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  11. Lume and body chemistry
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  13. Pain due to watch?
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  15. What would you choose
  16. 18K Gold Mauboussen ??????? Any experts? Lot's of Pic's.
  17. Be honest, do you own a Stauer?
  18. Jaeger-Le Coultre Master Compressor Extrme World Chrono First Post
  19. Ronda 5040B.. Quartz Movement...Reputation?
  20. Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mechanical, PVD Coating
  21. What did your parents pass on to you?
  22. watches to alter
  23. Nixon Automatic (yes a Nixon)(pics included)
  24. Just bought: Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick II Dual Time
  25. Travel Channel show The Wild Within wrist watch
  26. My Collection (including the Star Wars watches)
  27. A Vital Decision
  28. My U-BOAT Flightdeck CAB 50 with custom Strap
  29. TAG Heuer launches a new revolution in mechanical chronographs: the Mikrograph 1/100th
  30. ipod nano watch
  31. Youtube Watch reviewers?
  32. 1000 hour power reserve?
  33. WRUW Sunday 1/16/11
  34. ETA 2892.A2 Power Reserve...What Does It Mean
  35. How does....
  36. Watch emblem - which manufacturer is this?
  37. My Hamilton finally arrived!
  38. Baume and Mercier opinions
  39. Newest Arrival (Tissot Content)!
  40. Purchasing G-shock or Wave Ceptor at Walmart
  41. How do you size Seiko 5 bracelet?
  42. Wow, what a watch!!!!
  43. Are there many WUS members in Florida?
  44. 2 watches or 1 watch? That is a question..
  45. Bulova Accutron Need Help
  46. Yes!!! It's finally here!!
  47. Peter Gunn's Watch?
  48. Best value for an automatic dress watch on a leather strap.
  49. What is your shortest ownership of a watch ?
  50. New Addition!
  51. Oris Carlos Coste LE Chronograph - found one!
  52. Fleurier quality certification ...
  53. Aurora Limited comments?
  54. WRUW Saturday 01/15/11
  55. Help please...i am going insane
  56. Looking for a quality 1961 vintage watch
  57. Kremke Watch Co. - Post New Thread
  58. Intro-ppalam2
  59. I had to find a new watch for my Isofrane strap :-)
  60. Accurate Mechanical Watches
  61. WUS - Wiki-style conglomeration of watches...
  62. My Introduction. Walker76
  63. what does this report mean?
  64. Then there was 3
  65. Based on the same price, which chrono you would buy?
  66. need help oceanaut submatic watch
  67. What watch is this?!
  68. Does this fit ok?
  69. Please, help me out with this test report.
  70. Can someone explain how this odd watch works?
  71. watch advice-montblanc vs omega
  72. TGIF! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist?
  73. Watch Advice!
  74. Vintage (insert make/model) vs New Omega Seamaster 300M... opinions needed
  75. Any suggestions for a good Vacheron Constantin AD in the US?
  76. Christopher ward really has great built quality
  77. First Auto Chrono - Victorinox AirBoss Mach6 Valjoux 7753
  78. Big watch on a small wrist
  79. AMVOX 3 look a like
  80. Do they make a Delrin/Plastic spring bar/strap changing tool?
  81. Seiko snzf45 problem fitting zulu strap
  82. For around $2000 dollars what watch would you buy right now?
  83. Another New Member + A Couple Questions.
  84. PVD watches
  85. Hublot fit/finish/quality? Comment please.
  86. ebay question - dealing with a seller who only accepts wire transfer as payment
  87. IWC aquatimer
  88. Another size thread
  89. Racing Watches
  90. Reasons not to own an expensive watch...
  91. "Must Have in Any Collection" A Rant
  92. Review and pics of the Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Radar
  93. professional flippers?
  94. Is this loud enough to wake you up?
  95. Rufus Gerard watches ?
  96. My OMEGA 344 Service Experience: not a good one, still unfolding...
  97. What ya gonna wear <<Thurs. 01-13-2011>>
  98. A new watch for my small collection
  99. patek philippe question
  100. question
  101. Question about movement & jewel contradiction.
  102. mechanical watch in cold conditions
  103. Tantalum ...
  104. Xemex...Are They Still Made?
  105. Any Information On This Automatic Chronograph Swatch Movement?
  106. Mido v Atlantic v Epos - Need help
  107. New enthusiast in need of help to start a collection!
  108. Looking for Information For Locman Isola D'Elba Briarwood Stainless Steel Automatic Watch
  109. First Automatic Watch Purchase!
  110. CWC Pocket Watch?
  111. 2 ETA movements in perfect sync
  112. Smiths Empire 5 Jewels 'made in Gt Britain' value?
  113. Movie Prop watch for movie Somewhere In Time, anyone?
  114. Service & Polishing of watches in Beijing
  115. Anyone care to try and ID this watch...tiny *pic*
  116. What watch would make you put away the rest of your collection for a good amount of time?
  117. Where can I get my watch case PVD coated / Lume color changed
  118. Lüm-Tec M17 w/ Saphire case back
  119. Cartier Roadster GMT
  120. WRUW - January 12, 2011 ?
  121. Eterna Monteray Dial
  122. Surprisingly Easily Magnetized
  123. tissot limited editon watch
  124. Price question about a new Tag Heuer
  125. L M Lilpop Watch -- Anyone heard of this watch maker?
  126. ETA 2000-1 - some considerations
  127. Panerai and Chopard (pics)
  128. U-Boat/Welder purchase
  129. Manual Watch Finalists: A Penny for Your Thoughts?
  130. Basel World
  131. Remember the thread about good service stories?
  132. corum watches
  133. Large wrist (8''+)
  134. Posible new watch material? New type of glass - tougher than steel
  135. Cortebert Pilot Quarzt a single watch
  136. A watch was sent to me via Express from Portugal Dec 29th. Still not here.
  137. Trias T22132-49 movement identification
  138. Trip to Singapore
  139. What other watches share the looks of Rolex Cellini Danaos?
  140. 200 years of progress? good is the average affordable mechanical vs 19th C Hi-end?
  141. Raymond Weil Freelancer or Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 or suggestion
  142. Brand and movement help
  143. <<WATCH on your WRIST Tuesday 1-11-11>>
  144. a somewhat short intro about my addiction...
  145. I think I lucked out
  146. New Ceo At TechnoMarine
  147. Walmart anyone?
  148. In need of expert help
  149. Love for Maratac and TAG...
  150. Anybody know of a comparable chronograph to the Marathon CSAR?
  151. Best place to buy sapphire crystals?
  152. Identify Rossi's watch
  153. Letting your signficant other wear one of your watches?
  154. Dress watch advice: blue hands, guilloche dial, less than 40mm. what's out there?
  155. Question about new Orange Monster
  156. Omega Aqua Terra 8500 pictorial
  157. A tale of woe (Blancpain) - I was young and foolish
  158. The things you forgive in the watches you love...
  159. TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty Four Concept / Review by The Watch Observer
  160. Need help with a watch-related project! =)
  161. Removing movement from Luminox 3081 (Colourmark chronograph)
  162. GLycine or Hamilton?
  163. It's El Primero Day!
  164. How many of you use Tapatalk (the smartphone plugin for viewing forums)?
  165. *JANUARY SCORECARD* WHAT have you Bought so far OR Which WATCH is on your WISH LIST???
  166. I haven't been able to wait a week before I order a new watch...
  167. ^Watch to start out the week, Monday 1-10-11^
  168. How concerned should I be that a ebay seller engages in shill bidding?
  169. Can A Company That BIG Be That Stupid?
  170. Looking for this watch
  171. Questions on shipping from/to Canada
  172. PICS: My modest collection
  173. Durable (quartz?) chronograph?
  174. Fear and loathing of the dreaded display model, at what point in "our" history as a
  175. New Watch Help Please
  176. ***Never before seen***
  177. D. Dornblueth & Sohn and RGM Watch Company
  178. Help! Trying to find info and Value on limited edition 18k gold Delma Klondike
  179. Sector ocean master , weird sound
  180. Help me find a KIDS WATCH with a HORSE on it...
  181. I THINK THIS NEEDS TO BE ASKED (could be wrong)
  182. ^^1-9-11 Sundays Watch^^
  183. Incoming....My very first Hamilton *UPDATE*
  184. Where to send my 1997 Seiko Quartz Chrono for repair/overhaul?
  185. omega
  186. Does a functional and beautiful watch exist at a poor man's price?
  187. A place to store
  188. New Maurice Lacroix
  189. Fiddling around with my DSLR and AP 26300...
  190. Would service/maintenance be a problem ...
  191. I Finally Got My Grail!
  192. ^^WATCH on your WRIST Saturday 1-8-11^^
  193. NEW: bulova watch help
  194. May the god's strike me dead,,if.....
  195. the wishmans arrrived
  196. Nice Manual Wind Watch Suggestions?
  197. $ 238,000 Patek watch, wow but I don't see the value.
  198. Finally the pictures newest arrival of 2011' (Casio Giez) GRAIL WATCH! >>
  199. Slight damage to a Seiko Arctura Bracelet during re-sizing at a jewellers.
  200. [My First Watch] IWC Spitfire Chronograph vs Zenith El Primero Captain
  201. After some bad pics ... here is my new Edox
  202. Raymond Weil
  203. Other than Nomos which brand offer in house movements at a reasonable price ??
  204. Which watches should I take to Vegas
  205. All a bit new at this
  206. Baume Mercier , incoming revolutionary change?
  207. Need a sporty black chrono on black leather...suggestions?
  208. Time for some fun (New Arrival 1st of 2011) >>>
  209. Who is with me?
  210. What's you reltionship with time ?
  211. Lego Star Wars watch - how nerdy can you get ?
  212. Tell & Corect & Wendia
  213. TGIF!!! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist?
  214. There is a new timepiece at the top of my wish list !!!
  215. Favourite plastic cased watch?
  216. U-boat Quality?
  217. Newbie: Help finding a watch
  218. Buying Automatic/Mechnical watches as gifts
  219. Deep WUS search finds a gem of a post
  220. January's turning out to be quite the month ...
  221. Broken Mechanical
  222. Minute/Hour Hands out of sync?
  223. Test of the Rolex Milgauss by The Watch Observer
  224. The Future of Watches??
  225. Watchmaker graffiti?
  226. When does an independent watchmaker turn into a"non-independent" watchmaker?
  227. Help me find a watch below $1000
  228. Swiss Quartz chronograph vs. Automatic chronograph watch
  229. Am I the only one to really like Edox watches ?
  230. Mil/Dive 300M GMTs for under $1000
  231. Which Watch - Thursday, January 6, 2011
  232. ...5, 6, 7, 9, 9, 10...
  233. Incoming and I'm on the fence about it
  234. Chronometer - minimum budget?
  235. Value of watches.....????
  236. Great Start To 2011!!!
  237. Best finissage sub 5k?
  238. Ulysse Nardin Hammerhead Shark Limited Edition
  239. Hamilton Navy GMT or TISSOT Veloci-T Auto??
  240. ladies 18k Baume and Mercier watch
  241. Guess where I was yesterday?
  242. Navystar crystal diameter
  243. Tag H- Shown in many movies
  244. <<WATCH on your WRIST for HUMP DAY- 1-5-11>>
  245. The Governor Watch from Chuck - What Model?
  246. Need Help Identifying Watch
  247. how to get pins back in bracelet?
  248. How to overcome skinny wrists
  249. Omega Speedmaster 3570.50 or Breitling SuperOcean Chrono (CSO)?
  250. Quartz question......