS watch co. ???
  178. Hmm what to get? Peculiar requirements's
  179. Oldest daily-wear watch?
  180. Recommendation on a good watch for camping
  181. Which country is the best place to buy a watch?
  182. WRUW Thursday 3/10/11
  183. Does a watch like this even exist?
  184. Beware even Top-Rated sellers on E-Bay. I almost got sucked in. Is this a scam?
  185. A few watches I found...
  186. Breitling Aerospace Avantage vs. Bell & Ross BR 03 Type Aviation Carbon
  187. Opinions Please Chase Durer & Christopher Ward
  188. Chronographs for women
  189. Orange face 40mm watch for my Dad
  190. Gruen and Gevril opinions (pictures added)
  191. Rubber strap with deployment clasp. How is it sized?
  192. First Watch Suggestions??
  193. When did you become a watch person? How long has it been this way? My evolution...
  194. Cunning plan or the self-deluded ramblings of an addict?
  195. Isle of Man
  196. Ulysse Nardin dials made in thailand and malaysia?
  197. Wruw 3/9/11
  198. Can't post in the marketplace forum?
  199. Loyalty to a brand??
  200. Luminox 1833 vs. Reactor Trident ND
  201. Did i get ripped off?
  202. How difficult is it to change a crystal ?
  203. Audemars Piguet Chronographe Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Schwarzenegger The Legacy: review and pics
  204. HELP with Movado Vizio Chronograph
  205. Veraet is (almost) giving away their watch spray
  206. Rhyme or Reason
  207. 6497 Flipp, project finished, thanks for looking.
  208. Krieger Gigantium - really $3000?
  209. Is chonograph accuracy driven by the same accuracy as the movement in general?
  210. Hello, and Thank You...My Experience with WUS so Far
  211. Watch shopping in Dallas, TX...
  212. What other watches look like the IWC AQUATIMER?
  213. Accutron Gemini Eta 7750 freezed?!
  214. Advice needed on a Thrasher
  215. Omega Seamaster chrono, automatic.
  216. {Tuesday 3-8-11 WRIST WATCHES..
  217. Any Suggestions? GMT, CHRONO, MOON...
  218. I did it again.
  219. Automatic Chronograph for a 6.75" Wrist Please Help
  220. Does this count as a windfall?
  221. I want to be a watch designer or start a watch company.
  222. Concord Mariner Expensive Repair
  223. Looking for Opinions - Stowa Flieger or Omega Railmaster
  224. Military style watch. Titanium. Sapphire. Black dial. Numerals. Please help me find.
  225. The latest addidtion to my collection
  226. What are the chances of being scammed here?
  227. Need help - Which watch does Tom Jane whear in The Punisher?
  228. WTB: Halios Bluering (black or blue dial)
  229. Glashutte....fake?
  230. what is it?
  231. Would you give up 5 watches for one.
  232. Show me your current watch crush
  233. IWC Portuguese Chronograph or JLC Master Hometime?
  234. Need help in finding a link.
  235. Help! Husband's 40th Birthday Present! What to Get?
  236. General question about automatic watch ?
  237. where are all the mideastern/arabic watch manufacturers?
  238. Breitling Chronomat B01 Limited Edition or Submariner
  239. ^^^WATCH on your WRIST Monday 3-7-11^^^
  240. New York City watch stores???
  241. Still buying or holding back
  242. ETA chart of basic details: ETA 2824-2, 2892-A2, & 7750
  243. This or that?
  244. Seeking the perfect black watch
  245. Educate me on movement differences from brand to brand (7750 Hamilton vs Tissot)
  246. Luxor
  247. Culling Times Ahead - How Does a Good Guy Sell (without getting scammed)? Your tips needed
  248. WRUW Sunday 3/6/11
  249. general questions from a noob
  250. *PICTURES* Interesting CASE Designs or Syles (((YOUR PREFERENCE)))